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Don't wait for the New Year. Start TODAY!

Celebrate and savor the moments of each day as if it were your last and each day a gift to open.

Every season is the best season!

Aloha....set those heavy suitcases down and kick off your slippas and come in! May that special feeling of love flow endlessly and surround you on the ocean waves softly ripple around a sunrise shell left as a special gift on a ...
Celebrate and savor the moments of each day as if it were your last and each day a gift to open.

Every season is the best season!

Aloha....set those heavy suitcases down and kick off your slippas and come in! May that special feeling of love flow endlessly and surround you on the ocean waves softly ripple around a sunrise shell left as a special gift on a warm sand beach. Where have your travels brought you to my spark page from?

I am so glad you are here! It is time to continue my journey with all of my spark friends as always here in thought thinking about you all and sending good thoughts, wishes, prayers and fairy dust for your continued successes and caring for you each step of our journeys together. Together we CAN.

We are all wonder women and men and with each new challenge we are writing our untold stories.....


I'd love to hear about you and what brings YOU here and share my journey to a better me with you as well....

Remember, life is kind of like a party. You invite a lot of people, some leave early, some stay all night, some laugh with you, some laugh at you, and some show up really late. But in the end, after the fun, there are a few who stay to help you clean up the mess. And most of the time, they aren’t even the ones who made the mess. These people are your real friends in life. They are the ones who matter most.

I know from experience that that these are some of the kind of friends you will meet here in Sparkland. Of all the things I am not sure of (and life is full of uncertainties) of this I am certain. Sparkland is like a huge take it with you wherever life takes you country with every community you can imagine within it.

Life is a special occasion - treat every day as if it were your birthday or Christmas and CELEBRATE its every nuance!

Make magical memories and have funderful times. I'll see you around Sparkland!

Semper Fi!


I love quotes. They speak to me. They touch me.....

"When we come into the present, we begin to feel the life around us again, but we also encounter whatever we have been avoiding. We must have the courage to face whatever is present / our pain, our desires, our grief, our loss, our secret hopes our love / everything that moves us most deeply."

- Jack Kornfield, Vipassana Meditation Teacher

"Life moves. Life does not stop. Life changes on a whim and throws you curve balls. Your goal is not to stop Life from happening, but to remain calm and centered as the seeming chaos happens around you. As you calm your mind and cultivate trust you turn from a victim of circumstance into a powerful creator of your life."
- Jackson Kiddard

It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

On goals....

Faith first, mindset second, goals third, action fourth, persistence always.

I was on a call today with a client who wanted to talk about goals. She wanted to set goals to be a success and wanted me to take her through a goal setting process.

And I told her that it was total BS to set goals until we actually knew what was currently blocking her from achieving her goals.

Because, quite frankly, you could set all the goals in the world, but if you don't BELIEVE that you are worth it, or are at least acting as if you are worth it, until you believe you are, there's no way you are actually going to achieve your goal.

Think about it like this... Your desire has a certain amount of energy. And your inner resistance and inner stories about why you can't/shouldn't have or don't deserve to have something have a certain amount of energy. And if the energy of resistance is greater than the energy of desire, your goal won't happen.

This is why so many people set goals and nothing happens.

This is why, when I talk about vision boarding, just a vision board is not enough. We co-create with our first act of FAITH, followed up with a MINDSET that believes it is possible (even when circumstances show otherwise) and ADD so much VALUE to other people's lives that they spread the word to others.

Vision boards and GOALS aren't enough. We must have FAITH; we must have a PURPOSE (aka a kick ass reason WHY we want to do something); we must have tenacity and a mindset that triumphs over circumstances and we must be PERSISTENT and try UNTIL it happens (and not shorter than that).

But we have an inner story that is stronger than our inner desire. The power of that story (no matter how real it may seem) is strong enough to hold us back. And when we hold ourselves back, we produce the result of the limiting story, which then backs it up.

And if we set goals without looking at why we believe they are impossible, we are not setting goals - we are hoping or wishing at best.

Goal setting starts with beginning to tell a new story about what's possible for you and WHY it's possible and why living this way is no longer suitable or tolerable for you.

That emotional connection to the PURPOSE of your goal setting is the ENERGY you will need to BREAK THROUGH THE RESISTANCE. And, like anything else in life, the more you apply it, the more you practice it, the better you will get at it.

And to do this, you are going to need to tell a new story and surround yourself with people who will support that story. We get side tracked in life by so many people who squash our dreams, but in reality it's not them squashing our dreams, it's US squashing our dreams by accepting their opinion and assessment of the situation, instead making our opinion and self-approval what matters most.

