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October 1, 2014 Update
I am doing well, my weight is lower than it has been since my early twenties and I feel younger and more capable than I have in years. I do not hold onto grudges and I have redirected my obsessive overeating to smaller healthier portions and choices. My reason for eating now is to have a better quality of life. I feel this is a great gift I have discovered within myself and I intend to cherish it with much gusto. Laughing and rolling with the punches is a big part ...
October 1, 2014 Update
I am doing well, my weight is lower than it has been since my early twenties and I feel younger and more capable than I have in years. I do not hold onto grudges and I have redirected my obsessive overeating to smaller healthier portions and choices. My reason for eating now is to have a better quality of life. I feel this is a great gift I have discovered within myself and I intend to cherish it with much gusto. Laughing and rolling with the punches is a big part of this. I reorganize life as a rocky road at times and I best buckle my seat belt and make the best of it, whether I'm experiencing a drama, comedy or tragedy. There is great strength and satisfaction in getting to a healthier weight and staying there for the rest of your life! That's my plan.
So, I now truly enjoy life, sand traps and all. I allow myself to be silly and take pride in not acting my age. It's a blast!!!!!!! Try it!

July 2014
Well, that was a fun month. I worked hard all month on both diet and exercise and then my blood pressures started becoming dangerously low. My doctor tweaked my medicines and finally took me off them just to see if anything would explode. It was like being let out of prison after serving thirty years. My pressures have been normal ever since and I'm feeling fabulous. I cut my hair short and have no idea how to not look like a untamed rock star, but that's the fun of it. Change is good and taking care of myself brings great change. Two pounds more to get back to my lowest to date and now I know this journey is just too important to screw around with, so I'm choosing to have an excitement for life. If you can't laugh regularly, you may as well go right back to bed, pull the covers over your head and don't come out until you are ready to enjoy life with all its pitfalls and triumphs. Changing my looks, my routine, my attitude and getting closer to a more normal weight is making me feel both younger and more alive. -Holly

June 2014
I have been on Sparks for a year and five months. That first year I was a star Spark pupil and cheerleader for all and then as my one year anniversary closed in and I was not at my goal I grew cocky and complacent. It seems the planets had fallen out of alignment while I wasn't paying attention.

This was a luxury I could not afford and my attention to the matter was inconsistent at best. I dusted myself off enough times to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. I knew I had to find the new me or the old me would take over again and threaten to shorten my life and diminish my pleasures in it.

Slowly my excuses started creeping back and twenty pounds flew back on at the speed of light. My wardrobe got darker and those loose fitting jeans I kept for gardening were being worn beyond the yard. I was becoming unbecoming. With my 60 pound weight reduction my personality had changed for the better. I had turned into a bright shinning positive light with glorious comedic bursts of creativity. Only now with weight gain, I was facing months of 'on again off again' sloppy food choices, depression and poor health. The old me was hovering overhead like a patient vulture. If it had landed I might have lost a pound of flesh but this was more of a nagging fear consuming me. I tried to fake it but you can't run away from yourself, plus my acting skills never got me to Hollywood.

I was even becoming less social and more importantly not the person I wanted to emulate and knew I was deep down inside. One positive thing. I stayed in touch with SPARKPEOPLE and no one gave up on me. When seasoned successful veterans talked to me it was always with deep caring, understanding and encouragement. They had total faith in me!!! This gave me the strength to keep trying and most of all, to continue standing on the scale weekly as I wrestled with a feeling of panic that I might become obese again. I had to believe all those good habits I had put in place over the past year were not in vain and even the bad habits I religiously redirected had to be in my toolbox for success.

