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Taking Control of My Life!

It has been a while. I am now past my original goal date. I am disappointed in myself. I let life around me take over my choices. No more!!! I am making a plan and I am going to lose the last 25ish lbs. by the end of this calendar year.

I am going to remove wheat from my life, increase my fruits and veggies, and get back into exercising!!!! My plans are simple. I am blessed to have an elliptical and a treadmill. I have dvd's and now to carve time out of the day for myself ...
It has been a while. I am now past my original goal date. I am disappointed in myself. I let life around me take over my choices. No more!!! I am making a plan and I am going to lose the last 25ish lbs. by the end of this calendar year.

I am going to remove wheat from my life, increase my fruits and veggies, and get back into exercising!!!! My plans are simple. I am blessed to have an elliptical and a treadmill. I have dvd's and now to carve time out of the day for myself again.

In all aspects of life we are endlessly training ~ by Me. ^_~

I have come so far. I have lost 60 lbs since January 2010. I started at size18 tight and 20 comfortable. I stumbled onto SP by the will of God. It has saved my life and helped me to teach my kids about food. How make better choices, eat without regret, moderation in ALL things, owning our mistakes, and just enjoying life. Diet and fat are words NOT allowed in my house.

I hope to run the Disney's Princess 1/2thon by the time I am 40 or at least a few weeks after since my bday is just before the marathon.

I do struggle with food, motivation, and life. I have learned to go with the life and just do MY BEST.

Since my journey started I have inspired my mom, sister, teachers at my kids school, my neighbor across the way, and parents at the bus stop. mI love going to school functions and running into a mom I have not seen in a awhile and hear them say....."if you can do it so can I!"

My main reasons for trying to be healthy is for my kids. Also, I do not want to be my mom's age and have health issues due to my weight.

I am always training for life as a mom, wife, Catholic, runner, daughter, sister....I am not perfect and I will NOT try to be.

I am determined to be a healthy and happy person.

I am Becky and I am a SAHM mom to three kids. I have dd1 Brittney 9yrs, ds Xander 7ys, and dd2 Bailie 5y in August. My dh, PACMANLIVES, is a geek and a very good geek.

I am a closest eatter and I love food when stressed out.

I want to be a mom fit for my kids and if I happen to be a size 8 (and stay) before I am 40....woohoo for me.

Coffee is my life line just ask my family. I can drink it any time and where just as long as it is good. Mocha, Lattes, Cappicinos, Frappes, Decaf. from the pot, ....just name your poison.
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Member Since: 4/29/2009

My Goals:
First 5K
July 4th 2013 ~ 44.55
Sept. 21 ~ 43.13
Dec. 14 ~ 41.34ish
Feb. 1, 2014 ~ 43:49

I will lose 20lbs ^_~
5/24/10 21.4lbs DONE

Work on 10lbs at a time.
30lbs ~ 31.6lbs 09/06/10
40lbs ~ 11/22/10
40lbs 2.0 ~
50lbs ~ 53.2 10/24/11
50lbs 2.0 ~
60lbs ~ 05/19/12
60lbs 2.0 ~
70lbs ~


a new polo shirt DONE

Spark Goodie of fruit DONE 3/1/10

Spark Goodie Hair Cut with all the works.

~ 20bls 2.0

Gaiam Boot Camp Set DONE

~30lbs 2.0

~38lbs ~ 50% gone 11/15/10 ~ has to wait (I really want my hair done) but Christmas is more important ~ DONE

~40lbs ~ 11/22/10 Starbucks coffee ~ DONE

~40lbs 2.0

~50lbs ~ 10/21/11
New workout clothes

~50lbs 2.0

~60lbs ` 05/19/12
New Dress

My Program:
I will try to get 5 freggies a day.

I will eat on the low end of my calories 6:7 days.

I will do my strength training 3x's a week.

I will drink 10+glasses of water every day.

I will log all food that passes my lips before they hit my hips.

I will NOT allow family members stress me to eat.

