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I am an Irish Setter for the Spirit Undah Dawgs doing the 5% Challenge for either the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer time. Just ask if you want to JOIN !! We can put you on the "master list !" WOOHOOOOO !!!! As an Irish Setter, I am indepent spirited so FREE in the dah wind ! , I LOVE to RUN so you have to train me to walk besides you or ELSE I'll be WILD !, I will catch ur frisbee's HAPPILY !, please DO brush me out all the time for I DO LOVE IT ! I also LOVE to play, sleeping at time

LOL really notice hair !!! it was FUN ! its supposed to as PURPLE from top to bottom but , hey this site doesn't pick it up all as mucjd.

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My Paws are UP !

HI ! I am Diane,, and this time around for the 5% Summer Challenge of 2015,, I'll be sidelined,,,, hence the title "My Paws are UP" !!! I am the CL (Challenge Leader) of the Spirited Undah Dawgs,,,, and I hail from the gorgeous state of Maine where I am clearly very fortunate in that I live directly on the harbor which across from it,,, is a larger city. The night lights are to simply die for ! The entire state is outstanding. I will miss this summer going around it,,, and hoping into an ...
HI ! I am Diane,, and this time around for the 5% Summer Challenge of 2015,, I'll be sidelined,,,, hence the title "My Paws are UP" !!! I am the CL (Challenge Leader) of the Spirited Undah Dawgs,,,, and I hail from the gorgeous state of Maine where I am clearly very fortunate in that I live directly on the harbor which across from it,,, is a larger city. The night lights are to simply die for ! The entire state is outstanding. I will miss this summer going around it,,, and hoping into an ocean that hits as high as 63 degrees. LOL that's SOME cold water,, for in general it's about 61,,, hence why the lobstahs taste so good,, I can buy them off the wharf yr round, but in the summer when they are soft shelled,, the price drops down to about 3.99 to 4.99 a lb. If you like,, take them right home from an AM catch,, and have them for supper !!! You can't get any fresher !! Oh yeah,, in Maine,, its the whole lobstah you cook,, not just the tail,,,, and eat most of it, just not the insides,, well some do. Ewwww !!

I am having Surgery on the 16th so I'll probably come back and update this on how it went. We are expecting to fuse the big toe, in 2 places,, and also fix my Achilles tendon,, which is way to tight,, and is not allowing my foot to bend when walking,, keeping me from the forward motion.

I am to NOT move off the couch, bed, ladies throne,, only for 8 weeks. I am absolutely forbidden to even let my foot "touch the ground at all" as I was warned today. My bones are very fragile,, and the toe is in a bad fragile state,,,, if tis doesn't work,,, it'll lead to an amputation of that area. the pain has been so horrid,, when I lived in Colorado back over a yr ago,, they were going to amputate BOTH feet,, up here they want to work me thru it so I do not lose them. This is surg #18 on feet.

I am so sorry Team,, though I am the CL,,,, and ur Alpha Dawggie,,, I will not be able to weigh in, though I strongly expect to continue to lose the weight,, will catch up with you on the fall team for this,, and hopefully thu the next 8 weeks,,,, I'll lose 4 to 7 lbs,, which is my average,, though over the past 2 weeks,,,, it's been just over 1 lb each,,, my weight has suddenly dropped,, but yeah, I am freaked out over the surg,,, and also have picked way up on protein so I am simply not hngry.

I am also a leader on the "Disabled and Losing " team, and a Co Leadah on the "Believe, Achieve and Succeed"Team. Both of these are small teams, but excellent for motivation (the believe) team,,, and if you live in any chronic or even temporary pain,, the LAD team is terrific to visit,, there's a thread on their where we can daily check in to say what our pain is at,, and happening.

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DIANEDOESSMILES got to go out today ! YEAH !! This is for the next 2 weeks,, on Fri a smaller cast.
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Track daily,, watching extremely carefully all cals going in. I can't do my usual swimming/yoga routine,, so I need to sooo careful. I already know which items will be out cut.

my Exercise, will be arm lifts,,, curls.... anything to do with just the arms. Also some leg work,, butt work,,, while laying in a reclined or totally laying down. THANKFULLY the Dr has given me some specific ones to work on.

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PAWS ARE UP in the Air !

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Name is Diane.

