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Jesus continues to love each and every one of us!!

I've known the Lord Jesus as my Savior since January of 1974. I was 37 at the time. Shortly before came to know Jesus as my personal Savior, my father showed me a poem he had written.

At the end of his poem my Dad wrote something similar to, 'Oh God, where is your salvation'? After I read his poem I said, Jesus is God's salvation for us daddy. When I said this to him, I was also reminding myself of the fact that Jesus is our salvation!!

On January 4th of ...
I've known the Lord Jesus as my Savior since January of 1974. I was 37 at the time. Shortly before came to know Jesus as my personal Savior, my father showed me a poem he had written.

At the end of his poem my Dad wrote something similar to, 'Oh God, where is your salvation'? After I read his poem I said, Jesus is God's salvation for us daddy. When I said this to him, I was also reminding myself of the fact that Jesus is our salvation!!

On January 4th of 1974, I heard a very small voice saying, "In the beginning God", "In the beginning God". Then I heard the still small voice say, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" and that too was repeated. Then I heard the voice again, saying, "The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

By this time in my life I realized I was a sinner and I needed Jesus in my life so I went into our bedroom, layed down on our bed, closed my eyes and said, "Father, please send Jesus into my life to help me with it".

I knew something had happened right then but I didn't know what or why until I found a little booklet titled "The Reason Why". Inside one of the pages of this tiny book, it tells about someone who had received Jesus Christ as their Savior.

I remember so well reading "I am part of this world yet part of another, I long for my family and friends salvation." When I read the word "salvation" I knew I had been saved. I knew this because God assured me through His spirit as I read those words.

I wrote a poem shortly after I got saved. I call it "faith".

By faith through desperation many find the way.
The peace He brings is wonderful.
Accept it, it's yours. Accept Him, He'll stay.
If you think you can make it on your own, try if you must.
He will be near to light the way, if in Him you'll trust.
His arms outstretched, His shoulder ready, for a weary head.
An absolute truth to know, nothing more to dread.

God is very much alive!!! I am terribly concerned about the people in the world who don't Jesus as their Savior. Our God is a holy God. He will not allow sin in heaven. He is also a God of extreme love. His love is beyond any love I've ever experienced before. His love is beyond my capability to understand. His love for each and every one of us brought Him here to be born in a manger, live and then die on that cruel cross. BUT that wasn't the end for Jesus. He rose on the third day!

Jesus died on the cross for our sins...yours and mine. God, the creator of heaven, earth and each one of us laid down His life for our sins!!!

Let's say...that I was able (somehow) to create two teeny tiny creatures.

Let's say...that I told these two they could have an entire garden to live in and eat the fruit from all the trees in the garden...except for one tree. I made sure to tell them they could not eat the fruit from this particular tree.

Let's say...that these two creatures were tempted and ignored what I told them and went ahead and ate the fruit of the one tree I had told them not to eat from.

Let's say...I absolutely adored these two creatures I had made.

There is still no way that I would become one of them by birth, and then go to a cruel cross to die for their sins so they could live in heaven with me forever.

That's exactly what Jesus did.
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My Goals:
I have two goals. One is writing my story. The other is writing some of the good things I've learned over the years. I may combine the two.

I hope to leave this behind for our kids and their kids.
I hope my story will be finished when the Lord wants it finished, no sooner and no later.

My Program:

I'm not looking forward to the colder weather!
I am going to be drinking more water! I will put a little juice in water to help me get it down!
Once a week I am planning on walking with a Leslie Sansone video.

Personal Information:

My husband and I have four "kids", (three daughters and a son).
We have eight grand kids and three step grandkids. We have two great grandsons, three great granddaughters, and we have many step great grandchildren.

Other Information:
I wrote this poem many years ago shortly after I read Genesis 1:16.

Genisis 1:16

He made the sun to rule the day and the moom to rule the night

He made the stars also

So unpretentious..
almost an aferthought

He made the stars also

Fitting isn't it...that a star
would guide the wise men to the Christ child?

He made the stars also

When was trhe last time you looked up into a clear dark night and noticed...

He made the stars also.

