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31 pounds to my goal weight!! WooHoo!!


My new years resolution is to make 2015 healthier than last year. My goal is to be lighter than 168.

Hi, I''''ve been overweight since I was 10 years old and now I''''ve reached a point in my life when I''''m ready for a change. If I wait any longer I feel as though I will never do it.

Right now, I''''ve been mixing up my routines, but mainly sticking with Charlene Extreme. I started at ...

My new years resolution is to make 2015 healthier than last year. My goal is to be lighter than 168.

Hi, I''''ve been overweight since I was 10 years old and now I''''ve reached a point in my life when I''''m ready for a change. If I wait any longer I feel as though I will never do it.

Right now, I''''ve been mixing up my routines, but mainly sticking with Charlene Extreme. I started at the end of December, 2008 and currently in phase 2 the Push Phase (February 5th, 2009). I never realized that I could lift soo much and I amaze myself more and more every day. I definitely see positive changes in my shape, which is extremely motivating. I''''m gaining muscle and losing inches, which works for me. I feel sooo good and filled with ENERGY.

*********** HOW DID I MAKE IT? **************************

~ Created inspirational posters with my next goal weight each week. I look forward to it now, so does my 6 year old. Maya understands why I want to lose weight and be healthy.

~ Set small goals, 2 lbs a week because slow and steady always wins the race.

~ Read spark member pages for extra motivation.


~ Logged EVERY BITE into the Spark People Nutrition Tracker

~ Get rid of the scale for motivation, no scale hopping

~ Stayed in my calorie range of 1200-1500

~ STOPPED eating after dinner

~ Healthy Choice Meals to gain control of my portion sizes

~ Fruits, veggies and water are now part of my life

~ Self Control, Do you think you can make it without self control?

~ "NO" is my new favorite word, LOL.

~ Whole wheat products, breads, pastas and rice aren''''t all that bad after all.

~ Exercise Routine: Turbo Jam, Slim & 6, Chalene Extreme, Tae Bo, Biggest Loser, Core Rhythms, walking and running.

~Strength training at least 3 times a week

~ Muscle burns fat, gave me more ENERGY and boosts my metabolism.


(from my spark friends and me)


Stay strong and fight for what you want!

Nothing in life comes easy!

Believe In Your Dreams! Believe in yourself!

True changes only happen when YOU decide to make them happen.

We can''''t change the past, but we can change today

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

One DAY at a time, One POUND at time!

Thinking before you act

TWO steps forward and ONE step backwards is still PROGRESS....

This is not a contest or a race, where every little misstep could mean the difference between winning and losing. It�s your life�

Stop the excuses, recognize those excuses, own up to those excuses and drop them! The weight loss will follow!

"A book is written one page at a time,
A journey is taken one step at a time,
Our lives are lived one day at a time,
Make your goals attainable,
Small goals build upon themselves and turn into big achievements.


"I am done being the biggest one in my family!
I am Done shopping in the plus sizes!!
I am DONE making excuses!
I am DEFINITELY DONE living an unhealthy life!!"


May 2010 Update:

May 30th, 2010:
Yesterday was Day#1 with not eating after 9pm and that worked out great. I also counted calories and held myself accountable for what I put into my mouth. I hopped on the scale for my weekly Sunday weigh ins and saw 162. This is definitely a form of motivation to make today an even better day. Feeling good, WooHoo!

May 28th, 2010:
Every morning I tell myself I''''m going to eat right and stay in my range. By the end of the night, I''''m having a large bowl of ice cream & popcorn, which I know is taking me way over my range. Why am I doing this? I just don''''t know. Grrr! This is just harder for me more now than ever and I don''''t know why.

May 26, 2010
WOW, this is the first time this year that I''''m updating my page and I''''ve had the worst month ever since I''''ve started this journey. In April, I actually saw 154 on the scale and was proud of my accomplishments. Now I''''m seeing 165 and that totally suck and I''''m really upset with myself right about now. I know what my body needs and I know what I''''m supposed to do, but I decided to stop counting calories and my exercise routine.

Now that I''''ve gotten that out, I just need to suck it up and just do what''''s right. This week, I''''ve started back my exercise routine by heading to the gym for an hour. Once I''''m there I feel great and energized to burn these well needed calories. The hard part is pushing myself to just go.

