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Before pictures approx. 290 pounds

Grandson Alexis - 8,5 months enjoying his first Fall !

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It's all about being healthy & strong !

Bonjour/Hola, my name is Josee,

Healthier now at 52 then when I was 30. It's a been a fun ride and I don't plan to get off anytime soon *lol*. I still plenty of crazy things to do.

In February 2013, I purchased a Groupn to try out a Bootcamp, athelic performance center. Loved it, signed-up for twice a week in addition of my regular gym. Fast forward to May 2014 the center was Crossfit certified, we are Crossfit 819 (Canada). I have my BOX - did not renew my regular ...
Bonjour/Hola, my name is Josee,

Healthier now at 52 then when I was 30. It's a been a fun ride and I don't plan to get off anytime soon *lol*. I still plenty of crazy things to do.

In February 2013, I purchased a Groupn to try out a Bootcamp, athelic performance center. Loved it, signed-up for twice a week in addition of my regular gym. Fast forward to May 2014 the center was Crossfit certified, we are Crossfit 819 (Canada). I have my BOX - did not renew my regular gym membership instead signed-up for unlimited membership at Crossfit 819.


- Surround yourself with positive people & support;
- Join teams here on Sparks and Facebook;
- Plan your nutrition and workouts (cardio & weight training);
- Fitness and nutrition journal;
- No negative people in your entourage if so bye-bye;
- Music: I could not work out without it;
- Reward yourself;
- Set mini-goals;
- Drink your water;
- Try new activities, dare to be bold;
- Involve your close family on your journey;
- Scale as a guide, also use your measurements, go by your clothing and or pictures;

Sparks People, I don�t remember how I found this site. I did join on my birthday March 14th, 2008.


You will notice I like the colour pink, it represents Breast Cancer that my Mom hard fought in 1988 which is a constant reminder for me. I live in the Outaouais region in Quebec, Canada very close to the Gatineau Hills. I am Francophone with a hidden passion for anything spicy & hot, I love the beach and sun with lots of sunscreen.

I work for Canada's international development agency, my job can pretty stressful at times. My family, married and I have two daughters Am�lie is 22 and Catherine is soon to be 24. I have an identical twin sister, a younger sister & brother. My Mom is my hero, she is a breast cancer survivor she endured chemo and radiotherapy for 9 months (back in 1988).

My weight, losing weight for me is very difficult, after years of yo-yo dieting, overtraining + under eating I have always had an almost non-existant metabolism. I have been overweight since I was 9 years old, being teased in high school was the worst. People referred to my twin sister & I as the washer & dryer twins because we were so short & fat.

My highest weight has been 297 after giving birth to Am�lie in 1993 and my lowest weight was 154 in 1988 to this day I do not know what it are like to have a healthy BMI or be a healthy weight. Plus to help matters *lol* at 51, I am officially entered the Big M (menopause).

I am have a grandson, who just turned 1 on January 29.


Pink Breast Cancer tattoo: Onderland 2010.04
Family First Name Initials tattoo 2011.08.16
Boudoir Photo Shoot - 2012.10.09


" Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more sucessful." - Mark Victor Hansen.

� Act as if it were impossible to fail. � � Dorothea Brand

" The best way to get me to do something? Tell me I can't do it." - Alicia Marie, figure champion and fitness model.

� A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused. � � Shirley MacLaine.

� Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably�And never regret anything that made you smile. � Unknown.

� Just Do It, then do it again � � Nike

� Those who say it cannot be done shouldn�t interrupt the people doing it. � - Author unknown.


Highest weight (photo below): 297 pounds
Lowest weight in 2010: 187 pounds, took a couple of detours and weight went back-up to 210 pounds. For now my first goal is to get back to Onederland and stay there.