I am the only one who will be held accountable for my weight!!! ~

Personal Information:
04/29/09 ~ 201
01/04/10 ~ 198.2
05/24/10 ~ 179.6 10% GONE
09/20/10 ~ 170 30lbs
11/15/10 ~ 162.4 50% GONE
01/31/11 ~ 157.8
10/24/11 ~ 147.8 53lbs GONE
12/31/11 ~ 144.4
01/23/12 ~ 146
05/19/12 ~ 141 60lbs GONE
01/31/13 ~ 144
12/31/13 ~ 138.4
02/18/14 ~ 138.6
03/18/14 ~ 143
04/18/14 ~ 141
08/20/14 ~ 147.2
02/18/15 ~ 155.6 40th bday!!!! Original Goal NOT Met
07/03/15 ~ 160
01/13/16 ~ 163

Other Information:
I have a secret!! I want to live on a farm. I want a house like Clark Kent on Smallvill, maybe not that large. I want a barn, cows, and grow things.

One more secret only a few people in my life know. I still dream of being a ballet dancer. I want to dance en pointe and just look and feel amazing.

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2/8/2016 12:29:34 PM

just saw your status.....what happened/ what kind of head injury did you get? are you ok now?
worried & praying that you're okay

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2/3/2016 8:38:13 AM

Good Morning :)

Congrats on your loss this morning!! emoticon

How lucky are you- that your dh gets to work from home on Wednesdays! I hope you enjoy your lunch out and time together.

Sounds like you have some fun plans for the rest of the week / weekend. I don't know what's going on here yet. I'm going to salvation army for 1/2 price day today for stuff for ebay. I haven't been doing much on there and really need to get some new stuff to list- I'v been slacking on it the last few weeks with getting ready for Andrew's party and cleaning/decluttering our house.
Either Saturday or Sunday, one of andrew's friends is coming over to play/ the other weekend day grandma (my mil) will come over to see andrew. I have to grocery shop this weekend too and church on Sunday. Andrew has 1/2 day on Friday- this is Catholic Schools week & it ends Friday with mass and kids getting out 1/2 day.

It's been unseasonably warm here the last week or so. It's been in the 40's and even low 50's- which is unheard of here for this time of year. This whole winter has been so weird. We haven't gotten much snow at all this year- I think we're 20 some inches below normal- I haven't even had to shovel sidewalks once and only had to scrape window -maybe 5 or 6 times. While this all sounds good now- we're kind of fearing what the spring/summer will bring & praying that we do not end up in a drought and poor crops/growing season.

It's really cool that you found another SAHM to hook up with! emoticon It gets hard sometimes being home alone with not much adult interaction here. Most of Andrew's friends moms / moms at Andrew's school- either work or are really not the type I would hang with. There's alot of people with alot of money - one of which I certainly am not- and feel a little uncomfortable at times. I'm talking like the families 2 cars probably cost as much or more than my house..... The kids he's good friends with - most of their moms work / have career jobs or business so they're not around much. The little girl he was best friends with last year & year before- her parents were here alot and we ended up being really good friends with- they pulled her out of the school and started home schooling her this year and cut off all communications with any of her friends (because she doesn't want to be homeschooled and they know it'd cause more issues if she was around the kids from school and she wants to be in school).

Oh, well... off to shop this morning for ebay- Hope to be done early there and back home in a few hours.

Talk to you later- hope you have a great on-track day!

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2/2/2016 7:36:30 PM

hey :)
I'm doing ok.
I think I'm doing alright foodwise today- but nights are always my biggest obstacle. I had fage greek yogurt & coffee for breakfast; lunch was leftovers from yesterday's dinner- spaghetti made with a butter & olive oil sauce (cut with lots of pasta water) and tossed with sauteed chopped shrimp, diced onion and garlic and black pepper topped with grated parm cheese. Dinner was broiled haddock with olive oil, garlic, black pepper and fresh lemon - side dish was sauteed onions, garlic, navy beans and fresh baby spinach with black pepper, olive oil and fresh lemon- topped with fresh chopped tomatoes. Snacks, I had 1/2 cup dortios snack mix and homemade chocolate rice krispie treats.

I'm at under 1100 calories for the day so far- so not too bad. Plus there's enough calories left in case I cave at the end of the night- but i'd really like to end the day at under 1200 since the last 2 days were around 1450.

How are you doing today?
Hope it was a good day.
I think I'm going to go make a coffee and take a quick shower. Brian just got home about 15 mins ago- was stuck at work.

Any plans for tomorrow or rest of week?

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2/2/2016 4:54:46 PM

Hi emoticon

Thank you for adding me as a friend .. I have returned the favor ..

I hope to see you around ...

Have a great day !

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1/30/2016 7:38:30 PM

hi :)

how come you're feeling down today? anything i can do to help?

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