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I am an Irish Setter for the Spirit Undah Dawgs doing the 5% Challenge for either the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer time. Just ask if you want to JOIN !! We can put you on the "master list !" WOOHOOOOO !!!! As an Irish Setter, I am indepent spirited so FREE in the dah wind ! , I LOVE to RUN so you have to train me to walk besides you or ELSE I'll be WILD !, I will catch ur frisbee's HAPPILY !, please DO brush me out all the time for I DO LOVE IT ! I also LOVE to play, sleeping at time

LOL really notice hair !!! it was FUN ! its supposed to as PURPLE from top to bottom but , hey this site doesn't pick it up all as mucjd.

I have 60 pics in my gallery


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A Dawggie on the RUN !!!!

I am on the Spirited Under Dog team,,, AKA The Dawggie team.

I wish to WELCOME ALL the new Puppies to our team,, and of course LOVE having back our Dawggies !! TY for being Loyal and the Terrific bow wows you are !

In the Winter Challenge I DID make my 5% loss which I needed to lose 12 lbs,,,, lost that and 3 more lbs !!! I worked hard ! I exercised as I knew I could,, and ate NO junk food as I normally do.

For this challenge I am definitely on the same ...
I am on the Spirited Under Dog team,,, AKA The Dawggie team.

I wish to WELCOME ALL the new Puppies to our team,, and of course LOVE having back our Dawggies !! TY for being Loyal and the Terrific bow wows you are !

In the Winter Challenge I DID make my 5% loss which I needed to lose 12 lbs,,,, lost that and 3 more lbs !!! I worked hard ! I exercised as I knew I could,, and ate NO junk food as I normally do.

For this challenge I am definitely on the same line of thoughts.

Is this EASY??? SHOOT NO !!! It takes DETERMINATION to keep on this way. I've been an emotional eater as far back as I can remember. Which is at age 4,,, climbing up into Moms cupboards to eat sugar,,, and peanutbutter together. It was sooo GOOD !! I started to steal candy by the age of 6,,, perhaps younger. I was sadly excellent at stealong,,,,, didn't stop til I was in my teen years. So I always had candy.

I've gone through some rough stuff since 92. A bad car accident 2 weeks after burying my Mom who died from breast cancer way to young. About 6 years later started off with the foot surgeries. As of this date,,,, I've gone through 20 surgeries on them. This past Summer,, Fall ,, Winter until now has been a nightmare !! I am still on the road to recovery. I HOPE soon to be able to walk without my knee walker, but I am very glad I own it. Without the knee walker,, I'd NOT be able to get around as freely. I use my power chair if I am going outside otherwise than around the property. I am also thankful for this. Still I want to walk on my own 2 feet. Lets HOPE !!

If you are new to the Dawggie team,, or on another team in the 5% challenge,,,, I wish you the VERY BEST !!! If ur not on the 5% challenge and reading my page,, TY also for this!!! I had started out at 288 lbs,, and am currently as of this writing at 231 !!! It taken me years, yo yoing,, but, I WILL do what I can. Remember please,, it's UP to US as to what goes into our mouths. SURE others can and DO tempt us (BIG TIME !) but ultimately its UP to us. Its NOT easy when others are ALWAYS shoving foods we LOVE at us,,, but still they can't MAKE us chew it.

Look at why you started this journey ,,, mine was because I had been told "you are a dietetic" and from the car accident,, my back was hurting severely,, along with being born with scoliosis and a Dr who I will always appreciate his words of "your weight is making you hurt more. Its up to YOU!" and he showed me some bones of the back,, and how exactly my weight WAS making me worse. THANKS Dr H !

If you are in chronic pain,, it IS in our control to make it easier. Moving around DOES help.

TY for reading

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I live in the state who's motto is "Vacation Land." Its IS too !!! There's MUCH to be seen,, done,, to EAT or SHOP til you DROP !

Its the beautiful state of Maine. I've been asked from others when I am away "Is that in the States" or "Where is that?" I always wonder what happened to their education? Maine is surrounded in the south and west by New Hampshire,,, HI MaryAnn (MaryAnngi,,, who's the CL of the Dawggie team! Im the ML ,, motivational Leader and YES we've met and will again soon) and to our north is Canada.