I totally hate where my head is at right now because this journey is one big mind game. I trying not to just quit because I know I need this for my health and my babies. My birthday is in July and my wish is to be back in the 150''''s, which I think is achievable if I hold myself accountable for what I do.
July 2009 Update:

July 10th Progress:
This month is going very well for me thus far. I finally met my goal to reach 145 on the 4th of July and have set a new goal to reach 139. Believe it or not, I''''m well on my way to the 130''''s. YEAH!There are 3 more weigh ins for this month, so it is definitely achievable. I just need to stay on track and focus.

I saw 143 on the scale this morning and now my goal for next weigh in on 7/24 is 141.

THANK YOU to my spark family that have helped me to stay motivated to keep pushing.

I will beat the scale and see much more success!
June 2009 Update:

Update June 7th, 2009:

I''''ve come to reality that even if the scale isn''''t moving as fast as I want it to, I''''M HAPPY! I know that I''''m eating right and exercising as much as I can. Yeah, there are times when I put the wrong thing into my mouth, but hey I am human. I''''ve been bouncing from 146-150 for the longest and I just know I''''ll hit 145 eventually. My body does as it pleases and I know it will be ready soon to show me progress any week now.

Update 26th, 2009:
I''''m still up for the fight to beat the 140''''s. I''''m currently 147 and just want to see the 130''''s. There are many different things that we could be addicted to and mine is FOOD. I love food and the foods we need to stay away from.

Spark People has taught me a lot and self control is definitely on the top of the list. Tonight, my husband made himself a burger for dinner and I already had some chicken & veggies for dinner. Usually, I would have gotten up and just make myself a burger, but instead I had 2 bites and was satisfied. I''''m proud of how far I have come and planning out my meals works like wonders.
I''''ve started a Labor Day Challenge and I''''m determined to make it. My start weight is 147 and my goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. It''''s totally achievable if I keep my head straight and count every bite that I put into my mouth.

Update 30th, 2009:

I was just telling one of my spark friends that I can''''t believe how fast this year is going by. I totally remember celebrating the New Year and now it''''s July. My birthday is right around the corner on the 22nd, WooHoo!

This year, I''''ve been trying to lose my regular 5-8 pounds a month. It took me 6 months to realize that my body just wants to lose a pound a month since I''''m soo close to my goal. By being on Spark People my eyes have opened up soo much when it comes to health and making this a lifestyle change. I used to work sooo hard and never took time myself/body serious. I always took care of everyone else and never myself and now my life is 100% better. My health comes first right along with my family. NO MORE every day McDonalds.

I''''m almost to my 1 year anniversary and proud to say that I''''m still going strong. Of course I''''ve had my ups and downs, but I''''ve definitely been jumping back on the wagon quicker. No matter how challengeing this journey gets, I must succeed and make it into the 130''''s. I''''m only 8 pounds away and counting down as the months go by.
May 2009

I feel stuck this morning because the scale refuses to move. I could totally see now why people just quit because it''''s starting to get frustrating. I guess, I''''m thankful that I''''m still the same weight and haven''''t blown any of my progress.

Just 145 is the hardest weight to date for me to reach. I''''ve been bouncing 146-149 since January, which is just rediculous. Well, have no fear, I''''ll NEVER give up but I just needed to vent some.

On a good note, I''''ve gotten fitted for my Matron of Honor dress yesterday and it looks beautiful. I''''m soooo happy that I''''m not going to be the FAT one in my BF''''s pictures. So with that said, I''''m still in the fight to make it.

Update May 22nd, 2009: What a terrible month for me. I started out this month at 148 and I''''m currently at 149. When I look at my progress chart, I''''m feeling really disappointed in myself. I know that I could do better, but I just think at times that I could eat whatever I want. My problem is when I leave my house and rely on someone else�s cooking. I always gain if I eat out in a restaurant or a friend�s house. I feel as though I lose control because I just don''''t know how to say "NO" to that piece of cake. I also eat seconds and sometime thirds because the food is sooooooooo good and tasty.
What can I do? NOTHING, but just try harder. I actually think I need to go out more to learn how to control myself.

I try sooo hard not to get upset with myself, but I just know better. SP and everyone here have taught me what''''s good & bad and I just throw it out the door some times. I''''ve been fighting the 140''''s since January and I should be a ashamed of myself.

This just makes me a stronger person and I will NEVER GIVE UP!

Wish me luck ya''''ll because I totally need it right about now.
Update on April 30th: I have to be honest with you all. This past week I''''ve been getting in my workouts, but my eating habits haven''''t been as good. I have been eating in my calorie range, but not the right food choices. I''''m starting to notice the right carbs and bad carbs on how my body reacts to different foods. Thus, the scale went back into the 150''''s, but as yesterday I was able to bring it back down to 149.

