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My journey from Obese to Lean & Beyond!

I've come a long ways! My goal, always, has been to become and stay, healthy. Of course, what we want, isn't always what we get!

Initially, my focus was on *weight loss*. Then it moved to *fat loss*. Then to *muscle growth*.

Now, I'm on a mission to be in the best shape of my life! This means my focus is, totally on fat loss & muscle growth. Scale weight is no longer the target...so the changes I'm shooting for, are mostly the fine tuning ones.

I follow ...
I've come a long ways! My goal, always, has been to become and stay, healthy. Of course, what we want, isn't always what we get!

Initially, my focus was on *weight loss*. Then it moved to *fat loss*. Then to *muscle growth*.

Now, I'm on a mission to be in the best shape of my life! This means my focus is, totally on fat loss & muscle growth. Scale weight is no longer the target...so the changes I'm shooting for, are mostly the fine tuning ones.

I follow the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle method, so when I'm posting pictures of my progress, it's to see the *tiny changes*, which are hard to notice with the naked eye.

My calories are within a healthy range of 1400 - 2000 and I eat Clean..so there is no starving involved. I need to feed my muscles, as I continue to work on losing this tail end of stubborn tummy fat.

So before anyone thinks I'm getting too *skinny*...that's not my intention.


*My* "first on" is my tummy fat...so it's *my* "last off".

In order for this to happen, I need to keep draining the fat off my body, in the most healthy way... through nutrition, strength training, and never giving up!

Analogy: Fat loss is like a swimming pool. You can't drain the deepest end..before the shallowest end.

My deepest end: Tummy

My shallowest end: Upper/Lower Body

The ONLY way to get the swimming pool *dry*, is to keep pushing forward. Of course, we have zero control of where our body will lose fat.

The leanest end (obviously) will just keep getting leaner & leaner..While the deeper end will drain away at a slower pace.

But, until the deepest end is completely dry..others might think you're pushing too far.

It has to be done!

Lean/Super Lean, is not easy!!

Lean does NOT mean *skinny*.

Lean DOES mean *muscle*.

Lean DOES mean *low fat*.

There is no other way around it.

So, when others read this, know...

1. I eat VERY healthy

2. I eat at a safe/healthy calorie amount

3. I never go hungry. Not for a single second

4. I ONLY exercise 3 times a week/45 minutes, max

5. I do NO cardio

My *scale weight* may be low...but keep in mind, I'm tiny! 5.25" wrists, are little bones.

Also want to note: The BMI method of gauging your healthy weight, is VERY outdated. Just look at body builders, the BMI method would place them into the obese category. Not! So, even though *my* BMI number is showing *underweight*..I am not.

In person, people say I'm skinny, yes, but they ALWAYS follow it up with.."But you have a lot of muscle, too".


So, that's my mission. My journey of *weight loss*, may be over...But my journey to becoming the best *me*, is just beginning!

On with my story....
Jan 1, 2007...

Starting weight: 185 pounds

Height: 5' 3.5"

Frame Size: small (but not frail)

Body Fat: 45%

Clothing size: 20 jeans

Starting Measurements...

Chest: 41"
Waist: 38 1/3"
Stomach: 42"
Hips: 45.5"
Thighs: 25.5"
Arms: 13 1/3"
Calves: 14.25"
Wrist: 6"
June, 2007...

Weight: 135lbs
Weight loss: 50lbs!
2008 & 2009...

I still had a few stumbles and had to re-tackle some gains. But I always returned to the 135lb mark. I thought this was my set point. Boy! Was I wrong!!

My head finally fixed itself, so whatever issue I had with relapsing, suddenly went away. Poof! Just one day, I was fixed! Don't ask me how..cause I'm not really sure??

I was 48yrs old, knew 50 & Menopause was approaching, soon, so I just knew my time was now...or I might risk my future health.

It was now or never...so I picked NOW. And have never looked back or had a single stumble.
Aug 26, 2011...

I had pretty major surgery for a prolapsed bladder.The recovery, even though I was in excellent shape, was horrendous! But I healed very well and after a 3 month wait, I was allowed to resume the exercise...which is VERY modified and safe.

Aug 25, 2011...Day before surgery and last day of work: 125lbs

Aug 26, 2011...Morning of surgery 123lbs

Sept 5, 2011...almost no eating, so the scale read: 117lbs!

October, 10, 2011... I returned to work. People were commenting on how "skinny" I was looking and not in a good way. I assured them it was just because I had lost all my *muscle*, not because of low scale weight. It's amazing the difference muscle makes, in our appearance!

