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Front row or Third row.... It's your choice how to live your life. Front row all the way baby!

I love my lazy days, but this is the motto I live by far too often. Somthing I have to work on.

We have to be careful...

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Felicia Smiles

Life is too short to be unhappy about who you are. Expecially when all it takes is a little self discipline to become who you want to be!


My goal is simple but yet complex. I want to be healthy and look good. I have my work cut out for me but I KNOW i can do it. I'm on my way to living right, Eating healthy and being more physical each day.


Life is too short to be unhappy about who you are. Expecially when all it takes is a little self discipline to become who you want to be!


My goal is simple but yet complex. I want to be healthy and look good. I have my work cut out for me but I KNOW i can do it. I'm on my way to living right, Eating healthy and being more physical each day.



48 pounds Ė 48 Reasons

1. Lower my high Cholesterol
2. Care for my Heart
3. For my legs
4. My Husband
5. My Son
6. My Daughter
7. My Future Grandkids
8. Confidence
9. Energy
10. Looser more comfortable clothes
11. New stylish comfortable clothes
12. Little Black Dress & Sexy Shoes
13. To explore more of Nature (things found beyond vehicles view)
14. My Retirement
15. My Senior Years (hopefully different then retirement)
16. Sense of Accomplishment
17. To be an inspiratioin to others
18. Rid of Batwings
19. To find hip bones
20. For Wyatt
21. For a better fitting bra ;-p
22. To be a roll Model
23. To feel good in my skin
24. Kiss muffin top goodbye forever!
25. Rock the little nighty I bought but haven't shared with hubby yet.
26. To feel good about wearing shorts in the Summer
27. To go to the beach or waterpark in my bathing suit without being self-conscious
28. Not dreading pictures with friends and family.
29. To get dressed every morning and know my jeans will slide up and button with ease.
30. To increse the quality of my life
31. To get rid of the granny panties!
32. To not fear my scale
33. Just for the heck of it!
34. For my Feet
35. For my knees
36. For smaller boobs
37. To be able to tie my shoes wth my jeans zipped
38. To be able to wear my daughters cute clothes
39. To not look like i work behind a desk 8 hrs day.
40. To be able to run again someday
41. To keep up with the younger crowd
42. Not be the biggest one of my friend (sorry girls.. we all know we wish our friends were bigger lol)
43. To be Size 7??? we will see
44 To meet new friend
45. To live long
46. To live healthy
47. To simply look amazing
48. 48th and BEST reason... For Myself...

I have a new reason!!! Guess this means a new goal.

49. For Kamryn!

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4/16/2014 4:20:53 PM

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4/13/2014 1:02:20 PM

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the BIRTHDAY WISHES!! you're such a nice person!

remember how people charge harder and more aggressively to lose 1 single pound than they do to lose 2 or 3 or 5 or 10? Well let's alter the goal of losing 3 lbs per week every week all year long down to 2 lbs per week consistently, every single week(strive like heck for it at least) every week all month long all year long.

I know I will work harder to lose 2 lbs then i will to lose 3 lbs. 2 seems easier so it seems sillier not to try harder and your best because phycologically it seems like "well if it's easier anybody can do it so i have less of an excuse i ought to be able to accomplish a little thing like that" so conciously we try harder. that's right we actually try HARDER to lose less than to lose more. so let's focus on losing 2 lbs per week and put in more effort until it adds up to momentum and we actually do end up losing 2 lbs per week, more often than not. It could be fun, it will be fun.

Let's do this. you can do it with a squatty potty, a rebounder, walking, drinking more water, drinking lemon water, green juicing, making smoothies instead of solid food sometimes, lifting heavier weights to build muscle, you can do it dancing, yoga, stretching, hula hooping, treadmill using the sprint 8 method, there are so many ways, swimming, gardening/landscaping/chores=hard work. you maybe can do it relaxing sunbathing(vitamin d and reducing stress so reducing cortisol) etc. you can do it with chia seeds and cinnamon more often and oooooooooh green tea to increase insulin sensitivity. munchin goji berries and divine coconut oil cacao. yep lotsa ways. let's do this.

i'm still blabbin to people about going to NY this fall to Morris and giving my seminar weekend, and i'm acquiring things to make that happen, so i NEED to slim down big time! i need YOUR help

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3/30/2014 9:48:19 PM

Felicia time to get your Spark back. I hope all it well with you.


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3/24/2014 9:35:20 AM

Felicia, I haven't seen you around the team page in a while, so I thought I'd check in with you. Are you doing ok? I hope everything is going fine.

I'm on day 11 of a sinus infection, but I think it is finally starting to get a little better. I've done virtually no real exercise the past week or so. I'm hoping to get out a little today.

Take care of yourself!

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3/9/2014 1:55:04 PM

first of all thank you for the spark.

here is a challenge that seems just about right. i'm talking not too much and NOT too little, just right. it's called Lose 3 (lbs) pounds Per Week. That is the goal. the constant goal, all this year. eventually if you accomplish this you will goal. if i accomplish this, eventually i will also reach goal.

It is a perfectly challenging healthy pace that is safe yet aggressive, because ya gotta work for it. If you can do it alchemically through food, great. If you can do it through some way of detox, great. If you actually build on fat burning muscle which adds weight at first but then melts fat away at turbo pace later, great.

the goal is set. lose 3 lbs per week. that's the pace setter, that's the reminder, that's the goal and notion, that's the map, that's the course. all year long. today is sunday so i'm starting today.

luv ya thanks for all your support
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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