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Garden Gnome

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1/23/2015 12:35:45 PM

To the people who love you,
you are beautiful already.
This is not because they're
blind to your shortcomings
but because they so clearly see your soul.
- Victoria Moran

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1/20/2015 11:11:14 AM

Good morning on this wintry Tuesday....it is where I live. The typical Northern, winter weather--no sun, grey sky, everything covered with ice, and cold. Fortunately, it's not below zero and there isn't a blizzard.

I am thinking about getting a scale today. Noticed that my clothes are a little looser. So this is giving me an incentive to buy that scale. And to keep pushing me forward.

Today is the 10th day of 100 days to getting healthier. I have been continuously moving around a lot more. Because of the icy conditions here during the winter, I am doing the Leslie Sansome walking DVD's, as well as dancing. This is the kind of exercises I can stick with, as well as have fun doing them and sing. Plus I get to laugh at myself too.

Yesterday I was in a lot of pain! Oh, the three herniated discs in my back were sending shocks down my arms and legs. I could not sleep all night. Now I feel like a zombie. Oh, I would like to crawl back into bed. But I am making progress on deep cleaning my house, so I am going to keep cleaning/organizing just at a slower pace. If I walk away, it will not be touched.

I am working hard to eat more vegetables. I eat chicken and fish two-three days per week, and lots of vegetables everyday. My stomach is much better now that I have cut out the coffee. My morning beverage is green tea. Making home-made soups have helped me feel fuller. Plus, the soups have taken away much of my cravings for sweets.

Being busy around the house, deep cleaning and re-organizing has taken my mind off of food. It feels so good to not be nibbling on this and that, only to feel guilty of over eating, as well as seeing the scale go up another pound or two. Taking pictures of my house before and after have helped me feel very pleased with the house. And, it is so good not to hear from name being called because my husband or children cannot find something. Now they can--that sure makes me feel the rewards of organizing.

Wow, this is a long note....I will close now, "HAPPY TUESDAY".

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1/17/2015 11:39:38 AM

Today I am out of bed and deep cleaning my bathroom. I may be moving S L O W, but I am getting the job done. Only the linen closet now needs to be re-organized and my bathroom will be ORGANIZED PLUS CLEAN! emoticon

I may not be moving as fast as I like, but this time I am doing the job the right way. Besides, I am closer to having a clean, organized bathroom, than I was this time yesterday!!! emoticon

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1/14/2015 11:26:19 AM

Wow, it's a brand new day, that is a gift given to you, a gift to enjoy and discover exactly what special miracles are in it just for you.

Oh, you get so caught up in all the attitude and mind set around us, that you do not see the real beauty that around in each day. We live in a country were we have freedom. I've been in several countries where I had to be very careful and aware of everything I did. I soon realized how great it was back home with true freedom. I am especially joyful because I can walk again. It may not be as well as I could before, but I can walk, just no running this time. And to have a mind that can figure out things, remember things and hold onto memories...wow, that is awesome.

Today I hope you take the time to see and discover all the special miracles that are in your day. You see, it's not about what we don't have, it's about what you do have. What is right there in front of you, all around you. Don't rob yourself of all the beauty in joy that is in today. Instead find it, embrace it and cherish it in your memories. Enjoy your special gift of today.

Oh, don't forget, I am grateful for the gift of your friendship and that's why I stopped by. Hugs!

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1/12/2015 1:56:35 PM

Well, it looks like I am getting better, however, still have to take it easy for awhile. All this is teaching me something, easy does it. Just moving and doing something each day will lead to a giant step forward. It took me a long time to get this fat. I won't get thinner in a few days. Yet, I will if I just keep at it, little by little.

No, I may not be able to do six hours of heavy cleaning, but I can do a 15 min. clean-up, a 27 Fling Boggie, get 2-3 loads of laundry done and do my chair exercises, and feel like a million. Now that's awesome when I think about it.

So you may not feel like doing much today, but you can do something and that something just might be awesome too. Today is amazing Monday--No Excuses Allowed. Today is a Perfect Day to Just Do What You Can and Feel Good.

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