Well, I am pleased to report I have officially woken up from my delusional and often erratic slumber. I am back in the life-long challenging game of embracing the world with modest self adoration. I dearly hope I am through courting death and destruction. It offered no fun and was a very slippery slope. I am taking charge of me and not letting go because I am worth it! There is a delightful energy that surrounds me when I am the only one in charge of what I need to live a happy and healthy life. The world is full of hazards and hazardous people. Lots of family and friends do not want you to reach this level of success. Forgive them entirely, put your fingers in your ears and move to the head of the line. We all deserve to be of a more normal weight until we draw our last living breath! Thanks for reading this, Holly
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My Goals:
It is my goal to rid myself of 18 more pounds and keep myself centered and better balanced. I know I can do this, as I have done in the past, however this time I want to be able to handle maintenance with greater success and understanding of the health benefits. I must trust myself and filter out the unnecessary negative chatter in the world.

My Program:
My exercise either walking, swimming, biking and horseback riding daily. 'Move it or lose it' daily! Food Tracker and Fitness Tracker are imperative as well as tracking my blood pressure and blood sugars. When I am not exercising I practice Mediatation to keep myself balanced with an inner peace. I also try to keep my caloric intake below 1100 calories from day to day with "NO EXCUSES". I take full responsibility for my actions and I laid all my excess baggage to rest. Forgiveness is the key to everything. It lightens you up ALL OVER!

Personal Information:
I am a Wellesley College graduate living outside Boston. I love all cats especially Siamese. My husband and I have rescued several. I always was crazy about horses but got too heavy for light horses so I moved over to draft horses for several years. I trained, exhibited, rode, drove and showed Clydesdale horses. Now, with the support of Sparkpeople I am of a more normal weight I have recently returned to light horses. I also enjoy the arts, creative writing, all forms of comedy and gardening. I am passionate about encouraging others to treat themselves better so they can enjoy the luxury of being a normal weight. I am also renovating a 1918 English colonial home with my husband.

Other Information:
I like to think everyone has the ability to get to a healthy weight and lifestyle at some point in their lives, only then are you are able to take control for your own happiness. It is a wonderful thing. I am finally learning to embrace the process hiccups and all. Many thanks to SPARKPEOPLE!

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10/28/2014 9:49:23 AM

♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*΄¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*΄¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥
“Like an invisible web . . . we are all connected.” Gail Lynne Goodwin
“✲ •。* ✰ ˛★* 。° ✲。* •★ *˚。*。✰

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday! HUGS

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10/27/2014 7:46:58 AM

Them cows just won't wait! LOLOL

HUGS and hope your Sunday was peaceful. Renovations and peaceful just do not go together, I know, but just know your in my thoughts.


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10/26/2014 6:45:13 PM

This Halloween there's something new.
A sweet surprise that's called a "Boo".
A friendly "goblin" left it here
To spread a little "ghostly" cheer.
It's not a fright; it's not a scare, it's just a secret smile to share.
To get you in the Halloween mood, you've officially now been "boo'd".
It's your turn, now you're the one to pass along some "spooky" fun,
To friends who'd love a special "treat",
And let them know you think they're sweet!
'Cause it's for sure this little gift will give their "spirits" quite a lift.
Enjoy this latest, greatest way to celebrate this "ghoulish" holiday.

Hey sis! How are you doing? BREATHING????? I hope so! Just wanted to pop in and "BOO" you.


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10/25/2014 9:20:53 AM

♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*΄¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*΄¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥
“The music of success is sweetest when you play in a band with winners. Surround yourself with excellence!” Gail Lynne Goodwin
“✲ •。* ✰ ˛★* 。° ✲。* •★ *˚。*。✰

Off to the grocery store. May be going to IL tomorrow again. Sooooo, getting prepared. Haven't talked w/Mom yet, but had a rough day. Did go to the Dr. finally. Has muscle soreness in her right leg from the knee to the ankles. Dr. prescribed Prednisone as she also has tendonitis and showed Dad and her some massage techniques that really helped her. So, hopeful it is a better day.

Sun is out, so that's a good start!

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10/23/2014 7:31:47 PM

Wow! Good luck w/the contractor and picking out the tiles. I have to admit I was pretty brain dead when it came to that stage of the renovations! Wishing you all good luck!!!



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