Nov, 2011...weight settled back at the 121 lb mark

Dec 17, 2011...119.5lbs *started back with light weight lifting

Jan 23, 2012...117lbs

Feb 27, 2012...116lbs

April 8, 2012...114lbs

May10, 2012...112.5lbs

June 11, 2012...111.5 lbs

July 30, 2012...111 pounds

August 26, 2012...110.5lbs

September 18, 2012...110lbs

October 1, 2012...109lbs

Oct 8, 2012...107.5lbs

Oct 29, 2012...106lbs

Nov 13th...105.5lbs

Nov 19th...105lbs!

Nov 26th...104lbs!
A guy, at work, told me.."You weigh no more than a nickle."...

I told him.."Nope, I weigh 4 pennies!" LOL

Body Fat: 10.6% (Navy Method) 13.6% with +/- leeway

Chest: 29.75"
Chest Band: 28"
Waist: 22.5"
Stomach: 27"
Hip: 30.5"
Wrist: 5.25"
Shoulders: 36"

Clothing size: 0 & 00 jeans/ X Small tops & jackets


The two areas I'm tracking, are the abdomen (my stubborn/highest fat) and the Suprailic (inch above hip bone)

Ab...6mm *this is the area around my belly button.

Hip: 2mm *this measurement is done. It's at its lowest possible point.


The problem with making body changes, at this low end of scale weight & body fat, is that it's easy to miss the advancements, cause they're so miniscule, even with the sharpest eye!

I will just be snapping lots of pictures, as this is the top method of SEEING any improvements. So if I don't post up too many *updates*, it's not because I'm not working hard at my goals, it's just due to the lack of information to share.

Stay tuned! It's gonna happen! I can feel it!!
Dec 14, 2012...

Just as I thought...changes did happen! Last night, after taking a bath and preparing to climb into bed, early; suddenly, something about myself, caught my eye. I grabbed my phone and began snapping pictures.

Lets just say...I was blown away by what I was seeing! Out of nowhere, I had striations of muscles, I never had before!! Don't ask me how or why they suddenly became obvious..but there they were. And they are HUGE!!!

Never in a million years, did I ever think I'd have the body of a lean body BUILDER. But I do! And the best thing is....

I'm living proof...You DO NOT have to lift HEAVY, to acquire a muscular body!!

I can tell you, though...the biggest key to all this, is the fact that my body fat percent, is way down into the lower teens, at least. One day, I want to go get a Bod Pod test done, just so I have a clearer number to go by. But, even if I never know my actual BF number, it really makes no difference...

It's only a number!

What we see in the mirror and in pictures, is the BEST gauge of where your body is, at the present time. Now that my upper body has made this HUMUNGOUS transformation, it is only a matter of time, before my tummy area begins to perform its own amazing visual show! And I'm beyond excited!!!

Stay tuned! It won't be long!!!
Dec 18th...

Aside from my 'visual' progression, I've made some measurement ones, also. As expected, at this point, nothing HUGE, but the goal is to keep moving forward and that's what I'm doing!

Weight: 106 (+2) Gain **Since Nov 21st start: 1lb loss!

Neck: 11.5" (- 1/2") Loss! **Since start: 1/2" loss!

Chest: 29.5" (- 1/4") Loss! **Since start: 1/2" loss!

Chest Band: 28.5" (+ 1/4") Gain

Waist: 23" (0) Same

Stomach: 26" (- 1") Loss!! **Since start: 2" loss!!

Hip: 30.5" (- 1/4") Loss! **Since start: 1" loss!

Thigh: 15.75" (- 1/4") Loss! **Since start: 1/4" loss!

Calf: 11.5" (0) Same

Body Fat: 11% (Navy) **Since start: 1% loss!

Fat Mass: 12lbs (+1lb) Gain **Since start: 1lb loss!

Lean Mass: 94lbs (+1lb) Gain **Since start: 2lb gain!!

Body Fat Category: Essential Fat

**I want to note: The navy method only allows you to put in whole numbers, so if I'm on a 1/2", I round down, if I'm on a 3/4", I round up. It appears to be the best way to keep things a bit more balanced.

Due to all my losses, I'd be a tad bit surprised, if I had gained 1 pound of fat, along with the muscle.Especially, since I don't eat enough, to cause a fat gain to happen. So, this is why I'm thinking my body is still retaining, a touch from AF. I do know..I'm not seeing all the striations, this morning, as I did, the other night. So, I'm softer looking.

