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I started out 2014 with high cholesterol and high triglycerides. In researching how this can happen to a vegan on a very healthy diet, I found out that I'm eating waaay too much sugar in fruit, pretzels, breads, and through the use of honey and molasses in tea and oatmeal and so on.
On January 20th I started the McDougall ten-day diet. I cut out nuts, bread (except for splurge days, once a week), all sweeteners, soymilk, and brought my daily fruit intake to no more than two pieces per ...
I started out 2014 with high cholesterol and high triglycerides. In researching how this can happen to a vegan on a very healthy diet, I found out that I'm eating waaay too much sugar in fruit, pretzels, breads, and through the use of honey and molasses in tea and oatmeal and so on.
On January 20th I started the McDougall ten-day diet. I cut out nuts, bread (except for splurge days, once a week), all sweeteners, soymilk, and brought my daily fruit intake to no more than two pieces per day. I baked a bunch of yukon gold, red, and sweet potatoes, made up my usual rice medley mixed with lentils, and stocked up on all kinds of fresh and frozen veggies, lots of greens.
I started training for the marathon that will be in August.
I also started taking cholesterol meds but after 11 days said no more so I'm off that.
On January 29th I weighed myself and had lost 3 lbs on the ten-day diet. The dietician doubted the wisdom of a high-starch, whole food plant based diet, but recommended I stick with the McDougall diet for 3 months and then get my labs checked and we'll see what if any changes there are.
On this diet, I eat as much as I want when I am hungry, and stick to the foods on the list.
I don't take any kind of supplements. I may in the future need B12 supplementation, but B12 is made in bacteria and I burn wood for heat and have two dogs. If I come up deficient, then I'll supplement, but until then I'm actually healthier now than I was two weeks ago.
I still struggle with tiredness, but it's slowly resolving with time and adherence to the McDougall diet.
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My Goals:
1. Go running.
2. Cook more often, and more for me.
3. Learn healthier alternatives to defuse stressful emotions rather than binge.

My Program:
I've been concentrating on cooking from scratch, using whole, fresh foods. I find recipes that work for me, and I tweak them to work even better. I use the tapping exercise for stress management, among other things. I am training for a marathon.

Personal Information:
My mother became pregnant with me when my brother was just a few months old, so she was neither ready nor willing to have a 2nd child so soon. I soon turned into a "failure to thrive" baby and the only cure was to be fed as often as a bottle could be stuck into my mouth. This is where I developed the 'food is love' philosophy, and the binge cycle began for me at a very early age, around 4.
A couple of years later, my father started to molest me, so altogether I grew up with a completely skewed set of values and experiences and especially notions of how people are supposed to relate to each other.
My entire adult life has been one of education and healing and recovery, and growing and thriving in a new mind, new set of values, and a better outlook on interpersonal relationships. I cherish the people in my life from my adopted family to my friends. Unfortunately I tend toward chronic mild to moderate depression, and am doing whatever it takes to stay grounded.

Other Information:
I tend to be an isolationist because it's what I grew up with, and am here on SparkPeople because I know that my way hasn't ever worked, but I can't go out there and be a social butterfly, either. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world, from all walks of life and from every philosophy and belief system.

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4/16/2014 8:49:39 AM

Thank you so much for this thread post! I am going to read it every day and everytime I want to stuff myself! Especially the last paragraph that made me visualize my 3 sons and my 5 grandchildren who love me so much. Seeing myself as selfish was tough but ultimately that is what it boils down to if I choose eating unhealthy food because I need to feed my cravings. I am better than that. My familly deserves better than that from me. Thank you for opening my eyes!

Sorry, (name removed), I will post this and then be silent as well. I don't have to KNOW a person to know what heart disease does to their sense of well-being. It's always the same thing. Lack of oxygen to the brain due to clogged carotid arteries, lack of oxygen to the heart due to plaque formation, etc. Lack of oxygen to nourish our cellular structures leads to the type of depression that makes one feel helpless to change even though change is necessary for continuity of life (or quality of life). I have seen this happen again and again in my career and in my own family, so there's a pattern, a trend, that's quite predictable.
I wish I could tell all those patients that change isn't a punishment, and they aren't depriving themselves of a good life or even good food.
Look around you next time you eat out. What are people eating? Do they even look like they are tasting their food or do they look like they are addicted to the fat, salt or sugar in their food? Is their food whole food, simply prepared? Or is their food sauced up, spiced and seasoned, breaded and fried, smothered in fatty gravy or mushrooms and onion cooked in oil? Are the desserts fresh and naturally sweet or are they laden with sugar and fat and chocolate or drowning in syrups (more sugar) and so on? I'm nosy enough to pay attention to what other people are eating and you know what? Most of them look like they aren't even tasting what they're shoveling into their mouths.
I was that person once. I loved a little salad with my ranch dressing. Bread was a good way to contain gooey melty cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. Potato chips were the best vehicle to get that dip to my mouth. Toast was a sponge for butter. Popcorn at the movies had to be buttered so much that I felt like it wasn't enough if it didn't soak through the bottom. I kid you not!!
Why did it become so easy for me, then, to make the changes I needed to make in order to stay alive? It's because I wasn't dealing with heart disease, or a lack of oxygen to my brain. My disease was in my major organs from a high fat, dairy centered diet. There's a huge difference. I can't live without my pancreas. I also am enough of a coward that I NEVER want to go through that pain again. Some people need that motivation to get better and do whatever it takes to stay better. Some other people need to hit an even deeper bottom before they become willing to make healthier changes. Some people give up, and never change, with the expected, predictable result.
It's a tough place to be, the spouse watching on and unable to actually DO anything. If people would understand how much pain they put their families through, and how selfish that is, maybe they'd be more willing to start with small changes and work from there. But you are right, everyone is right, who says the choice has to be the individual's. No one can make that choice for them.

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4/11/2014 6:38:49 PM

Organize Your Home.

Whether you're cooking a healthy homemade meal, working out in your living room, or squeezing more fitness in by speed-cleaning your house, what happens at home affects your commitment to losing weight. A disorganized home can interfere with achieving your health and fitness goals. Assess the mess in your home by going through every room and decide what needs to be dealt with (or tossed!), and then figure out a way to keep it organized permanently. Spring is here ! I hope to stay.

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4/10/2014 1:49:43 PM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon It means so much!

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4/9/2014 11:05:43 AM

Yes, I will be sparked this week because of you and others here. Thank you so much for lifts when I am low , the posts that make me go, they make my exercise just flow, and cause my lil heart to glow. Don't stop in days to come,They'll make my heart beat like a drum I take your words like they are gum and I love to see who they are from. Have a great day! Tee

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4/8/2014 4:43:53 PM

They contain 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced strawberries contains 6.5g of carbs.
Strawberries are loaded with phytonutrients, which makes them heart-protective, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory fruits. They contain ellagic acid, which may inhibit tumor growth. The anthocyanins found in strawberries block the pain and inflammation-causing compounds, COX-1 and COX-2. dLife Information

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