Me in the Yosemite Valley early August 2007

Winter training in the rain

Me in July 2007, my second time up half dome with in 10 days =)

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Hello everyone, my name is Bernard, and I am an athlete...5 years ago, I used to weigh about 315 Pounds, then I took charge of my life...I first started out with walking my dog every morning, then I bought a cheap mountain bike from Toys “R” us, and about 6 months later, I rode that bike into the ground. Then I bought a real mountain bike, I rode my higher end Mountain bike for about 6 more months, then my buddy “a former US pro racer” and cycling mentor let me ride his road bike and I was ...
Hello everyone, my name is Bernard, and I am an athlete...5 years ago, I used to weigh about 315 Pounds, then I took charge of my life...I first started out with walking my dog every morning, then I bought a cheap mountain bike from Toys “R” us, and about 6 months later, I rode that bike into the ground. Then I bought a real mountain bike, I rode my higher end Mountain bike for about 6 more months, then my buddy “a former US pro racer” and cycling mentor let me ride his road bike and I was hooked instantly...Then the obsession with cycling became a passion, and led to me riding 200 mile races…I now weigh 170 pounds and am still dropping =)


What I do…
I live everyday , and every minute of my life like it was my last…I am a Cyclist, Runner, hiker, swimmer, Life Guard, an archer, trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Psychologist, an Empirical Scientist, an instructor for the Navy, and am a Food Science and Health Science Researcher at San Francisco State University.

Multiple Sclerosis…
On December 6th 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis…My initial attack from my disease left me partially paralyzed from the neck down… Basically my body was 100% numb, and thus left me with having to depend on others to do simple tasks like feeding, washing, and dressing myself.

Prior to my attack I was an offensive lineman for my college football team weighing in at 315 pounds…and after I got sick the weight from my muscles turned into fat…I lived in this state of paralysis for 10 months, when my body slowly started to come back…I gained about 65% of the feeling back in my body to this day I still feel the reminisce of my attack that hit me almost 8 years ago … Even as I typed this, it brought out emotions in me about the disease and what it took from me, and the fear that I still live in because of it. I try not to write too much about the negative impact that MS had had on my life, but it is good for me to reflect from time to time, it makes me stronger to know where I started and what I have become since those dark days. But Since that point where I thought my life ended, going into many depressive states, I have lived a more fuller life than I did in the 20+ years leading to my diagnosis…But now I am first and foremost an Ultra Endurance Athlete…That means that I push my body beyond the point that other normal athletes go…I am a determined person to accomplish and overcome what ever life puts in front of me…I have lived for a year of my life paralyzed…I have had to be fed at restaurants, I had to be dressed, I had to drink out of a straw, I had to be washed, I had to have someone do everything for me, and now I have climbed to the top of hundreds of mountains, weathered through 130 degree Temperatures, torrential down poor, Hale, sleet, and snow…Descended on my 16lb bike at 50+ miles an hour. I have found a way to fight my disease on my terms through physical activity and the right nutrition. I have found a spot for me in life through my education, and am now in a position where I can tailor my career goals to help me do what I set out to do, and that is working with individuals with debilitating diseases and conditions. I hope to someday help others who were in my same spot during my initial diagnosis. I would never consider MS to be a blessing, but sometimes it comes close. …,

What I have learned from my experience's...


I believe that life should be lived not lead. I believe that there are numerous amount's of people who go through life following the person in front of them. Their values and beliefs are dictated to them through television, movies, and religion. Why do they let them selves be lead? Well I believe that simple minded individuals do not want to know the real truth about how the world really is. What good is life if you don’t live it? What is your definition of life? "Grow up get married and have children"? This is what society dictates to us about how you should live and what is expected of you. We are not born with the perception of the perfect family, or the perfect career. We are just born. We as people are a construct in the sense that we are only built upon during our lives and never are completed... Our perceptions are learned and that includes our perception of how life should be lived. So how do we know that our society’s blissful idea of life is better than any other? We don’t, it’s really a luxury to be given a perception and not having to develop your own, but that does not mean that it is ok. If you do not ask questions, how do you learn, and when did all the questions stop? Our society seems to stop asking the right questions at some point of their lives, and they just go on to accept everything as the “norm“. Life should not be lead by another’s opinion, you should develop your own opinions of your environment and share them with others, and I do not mean just the ones that have the same beliefs. Communication is essential to a proper and stable environment, because living in ignorance of one another only breeds fear and there is a little too much fear in this country. Life is a journey that should be your own, and no one else’s, but it is great who you can inspire along the way.