I'm adding a combo picture to show where I'm sitting, presently.
Dec 22, 2012...

Guess one thing that appears to be happening, as of late, is that my body weight is gonna, gradually, be going up. What, I thought, was remaining water weight from AF, has still made no sign of leaving. This means I'm gaining new lean muscle, as the body fat continues to be lost.

It's incredible how the scale can go up, yet your body becomes smaller! I have all the clues of being a Mesomorph body type, which means I'm able to build muscle, pretty darn easily.

Proof I have of being *smaller*, in spite of scale increase, is not only the inch losses..but the fact that I've now had to move on into the next size down in jeans!

Size 1: No more. Too baggy!

Size 0: I can put on & take off the jeans, without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Seat is a bit baggy. They have reached that
*comfortable* feel, so they'd be perfect for those times I don't want the body hugging fit.

Size 00: Yep, this is where I'm at, currently. The only bad thing about this particular size, is that they're harder to find in Thrift Stores. I only have 2 pairs, so I've got me some shopping to do!!

Note: No one has called me *skinny*, in quite sometime. So, even though my jean size has dropped well into the lowest of low range, my muscles keep my body looking solid and healthy.

I know Spark is a *weight loss* site, so what I'm doing with my body, is NOT something that is understood by the masses, here.

Just know...it's all good! Promise!!

As long as I'm feeding my *muscle*, my body will continue to improve. I have no worry of becoming too *thin*, as the leaner I get, the higher the scale will go due to the muscle growth. I can be super lean, yet weigh MORE, than someone who is*skinny fat*. It all comes down to body composition.

So know...In order to lose all the stubborn fat, left in my lower tummy, I *HAVE* to keep doing what I'm doing..and that is cutting. My upper body WILL continue to get leaner & leaner..there's just no way around that. My body is working on losing my deepest and oldest fat deposits, so until that area is completely lean, then I have zero control over how lean my upper becomes.

I figured out my BMR numbers on the Inner Circle calculator and because of my 11% body fat, I get to eat quite a lot of food, yet still continue to lose fat!

Your Body Fat Mass is: 11.66lbs

Your Lean Body Mass (LBM) is: 94.34lbs

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is: 1297 calories/day *just laying in bed, doing nothing!

Moderate Activity... 2011 calories (maintain)

1709 calories (15% deficit) *my safest amount

1609 calories (20% deficit) *border line

1508 calories (25% deficit) *risk muscle loss

Very Active level...2238 calories (maintain)

1902 calories (15% deficit)

1790 calories (20% deficit)

1678 calories (25% deficit)

I really think the reason I'm able to, simultaneously, gain muscle while losing fat, is due to the calorie amounts, above. I tend to cycle, quite a bit, throughout all those ranges. Plus, I do not account for EVERYTHING I'm putting into my mouth. Such as..

Dried Apricots

Those items, I eat several times a day. If I want them, I eat them! So, this is another reason I'm pretty sure my body can handle the *Very Active* amount of calories, even though I'm not *trying* to eat that much, per se.

Boy, it's good putting this down in print, as I didn't even realize, till now, just how many calories I *should/could* be eating!

Dec 25, 2012...Merry Christmas!

Week 5 Results...

Weight: 106lbs *Looks like it stuck, so that means I did add the 2lbs of lean, last week. Yay!

Neck: 11.5"

Chest Band: 28.75" *( + .25") **This keeps going up. It has to be the pull ups?!?

Chest: 29.5"

Waist: 23"

Stomach: 26"

Hip: 30.5"

Thigh: 15.75"

Calf: 11.5"

Body Fat %: 10.43% *(Navy Method)I use a site that allows my extra 1/2" in height, as the IC one does not. ( - 0.57%)

Body Fat Lbs: 11.06lbs ( - 0.6lb)

LBM: 94.94lbs (+.94lb)

Abdomen Caliper Pinch: 5mm * (- 1mm!) Yay, there's movement by 1 whole mm!!

Looks like my body is pretty much at a standstill, this week, with the inch loss. I was expecting it, as I just haven't been seeing any visual changes. This morning, my scale did finally drop that 1.5lbs of mystery fluid, it had been retaining, for the entire week.

So, I'm predicting three possibilities...

1. My body will begin to show some progress, in the days ahead, now that the fluid weight is departing. Maybe even the inches will drop.

