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One of my rewards! Really looking forward to this!!

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A Modern-Day Paleo Adventure

Hi! I'm a 37 year old New Yorker trying to lose weight for health, and for myself.

I provide childcare for 4 kids - ages 12, 10, 4 and 2 years.

Total pounds lost -
Total inches lost -

My Journey

I had joined Spark a long while back (in early 2006), but I was never able to stick with it.

August 2010 - I went to my doctor for my annual physical. When I saw the ...
Hi! I'm a 37 year old New Yorker trying to lose weight for health, and for myself.

I provide childcare for 4 kids - ages 12, 10, 4 and 2 years.

Total pounds lost -
Total inches lost -

My Journey

I had joined Spark a long while back (in early 2006), but I was never able to stick with it.

August 2010 - I went to my doctor for my annual physical. When I saw the number on the scale I knew I had to do something.

I began by watching what I ate and getting moving. Slowly the scale moved in the right direction.

Mid-2011 - I lost my way, when I lost my job of 9 years. It took 1.5 years for me to find myself again and I had gained back most of what I had lost.

January 2013 - I was having severe stomach issues. I saw my doctor, who put my on Prilosec. I realized I needed a new approach.

February 2013 - Changed to a paleo eating lifestyle. I'm not perfect, but I do the best I can.

June 2013 - My Paleo lifestyle is going very well. See above for my progress so far.

June 9, 2013 - Enrolled in an online college!

August 2013 - Doctor is very pleased with my progress!

February 2014 - My cholesterol is slightly high (I blame all the carbs I was eating); my doctor wants me to eat low carb, high protein. So I'm going back to paleo basics!

May 2014 - Began my Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education!!

September 2014 - It was a long and tough summer, and I slid backward in my weight loss.. But I'm moving forward from here!

December 2014 - Jumping back in! I've regained quite a bit, but no guilt. Just pick up and go from here.

I have had setbacks and I'm sure I will again; but I just pick myself back up and keep on going. :)

Adding some rewards for hitting goals. Still need a few ideas. Suggestions appreciated!
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My Goals:

15 pounds lost -

30 pounds lost -

45 pounds lost -

60 pounds lost -

75 pounds lost -

90 pounds lost -

Goal Weight: 114 pounds lost - Horseback riding lessons!!

Weight Loss -

10 Pounds:
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My Program:
Paleo Eating and Wii Exercise Games / DVDs / Walking / SP Videos

My exercise plan:
(approximate times) - aiming for around 30 minutes total (Friday will be a rest day, due to longer work hours. I may still do a little exercise, but only if I feel up to it.)

1) Wii Fit Plus Routine (WFPR) - 5 Yoga, 3 strength : 15 mins (everyday)
2) Fit in Six (F6) : 15 mins
3) My Fitness Coach (MFC) : 15 mins
4) Just Dance or ABBA You Can Dance (JD/AD) - 5 songs : 15 mins
5) Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 (JM): 10-15 mins
6) Wii Fit Plus Free Step (FS) - 10 mins
7) Wii Fit Plus Free Run (FR) - 10 mins
8) Various Wii Fit Plus 'games' - 10 mins
9) Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds (WATP) - 1 mile : 15 mins
10) SparkPeople Cardio Blast (CB) - 1 segment : 10 mins
11) SparkPeople Cardio videos
12) Walking

Strength training: Tue, Sat/Sun - workouts generated by SP

Personal Information:
Joanne P.
Orchard Park, NY

I sell AVON and Jewelry in Candles! Message me for details or with questions!

Wii Console #: 7757 1475 6150 3371

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