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Update: 1/8/2014: Well its been more than 6 mths since I last updated and boy this is getting to be longgggggg. But here goes, 2013 ended on a very high note I got below 170 and lost a total of 33.4 lbs and just lots of inches really lots. I spent the year doing the Curves Complete Program and although I plateaued for too many months, once I got a handle on the why I was able to really lose some weight and keep it off. Instead of as past years have happened I did not gain weight at the end. ...
Update: 1/8/2014: Well its been more than 6 mths since I last updated and boy this is getting to be longgggggg. But here goes, 2013 ended on a very high note I got below 170 and lost a total of 33.4 lbs and just lots of inches really lots. I spent the year doing the Curves Complete Program and although I plateaued for too many months, once I got a handle on the why I was able to really lose some weight and keep it off. Instead of as past years have happened I did not gain weight at the end. I have a system that is working and plan to keep with it this year until it stops working and then I will find something else that will take me to my end goal. YES this is the year I hope to make it to my healthy goal. I had a problem with plantar fasciitis since Oct I have not been able to really walk foer exercise. I am just starting to a little now. So far so good. In Oct I also turned 60 and have no fear of it. I am looking my best every and very happy with who I am. So onward to 2014 and we will see what happens.
Update: 5/13/2013: Wow its been nearly 18 months since I did an update on my page. So much has happened. In 2012 I decided it was time to change how I was challenging myself. I reset my tickers no longer looking back at where I started in 2009 but where I wanted to be in the future. My weight loss for that years was not my best, but what did change was ME, how I looked at myself and how I felt about myself and this journey. See the Pic off to left, that me in a size 18 little black dress, very hugging and really not forgiving, and how do I look?...Pretty sexy for a 59 year old. I wore that dress last Oct for my anniversary dinner and movie, I felt sexy and pretty. I am seeing my body different and that is a big change as anyone knows who has been there and lost some serious weight. I have lost nearly 120 lbs, I lost a mini me!!!!! So for 2013 I once again rethought my goals and now I want to lose enough to be out of the obese BMI right now that means another 20 lbs, this is my year end goal. Each week it is to lose, I would love to see a pound but am just happy with whatever comes, well not totally happy but learning to be happy. Since I have a thyroid problem weight loss is a challenge, I am learning to deal with, this is both a mental and physical problem.
I would like to yell to everyone who reads this, if you need to lose weight DO IT NOW!!!! The older you get the harder the challenge. It can be done, I know I am doing it and will not ever stop until I am at a healthy weight. With the losses that I have done I am the healthiest I have ever in my adult life been, that means in the last 49 years been. I mean it really. So keep tuned in to see what happens next and where this journey leads me....The end I know I will be healthy but how I do it is still out there waiting for me.
TO GOOD HEALTHY!!!! And great thanks for Spark People, Sparkguy and his staff, they are just beyond awesome. You all are my saviors and have given me this chance. I am so grateful for this site and all it provides.
Deb :D

Upate 11-1-2011: I have decided to begin anew, resetting my tracker and looking forward to the challenges of getting to my goal and being a healthy BMI. I celebrate all that I have done to this point, but it is time to look forward at new adventures not back to old accomplishments. This is the next stage in my life and I embrace it. Onward to being a healthier ME!!!!!!
Update 7-31-2011: Been waiting a long time to me to update but it finally happened today. I have lost 101 lbs finally down to 207! It has not been an easy time at all, and the last 6-8 months have been the hardest to keep motivated, but I have and that is thanks to SP and my fellow Sparkers and travellers on this health journey. Now my goal is to get o Onederland in the next few months or at least by the end of the year, hoping for end of Sept. 10 days ago I fell while walking/jogging and fractured my right elbow, right now am in braces till Sept first then we will see. It is hard to do things but I refuse to be kept down for long. Nice about the brace I can take it off and stretch the arm, I am doing what I can with it, but also not doing anything to slow down the healing process.
So I needed to cut back on calories since my exercising is slowed way down for these 6 weeks, but I have broken the plateau of the 210's and that is a big boost in the right direction, helps me keep with the plan I have now to keep on track. Funny how this all happened but I am going to celebrate anyway and enjoy the realities. My reward for this milestone was to donate reading glasses to the Library at Loaves & Fishes here where I volunteer 3 times a week, I did this in Dec since they really needed them and at the time I was so close...lol then a 7 month battle to get those last pounds off. It was a great reward to do and I still feel good.
So now its onward and downward to ONEDERLAND!!!

