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what gym do you belong to???

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Fitness Minutes: (57,958)
Posts: 3,055
2/10/12 9:22 A

planet fitness

Posts: 1,251
2/10/12 8:53 A

anytime fitness!

Posts: 1,829
2/7/12 6:29 P


SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
2/6/12 10:03 P

Snap Fitness

Posts: 3,703
2/5/12 7:47 P

Golds Racine, WI

SparkPoints: (66,171)
Fitness Minutes: (23,114)
Posts: 2,434
10/1/11 7:40 A

Anytime Fitness, NW Tucson

Posts: 469
9/27/11 10:26 P

Peoria's Riverplex

SparkPoints: (7,315)
Fitness Minutes: (10,690)
Posts: 349
9/27/11 6:27 P

Ballys, I like it....

Well, then again, I have nothing else to compare it with.

SparkPoints: (5,523)
Fitness Minutes: (2,705)
Posts: 232
9/26/11 2:02 P

I was looking at Planet Fitness. Anyone have any positive (or negative) things to say about them?

SparkPoints: (23,609)
Fitness Minutes: (25,247)
Posts: 734
9/26/11 11:20 A


The gym is full of grunting meat-heads that stare at themselves in the mirrors and throw weights down as they let out a loud "AHHHH", but you can miss them if you go at the right times.

They all like to go around 6am or 4-5pm... so I go at 5am haha. The scenery is MUCH better as that's when most the ladies go, they must be annoyed by them too! haha

SparkPoints: (7,736)
Fitness Minutes: (5,798)
Posts: 91
9/21/11 10:40 P

Home Gym in the garage

SparkPoints: (26,760)
Fitness Minutes: (14,604)
Posts: 2,159
9/21/11 12:45 P

Club USA. Silver Sneakers Free Mmbership

Posts: 810
9/20/11 7:48 P

Just joined Sportsplex

SparkPoints: (27,532)
Fitness Minutes: (60,940)
Posts: 715
9/15/11 11:39 P

24 hour fitness. I can go to any of the gyms in the area. Some are not open 24 HOURS, but that's another topic.

SparkPoints: (30,097)
Fitness Minutes: (31,706)
Posts: 781
9/8/11 10:17 P

Home Gym Guy

SparkPoints: (66,451)
Fitness Minutes: (78,709)
Posts: 493
9/8/11 8:50 P

Ballys since the 80's. Still around.

Posts: 15,787
9/7/11 9:30 A

SparkPoints: (121,271)
Fitness Minutes: (128,419)
Posts: 2,626
9/6/11 10:06 P

Home gym. Kinda high sign up fee, low dues (bought used equipment and keep adding stuff), never a wait, instead of time driving, parking, etc, i work out.

oh ya, dramatic results!

SparkPoints: (21,004)
Fitness Minutes: (14,080)
Posts: 564
9/5/11 1:15 P

Sorry, I now this is the Guys Lounge. Had to comment though. Did YMCA and I liked them for awhile. They base what they charge for individuals on your income rather than a flat rate for everyone. That worked for awhile. Then they changed their hours. They were hardly ever open which didn't work for me. I went searching for better deals and better hours. Switched to SNAP. Open 24 hours. I can go anytime and to any SNAP around.

Edited by: SARAHO228 at: 9/5/2011 (13:19)

Posts: 28
9/5/11 1:13 P

Freedom Valley YMCA. Five sites, and they're ALL awesome!

Posts: 36
9/5/11 11:00 A

The YMCA, I like that they have a pool and arthritis class along with the equipment room and a gym.

SparkPoints: (23,609)
Fitness Minutes: (25,247)
Posts: 734
6/27/11 1:40 P

24 Hour Fitness. It's and ok gym, but my health insurance pays for $20 a month of my membership, so that's hard to turn down. Plus it makes me go at least 8 times a month - which isn't a problem, but it's a good motivator.

Posts: 852
6/22/11 11:02 A

American Family Fitness in Chesterfield Virginia.

Posts: 300
6/21/11 12:57 P

AnyTime Fitness

SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
6/21/11 11:36 A

The gym of the free outdoors in the spring-summer-fall, and of the basement w/ a treadmill and room to do some ST in the winter.

SparkPoints: (72,329)
Fitness Minutes: (66,641)
Posts: 3,751
6/20/11 9:12 P

You Fit and Ballys

Posts: 52
6/19/11 2:46 P

Local recreation center.

