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Hello. It's Me 0n April 24/15

It's SPRING!! It's SPRING!! Woo hoo!!

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The Long and Winding Road to VICTORY....

Hi I'm Cynthia! **WELCOME** to my page!

***SURPRISE!!*** User Name change! Once AROSEFORC; Now HLTHAPPINESS4C it is! Why the change? It's because I need a daily reminder of what my goals are to be. Happy and Healthy & SO DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL!!

Now when I mean happy I don't mean goody goody happy joy everything's perfect and wonderful. I mean happy as in to be content and thankful even in the difficult circumstances. To find my Happiness and Joy in the Lord, not ...
Hi I'm Cynthia! **WELCOME** to my page!

***SURPRISE!!*** User Name change! Once AROSEFORC; Now HLTHAPPINESS4C it is! Why the change? It's because I need a daily reminder of what my goals are to be. Happy and Healthy & SO DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL!!

Now when I mean happy I don't mean goody goody happy joy everything's perfect and wonderful. I mean happy as in to be content and thankful even in the difficult circumstances. To find my Happiness and Joy in the Lord, not just during the Good times, but through the Trials as well..

I don't always know where I'm going as I don't always follow the given path, but I know I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I can not fail with Christ! My mantra is I CAN and WILL BE VICTORIOUS. You CAN too!

I've been a sparkler here for about 7 years now. It's been quite the journey. I started out at 170 my highest weight ever and I was ready to do whatever it took to lose the weight. (healthy ways) After a couple of years I came so close to my goal weight of 130 lbs. I felt on top of the world, but it was short lived. I have struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for years and it reared its ugly head and I all but gave up. Needless to say I have regained all of the weight back + a few more. I've also struggled with Fibromyalgia and arthritis the past 5 years. making it very difficult to function and do daily tasks which includes exercise.But I believe through Christ I can do ALL things. I can and will overcome!

My biggest accomplishment is that on February 29,2008 I quit smoking and with that came the gift of being able to breathe. That gift of fresh air opened the door to this journey!

I came to Spark People lonely, sad, frustrated with myself about the shape I had let myself get into. I didn't know a thing about fitness and nutrition, but in the years that I have been here I have learned a lot. I might not always follow the path that leads to victory, but I try where I can from veering too far off. And even when I seem to be falling from a cliff...He is there to catch me and get me back on track.....and so are my wonderful SP friends! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Again: I CAN and WILL succeed and so CAN YOU!!


Happy 2015!!! Winter is here.

I continue to battle pain and fatigue that just comes along with having Fibromyalgia. I am thankful for the fun, support, and fellowship/friendships from my team mates on FIBRO SISTERS!! This Spark team Rocks!!

Basically for now I am just using my fitbit daily and trying to aim for 1500 steps/day. If I get there wonderful...if I get More that's just bonus. If I fall short I just try again tomorrow.

I am in a Winter challenge on my DONE GIRL team! I need to post. On January 12th I met and surpassed my goal of losing 2 lbs. I am so excited. I am just taking it day by day and trying my best to not let the scale dictate my emotions and self esteem. Love you DONE GIRLS!! xx :)

Let's all strive for wonderful 2015!! Blessings and Love to all!!


Today 3-22-15 I wore my sandals for the 1st time in many months! So excited I was. Also excited to see the beautiful dogwood, cherry blossoms and Bradford pair trees blooming.
SC is beautiful in Spring and is my absolute favorite season.

Speaking of blooming....NEW Challenge for Spring; started early this month. DONE GIRL'S BLOOMING BEAUTY CHALLENGE! We are in competition with no one, just trying one day at a time to meet our weekly weight loss goal and meet end of challenge goals. GO DONE GIRLS. WE CAN DO IT!!

Blessings to all in this beautiful season of Spring!
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2014 Goals

~ Participate in monthy DONE GIRL Challenges.

~ Get in 1500 steps each day.

~ Do PT exercises 3 days a week

~ eat 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies each day

~ Drink 8-10 cups of water each day

~ Spend time in God's Word daily

~ Improve self esteem

~ Read "Intuitive Eating" so that I can get a better handle of my binge eating disorder.

~ Aim for progress and NOT PERFECTION!!!

~ Support my fellow Spark friends and Team mates!!

My Program:
Taking it one positive Baby step at a time!