2. My body is taking a brief breather, until it allows any further changes to occur. I've done this, lots of times, during my weight loss process.

3. My body has reached its happy place. It's done.

I'm leaning more with the #1 scenario, though, as I just don't feel like I've reached that, full on stopping point, just yet. I've been mindful with keeping my body properly nourished, so it has no reason to go into panic mode. Plus, I've now reached my 2 week mark, which is my body's best time to register progress, so I'm holding out hope. It could also be my back gaining muscle growth, which caused my body to hold the fluid.

Either way...any of the 3 possibles, are perfectly fine, at this point. My body is about as perfect (to me) as I have ever imagined it could ever be. So, if it chooses to be done, I won't push it too hard, as I want to only stay within the, lifestyle brackets, that I can live with..for life.

BUT...I ain't giving up, easy!! ; )
Dec 31, 2012...

Well, it's the last day of 2012, and this will mark my 3rd year of NOT having to re-lose any weight gain. Yay!

Even though it's my, official weigh in day, tomorrow, it appears that, this morning, my body decided to bump it up by a day. Even though I wasn't really expecting it..I seem to have made some nice body shifts, in the numbers!

Before I list those, I want to add that my body, this week, has been fighting a great dose of muscle fatigue. Between work being, extremely body exhausting, and my trying out, splitting up my lifting routine, my body has reached its point of putting on the breaks, strength wise, mostly.

As the week progressed, I was noticing how my Chest Presses, especially, were becoming harder and harder, to complete all 30 reps, without pausing. Then, my Shoulder Press reps had to be reduced back down to 8, instead of the 10, I had been able to do.

Truthfully, most of this is, IMO, due to the Pull Ups I've added back into my routine. Even though I'm doing them on a Total Gym (level 5) this still uses a good portion of your body weight, to pull yourself up, by your arm and shoulders. My back, especially, are REALLY showing which muscles are being built, due to this movement and it's awesome!

But, I'm body tired. So, after getting a lot of great advice, from my boss and several other weight lifters, on the IC site, I'm taking 2 days off from lifting. This, hopefully, will allow my body to gather its strength back and my muscles can return to their building phase.

This weeks numbers:


Weight: 105.5lbs *.5lb loss! Total gain (+ .5 lb!) That's muscle!!!

Body Fat%: 10.1% *.41% loss!! **Since start date = ( - 1.99%!!!)

Pounds of BF: 10.56lbs *.5lb loss!! **Since start date = ( - 2.43lbs!!!)

Pounds of Lean Muscle: 94.94lbs *same ** Since start date ( + 2.93lbs!!!)

Waist: 23" *same

Stomach: 25.5" *.5" loss!! Total loss ( - 2.5"!!!)

Hip: 30.5" *same Total loss (1"!!!)

Chest: 30" *.25" gain! **due to pull ups & muscle growth!

Chest Band: 30" *.25" gain! **due to pull ups & muscle growth!

Thigh: 16" *.25 gain! *This area tends to jump back & forth

Neck: 11.75" *.25" gain! **This is a HUGE plus, as it signals fat loss & muscle growth, due to pull ups

Shoulders: 36.5" *.5" gain! Wow!!

Jan 7, 2013...

I just ended my 7 week challenge, today. Of course, just my luck, AF decided she needed to swoop in and screw with my result day! LOL But, while I've been fretting over it, for the past several days, this morning, I just said.."Oh well!"..and I took my pics & measurements, even though I knew it was a risky move.

Honestly, though, I'm quite impressed with how I look in the photos! It's amazing, how we can *feel* more puffed, than we *look*. Astounding!! This is why I value all this picture taking, so much. It is *the* best way, to evaluate just how you're *really* doing, concerning your body progress.

I've put up a chart in my gallery, which shows each weeks result numbers, so go have a look see, if you care to.

Next phase on my journey, is to just keep pressing onward with the re-composition process, of losing fat and building muscle. It's not an easy task, to do this type of body molding..but it *is* very much possible, if you follow the advice of BFFM.

I have zero desire to test my body's limit, by manipulating my carbs & water depletion, to achieve the most rapid alterations, visually, as I want to stick to the slow & easy route. This is a life time *lifestyle* I'm working towards, not a quick fix.

I am excited to see how I *truly* look, body wise, once this AF bloat packs up and leaves. If my tummy, front shot, can reveal such definition, DURING, it's gonna be mind blowing what it is gonna look like, AFTER!! : )

Jan 13, 2013...