Posts: 109
6/18/11 7:46 P

My schools gym

SparkPoints: (66,451)
Fitness Minutes: (78,709)
Posts: 493
5/31/11 9:40 P

ballys for about 20 years. they are still around although in and out of bankruptcy the last couple of years.

Posts: 1,677
5/25/11 5:59 P

Home gym!

SparkPoints: (1,205)
Fitness Minutes: (2,507)
Posts: 2
5/25/11 3:32 P

I have belonged to 24hr fitness for years now. I like having a 24Hr gym because on nights when I cant sleep or I'm restless I can go to the gym instead of sitting up watching tv or eating out of boredom.

SparkPoints: (130,103)
Fitness Minutes: (113,030)
Posts: 4,637
5/25/11 1:11 P

24 hr fitness

SparkPoints: (864)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 288
5/25/11 10:05 A

Belong to a locally owned facility called The Refinery. Of all the places in town, it has the best selection of exercise equipment and free weights. The price is a bit higher than others, but feel the extra choices makes it worth it.

SparkPoints: (411)
Fitness Minutes: (434)
Posts: 14
5/24/11 12:50 P

Health Trax. It's a little expensive but they have plenty of equipment and it's close to my house.

Posts: 28
5/24/11 12:40 P

I belong to Bally Total Fitness

Posts: 127
5/24/11 10:21 A

YMCA Family membership. Great facilities here in Wichita.

SparkPoints: (148)
Fitness Minutes: (155)
Posts: 5
5/24/11 12:41 A

I'm enjoying a discounted trial of a kickboxing gym right now, but I'm looking into trying a gym I haven't heard of before, End Result Fitness? I don't know how many of them are around, I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Has anyone dealt with them before? I'd love to know what I'm getting into before I buy.

SparkPoints: (5,385)
Fitness Minutes: (4,824)
Posts: 110
5/16/11 6:45 P

I want to try a YMCA gym, I am using 24 hr fitness right now for the hours they're open.

Posts: 33
5/15/11 3:56 P

Synergy, Long Island...24 hours...loads of equipment and trainers who help...lost 78 lbs since July...

Posts: 16,826
5/11/11 6:43 P

Powerhouse gym.. it's awesome. plenty of cardio equipment, and free weights. a mix of muscleheads, and the ladies.. the owners are friendly, and remember me. Not Anything bad that I can think of.. they close at 6 on Sunday..a little too early..that's it

Edited by: RUSSELL_40 at: 5/11/2011 (18:46)

Posts: 1,821
5/10/11 1:23 P

home gym

SparkPoints: (7,939)
Fitness Minutes: (10,370)
Posts: 64
5/9/11 2:03 P

YMCA - it's just up the street from work so I go on my lunch.

Posts: 1,046
5/8/11 1:21 P

I am not part of a gym right now, but I worked at a Gold's Gym for 7 years and was the manager for the last 2 of those. Once you decide the exercising you want to do you will be able to make pretty quick decisions as to which one you want to be a part of. The realization is that the name on the building is not the most important part, it is the people inside that count. So see if you can get a free day pass at each location and if you can go around the same time you think you will do on a regular basis ( especially a monday or wednesday as those are the two busiest days so they will give you a better realization). If the atmosphere seems positive, the equiptment seems to be clean and working properly then it might be the right place. Also if you have already made the decision that this is a long term commitment then ask the sales person if they have discounts if you pay for the entire year up front or if you pay a year off in 5 months or less. Just some ideas, hope that helps!

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (265)
Posts: 70
5/8/11 12:30 P

I belong to Planet Fitness but once I can afford it I'm definitely going to get a YMCA membership.

Posts: 328
5/7/11 7:08 P

looking forward to joining the YMCA in town for the pool and climbing wall. there is only one other option for me, it would be open 24 hours but I really miss swimming.

Posts: 95
5/6/11 8:14 A

Not currently a member of any gym, but enjoyed the YMCA up until a few months ago when the schedule got to busy too go (too many kids in spring sports). Hated it during January during new signup time and all the people joined, but was good the rest of the time.

Posts: 1,063
5/6/11 3:55 A


SparkPoints: (66,451)
Fitness Minutes: (78,709)
Posts: 493
5/5/11 11:22 P

ballys for about 20 years now. It works when I do.

SparkPoints: (72,329)
Fitness Minutes: (66,641)
Posts: 3,751
5/5/11 10:21 P

The YMCA ,like LA Fitness

Posts: 498
5/5/11 12:49 P

I need to join a gym.. I have all the major gyms around me (golds, world, ballys, 24hour fitness, la fitness) and want to find a good one.. What gym do you go to? And what do you like and dislike about it?

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