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In January, I will begin the 2014 Winter 5% Challenge. I love these challenges as they really do hold me accountable and help me to stay on track.

As always, I will strive to reach my 5% weight loss during the 8 week challenge. I was not able to achieve that during the past three challenges so I am hoping for success during this challenge. I know that I have got to get back on track and be good so that I do not become a diabetic. I have learned this past challenge that I really ...
In January, I will begin the 2014 Winter 5% Challenge. I love these challenges as they really do hold me accountable and help me to stay on track.

As always, I will strive to reach my 5% weight loss during the 8 week challenge. I was not able to achieve that during the past three challenges so I am hoping for success during this challenge. I know that I have got to get back on track and be good so that I do not become a diabetic. I have learned this past challenge that I really do need to stick to exercise and a certain way of eating. I have had some health problems, DH has his problems, and my youngest daughter is going through a lot of health problems too. I have let stress and anxiety take over my life and not doing the things I need to do for myself.

I went to the dr today and will get the results of my blood work in a couple of days. I was very disappointed that I had gained 10 lbs and I am just praying that my A1C doesn't go any higher than the 5.7 that it was last time. I had it down to 5.5 so I know that I can do it again. I am 61 and my mom passed at the age of 66 from diabetes. That is just 5 yrs older than I am now! She was taking 2 shots of insulin a day. I am not there yet and I don't want to be so I have got to turn things around now!

I will be continuing on the diabetic diet the dr gave me. It has been working for me. normal range. I have since then though kind of fallen out of my routine and have gained a couple of pounds back. In March my AiC was back up to 5.7 so I know what my limits are.

I will be committed to my team, team mates and myself. I will log my food, exercise daily using the treadmill, Leslie Sansone walking dvd's and other exercise videos as well as walking outside with the temps being cooler. I have also acquired the Rocking Body exercise program and I will be trying that during this challenge. I will encourage my teammates, comment on blogs, send goodies and anything else I can do to help keep them motivated and be successful. I will strive to do at the minimum of 60 minutes of exercise for at least 5 days a week. I also have the Zumba Dance game for the Wii and I am looking forward to using it. I will weigh in on Saturdays and I will do the Living the Good Life Challenges and post results. I believe that this will be my 8th challenge with the MIGHTY DAWGS!!

I am really looking forward to this challenge and I am ready to go.
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Ihope to continue losing weight to avoid heart problems and diabetes as these are two health problems that run in my family. I am currently on a diabetic diet as I was borderline on being a borderline diabetic. I will exercise every day and drink my water. I am participating in the 5% Winter Challenge and want to meet my goal during this challenge.

My Program:
I have a treadmill and an elliptical that I use at home. I also have several other exercise machines and various exercise videos I use. I use the pre-diabetic diet now and of course I use the tools available for me here at SP! I am slowly making progress and I know that one day I will reach my ultimate goal. I have dropped my A1c from 5.7 to 5.5 so I am in the normal range for not becoming diabetic.

Personal Information:
I am 61, the mother of 4 and have my 12 grandchildren. My husband retired from the Navy after serving for 27 yrs. I got to live in Rota, Spain and I also got to visit Bermuda. We will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary this year.

Other Information:
I live in TN and I am a retired Teacher's Asst. I worked with special needs children and I miss them terribly. I am trying to get use to not working every day and this is really a hard thing for me to get use too. I have developed some bad habits since I retired, like staying up to late and sleeping in too late. Things have got to change and get back into a regular routine.

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8/20/2014 11:53:44 PM

HI Sue,,, my heart is clearly hurting. I DO LOVE My Daddy with ALL ihave. Its sooo strange knowing that both of my parents will soon be gone. Daddy has ALWAYS protected me,,, spoiled me,,,, do the Daddy things. When I was small,, he FIXED EVERYTHING I wanted to,,, in my teen yrs,, I saw thru breaken hearts,,, he couldn't fix it all, but his hug would chase away some of that hurt. Now as I lose him,, this is one hrt,, he can't hug me on,, and ta da,, it'll all be OK again. I WILL though see him again,, I know we have diff beliefs,, mine is based on the scripts that shows Jesus resurrected people back here on the Earth, as a forshadow of things to soon come,,, and than I'll be able to see ALL those I've lost,, including of course Mom and Dad. Daddy also believes this way. So that's nice,, we've been able to talk of when we meet again. I just wish his death,, and Moms was also,,,, so slow and cruel,,, that hurts sooomuch !!! I am SO THANKFUL To hospice for taking such GREAT care of him,, and also the assisted living home we had him in,,,, he did NOT like it there, but it was TOP rated,, all Daddy wanted was to "at home" or in hospice,,, this was NOT a part of his plan,,,, I'd love for him to go to sleep.