Personal Information:
I was born and raised in Michigan, but have always been a southern gal at heart. I now live in SC (been here 15 years) and absolutely love it here.

I am a born again Christian who is trying to live for God and trust in him one step at a time.

Other Information:
Reading is my favorite past time. I love The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series by Neta Jackson!! I also enjoy Historical fiction.

I enjoy drinking coffee; iced coffee during summer and lattes during the cooler months.

My favorite way to work out is walk. I live in a downtown area where there are gorgeous walking trails through the parks.

I had a sweet miniature dachshund named Lucky who recently passed away (Nove 2013) I miss him so much as he was my walking buddy. I also love cats and have one named Gabbie! She really fits her name as she is quite vocal!

I LOVE Christian Contemp Music. My favorite is Tenth Avenue North and JJ Heller. I do enjoy other types of music too, alternative, country, classical, rock!

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Happy Birthday

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8/2/2015 8:51:21 AM

emoticon emoticon I absolutely like to 'leave' on a good note with good things being said....but it is not worth stressing about.
You are a child of God and that is what matters!

Another HUG

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7/30/2015 8:20:12 AM

This day belongs to me. I can do wonderful things with it, creative things, including the creation of order in my surroundings and in my mind. Nobody else owns my particular segment of tim, so it really depends only on me how I will fill every moment to my satisfaction.

Enjoy your day dear emoticon .

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/28/2015 3:51:36 AM

Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend. I hope it was a wonderful day for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/28/2015 2:02:32 AM

emoticon Happy Birthday, DONE GIRL emoticon

The symbol for Leo is the Lion, and most Leo natives display many of regal traits of the king of beasts. Leo loves children and makes a good teacher, but she seldom has many children of her own.
In Leo, the Sun is magnetic, forceful, and dominate. You possess a good nature that is very generous, allowing you to attract many friends and followers. You can easily become a natural leader because of your demeanor and because you are ambitious, determined, and highly industrious. Self-assurance and dignity are very strong in your nature. Your magnetic personality lets you sell yourself or your ideas easily, and your persistence at doing so further enhances your leadership potential. You are at your best when placed in charge of a large scheme, for you are truly a fine organizer. You enjoy being in a position of authority because you know you were born to rule. Your sunny disposition allows you to be candid, outspoken, and very direct in all matters, without upsetting people. You possess natural leadership ability, and project such confidence and authority that you inspire others to follow you.
The typical Leo is a natural showman, and delights in having a full measure of recognition and admiration. Leo is the most expressive sign in the zodiac. You love to show off. You probably see your role in life as the starring role. Often the Leo personality chooses some artistic form through which to express talent. There is much drama associated with Leo, and the general approach to life is full of emotional exuberance. If you are not careful, these traits can result in too large an ego, which in turn can make you very susceptible to flattery. Though you have a high opinion of yourself, you still need the approbation and appreciation of your friends and followers. Your ego needs constant reinforcement. This helps keep the spotlight focused on your activities.
Naturally emotionally exuberant, you are not only a good actor, but you make a truly outstanding teacher, as well. The Leo association with the fifth house of the chart suggests a strong bond with children. You may consider your children to be expressions of your creativity. Typically, the Leo is very close to children, the loving benefactor and protector.
The lordly Leo sometimes feels there should be an automatic granting of power and authority. Because of this, you may be one of those Leo types who doesn't feel the need to work your way to the top. Though in many ways you show that you are ambitious, you also can be lazy. You may only want to work at jobs that offer prestige, glamour, power or a good time. You exert yourself only in those situations were you can exhibit your star quality, and garner the attention and respect of others.
Your gift is surely the ability that you naturally possess to lead and to inspire. You are at home on the stage or at the podium. Your poorest showing comes when you are unable to control your ego, and you let an exaggerated sense of your own importance get the upper hand. In spite of your self-assurance and dignity, you may have a degree of concern about being laughed at or disgraced in some way. Again, ego is at the base of your nature and being.
Leo gets along well with another Leo as they can share "royal" duties. Also, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and sometimes Aquarius who is their opposite. They should avoid Scorpio who is secretive and jealous which doesn't work well for the Leo who is open and honest and loves having friends. Leo's health issues are the spine and the heart.

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7/27/2015 3:16:21 PM

Shucks... I missed it!

I'm glad I was able to wish you a happy birthday eve... and now a belated birthday!!

Consider it a birthday wish sandwich, if you will? LOL

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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