Update 6-7-2010: I have now lost a total of 92 lbs. I wrote a nice blog but decided that some of what I thought would be good here.
I am also viewing my accomplishment in losing these 90 lbs and not just I am not where I want to be but look what I have done. I found a pic of me at my heaviest weight 330-340 and that was around 1999. I am looking at me and seeing a very unhealthy and unhappy lady, so much tough times in my life at that this time. Now I look at my today and wow I smile and mean it and I am happy. I feel great and have energy.
I am celebrating the changes that I have gone through both mentally and physically. I have made some so difficult decisions and choices but they have really been the best for me in the long run. . I have during these 10 years worked to regain my health not once but twice and now thanks to SP and the community here I know this is the last time, I will succeed, I will get heathy and be fit and yes lose weight!!!
I am a strong women and I am worth it, all the effort, all the work and all the stresses to learn to grow to be ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 3-15-2010: I have just lost a total of 80 lbs, it has taken 12 months to accomplish this. Although I joined 1/2009, I really didnt hunker down till mid March of 2009. I am very happy that I have made it this far and know I will not stop. I have come to far and changed so much in this last year, there is no going back for me. I know that without SP and community I would not have been at this point in my life. I am at the lowest weight since my early 20's. I have no idea what I will look like when I get to my goal weight of 150, since I dont remember being there, which was probably in my mid teens, maybe. I just did find out that my mom is around 145, since we have a lot of physical characteristics, I am going to ask for a pic to just see, what I might look like, expect for the short spikey gray hair my mom has lol. What I really want to say here is that this is a great journey for both the mind and body. A time to learn and heal, to truly become the best person you can be. I want to be my best and let loose all those parts of my that have been hidden, afraid to come out and play. The teenager who wanted to be a part, the young lady who wanted love and the grownup who lost the knowledge of how to play and have fun, that whole person I have not been, I want to be and this is a big part of getting and staying out and just living a full and complete life. Embrace the journey and it will happen.
Update: 1-13-2010 Its has been a year since I started my journey to better health. A lot has happened, I have lost 70 total pounds, dealt with a broke wrist and am just feeling better than I can remember. I have met some super people on the way who have helped me and some I hope I have helped. I know I have changed in many ways this past year and all for the better. I am stronger and more determined to finish this journey by this years end, but if not I know I will soon. I am not going to rush it or hurry it along, since I still have a lot to learn so that I will never get back to being unhealthy and overweight again. Sparkpeople is just,well its a life saver!
Jan 2009: I am 56 years old and newly married. I have dieted most of my life; I seem to succeed better when I work out a plan that suits me. Have tried other diet programs, but they are very impersonal. This time I have a friend and we are both working out losing weight, she is my best friend and great supporter and I am hers. My husband is also working at getting his eating under control so that is a big help, since we are supportive of each other, although taking different paths.
As I said I have dieted most of my life, it started when I was about 12 years old. Just a little chunky then, but Mom thought I needed to lose weight, probably correct, but still the only thing done then was to eat less not easy for a kid to understand. In High School it got worse to be expected with all the stress of that, but I had more, my parent split up and I had 3 younger sisters to watch over. I was am still am short and was even shyer than, a bit of a book worm too. Although before my graduation I got down to about 175, which I worked hard for. One thing I must tell you is that I was an emotional eater, happy to sad I ate, to help through the loneliness, I ate, to deal with the stress of working part-time and school and being a part-time parent to my three younger siblings at 16, I ate. We could fast forward to my mid 20's and I still could not control the emotional eating. I was at that time busy with friends, religion and working, but still lonely. Just before my marriage in 1982, I lost weight down to 245 lbs. Woo hoo!! It didn’t last too long, but I still fought to get control. During my first pregnancy in 1985, I actually lost weight, much to the consternation of my doctors, felt good and I had a lovely little boy. 2 years later and he had brother, weight loss did not happen a 2nd time. Life has not been an easy road for me. Husband had heart troubles and I gained weight, lots of stress and had to go to work full time. In 2001 I was diagnosed with diabetes and anemia, time for major changes and I made them and had to face other realities in my life. My marriage of nearly 20 years was over and I had to move on or die inside as a person, you would not recognize me then, I was introverted and hurting, but I wanted to live and be happy, truly happy.
Well with the diabetes, I had little choice lose weight and get healthy or I would be shortening my life, not a choice I had two sons who needed me and I wanted to be there for them, they were teenagers then. It was not an easy time, but for once, most of the time I controlled the emotional monster within me, I lost 85 lbs over 4 years and kept it off until after my hysterectomy in 2005. I had to work hard I was over 320 at the time, and couldn’t even walk a block without having asthma attacks, but I never stopped walking and at my best walked 5 miles on the weekend and 2 miles during the week. I watched my calories and carbs. It worked, my blood sugar balanced and I didn’t have to take meds. I have never had to go back to meds although my weight did rise to over 300 again. After my divorce and learning to deal with single parenting, working full time, the loneliness of my youth was back and I had to relearn how to be happy with me, here and now. There was another challenge, I made that too. I have learned to like me and who I am NOW!! In Sept of 2006 I met the love my life, it was an internet hookup. I had tried dating during the last couple years to no success and had decided that it was time to stop and refocus my life, since I had no success, it seems with all the claims to match you with your ideal person someone who will love you for you, our society is still blind and physical appearance is the top. Hard to deal with but there it was. Until that day I saw Bob on an internet dating sight, and it was love at first sight. We meet 6 days later and have been together since. We commuted back and forth to be with each other on weekends, we both worked full time and I still had my sons with me, both in college at the time. Here was another big challenge, I left my apt and job to move in and start our life together, that was 2 years ago this week. I have never looked back and never been happier. The weight well yes it had come back, both of us had eating problems, we had tried but not successfully. Last year we set our wedding date and I wanted to lose to look wonderful for him, it was very busy year, we took a 3 week car tour to Indiana and back to CA, yes we loved it and had a great time, and learned about each other one thing was that we wanted to be together forever. Back home I had 5 months to get the wedding together, stress. I tired but could not get the weight off I wanted. You can see our picture we are happy couple. The last Dec (2008) my best friend said she wanted to really work at getting her weight off and knew I did too so we joined each other in this marathon, as she called it. And she had found Sparks and suggested I look into it, wow I really loved it and we both got involved, now her sister and my husband are with us.
Jun 2008: I have lost just over 20 lbs. I have never felt better about this journey and learned so much during these months. I read the emails and articles they are invaluable, both for motivation and just learning to understand the process to get to better health.
I still am working at keeping that emotional monster at bay, but he comes out less and less. I work to exercise in the beginning, but it is getting easier with the weight coming off and the clothes getting looser. I have a long road ahead, one I will be one for the rest of my life to get to and then maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have learned that this is not a DIET but a lifestyle change. And with that understanding I have made a real change in attitude. A good change.
I can make it, I have my husband, my friends and my sparks friends, and it is a win-win situation.
Thank you to Sparks and all those associated with it. What a gift you have given to me and others.

