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MAY 2016

About eight (!) years ago I wrote the following introduction. I think about changing it, but - I'm not going to, at least, not yet. It might not be what's known as a "mission statement," but what I wrote reminds me why I came here, and where I'm headed:

I'm not known for my patience, and I'm not known for my stick-to-it-iveness (is that a word?), but I can be mighty determined, especially when something worthwhile is at stake. And this time, I have a very worthwhile goal - I want ...
About eight (!) years ago I wrote the following introduction. I think about changing it, but - I'm not going to, at least, not yet. It might not be what's known as a "mission statement," but what I wrote reminds me why I came here, and where I'm headed:

I'm not known for my patience, and I'm not known for my stick-to-it-iveness (is that a word?), but I can be mighty determined, especially when something worthwhile is at stake. And this time, I have a very worthwhile goal - I want to be healthy the rest of my life. I don't want to be a spectator as life rushes past. I want to be in the thick of things, going and doing and living life to the full. Louisa May Alcott said, "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them." And that is the spirit that drives me forward. I am DETERMINED. [And yes, I've had this posted for a while now - and yes, I still stand by it.]


1 January 2016

New year, blank slate, fresh start - as always, I begin this new year with high hopes for the goals set and the resolutions made. Whether I achieve them may not matter as much as the striving - "A person's reach should exceed their grasp, or what's a heaven for?" (With thanks to Bob Browning.)

1 October 2015

After the train-wreck of the last two years, I hope - sincerely hope - I'm finally getting the train back on the tracks.

1 June 2015

The last - EIGHTEEN months! have seen more downs than ups... except weightwise, where it's been more ups than downs.

Still, we go on, don't we? No giving up this side of the grass! New month, new start - let's see where June takes us, shall we? C'mon along. We're on a journey... ;-)

1 August 2014

And as predicted (!) July did indeed fly by, and we have arrived at August. Jolted from all routines, it's looking to be a rough ride.

More later - perhaps by September! :-)

1 July 2014

Hard to believe it's been nearly a year since I last updated - where has the time gone?

I usually blog (sporadically, but nonetheless) when there's anything significant, so here I'll simply post that it's been a year of personal upheaval but with little to show on the home / health front. In terms of overall progress and improvement - not a lot. We do what we can, ain't?

July is a full month: Canada Day... the Fourth of July... Bastille Day... carnivals and vacations and even "National Picnic Month." It'll fly by before you know it. Live the moment!

1 September 2013

Wow, not updated since February? Where'd the time go?

It's been a year (so far) of relative stability, healthwise - no gains, no losses (no hits, no runs, no errors). Our house is in a holding pattern, with the house up for sale and most plans hanging fire until / when / if.

The one big (well, sort of 'big') change may have been in terms of fitness. I joined a local gym at the end of May, and while I can't say I'm going to become a body-builder or develop Madonna's physique (hah), I do believe it's helping me maintain the strength and flexibility that becomes oh-so-crucial as we age.

Life throws enough unpredictable challenges our way, and sometimes a becalmed spell can have its own rewards. So here's to the status quo - nothing wrong with maintenance, so long as it's in a good place!

1 February 2013

The calendar turns another page - and it's been another quiet month. After the hoopla of holidays, it's good to have some downtime - though there have been three family birthdays, so there were cake hurdles (!) to jump.

The resolutions are moving a-pace, but then, it's only been 31 days. See me in August if you want to know how the year is truly going. I've technically lost one by the wayside already, actually: I had committed to blogging each 'n' ever' day throughout this year (I've done it before, with nary a miss) but what with one thing and another, I somehow overlooked a day. Eh. Wabi-sabi.

This month: special 28-day commitment to FITNESS. If we can have March Madness, we can have February Fitness!

1 January 2013

New year, clean slate, on the mark and ready to go - time to line up those resolutions and make plans. And I am, I am... I'll be posting my goals for 2013 as well as a recap of 2012 with its highs and lows. Check the blogs from time to time, as that's where I'll record details. Wishing you all a happy new year, full of good things!

1 October 2012

Nope, nothing's really changed - but I do love October--!!!

1 September 2012

Too long since I updated--!

Still shy of the main goal I set for myself, that is, to reach 134 pounds by July. Realistically, I won't even reach it by my birthday (mid-October). But looking at the glass as half-full, I've maintained my weight below 150 for quite a while now. I can live with it, especially when I consider anything in the 130s may (MAY) be fleeting at best. Meanwhile, I keep Marenamoo's advice well in mind: 'Be ever vigilant!'