I''''m more focused now than ever to get the scale back to where it belongs. My mini goal is to see 145 and I know I''''ll make it with consistency. I''''m back up to doing 120 cardio minutes and then strength training will be additional minutes.

I could still fit into my size 8''''s, so that''''s always a GREAT motivator. WooHoo!

Update on April 14th: I''''ve been thinking a little bit today and have decided that I am happy where I am. I originally set out to get into a size 8/10 and I have done that. I really don''''t care what the scale says any more as long as I continue to fit into my size 8''''s. Now it''''s time to just TONE! TONE! TONE! and tighten up my figure.

Update on April 9th: guess what I''''ve seen on the scale this morning? Your right "146" WooHoo! "I MUST STAY IN CONTROL" is what I keep telling myself to make it. This whole journey is one HUGE mind game.

I''''ve also created a motivational poster to remind me of my next goal weight. It is staring me in the face, which keeps me focused.

Update on April 2nd: Today I went to the mall to buy shoes for my kids and walked into EXPRESS a clothing store for me. Who would have known I would have walked out with my first size 8 pants ever as an adult.


April 2009 Update:

My goal last month was to reach 144, but I ended at 148. OH WELL! Who has time to dwell on what didn''''t happen, especially if you know you did the best you can. It''''s now time to set new goals and try my hardest to make it for a new month.

My goal for this month is to lose 5 pounds, which puts me at 143.
Update March 29th: PHEW, WHAT A MONTH! I made it and feel GREAT and ready to take on another month. I''''m determined more now than ever because I''''m soooo close and I know every pound counts. I don''''t care if I''''m losing one pound at a time, it''''s just that much closer to my goal.

So, I end this month at 148 and I''''m HAPPY!

Update March 27th: This morning I gained 3 pounds from last weigh in 151. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. I have to be gaining muscle and have been drinking 12 glasses of water for the last few days. I''''m not going to let this gain make me slow down on my strength, but increase my cardio. I''''m addicted to working out and I find this funny because I couldn''''t say this last year this time.

Update on March 26th: Today I feel demotivated for some reason because I''''ve just realized that I''''m still FAT . No matter what everyone around me says, I still can''''t put on a swim suit and walk in public. This means that I''''m still FAT. Even though I''''ve lost 50 pounds, I need it to stick in my head that I have a long way to go.
I''''m only 5''''2" and need to lose these extra 14 pounds. I need to stick to what I know and I''''m not sure why I''''m still 149. It''''s driving me CRAZY that I can''''t make it to 147. I must be doing something wrong even though my DH thinks I''''m being too hard on myself.

Update on March 25th: This morning I had my husband take pictures of me after a week of extra strength training. I have already seen positive changes in my core. It''''s amazing that strength training really does have you lose inches. I''''m going to continue with strength training even though the scale isn''''t moving and hope for continued success. Measuring is extremely important, especially when the scale doesn''''t move.
Weigh in March 20th: This week has been a total roller coaster ride, but I actually made it to 148. This week, my set back was Japanese food because the sodium stayed in my body for 3 days. Who would have known salt was sooo stubborn.

On March 5, 2009 I took the battery out of the scale because I was becoming too addicted. I was getting on every morning, which we all know is a terrible habit. So, my husband has put it some where and I''''m glad I don''''t know where. Who knows how long I could go without getting on. My goal is to stay in my calorie range and workout 60+ minutes a day.

My goal weight for March is to see 144. WISH ME LUCK EVERYONE!

March 2009 Update:
February 2009 Update:

I''''m currently only 5 days into the month and heading towards my first weigh in tomorrow morning. I found out that I wasn''''t reaching 1200 calories a day, which completely explains why I have been gaining weight. I have started to log and track my food again and have been staying in my range of 1200-1500 calories a day. Plus getting in an excellent workout routine on a daily basis. Hopefully in the morning, the scale will show anything lower than 155.

Now that I''''ve seen 154 on the scale again, YEAH! My goal for this week is to see 152 for my next weigh in on February 13th, 2009.