Start 308 1/13/2009
Goal 300 lbs - 3/30/2009
Lost total 25 lbs - 6/15/2009
Lost total of 30 lbs - 7/6/2009
Goal 275 lbs - (273.2) 7/27/09
Reward - a new blouse
Lost total of 50lbs - 10/1/09
Goal 250 lbs - 11/1/09
Reward - a facial
1/11/2010- 238 ( 1 year) total 70lb loss
Goal 75 lbs lost - 2/2010
Reward- new pants that fit
Goal 80 lbs - 3/15/2010
Reward - Complete set Sweating to the oldies DVD
Goal 225 lbs - 4/1/2010
Reward - Latest Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody book WOOHOO
Goal 90 lbs - 6/7/2010
Reward getting another pair of new pants
Goal 100 total lbs lost -7-31-11
Reward-donate 100 pair of reading glasses to Loaves and Fishes
Goal 200 lbs - 7/1/2013
Reward - Get a facial done
Goal 175 lbs -
Reward - Buy new clothes
Goal 150 lbs -
Reward - Buy a sexy dress just for me well and DH ;)
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60 min cardio 6x a week
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drink 10+ glasses water daily
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Keep a determined and positive attitude, knowing I can learn and grow and make it to my goal and healthier me
Start 205 lbs 11-1-2011
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Love to cook and be with friends and family.
I also love SparkPeople!

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Learn as if you will live forever. Live as though you will die tomorrow.
I love to read, knitting baby blanekts, have enough younger memebers of blended family it keeps my pretty busy and spending quality time with family and friends

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