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Summer :)


5% Summer Challenge with the Determined Daisies again...let's see what we can do...


Busy busy....a lot going on (schedule wise with my oldest recreationally & academically, work busy as always, relocating my Mom from a LT nursing facility out of state to ultimately be closer to me, and keeping close with the dh & a somewhat organized home). It felt daunting when I looked from May 1st onward. That was at least my perception of what it would ...

5% Summer Challenge with the Determined Daisies again...let's see what we can do...


Busy busy....a lot going on (schedule wise with my oldest recreationally & academically, work busy as always, relocating my Mom from a LT nursing facility out of state to ultimately be closer to me, and keeping close with the dh & a somewhat organized home). It felt daunting when I looked from May 1st onward. That was at least my perception of what it would be, however I think I'm balancing & compartamentalizing it all pretty well & we're just midway through the month! I'm pretty pleased.. Not all of it has been happy/easy stuff (namely the stuff with my Mom), but I think considering her current capacity & quality of life, we are making good changes for her. That feeling has made it easier. For my own personal physical wellness (exercise, nutrition & what have you...) I have been doing very well. I think it has been my sanity while juggling all the other. A regimen with consistency, good nutrition, & exercise seems to really have been a huge asset to me. I have MUCH more energy then I've had in a long time, and I notice my sad/down feelings aren't keeping hold of me as long as they could/would at other times...say perhaps when I wasn't as consistently healthful. I have lost 6 lbs in a little less then 4 weeks. The number itself has meant little to me because I honestly feel very good & am starting to notice a differnece in my shape/frame that I haven't seen in a very long while. It's exciting.

April 2014

New season/new challenge...trying to pep up for Spring but not feeling that full burst of energy yet that usually accompanies the season. For now I'll pull myself along & fake til I make it real.


I think we're getting there everyone. Spring is about to break out...siiiigh...it's been a rough one, but we're making it. Happy to get outside soon with the kids & dog. It's 20 today, but we're gonna hit a heatwave of 40 or so by weekend. LOL That will be good enough for me, for now at least...


I really haven't much to say...not much has changed since October (my last update)...is that good or bad? It all depends on what we're talking about I suppose. Lots of growth & happiness in the past year (personally & within our immediate family unit). The girls are growing bigger, smarter, & more beautiful everyday. Eddie & I are healthful & well...I of course would like to be making greater fitness progress, but still adjusting to having a "new baby". She isn't so new anymore at already a year old, but this old dog is still adjusting to life changes (after being a set family of 3 for so many years). Add to this the added juggle of my mom being 200 miles away & in a compromised state (mentally & physically), I am just not at my most balanced right now. I'm trying to establish something though & I will KEEP trying!


Making progress...weight loss at this point is slow but still inching forward (or downward). So this is a happy & pleasurable pace for me lately. A lot going on personally with my family (the health of my mother in particular). My thoughts & purpose is a bit cloudy some days lately but the programming for me at this point is much more second nature (the programming I've established to make good choices healthwise for myself). This at least is a comfort & stability that I can fall back on for good energy. Another 5% loss challenge with Determined Daisies is starting...can't wait for that & the camaraderie to hopefully perk me up a bit more. Happy & healthy Fall to you all!


Summer 5% challenge with Determined Daisies. Hope to really improve my accountabilty to myself and my team. I feel like life is normalizing & my routine is developing again...hope it proves to be true. I'd like to burn off another 10-15 lbs & then I'll feel fine with where I'm at weight wise, however that isn't my main concern. I just want to be active & energetic for many years to come. Don't want to waste my "youth" (LOL).


Time is flying...Spring into Summer with Team Determined Daisies is starting soon. Working on 5%. Gotta keep my nutrition & hydration up (not only because it's good for me but because I don't want my milk supply to drop - still breastfeeding baby). I want to lose this weight but I don't want to lose my supply prematurely.


Winter 5% Challenge...I'm a Firecracker! Working to lose 7 (7.25 to be exact) lbs by 04/20/2013 *LOST 4...not bad...

Walk @ least 2 miles a day & 3-5 more days a week of cardio & st (about 40 minutes a session).


Pressed reset & feeling fresh...fired up & ready to go.
Weighing 145...wanna get to 118.


Getting some small streaks going...but really need to get it going for real in the coming month. I have about 20lbs to go (to lose baby weight : / )& am glad to have SP here to support me. It's not as much about the weight...most importatnly I just want to feel as healthy & energized as I did before my pregnancy. Hope you all welcome the year in your own personal ways & with a bang! I'm going to try to do so myself :)


Back after a hiatus...had been away preparing for & growing new baby...she's here now :) & i'm glad to be getting back to life/normalcy...even though it's really completely uncharted waters...


I have surpassed my goals for the year & really embraced this new lifestyle of healthier eating & exercise. I'm just going to keep trying to carry the energy from the start of this journey into the next year. Can't to see where the next year will take me! 12/2/11


Started my Spark journey end of Dec 2010 @ 176lbs.

When I embarked on this new lifestyle to reclaim time/energy for me...I just never imagined it would make me so happy & stick. Well it has stuck and taken root. The commitment to myself is growing continuosly. I've become such a happier & healthier person in such a short time.

My original goal was to get to my target weight of 135 as December 2011. I've passed that now which is such a stunner for me. My new goal is to be a "normal" BMI of 22 by this time next year. If it comes sooner even better, but I'm not pushing it. I am enjoying the journey. *DID IT! 8/2011*


NEW GOAL as of 10/2011 is to lose 5% more in the next 8 weeks. I'm on the Shooting Stars Team for Fall 5%. Love this challenge. I am also finishing up the walk/run 5K your way program & scheduled for a virtual run in early October. Last & certainly not least I'm partaking in the Pimp My (P)Ride challenge. LOVING it! I'm stronger then I thought I was & am enjoying developing that...

My goal weight is 124.5 lbs by mid November. ..but to be honest I don't care how long it takes me to lose another 6-8 lbs. I am so happy. 9/21/11

My goal weight remains the same (124 range). Going to keep enjoying the journey...
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10/09/13 - Want to just get a little more vitality & energy up...the weight loss will surely follow suit. That is almost where it needs to be...just want to FEEL more "sparkly"!

12/28/12 - come on BMI of 22! lol

9/2012: Getting back on track to BMI of 22...but taking my time with the loss since I'm also breastfeeding.

Have reached "normal" BMI (8/2011). Trying to get to my ideal BMI long-term, which is 22.

Short-term I'm working on another 5% loss over the course of 8 weeks. Starts 12/2/11 with my Shooting Stars Team.

To become a more healthful/fit individual overall.

To live a longer, happier, more full life then I would've had I not found SP & committed to myself to living better.

My Program:
2014 Summer 5% Challenge Community
Determined Daisies

walk 3 miles a day & implement some strength training 2-3 days a week...

celebrate the large & small goals...

be proactive & be accountable...but do not beat self up for slip ups...

laugh & play a lot more...try new things (in regards to exercise, food, and other junk that might be out of my comfort zone)

Personal Information:
i'm a fulltime working mom of a great 12 yr old person & an almost 22 month old...i'm the partner to their father for 17 yrs now & still think he's pretty awesome too :)

i'm trying to live a healthier & fuller life with them :)

Other Information:
* GOAL MET! 138 lbs! I met this goal before 7/2/11 met it on 6/28/11 to be exact

*Hit 130 in mid-August 2011.

BACK UP in weight since the birth of my daughter...got up to 170 at highest (8/2012).

As of June 2014 I am 140lbs

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