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August 26, 2015 Update
The summer's almost over and I realized that it's not that difficult to diet and lose weight (for me) when things are going along without much stress. However, once things start tumbling around me and I let my guard down, I'm toast! Trying to get back to solid Sparking (Food Tracking) seems almost more than I can manage when things are very stressful.

So here is my plan. I'm going to prepare for crazy times and when they hit I'd like to be better ...
August 26, 2015 Update
The summer's almost over and I realized that it's not that difficult to diet and lose weight (for me) when things are going along without much stress. However, once things start tumbling around me and I let my guard down, I'm toast! Trying to get back to solid Sparking (Food Tracking) seems almost more than I can manage when things are very stressful.

So here is my plan. I'm going to prepare for crazy times and when they hit I'd like to be better prepared. Have some tricks up my sleeve. I just have to build on getting through some rough times. Pat myself on the back. Maybe journal my efforts and success. But most of all I have to believe in myself. MUMMY MYSELF until it gets easier and I can celebrate more peaceful times. So expect chaos and drop your shoulders in the quieter times. I wish you all the very best I have to give. Thanks for visiting me.

June 2015
Spring finally arrived in New England and if I look hard enough I bet there is snow somewhere. So, I'm not looking. I have to have some extensive dental work done but I'll get past it because I am doing well Spark-wise. It's been a bumpy six months but I'm okay. I'm teaching myself everyday that stress is like a dark thunder cloud. It can rain, thunder, block the light and dampen one's spirit but it also can pass in a minute, a day, whatever. I'm trying to just cinch up my seat belt when clouds are out or the road is full of potholes.
What I eat, how I move my body and how I process stress is directly connected to my health for the rest of my life. That is a marriage worth keeping intact. Yes, healthy eating, exercise and stress management can take you safely down the yellow brick road - back home where you're at your best. Indulge yourself with some ruby slippers, if you must. It was not the Good Witch, her non-Spark friends, the Wizard or even her apparel that saved her. it was her belief in herself. Thanks, Dorothy.

We are the ONLY people who can make us happy and healthy!
We have the control over how we handle EVERYTHING that is us. For me, this meant dumping the emotional baggage and excuses, in exchange for a key component, a hopeful positive ATTITUDE, no matter what my circumstances.
Best of luck to all. -Holly
Thanks SPARKPEOPLE and friends.

April 21,2015
Both DH and I are doing quite well. The strength I get from controlled healthy eating, exercising and taking care of my mind body and spirit is impressive. Even my sense of humor and creativity are returning. Once the scale stops scaring me, I should be well on my way to fabulous! Don't you just love an over-inflated sense of self. It's a tickler! lol

April 18,2015
I have been with Sparkpeople for over two years and it is a wonderful life-line. If I wander off the path, I know it a resource I can pull on anytime. People here have become life-long friends and I feel very fortunate to have them with me in the good times and not so good. Today, I am picking up the pieces again from a rough time with my husband's recent diagnosis of Stage 3 Micro-metastatic Melanoma. He doing better now after some surgeries so I can begin to refocus my attention on my health. I have a new found respect for caregivers. It is a balancing act at best. My task now is to find a way to get through these dicey times (we all have them) and not lose myself along the way. Peppered into this mix will be much laughter which I find essential to a whole and happy life. My best to you all. I am here to help anyone. We just have to always believe in ourselves! -Holly

Almost April Fools Day 2015! Still struggling with some of life's crooked roads, but I'm learning to "lean into my feelings" and let "transitions blossom into transformations". I welcome the change. This last bit of weight seems tied to who I am and how I embrace, identify and own my feelings instead of running away from them and turning to food. Always a poor bed fellow.
I have the power to put a positive spin on things. There have been lots of troubling times of late and I am trying to view them as valuable lessons that can make me stronger, happier and healthier. I can not afford to doubt myself. That being said, I must realize there is lots of me to yet transform. I must expect bumpy rides in life and not fall apart when they come with unexpected timing! I must always reinforce my sense of resolve and carry on with my head held high. I wish everyone peace of mind, body and spirit. Have faith in all precious gifts placed in your lap. Never give them away.

January 28, 2015 Rough patch. You know the old saying "When it rains it pours"? Well, it did just that in my world recently. Lots of things came at me at once. Self-doubt crept in while I grew more and more tired which tells me I need to do two very important things in my future. One is don't take on so much at one time, even if I think I might be able to handle it and two, be prepared for several things to go much differently than expected, at any given time. In short, have a tool box stocked with remedies to keep you on the straight and narrow as best you can. Remind yourself to use all your SPARKPEOPLE resources and to take the very best of care because you're worth it. Look back and see how far you have come, then pat yourself on the back and get back on the trail. The view from the top should be spectacular but don't miss the view as you go
My best to everyone. Thanks.

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It is my goal to rid myself of extra weight and keep myself centered and better balanced. I know I can do this, as I have done in the past, however this time I want to be able to handle maintenance with greater success and understanding of the health benefits. I must trust myself and filter out the unnecessary negative chatter in the world.

My Program:
My exercise either walking, swimming, biking and horseback riding daily. 'Move it or lose it' daily! Food Tracker and Fitness Tracker are imperative as well as tracking my blood pressure and blood sugars. When I am not exercising I practice Mediatation to keep myself balanced with an inner peace. I also try to keep my caloric intake below 1100 calories from day to day with "NO EXCUSES". I take full responsibility for my actions and I laid all my excess baggage to rest. Forgiveness is the key to everything. It lightens you up ALL OVER!

Personal Information:
I am a Wellesley College graduate living outside Boston. I love all cats especially Siamese. My husband and I have rescued several. I always was crazy about horses but got too heavy for light horses so I moved over to draft horses for several years. I trained, exhibited, rode, drove and showed Clydesdale horses. Now, with the support of Sparkpeople I am of a more normal weight I have recently returned to light horses. I also enjoy the arts, creative writing, all forms of comedy and gardening. I am passionate about encouraging others to treat themselves better so they can enjoy the luxury of being a normal weight. I am also renovating a 1918 English colonial home with my husband.

Other Information:
I like to think everyone has the ability to get to a healthy weight and lifestyle at some point in their lives, only then are you are able to take control for your own happiness. It is a wonderful thing. I am finally learning to embrace the process hiccups and all. Many thanks to SPARKPEOPLE!

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