My Program:
I am extremely fortunate to be working with a dietician and have been for a few months. She has me eating more calories than I had thought was correct. I had thought 1200 was enough,,,, but, I had STOPPED losing,, she has me at 1550 and I AM losing again !!! I otherwise go by what SPARKS suggests.

I use my knee walker 2 or 3 times a day up and down the hallways.. I aim for 60 to 90 minutes of walking with it. I work up a sweat ,, that's what I am going for !

I have taken OUT junk food from my place. I "WAS" blaming it on "having things for the Grandkids" here,,, well they aren't around as they used to be,,, they have jobs now,, and are young adults. It was such a COP OUT when I said it when they were here all the time,, a few years ago. SHOOT I kept it here in case "I" WANTED some !1 Does this ring a bell?

I did though at one point,,, put it all in one cupboard for the kidss,, and to me it was OFF LIMIT !!! that DID WORK !! If I opened the cupboard,

Personal Information:
I am owned by Izzy,,, a very, very SPOILED cat !! She's a brown tiger, lamar mix. What's a LaMar?

Their fur is very thick,, but a rough feel,,, its wierd to me,,,, I am used to persains,,, and Maine Coons. Also they have very short legs,,, almost dwarf but, not quite. Its WONDERFUL because she can't jump like a normal cat. And what sets them apart,, is they will ALWAYS when you hold them on their back,,,, like you do a baby,,, put either one or both front paws on your face. It's SOOOO SWEET !!! Everyone thinks she LOVES them SOOO MUCH because she does it. LOL ! Often I let them believe they ARE special.

Other Information:
I've been the ML (Motivational Leader) on the Dawggie team for 5 years now. For about 2 years I had stepped up to be the CL,, Community leader, but I had been missing being the ML,, thankfully MaryAnngi was able to return to the CL position. Both of them are GREAT Positions,,,, I can't pick which is the best for me,,, they each have so much I enjoy !!!

I am surrounded by many friends,, both in life,, and online as well as family.

Did you happen to notice,, I wrote A LOT about the cat,,, and only a little bit about the Grandkids? LOL they know this !! LOL !! They are used to it. Though they know I LOVOUS them with ALL I have !

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5/1/2016 5:39:27 PM

Speaking of naughty foods - today I made a Summer Fruit Cobbler. It's low sugar so that's good for my weight but not so good for taste! Fresh strawberries and peaches I had in the freezer from last summer went in it. One slice (1/8) is 157 calories.

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5/1/2016 4:32:19 PM

Hi Diane! I know it's been a long while! But I am back to say hello and begin Sparking one more. Happy May! Happy Spring

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5/1/2016 1:55:37 AM

There are too many stories like yours. It makes my blood boil. We have Colonial Penn, Banker's Life and Medicare. They do a wonderful service between them. I had so little to pay when I had my shoulder replacement surgery that I was shocked! And Banker's paid for one year for me to have a care giver. I will stick with them.

I am hoping the very best for you, and have asked my friend to do Reike on you from here. So if you feel a bit light headed for the next couple of days, don't worry. It is the healing energy blasting through your body. Just drink lots of liquids and get good quiet rest for the next four days. emoticon

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4/29/2016 10:19:36 PM

Hi Diane! I just stopped by to say hi after logging my stats to the Spirited Underdogs right behind you! emoticon

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4/28/2016 8:18:28 AM

He totally has been a GOLDEN dawgie for sure! I did have the money earlier on in his life, not so much so now. It is hard mixing a friendship with $$$. I used to be a perfectionist with the house also not so much so much anymore.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. LOL I never heard that saying before, I have been busier than I like to be and shouldn't have to be but our event lead totally forgets about things until the last minute!
I think the only reason the Dr.'s are listening is because of the series of strokes, prior to I wasn't listened to at all. They do have external heart monitors my first time wearing one was for a week, then the last 2 times I wore one for 30 days each! A real PITA.

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