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4/27/12 3:09 P

Hey - I am back to my pretraining weight! Read my blog to see if you agree with my conclusions about why. Would love your comments!

4/18/12 2:23 P

Well I did measure this morning and am thrilled to find thighs are a whole inch smaller each!!!
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4/18/12 9:43 A

I certainly appreciate all this great advice. I will read the suggested articles and I guess I'd better get busy tracking my food again. Not this week but I will do it! I do want to understand what my body is doing. I cannot afford a professional to help me right now but I did talk to someone in the know yesterday. He told me that the wtgain is simply my body making the adjustment to more activity and that it is temporary, which, hey, I knew that. It is always good to hear it from someone you trust!

I upped my intake yesterday to 134 oz. and will shoot for at least 128 daily to see if it makes a diff. We have a vaca trip coming up when we plan to sight-see without using vehicles. I am planning to continue the long-distance walks, hoping to do 3 seasonal ones in the U.S. - summer, fall, and winter. Hubby has agreed to go with me and we want to do a bit of tiny-town-hopping so I am guessing we will go for maybe 3 days of 20+mi. walks and overnight in some little towns. This marathon walk, besides raising funds for a worthy cause is actually in prep for doing all of those walks.

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4/18/12 8:53 A

I also have gained weight with my marathon training but its because i went from figure training (egg whites , oatmeal and veggies) to addinf alot of carbs and retaining water..i still weightrained and ate mostly clean but the change was too much for my body finally after 4 years of running in races i realized i didnt have to up my caloric intake as much as i was or add as much carbs and since then im back to dropping weight and hopefully will have better race times due to weighing less...its hard tho cuz when you start running theres a part of you that does feel famished.

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4/18/12 7:05 A

It is a common response when starting/increasing an exercise program for your muscles to retain water - it is likely that a good chunk of any weight gain you sdee is in fact lean mass.

The tape is often a much better means of tracking your progress than the scale (it is much less susceptible to changes in water weight).


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4/17/12 7:44 P

Some of that weight is no doubt temporary water gain. (
But I will say that we, especially women, do not gain muscle weight that quickly. We just don't. :) Unless you've been training for a long time, it's unlikely you gained 10 lbs of muscle. (Check out this discussion:

Most likely your weight gain is from extra caloric intake, although we can't really provide specifics because you haven't entered any information in your nutrition tracker. It's hard to provide specifics without more specific details about what you're eating. You DO need to eat more to support heavier activity; if you felt bloated, then you were likely eating the wrong foods. This series of articles explains why:
I know that you say you've only increased your intake a little, but unless you're actively tracking and weighing and measuring, you don't know that for sure; Human beings as a general rule underestimate their intake when eyeballing it. If you don't want to gain weight... I know you don't want to, but you may HAVE to weigh and track.

I also don't understand why you can't up your protein, or why you'd want to; eating more protein won't necessarily stave off weight gain, although it may be necessary to help recover after a hard workout. As far as I'm aware, vegetarians can eat protein too. There's more sources than soy.

Anyway, how many calories are you eating each day? The way to keep weight gain away is to eat fewer calories than you burn, although losing weight while training heavily is probably not a good idea, given your goals, as it'll make your training harder. Not impossible, just harder. I would suggest eating a maintenance level, at the very least... although I 'm NOT a dietician, so I would ask a more professional person for a second opinion.

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4/17/12 6:23 P

Yes Patty - you do ST way more than the average at anything anyone!!!! LOL We haven't in contact in ages! Great to hear from YOU! I will be near you in the fall - maybe we can see each other f2f! I am doing a bit of ST wishing I had time for more.

Coach, no, I quit tracking a month or so ago - with the complete chg to vegetarian, I was finding that I was always eating under 1500 calories so got tired of tracking - 1st time I've done that in over 6 yrs as a SparkPerson!!!! With the increase in walking (I walked 4 hrs Sat., just over 1 today and upcoming on Th., and plan to do a little more tomorrow and Sat.), I have only slightly increased what I am eating. Many have told me in the past that with the increase of activity I must eat more calories. I have tried that, in the past. I don't think so anymore - when I do, I feel abdominal bloat - not comfortable!

Someone just shared with me that I should double my water intake to compensate for the increased O2 intake. Any thoughts on that? It is super hot here in Brazil and I usually have no prob drinking enough - today's intake - 122 oz and the day is not over yet.

I know the wt gain is temporary. I know I am gaining muscle. Just would love to see wtloss instd of gain, ya know. I am super-excited about taking on this challenge!!!

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4/17/12 9:27 A

I usually gain at least a few pounds during my marathon training, because I find myself eating a lot more than usual to fuel my runs. I think you could limit the amount you're gaining by just being careful about how much you're eating. Are you still tracking all of your food?

Coach Jen

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4/17/12 9:00 A

Vicki -

I have never gained weight through 6 marathon training cycles. But as you know, I also strength train WAY more than the average marathoner.

4/17/12 6:00 A

starting to gain w training sched.- hap'ns every time. Anyone have secrets about how to keep wt gain away? I'm vegetarian (no soy) so upping prot is out. If this is the only way, I'm ok w a fit body!!!

I know the theory about increasing calories - this is my 2nd time training for a marathon walk and I gained 10 lbs for the 1st one a year and half ago!

I know about muscle vs fat. The last time I trained for a marathon walk, I gained 10 lbs. It is terribly frustrating cuz I need to lose more wt - I figure I am roughly 20 lbs over what I should be when everything is muscle.

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