Wouldn’t it be cool to look back at your life when you are old and retired, if you could look back and say that “I did that” not “I wish I could have done that.” We all are given the gift of life, and some people choose to ignore this fact and get caught up in meaningless crap. I took charge of my life after I was diagnosed with MS. It was a big wakeup call for me. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if every person in the world could go paralyzed for just one week of their life’s. I would think that the world would be a better place, and not so filled with greed, hatred, and materialism. Where are you with your life? Have you made every decision for yourself? If not, why not? I believe that making your own choices and taking charge of your life is an essential step towards loving yourself. There is no one more important than yourself and in the end only you matter. Take charge of your life. If you don’t like your job, find a better one. If you are miserable within a relationship, get out of it. Why live a lie, live with honesty. The most important honesty is the honesty of self, which in turn reflects on the type of life that you lead. Do not just settle for something that comes along; give your self the best you deserve.

This is who I am, and what I am about

If you would you like to know more about me?

Just send me an e-mail at "CALFSKINS AT PRODIGY DOT NET"

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am also a single guy who is currently in the dating scene, so if you would like to hang out, work out, or just have someone to talk to, "even if you don't live in California", I'm not picky when it comes to friends! lol Just send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP, and we can start our new friendship
your possible new friend,
B =)
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My Goals:
My 2009 race schedule

March 28th 2009
Solvang Spring Double Century

April 11th 2009
The Devil's Mountain Double Century
207 miles with 22,000 feet of climbing

May 9th 2009
Central Coast Double Century
15,000ft of climbing

Mount Tam
200 miles with 15,000 feet of climbing

RACE # 6
Date has not ben posted
Knoxville Fall Double Century

My Program:
Ultra endurance cycling training consisting of interval training and long distance training, My training grounds are usually on Mount Hamilton Road, Sierra Road, Calaveras Road, old Calavaras Road, Quimby Road, San Felipe Road, Metcaf Road, Baily Road, Mckean Road, Old Almaden, Hick's Road, Humanum road, Shanon Road, Kenedy Road, HW 9, and the Los Gato's Creek Trail

My 2007


Solvang Spring Double Century

The Hemet Double Century

The Devil's Mountain Double Century DMD

Davis Double Century

Eastern SIerra Double Century

Hiked Half Dome Twice within 10 days

"The Hardest Hike In Yosemite"

1 trip up HD is...

20 miles round trip

6,000ft of altitude gained ending at 9,500ft above sea level

while carying all of your food and water on your back

Personal Information:
My name is Bernard

I have 3 AA degree's, 1 BA in Psychology, and am currently working towards my MA in Counseling Psychology

I am a certified sports nutritionist who specializes mainly in endurance sports

I am also a Food Science researcher...most of my resear evolves around soy protiens and the treatment of Breast cancer

I also do Health science research specializing in Courage in the face of adversity

If you would ever like to get in touch with me my e-mail address is calfskins at prodigy dot net

*Heart Rate*



MAX: 202

Other Information:
One of my core belief's is that there are two types of people in this world, those who choose to settle down and those who choose to live life, and I've never been one to sttle for "good enough" i take everything I do to its limits and then try to push it beyound that...When I am older, I want to be able to reflect back on my life and say "yeah I did that and it was awesome"

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I hope you have a happy and productive week!!! Keep the spark alive! emoticon emoticon

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1/31/2010 11:54:10 PM

I hope today was a positive day for you! emoticon

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1/2/2010 9:22:13 AM

You are awesome!! What an inspirational story! Wishing you continued success on your goals! emoticon

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12/31/2009 10:42:51 AM

This is one of the most inspirational pages I have read to date. I love your views of society and how everyone gets caught up with what they 'think they have to do or should do' instead of actually LIVING their lives. You have so much to be proud of, especially the fact that you built yourself into this person after going through probably the hardest thing you'd have to go through in your life. Congratulations on your continous success :)

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12/14/2009 7:53:33 PM

I love your story of determination and expectation! When you expect the best from yourself ...the best is what you get!

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