So - what goals do you want to set in your life? And I mean BIG GOALS! And what are the limiting stories that are holding you back? And who are the people in your life who are telling you it can't be done? And what new story do you want to tell and whom can you surround yourself with to help make your dreams come true?

from Mastin at The Daily Love (wonderful site btw) So many great reads/inspirations and so little time because we need to set goals and work them.

Dare to....
Ask for what you want
Believe in Yourself
Change your mind
Do what you love
Enjoy each and every day
Follow your heart's desire
Give more than you receive
Have a sense of humour
Insist on being yourself
Join in more
Kiss and make up
Love and be loved
Make new friends
Nurture your spirit
Overcome adversity
Play more
Question conformity
Reach for the stars
Speak your truth
Take personal responsibility
Understand more. Judge less
Volunteer your time
Walk through fear
X-perience the moment
Year for grace
be ZANY.


“I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.
I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.
I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children.
I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden.
I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder.
I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived.”
― Marjorie Pay Hinckley
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Beachbody Programs any/all! Looking forward to the new T25 in June.

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Did I say Beachbody?

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Home is where the Marine Corps sends us. Originally I am from Vermont. A piece of my heart will always live in SoCal. Another piece lives in Hockeytown. And now we are learning to love a new duty station in the DC/MD/NoVA area. Each new geographical location always becomes home at least for awhile. Clicking my heels together and chanting "There's no place like home...." And you know what? Spark is home too. We are ohana (family).

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The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place."
-Barbara De Angelia

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Member Comments:
10/1/2014 11:38:14 AM

Kal, I am proud of you! You are getting out and doing things that you want to do! I am trying to do the same thing! I spent a couple of years taking care of Don's mom first and then my mom. I am not complaining but do feel it is now our time to get our stuff done!

Don has always, always been working and fooling around with cars for as long as I have known him. He used to race a '68 Camaro called "the cosmic muffin" when I first met him. My BIL was racing too. He loves motorcycles and cars. The Dream Cruise sounds like fun!

So are you OCD or are you just enjoying your property? I had to work on the front yard yesterday. Some sort of a tall type glass the landscaping company put in is spilling over to the walkway! Snip, snip. Mint can take over too I hear from the neighbor.

So is that your stepdad who is confused? Did he have a stroke? Gosh i hope it all turns out okay.

Some of our neighbors are going all out for Halloween too! Do you think you will get any kids at your door? Seems like I heard that you have a long driveway. My childhood home was the same way. I used to hate running for the bus when I was running late. :(

I will have to check out the healthy company - glad you are getting out and you will have to let me know how it went!

Wow so good that you and Brian were able to help during that crash! I don't do well with that type of a situation... I mostly just feel panic!

Gotta run and keep on keeping on with ORD!!!

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10/1/2014 7:02:00 AM

♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥
“Today I need more courage and strength that any other day this year. Reaching deep within, I know it is there.” Judy O’Brien
“✲ •。* ✰ ˛★* 。° ✲。* •★ *˚。*。✰

Happy ONE-TH of October!

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9/30/2014 9:58:29 PM

ORD went pretty darn good today. When my mother sold her house here and left she left a bunch of stuff in my storage unit. Yesterday Don and I took a full bed of his big Ford F-250 to the donation! We have to make room for our summer car. Don (DH) likes to restore cars! Anyway it is a Porsche 911. We will put my MIL's car in the house garage until next springand then it will be sold.

Anyway today we went though things and brought a couple of bins home to go through. Don't worry I will make sure to keep the family history. :) Probably won't deal with it until next spring. :)

Wow I didn't know you were an EMT - that's outstanding! Hope your evening it going well!

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9/29/2014 7:51:17 PM

You are super cute and smoking hot already! :) You and your DH look perfect together btw!

Have a great in the now evening! I am going to go read my super funny novel! With Stephanie Plum and Lulu - gosh I wish they were real! We could go on one of their cool adventures, plus Stephanie eats whatever she wants and never gains weigh! emoticon

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9/29/2014 10:39:25 AM

Hiya Kal! Good on you for going to a freezer party! That sounds like fun!

DH and I were working on ORD... went over to our storage unit and we were filling it up with stuff to be donated. But oh what to do with my MIL's ten boxes of genealogy? Going to be calling around about that... maybe talk to the folks in the LDS church.

Life is excellent! :)

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