Owned by Izzy !!! (though of course I Do brag about the wee ones,, does NOT the cat come FIRST???? ASK them !! LOL they will WHINE about it ! HAHAHA !!) she is a therapy cat,,, will no doubt lay on me a lot, and head butt the left side of my head,,, to let me know "ur in pain, STOP EVERYTHING and LAY DOWN" as she does,,,, and hence why she's been certified as a "therapy cat",,,, ever try to do this??? It was quite the interesting process,,, it had to be proved,,,, and all kinds of ?s asked,,, etc. She passed though in the end, but of course I DO NOT bring her with me to places I do,, she's a CAT !

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I am soo fortunet to be the CL (Challenge Leader) of the Spirited Under Dawgs,, and a co leader on the Losing and Disabled Team, as well a co leader on the Believe and Achieve and SUCCEED team.

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7/22/2014 12:41:21 PM

Hi One of my Bestest Friends,

I hope I got all lthe workout time figured out and posted in the correct place. I told you I had a lot of time to report!!

Did you go to my home page and take a look at the quilt I did for the Quilt show? I have to post better pics, but this is one I managed to get on site. I won Best of Show!!!

The quilt has a lovely story to it. Hopefully I will get to write a blog on it this week. Things have been a bit hectic around here lately…..running here, running there….and trying to keep up with DH too.

Sure glad I have my quilting and Winnie!! They keep me sane!

So glad you finality got out of the house. Being shut up is absolutely the WORST!!! emoticon

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7/21/2014 8:31:56 AM

Thank you Diane for the encouragement!
I think being in Ecuador on a business trip and barely eating 3 solid meals a day, but drinking lots of wine and coffee really played with my system, and two complete days of flying also didn't help the retention of the fluids... so the weigh in last week on the day that i got home was possibly a bit of water retention, but overall, a net loss in 2 weeks of about 4 lbs really made me happy :)
This weekend I was not responsible for my own food, as we were vacationing with my parents at their cottage, and there was a bit of sugar in the marinades and the salad dressings. I feel that that put me off a lot. There was also a lot of meat and not as much vegetables that are staples at my home! Sometimes we just need a couple of days detox! but there was a lot of swimming and housework... leave it to my mother to keep me on my toes..! LOL

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7/20/2014 3:55:09 PM

Just strolling around
& visiting friends...
Wishing **YOU**
a Fantastic Sunday! ---
Hugs, -----

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7/19/2014 11:39:04 PM

Thanks. I'll bet that is water weight from the sodium in the fast food and it will come right off.It was easier for me to eat whatever I wanted this week because my husband and son were at boy scout camp so it was just me and the dogs.

I am so impressed at how positive you have stayed with your injury. I hope the next week flies by.

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7/19/2014 11:50:45 AM

Thanks for visiting my spark page. Sorry to hear you are so limited by your doctor as to what you are cleared for. I hope this surgery was successful.

I broke my ankle 6 weeks ago jumping off some playground equipment. Had some 8 year old boys over for the afternoon, we baked cakes and cupcakes, then went to the park while they cooled and were going to frosten and decorate them afterwards.
Ended up having one of the moms come and get them for the rest of the afternoon (sent the cakes and everything with as the boys were concerned about how they were going to decorate their cakes if I went to the hospital!LOL).
This was on Sunday, so they put me in a splint and said I needed to see an orthopedic surgeon the next day or two. Instead of setting the bone, he said I needed surgery, but they wanted to wait for the swelling to go down. Surgery was 4 weeks ago. I'm not restricted as to activity, but can't put any weight on it, so limited to what I can do on crutches, a knee scooter, or just scooting or crawling around on the floor. I'm in a medical boot (kids were disappointed, they were hoping to be able to sign my cast!) and once I'm cleared to put weight on it, I still have to wear the boot for another month.
I do lots of triceps dips going up and down the stairs, and because I have to use my arms more to get around, it does get tiring. I don't count that as exercise though. My main exercise was my long walks, though I was hoping to join an exercise class this summer (needless to say, both are out for the time being). Not a whole lot of exercises I can do from a chair that don't involve both legs. Floor exercises are fine, but getting down on the floor and then back up again are the difficult parts. So I do what I can around the house, though it takes 5 times as long now, and ask for help for the things I can't currently do.

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