Not terribly much to update about. My body & weight has seemed to have found its *happy place*, as it appears to be taking a bit of a breather, since the challenge ended. It's expected and you just have to follow your body's path, as it knows best.

One thing I can say, though, that is kinda an exciting thing...

For the first time (ever!) my body fat scale is giving me a constant number of 15% body fat and 61% in hydration. That, there, is a HUGE deal, for me, because my readings have ALWAYS been in the 24% to 27% range, for years!

Yet, now, when I take the measurements, out pops that low body fat number and that high % in hydration. What the hydration number is telling me, is that my body is loaded with muscle, which acts like a sponge, when it comes to water (glycogen) holding, within itself. This is such a great thing!

Normally, in the past, I was lucky if my hydration number would even clear the 50% level and if it did..it would never remain that way, for long, before it lowered, again. This was due to my lower muscle mass and higher body fat (which doesn't hold water) so the fluctuations ended up just jumping around.

I've made some nice advancements, in my lifting, so my body strength is going through the roof. I had to make some alterations with my routine, though, as my rep counts were climbing into the CRAZY HIGH ranges. But, after getting some great advice and tips, I've been able to re-work my routine, yet still come out with fatigued muscles, even with reducing several of my rep counts, down.

It did raise my gym time to 1 hour, though, instead of the 50 minutes..so I gotta be careful about lifting any longer than that. If it continues, I'll just have to split my routine, into 2 sessions, instead of just the full ONE. So I have that I can play with, if it becomes necessary.

My appetite, these last few weeks, has been insane! I don't eat, MORE, but I do feel the need to eat, SOONER, than I usually do. Not sure why that is, but figuring it's one one two possibilities...

1. Due to having so much muscle growth, recently, my body is just requiring more calories, than it used to.

2. My hormones may be going through a shuffle, lately, as I did experience a short bout of heart palpitations (one day) a few weeks back. But, after getting back into my Soy Milk & Flax Seed (which I had become lazy on, lately) the palps stopped..instantly, the very next day.

Either reason..I'm being mindful of my foods and just trying to eat within a form of calorie cycling, as this will ensure I'm still keeping my calorie amounts, balanced. Sometimes it's closer to Maintenance level. Sometimes it's way down into a deficit. This is the best way, for me, as I prefer to work on (both) fat loss & muscle building, at the same time. I have no desire to do a *bulk*, as that's just not my style preference.
Jan 22....

Re-started myself in another challenge, of sorts, with a few other gals on the Inner Circle. We each found ourselves struggling, a bit, with motivation, after the challenge ended. This way, we all are getting right back into tracking, weighing, measuring, and counting calories..so we go into our next phase..strong.

It's working, too!

Jan 8 stat numbers:

Weight: 107lbs

Body Fat: 10.43%

Fat Pounds: 11.16lbs

Lean Pounds: 95.84lbs

Chest: 30"

Waist: 23.5

Stomach: 26"

Hips: 30.75"

Jan 22 stat numbers...

Weight: 106lbs *1 pound loss!

Body Fat: 10.15% *.28% loss!

Fat Pounds: 10.75lbs * .41 pound loss!

Lean Pounds: 95. 25lbs * .59 pound loss **water loss/gain only

That, there, is what is called a *Feedback Loop*, as I now have a clear idea of where I'm sitting, at all levels. According to this...

I'm doing everything perfectly, so I just keep doing what I'm doing..without altering *anything*! WooHoo
Jan 28...

I never put this info up on my Page, yet I just had to prep for a colonoscopy screening, I had done, today. The test came out 100% clear, so I'm good to go for the next 10 years. Yay!

Anyway, this prep meant that I was unable to eat anything solid, since Saturday night (I went a total of 43hrs) just clear liquids and orange jello.

Here are the resulting numbers...

103lbs!! = 3lb loss!

It's funny, as this is the scale number that has, always, been my target number. Since my body is free of any excess ANYTHING, at this point, then I guess I can classify THIS weight as being my TRUE weight.

I went ahead and took my measurements, so I could see how this new scale weight would affect my BF/Lean calculations...

Waist: 23"

Stomach: 25"

Hips: 30.25" *.25" loss

Body Fat: 9.16%

BF Pounds: 9.43lbs

Lean Pounds: 93.57lbs
Feb 12, 2013....

I've been doing a muscle building phase, ever since my fast ended and I seen how depleted my muscles had become. It was scary to see!!

