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Falling into Fitness

I hate being fat, but have done little to change that recently. Only half of me has been into it. Now I'm ready to lose that half! I have come to realize, for me, fitness is critical. It boosts me! It motivates me! Fights depression, encourages me to eat better, sets me on the right track, makes me healthier. It's not about not having time, it's about making time. I am worth it!

My plan:


Start small and simple. Gradually build a ...
I hate being fat, but have done little to change that recently. Only half of me has been into it. Now I'm ready to lose that half! I have come to realize, for me, fitness is critical. It boosts me! It motivates me! Fights depression, encourages me to eat better, sets me on the right track, makes me healthier. It's not about not having time, it's about making time. I am worth it!

My plan:


Start small and simple. Gradually build a foundation, and then build stairs. Don't be afraid to repair or replace dangerous steps. If you slip down them a few steps, get back up and climb. Just don't quit. It's a downhill roll from there.

Starting with adding in workouts and modifying what I eat.

Working to de-clutter my home and simplify my life.

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My Goals:
- 30 ACTIVE minutes a day (cardio)
-12,000 steps a day
-1300-1900 calories a day depending on activity level
- WATER, work to decrease diet soda
-Work to get at least 6 solid hours of sleep daily

My Program:
One step at a time

Personal Information:
Midwesterner who want to enjoy her life and family to the fullest. It took us 12 years to have out little man, and what a road it was. I want and NEED better, to feel better, to do better, to BE!

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Move, Eat, Live

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1/24/2015 4:48:03 AM


It's nice to hear from you. I'm doing fine. I'm looking forward to a good year. How are you doing? emoticon

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1/23/2015 9:08:07 PM

I know what you mean about challenge deadlines. emoticon I've decided to be early this round. emoticon And the minimum chats emoticon have always been the hardest, but I think emoticon
I will keep my eye on that prize! You too! emoticon

Ugh! I caught the 3 mice in 3 days, and haven't had another in over 24 hrs. so we'll see?! So gross.....I still snap my head with every shadow and sound! There are soooo many! You don't even realize till you're paranoid a mouse will leap in your face or something! HA HA!I

I know I have a fitbit and I just haven't taken the time to learn anything about it yet. Thanks for telling me it's super easy though, cause that makes me want to do it soon! This weekend for sure!

It was fun bringing my emoticon DRTAMM with me to Zumba! emoticon She's no stranger to it and she had fun so I'm glad! emoticon I had fallen last Friday and forgot about it till I was doing something in Zumba and I thought, " knee just protested that I can't do THAT right now!" Truthfully I can't do a lot! emoticon I have no rythm and I have to concentrate so hard and you just don't have the time in emoticon an intermediate level class. LOL I hope its intermediate otherwise, I'm hopeless!

I hope she and I can get together at least once a week if not more! I need friends in town and she could use some too! I told her YaY! But now that she told me, she's not going to be able to get rid of me easily! haha! But that would help a LOT! I have had a couple of good friends in town who started as a emoticon and would love for her to be my next now that the other families moved!

It's funny, you did calls and not chores. I'm doing cooking because I have ingredients that will expire soon if I don't do something with it instead of making some other calls that I've been putting off! It's costing us over $200! I realized this the other night and I'm like, I need to get back on top of things. Work and other stuff has been such a distraction!

emoticon you liked the PT session! Keep up the improvements girl! I hope you get pumped about some parts of the efforts so that you can ride this wave with me for now! I'm very relaxed, but focused about eating better and exercising more! Nice balance! Keep me from going too gung ho, or slacking ok? emoticon

So now that I dominated this page, I will say, until next time! I hope that you do take care of you dental stuff soon! Mine's a little delayed I think but it still bothers me less and less, so hopefully I can manage till they're ready for me!

I'll go chat with the Violets now and get back to finishing my last of 3rd recipe tonight. Thought I was going to emoticon bed early, but I guess not so!

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1/21/2015 11:00:42 PM

Hey! Good to see you! I was about to give up BLC challenges before this one, and I've felt like that before, but always hung on. This one feels different and I hope that I can maintain this focus to do things more healthily without so much "do I have to???"

I am really looking forward to zumba with the girl tomorrow! I'm sure I'll be able to report it was a good time!

I found out there ARE more mice! I was cleaning the kitchen and saw one pop up! I was so upset, I went right then and there to Walmart at 3am!! emoticon for some REAL traps! At least their hole is in the closet with the water heater. They have a really narrow path so if I can at least keep them in there (even thought I have those washboard looking acordian open doors which doesn't help!) I can spare the big clean ups, cause yah it's a huge mess! GROSSS! emoticon emoticon Today they came in to plug up the hole they saw, but obviously it wasn't a good enough job because I caught the 2nd mouse a couple of hours ago in a glue trap! So that poor guy got accidentally doused with oil. But at least he avoided one of the snap traps. I swear, every little sound still sets me off! I'm SO anxious, I hope it burns calories to be so tense! emoticon You don't know how many little shadows move in your peripheral and how many sounds sound like scratching, mouse hopping, and squeaking! And then when you really hear it coming! Aaaaack! Poor D. could only get 5 hrs. of sleep as it was but when I heard the mouse on the trap I still yelled for him to come down to "rescue" it. I wasn't about to touch that trap! emoticon I can't wait for this to be over!

I really hate having these temporaries that never last long in my mouth and my gums and sensitivity drive me crazy. It's not as painful as all week, but now the temp popped off and I have to go fix that before bed. and it still "pokes" my gums so it's very agitated in some areas. UGH!! I can't wait for the crown to be set on it already too! emoticon Are you still feeling discomfort? I'm still eating carefully, slowly and it's actually helping me! I lost 3-4 lbs.!

We can definitely keep in touch. I'm very focussed and want to do well. Not expecting perfection right? I feel more relaxed about that than usual and as ironic as it may sound, that may be my strength! I ALWAYS try to go and push really hard and burn out and just slide back!

I hope you do get that free PT in and have fun! Let me know! See ya Spark Sister! emoticon

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1/20/2015 9:40:46 PM

Caught the mouse! LOL I almost miss him now that he's out of here! He was a LOT cuter once he was in the bucket and not running around leaving those awful droppings in my house!

Doing pretty good with my eating and exercising a little more. Definitely slow progress, but enough to help me feel good about maintaining a streak of improvement without feeling deprived in any way!

I emoticon Hope you're well! I'm going to keep bugging you! emoticon

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1/19/2015 2:33:15 PM

How's it going lady? I have a mouse in the apt., did I tell you? GROSS! Never ever had experience with it, but it's a mess! I hope it's just the one. Did you know they can climb walls? We had to throw away so many pantry items, and wash so many "clean" dishes and things. UGH!!

And this dental pain. I'm still taking max doses of ibuprofen and it's been almost a week! It's been so easy not to overeat though! lol

I may have found a fitness buddy in town so I'm pretty excited for that. She'll try to make my Zumba classes with me. Did I tell you about that too? Sorry if I'm scatterbrained! I still so busy these days, my mind is scrambled! I will be going to Zumba at a skating rink every Thurs. evening. It was so fun in the dark under the disco lights and no other "spectators!" This gal also mentioned free zumba at her friend's church or something, so we may alternate. I'm just excited to have a local Sparkfriend again!

I'm still having to make a real effort to get online here! I hope to hear from you more! That would help! I still need to look into the fitbit thing. I love the commercial!

Drop in and say hi! Miss you!

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