Grandma in Beast Mode Reset for 2015:

2015.05.29: 205.8
2015.06.06: 201.4 ( -4.4 wow first week! tweaked nutrition)
2015.06.12: 201.8 ( +0.4 water retention)
2015.06.19: 203.2 ( +1.4 stress + bad nutrition)
2015.06.26: 204.2 ( +1.0 very bad week nutrition wise)
2015.07.03: 202.8 ( -1.4 lots of water because of Spartan)

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 current weight: 202.8 

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Member Since: 3/14/2008

SparkPoints: 67,431

Fitness Minutes: 121,822

My Goals:
- To be healthier
- To be sexier
- To be stronger
- To have more endurance

My Program:

- Crossfit x 5 week: Crossfit, kettle bell and olympic lifting.

- Rest day: I take a complete rest day a week.

- Walk my dog 5 days a week.

- Trail Run: Every Sunday with a group.

Nutrition: No processed foods, red wine, chocolate suffer from migraine. I limit grains and starches.

Water: I drink between 3 & 4 liters a day.

Personal Information:
French Canadian with native/latin flavour, outgoing.

Two daughters 22 & 24.

Sr. Contracting Officer for the Federal Government, been working in international development for 25 years.

2010.04.07: Onderland

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Other Information:
Things I cannot do without:

- My daughters, my husband and their support. My family, friends.

- My Nano Ipod with loads of high energy trance, salsa music.

- My Garmin Forerunner 405CX and Polar F11.

- Chick-lit: I'm an avid reader. My commute to work is approximately 40 minutes long. My favorite authors include: Janet Evanovich, Darynda Jones, Linda Scottoline and Jennifer Weiner.

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In Pisces, the Sun is sensitive and idealistic. You are "tuned in" to your environment, and aware of everything happening in your world, and to everyone around you. Pisces is the dream sign of the zodiac. You may be one of the true dreamers of the world, often getting caught up in impractical plans and ideas. You absorb the ideas and the mental outlook of those around you, for better or for worse. The decisions that you make may be workable, if sometimes emotional and erratic. Often these decisions are made on hunches and feelings with little or no foundation in fact. Creative, spiritual and often a bit mystical, you can be impractical and illogical.
The Pisces child often is the Scapegoat in the family, being blamed for the families problems, but that isn't true at all. Little Pisces hears these conversations and feels she is the fault and takes on the feelings of those around her. Pisces never has an easier life. She needs to surround herself with positive, upbeat people because if she is around depressed people they will pull her down. She is a natural healer. She can have problems with her feet. She can be a fat person if she turns to food for comfort from her emotional issues, but yet, dance, yoga and swimming can be ways she stays slim and healthy.
You're a moody and introspective person, and it's hard for others to understand you. It may be hard for you to understand yourself sometimes. Your temperament varies from being optimistic to being acutely pessimistic.
Although you may be very shy and unassuming, you care deeply about your stature and succeeding in your endeavors. You may feel vulnerable and anxious when you are unsure of your status and circumstances. You have a deeply hidden inner pride and when this is attacked in any way, you react emotionally.
Compassionate, tolerant, kind, and loving, you are easily influenced by others because you don't want to hurt anyone. Always charming and likable, you are good to those in distress. You are as fond of animals as you are people. You are sympathetic to the world's unfortunate, including every stray animal and helpless soul you meet. You are more concerned with others' well-being than your own, and you want to save people from themselves. You are easily taken in by a hard-luck story and often leave yourself open to be used. You are always there with a shoulder to cry on for your friends in need. Frequently people take advantage of this compassionate nature.
If you are a typical Pisces, you're likely to suffer from an inferiority complex. You probably lack an adequate sense of self-confidence, as you are so very sensitive, shy and introspective. You never feel that you do enough, so you often overwork, putting stress on your physical body. In your quiet way, you accomplish much. Having a natural tendency to become a workaholic, you must have a generous amount of escape time, preferably with total solitude.
Pisces, more than any other sign, draws strength or weakness from the rest of the horoscope. The nature of Pisces is very adaptable and pliable. You may have to fight for a sense of stability and to resist the impulses of the moment.

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