I''''ve made it through another week and guess what I saw on the scale? You guessed right, 152 and I am extremely happy that things are going very well this month. I''''m sooo close to seeing the 140''''s, I''''m definitely not going to ruin it this time. I''''ve been staying in my calorie range of 1200-1500, not eating after dinner and exercising at least 90 minutes. It seems to be working, so I''''m going to stick with it for this up coming week. For my next weigh in on February 20th, my goal is to see 150. Of course 149 will also be just fine, LOL.

Valentine''''s Day kind of set me back a little bit because I didn''''t lose anything over the weekend. I still ENJOYED every moment of my weekend, but now I just need to make sure to get right back on track.

Yesterday, February 19th, 2009 I was named motivator of the day and it felt soooooooooo good. I just feel sooo supported by everyoe on spark people and know that I have to make it to my goal weight. If I don''''t I''''ll feel as though I let myself and everyone down.

This weigh in wasn''''t exactly what I wanted to see because I''''m still at 152, no loss, but no gain as well. I''''m still happy though because I feel fantastic and I know that I''''ve gained muscle. I know that I''''ve been giving this my all. I could totally see my body changing in the mirror and that''''s what is keeping me going.

WOW, this month I challenged myself to get in 2500 workout minutes and I actually made it. During this journey I have grown so much and it really makes me feel accomplished. I may be struggling to reach my goal weight, but I just feel fantastic. My body is saying, "THANK YOU". I just have proven to myself that this can me done. WooHoo!

I''''m finally in the 140''''s as of this morning 2/26/09 and it feels really good. This month, I totally stayed true to my healthy eating and lost a total of 6 pounds. Goal Accomplished for the month of February and now it''''s time to move onto March.

130''''s HERE I COME! YEAH!
January, 2009 update,

I''''ve realized that I always have some kind of a weak point during the month. It is actually starting to drive me CRAZY! Right now I just feel like eating everything in site. My favorite word is, "NO" and I''''ve started to ask for help from my team mates to wheel me back in before I fall off. I enjoy the encouragement and support that I get. Tomorrow 1/8/09 is day #10 on Charlene Extreme and I''''m loving every moment of each workout routine. I purchased 8lb weights because I''''m growing out of my 5lb ones.

I completely started second guessing if I could make it through this journey. It''''s just soo hard at times because my body doesn''''t always cooperate with what I want it to do. I actually realized that I can''''t rush the process and I have to listen to what I tell people. "ONE DAY AT A TIME" I have to go with the flow and stay consistent.
I could finally say that I could fit into 99% of my clothes again in my closet. Last night, I was just trying on different items to give me a boost in motivation. WOOHOO! This shows me that even though the scale doesn''''t always move, that I''''m definitely losing inches. I can''''t wait until the warm weather to go cloth shopping.
These last 20 are just a B**** to get rid of. Am I going to give up? NEVER! The weight will never win.

December 31st, 2008 update: This month started out sooo good, then I gained 5 pounds and went as high as 160. Then I lost back 4 pounds between christmas and new years, which brought me back down to 156. FANTASTIC! This month I could have lost a total of 9 pound but since I was stupid and couldn''''t resist certain foods I went like a roller coaster. That''''s alright though because I know that I''''m going to reach my goal in 2009.
For myself I purchased the Core Rhythm DVD''''s that I enjoy because I finally have a workout routine that doesn''''t involve kicking. My family gave me the cardio twister and a new heart rate monitor to add to my collection. Come January, I should have the CharLean Extreme DVD set to get in tons of strength training. I totally can''''t wait to lose these next 30 pounds in 2009. I just know I''''m going to reach my goal in 2009 and I refuse for it to ever go back on.

November 30, 2008 Update : WOW, I''''m 159 pounds and feel amazing. I have just gone through my closet and have gotten rid of all of my size 14, 16, 18 & 20 clothes. I have gone from a size 18/20 to a size 10/12 in 6 months. I would have never thought I would be saying that I have reached 40 pounds lost. At Thanksgiving dinner with the family, they actually called me skinny. Normally the conversation is just opposite and it felt really good this year. I could acually look in the mirror and see my body changing. I now can''''t wait for Christmas to see everyone all again because I should be 5 pounds lighter if everything goes as planned.

July 17th Progress:

This week is off to an excellent start because I''''m planning out all of my meals and holding myself accountable for each bite I have put into my mouth.

So, far I''''ve avoided Pizza and McDonalds which is a HUGE deal for me. I used to be addicted to fast food, but a year later I could say I''''m in control. Spark People has helped me to learn how to eat in proper portion sizes and just STOP when I know I''''ve had enough.


Keep up the fight everyone and NEVER give up!



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