TY SO MUCHERS for caring,, when he does pass,,, I am SURE I'll need support,,,, after all he keeps CHEATING DEATH ,, has done so around 10ish times,,, so when the time does come,, I'l prob NOT believe it.

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8/20/2014 11:15:04 AM

Great background picture. Congrats on returning as ML. emoticon

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8/15/2014 1:01:28 AM

HI Sue !! hows the med working: Are you on it still or done with the course,,, were you able to use the bushes,,, tresss we put near the kennel? Did it affect the weigh in,, I know you were hoping it would.

I knew last weekend,,, well actually a week ago (Thurs) i had an infection on the toe the wurg was,,,, so I saw my foot Dr on Mon,,, am on antibitotics,, and than saw the surgeons office on Tues,,, am NOT to do ALL the wlaking I wished yuppers BACK on restriction !! BOOOOO !! tonight though I did move,,,stand up,, to clean out part of the fridge,,, it's been 8 weeks since I had able to do it,,,,,, ughers,,,, oops 9 weeks. So it DEARLY NEDXED IT !!! OH YEAH !!!

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8/8/2014 11:31:18 PM

OH Sue,, you POOR THING !! We are going to order some trees... bushes to aso be put near the entrance of the kenel for you tu use with all that "lets go pee med" to get out ALL that fluid !! I feel for you !! my body used to swell up so badly,,,, my feet as PUFFED UPPED as MUCH as the skin could,,, that felt very hard to touch,, same with legs,,, seems like as ALWAYS it was the left foot which was worse,, as it is still. SIGH !

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8/7/2014 12:18:23 AM

HI Missy Sue,, we ordered 14 new hydrants to be set up around ur blcok. ENJOY and PLZ Baptize them !! use them daily,, and we hope you can often so the swelling of ur paws goes down. Plz be careful as you take ur daily walks,,, have ur owner stop often for you to rest up !! or even let you "go for a ride" and stop often for ya. JUMPING on people DOES count as exercise,, and DAWGGIE Licks ALWAYS makes them laugh, and than you might get an extra pat or 2 on ur head,,, as they pat ya saying "SUCH A GOOD GIRL " !!! and maybe some HEALTHY Dawggie biscuts !

I FINALLY get OUT of my cast !! WOOHOO OAnd onto crutches for 2 weeks,, so my exercise will STiLL be restricted,, I OUGHTtA BITE this Dr !! Think that's a GOOD idea? He's one of the TOP Dr's in Portland and it doesn't take me long to get there. ThANKFULLY !!! Just across the draw bridge,, which I ALWAYS hold my breathe that it NOT GOES UP when I am on the way to his office,, ALL my other Dr's realize,,, that's NOT in my control,, but his office does NOT take that into consideration,, feeling you oughtta leave an hr eariler cos of it goes up,, it takes 25 mins in all to go up ,, than back down and a green light apprear again. For the most part,,,, living with the bridge,, is very normal for those of us on this side of the city. :) We usually do NOT mind it,, hahahah when I worked for the city of Potalnd,, on the way to work,, I used to HOPE that FOOLISH bridge would GO UP so I COULD be late !! LOLOLOL of course my bosses were FINE with it,,,,, they KNEW i was NOTo gonna leave a 1/2 hr earlier "just in case".

Will prob bolog tomorrow,, and let ya all know,,, how it went,, esp since the toe is starting to turn towards the right,, ,,, we'll see what the Dr says,, IF I DARE to get him to talk about it,,, i know what we agreed upon,, the amputation of it,,, but, I WANT A BREAK FIRST !!! I WANT to WALK some,, and get my muscles back into order, but at the same time,, if it's PAINFUL IN my cast,, waht will it be like OUTSIDE of the protecition it has??? OH MY !! I am SURE it'll hurt quite a bit,,,,, I ve already gone into more meds,, for it,, the oxy,,,,, it's to much at times.

Doin the figures,, TY SO MUCH for being a "GOOD GIRL !!! Clearly you DO deserve,,, a low cal icecream,, the stand up the street,, I can get a small cone,, and it's SOOO GOOD you'd SWEAR It was REGUARL ice cream, but the TOTAL Cals, cone in all is ONLY 85 and they usually have 3 diff types,, my FAV is CHOC BROWNIES !! YUMMY !

Comment edited on: 8/7/2014 12:29:54 AM

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