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I'm a newly remarried widow-survivor with one amazing kid and two great stepkids. Life is good again, and now I want to make it better!
I'm a newly remarried widow-survivor with one amazing kid and two great stepkids. Life is good again, and now I want to make it better!



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6/22/2014 10:58:33 AM

Aw, Raylins! Thanks!

And it doesn't hurt that you chose a Basset for your profile pic! :D

I ADORE Bassets! I've had three in my life and can't wait to get a fourth!

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6/20/2014 2:08:15 PM

You never need be alone on your journey here at Spark People.

You can be as public or as private as you choose.

I am only a click away if you need me. We're really all in this boat together; sometimes it's easy sailing and sometimes we hit rough water but we always have a willing hand when we need it.


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6/20/2014 10:52:56 AM

Thanks, OohLa!

I think that changing our minds' thinking on a daily basis should be the CORE of what we're doing here. I haven't tried to change myself from the inside out before. It is so very hard.

Right now, that scale means something very negative. I think I need to back away from it and learn to be gentle with myself right now. I like to weigh on Sundays, and I think I will stick to that for now. I'm self-healing from 30+ years of hating myself to the point of loathing. I'd like to get to a point where i see the scale only as a form of scientific measurement and not self-identity.

You are quite an inspirational member. I am very glad we crossed paths!


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6/19/2014 12:21:51 PM

Saw your post about the scale. Years ago, I got into the habit of weighing myself every day, but averaging the weighs every 7 days. It's more realistic. But it didn't help me get back on track when I was gaining. I couldn't let go of the judgment. Eventually, I got better with that and did keep track out of curiosity for a couple of years. I think I could do it because I was more intent on good habits. I was determined not to give them up even if I didn't lose. After a couple of years, I got to a normal BMI range. Now, about every three months, I weigh myself for 7 days, average the weight, and record it. The trend has continued downward as my appetite gets smaller. I just can't accept myself as someone who eats and moves for the scale. It inspires me more to aim for more vitality and a nice balance between feeling light and feeling full. It's not always predictable but with practice, and the knowledge that I am not starving myself, it's enough. But I also had no health problems associated with my weight. If I had, I might have been pushed things a little more.

I had also finally reached a point at which I could go a day at a time but also keep in mind that it would take me a couple of years to get pretty comfortable with my habits, and a few more years to really get that I wasn't going back. That can discourage people, but it helped me because I gave up thinking I had to get to a goal weight as fast as possible and then try to stay there. Whatever I did to lose, it had to feel I could keep doing it. What I do now doesn't feel like a terrible sacrifice, but it would have when I first started!

Enough talking your ear off! You'll find your way if you don't give up for any length of time. Having a bad hour or day won't prevent your longterm success. Letting bad hours and days discourage you enough to slip for weeks or longer can. Keep going!

Do what inspires you to develop good eating and movement habits.

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