Needless to say, a bulk means that my weight will be increases, along with all my other stats. For the most part, I'm doing pretty darn well, as my numbers will reflect. I still am not quite comfortable with eating, a lot, so I haven't been going higher than about 1900 calories, max. Mostly, though, I seem to hovering between 1500 & 1800..so not perfect (bulking wise) but it's at least to a re-composition level, so that's good!

Waist: 23.5"

Hips: 30.75"

Body Fat: 10.85%

Body Fat Pounds: 11.89lbs

Lean: 97.61 pounds
Feb 18, 2013....

If it wasn't for the pictures, proving that my body is gaining some grand amount of muscle mass, I'd be hating this whole *bulking phase*, for sure! LOL

My clothing is starting to fit tightly in these key areas...


While THAT is a HUGE positive...it is STILL soooo hard to get to love and accept as being *good*! HA

I've been trying to eat closer to the 2,000 calorie mark..which IS helping me to feed & build the muscle! But, dang..how is a girl suppose to wrap her head around her clothing feeling *snug*??

Just from looking at my back shot, it's VERY obvious, just how much muscle is the contributing factor in my clothing tightness, for sure!

A few more weeks and then about the middle of March, I'm gonna head back into another cutting phase. This will allow my body to lose any of the added fat, I may be gaining, as well as fluid from the higher carb numbers. Once this happens, then all my new muscle, will really POP! So, that will be exciting to see!!

Stay tuned!

March, 2014...Wow! Has a year really gone by since my last update??? I just skimmed through this journal, myself, and it sure reminds me of all my accomplishments.

Other than finally deciding the best route for my body..nothing much has been altered..except for the scale.

After coming to terms with my lower body limitations (lifting wise) I found my perfect workout exercises and schedule and its been perfect!

After finding the correct balance (within myself) between the scale..the muscle..and body fat.....I have found my HAPPY place! Yay!!

After seeing my body at the lowest extreme, then the (mental) torture of eating more to build the muscle (only to feel horrible about the tight fitting clothing), I allowed a cutting phase to just, naturally, take place without intentionally *trying*, and it was a mind & body changer!

My HAPPY PLACE accomplishments......

1. Scale goal is 112 - 117lbs, with 115 being my favorite #

2. Jean size is 3

3. My thigh muscles (all around) are rock hard and highly visible in body skimming workout tights!

3. I now have a ROUND/PERT backside that defies gravity!!And even passes the pencil test! HA

Due to the fact that my 52nd birthday is just about 2 months away, having a perfect balance of muscle/fat, is vital to my hormonal health, as the Change is inching itself closer & closer, yet still (other than sleep issues) I'm remaining symptom free, so not forcing myself to be *overly thin* or *overly lean* IS vital. And it's working!

In a few weeks I'll be able to add in another update that offers, rock solid proof , that the healthy path I've been on for the past 5+ years DID pay off. BIG TIME!!!

It's mind blowing and even *I* am amazed!

Stay Tuned!!

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I love reading your posts on here and it's great to see you continue to shine forth like a beam for others to follow. I know you certainly continue to inspire me.

Hugs xxx

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/12/2013 7:35:39 PM

Your back looks great!!!! I have been wanting to post one of those, but I am not quite there yet.

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2/19/2013 10:20:46 PM

hi! haven't been on in awhile. looks like you are doing well? i slipped back, lost again and am creeping up again. i will never give up though. i've start road cycling which i am sure will help a lot. and it's so healthy- i love it- it makes me strong and improves my lungs and heart. very much needed.

Anyway, I hope all is well.

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2/18/2013 9:51:57 AM

I see you changed your name from Going4Lean to Going4Muscle. You ARE thin, but I can see all the muscle. You are looking great! When I was skinny, people always would tease me about blowing away in the wind. But when you are short (like we both are), our healthy range IS a low weight (although I haven't been there in years!) I've gotten derailed so to speak since December, but I'm going to start over again. I've been helping my mother following back surgery, and the best thing the surgeon said I could do was develop a strong core and do Pilates. I also need to lose a bunch of weight. Keep posting pictures...maybe I'll get halfway to where you are someday! I'm going to check out the program you are using and learn more about clean eating. Thanks for sharing!!! emoticon

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1/31/2013 7:54:56 AM

.. (
☻ /
/ . ╬═╬
..╬═╬ \O
..╬═╬ /▌
..╬═╬ //
..╬═╬Help each other.....
..╬═╬ \O
..╬═╬ /▌
..╬═╬ //
..╬═╬.....on the ladder to better health!

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