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Almost half of 2013 is gone. So far this year has been difficult. I am not making progress on my annual goals set in January. I am lacking motivation and am getting discouraged with my "lacking" attitude. Allowing emotions to rule my behavior. This has got to stop. June is knocking on the door and I have set two goals for the new month. Looking forward to working towards those goals.
Almost half of 2013 is gone. So far this year has been difficult. I am not making progress on my annual goals set in January. I am lacking motivation and am getting discouraged with my "lacking" attitude. Allowing emotions to rule my behavior. This has got to stop. June is knocking on the door and I have set two goals for the new month. Looking forward to working towards those goals.

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My new goals for 2014 are to lose 10 pounds. Exercise on a more consistent basis. Continue eating 5-7 freggies a day. Eat healthy snacks. Keep planning meals in advance.

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Use the nutrition tracker daily.
Exercise daily for at least 10 minutes.Make healthy food choices.
Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

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My name is Susan and I live in Appomattox, VA. I am an RN but became disabled in 2005 after having my fourth stroke. I am happily married and own my own home on 11 acres of land. I live in the country and love it.

I did a vidoe for my health insurance on their personal coaching program and it dealt with using a coach and weight loss. You can check it out at

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I love animals and have 8 indoor cats and an inside dog. I like reading Catherine Coulter FBI series. I am currently enrolled in the Rhema Correspondence Bible School.

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4/12/2014 10:07:13 AM

HI Sweetie,,, you know,,, I had some AWEFUL emotions which were holding me BACK !!! My high weight was 288lbs,,, and as you know I am stopping now thoughit's "still high" in some eyes ,,, at 220lbs. I am PROUD of that 68 lbs gone, but I was doing for MY HEALTH,,, which I've HIT that goal !! When I touch my stomach area,, it's TIGHT !! VERY TIGHT ! WOOHOOO !! I do A LOT of core exercises when I am down on my back,, cos of all I face physically,,more ,, way more than someone should ! I also do yoga ,,, and that's a HUGE help !!

So as I was saying,, I had some HORRIBLE emotions about myself. So I went into therapy,,, not all knew this in my circle of friends,, or if they knew I was seeing someone,,, they did nOT know why. It was NONE of their business. I grew up with a Mom who'd say things like "I'd rather have 40 MILLION MORE BOYS than ONE more GIRL LIKE YOU " !!! of course that meant she DID NOT LIKE ME !!! And also the "If I HIT you right now,, I'd KILL YOU " !!!! so yeah,, she had her MOODS when I was growing up,,,, see I look so MUCH like my Daddy,, and I ALSO ACT EXACTLY like him !!!! They divorced when I was 7,, she HATES him with ALL She has,,,,, (he still loved her,, sad !),,,,, I was ALWAYS Daddy little girl,,,and she was soo jealous of that,,,,,, I TOTALLY ADMIRED HIM,, and to this day,, though he's now very frail,, I STILL DO !! She has passed away,, young at 55 cancer. but she and I had first worked it ALL OUT !! THANKFULLY !! I was just NOT as easy child to raise,, and she agreed she made mistakes,,,, from the way her own Mother raised her. It all made sense, but with therapy I was able to get thru it. Those words she used to say,,,, where just the anger,,, she had. I now feel her life was very sad,,though she always laughed,,, and so many of us loved her with all we had,,,,,,

Could you,, have u been thru,, consider again,, getting help for self esteem? Life as we know it can HURT WICKEDLY !!!!! I also had to deal with that I almost married someone,,, whoI knew was NOT right for me,,, and THANKFULLY as it got closer and closer,, I WALKED AWAY !!!

I do so appreciate how much I NOW LOVE LIFE when at one point I clearly did NOT !!! I am GRATEFUL For this !! I have quite the back bone,, have always had it, but it was misapplied for quite sometime,, now it's about the place it needs to be,,,,in a TACtFUL way unless someone really wizzes me off,,, than I like to play head games with them,, but they have to really deserve it,, and very few fit into that ! I tend to still stick up for the undah dawg,, so if someone is picking on a person who just can NOT defend themselves,,,, I come to their aid.

I hope life is great for you soon. I lOVE SO MUCH !!

PS: I LOVE ur cats !! OH YEAH !! I have one,, I WISH my landlord would allow 2 but says ONE animal is ENOUGH (truly NOT a real animal lover ! LOL) !!! She's a brown tiger,,, and so FULL OF IT !! OHMY GOODNESS !! She's now 3,, and still often acts like a kitten (got her at 11 months old) she'll RUN as FAST as LIGHTENING can GO !! HAHAHA I just stand back and LAUGH with ALL I HAVE !! She's HYSTERICAL !! ow could I not??? She'll also get to playing with the FUNNIES Things,,,, of course she HAS toys I've spend QUITE a bit of $$ on, but yet,, a bread tie, or milk ring,, has MORE APPEAL !! HAHAHAH they are soo FUNNY !! They have MUCH to teach us about life,,, if she gets MAD,,, andshe does,,, she HATES to be held and cuddled for long,, I let her go when that tail gets a going,, but as soon as I put right now,, she's RIGHT back for more !! LOL if ONLY HUMANS were ANIMALS (I DO NOT believe in evelotion,, for MANY reasons, but this is ALSO one of them ! For a human will HOLD ONTO ANGER, GRIEF !),,, she's adorable. You can prob tell I DO love her,, she's my 5th cat along the road of life,,,,2 of mine made it til they were 18,, one to only 3 1/2 stroke,,,, and the other til 9,,,cancer,, OH I STILL MISS HER !! Wincey,, (Princess,, Princey,, Princey WIncey became Wincey to all the gkids and all their friends,,,fam),,she was a part ME COON (well yeah,,, I LIVE In Maine,, they are VERY PLENTIFUL !),,, she was such a BABY !! ALWAYS in my lap, purring up a fooish storm. Izzy (brown Tabby) is more of loner,, though she DOES for about 6 hrs at night,, DEMAND ALL of my FULL attention. LOL SO CUTE !!! I LOVE all their diff personalities ,, do not you also? IF ONLY we were a CAT,, NOTHING would bother us,, we'd sleep so much better,, and KNOW how to relax and purr our pain down. TO BE A SPOILED CAT !! to have food (special one) at just a MEOW !!! to be PLAYED with,, PATTED EtC all at a WHIM !! LOL they DO have it ALL MADE !

Comment edited on: 4/12/2014 10:16:25 AM

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4/11/2014 2:08:43 PM

Thank you for reading my blog;-)

You can do it;-) It took me a LONG time to do this. And you are right about focus. I have keep my eyes on that prize;-)

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4/9/2014 9:23:05 AM

Have a blessed day and wonderful journey to the new you! I read that you have already been up this morning and getting busy on your new lifestyle changes! You go girl!


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4/2/2014 12:54:24 PM

You are a jewel. The goodie sent meant so much to me. I appreciate you even thinking about me on my special day. May you receive many blessings in return. You are soooo appreciated.!

Comment edited on: 4/2/2014 12:54:55 PM

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3/24/2014 4:42:19 PM

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It means so much to me when I see others who are needing the same support that I do. Have a great day.

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