Healthwise, still (you knew I was going to say this) the BP. It's been fluctuating all over the place, with a 'high' of 142 / 80, but the most recent was 120 / 71. Regardless of who takes it, or what brand of electronic gizmos they use, it varies over a wide range. Eh. So I'm still not off the medication, but - back to that half-full glass thing - neither has it been increased.

All in all, holding my course. For the time being. ;-)

* * *

1 April 2012

When I set out on this journey, even small changes seemed to have big results: it was easy to see that just 10 minutes / day of applied exercise was boosting the weightloss... that the little substitutions (half the cream in the coffee, fruit instead of cake, increased fiber) were resulting in better nutrition... that I could anticipate some sort of drop in weight each week, even if it was only a half-pound.

Now that my body has adjusted to the 'little things,' they don't have much impact, if any. The weightloss is genuinely stalled. I hover between 1200 and 1600 / day in terms of calories, and I don't think less would enable me to maintain proper nutrition. Not to mention the fact that I would become so ravenous I'd be setting myself up for cravings and temptation--!

I do more exercise on both a formal and an informal basis than I did as of just a couple years ago, but now I'd have to increase that significantly in order to lose weight on the 1200-1600 intake. For now, even if the spirit is willing - and timewise, it's not always - the flesh is weak: I may be (note that, MAY BE) doing as much as I'm capable of at this stage. This may be as good as it gets.

Point being, while I still want to lose another 12 to 15 pounds, I'm not willing to make some kind of extreme sacrifices to get there. Eh. It'll happen when... if, it happens. Meanwhile, I'm still convinced if I got the loose (flabby, excess, call it what you will) skin removed from abdomen, upper arms, and so forth - well, all that would probably take off another ten pounds.

Goals: still going strong on most of those New Year's Resolutions. The cruise went by the boards some time ago, tho we're looking at 2013. The financial picture has a lot to do with that, but also, that would place it 'within' my 60th year, and in time for our 10th wedding anniversary as well, so... for now, it's shelved.

The exercise, citizenship, other 'improvements,' continue apace. The hypertension is still medically controlled, BUT - this month (March) marked a full month of upper-120s / 70-or-less. I'm still on the lowest possible dose of Lisinopril (I think it's 10mg / day, but it might be 5; I'm too lazy to go check the box, lol) but my BP is checked every four weeks. If I approach the end of the year with it still being into the 120s / high-60s-70-max, we will try an experiment wherein I go off of it and track it to see what happens. THAT would be a real achievement, as it would mean for the first time in five years I was completely medication free.

If I thought I needed motivation to continue in my efforts and to beef up the fitness, that'll work!

1 February 2012

Been slow off the blocks for this year. This month marks my fourth 'official' anniversary with Spark so I'm hoping to put in a good account.

The New Year's resolutions I chose at the start of this year are pretty much on track; of course, it's early days yet, so we'll see how it goes.

What I'm not happy with are some of the basics: the NHS has changed its policy on testing supplies for non-insulin-dependent / lifestyle-controlled Type 2 diabetics. Without the tools on which I rely, it becomes more difficult to stabilize my blood glucose.

The BP is still raised. Not dangerously so - anything below 140 / 85 is considered 'okay' under current guidelines. But that 'okay' comes with the continuing minimum dose of Lisinopril. I want less than 130 / 75 with NO medication, so that's disappointing.

My exercise is off-base. I'm working on getting an exercycle and I'm hoping that will pick up the pace, but meanwhile, it's a sore point.

I've left off tracking fitness, not just because I do a few bare 10-minutes-daily minimum exercises but also because anything I put in readjusts my nutrition tracker. Yes! Arbitrarily changes the values! So feeling the need to choose one, I'll keep the nutrition tracker and forego the fitness tracker, in the interest of having the more-complicated nutrition tracker set where I want (need) it. Unnecessary nuisance, and yet another tool that I seemingly can't use.

My attitude: it's suffering. O brother, is it suffering. I wish Churchill's black dog would go home.

Other than that - c'mon, Spring, I'm more than ready--!

1 January 2012

This is The Year of the Dragon. Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne, and I'm celebrating my 60th birthday. It's MY year - make it YOURS!

* * *

1 December 2011

The years are flying by, ever faster - where has this one gone?

Everything seems to be on a stall, but - the glass is half-full. 'Staying the same' means 'maintaining.' While there are still improvements to be made, I am confident that if I applied myself (!) more ardently, more consistently, I could - would - get where I want to be. It will happen... when I'm ready.

1 October 2011

BP is better: I'm down to a 'half-dose' of Lisinopril (2.5 / day), which is the smallest tablet they make, so as long as I continue to progress, the next (last) step is - no Lisinopril at all! Had the BP taken yesterday and it was 120 / 80. What I need to do: MORE EXERCISE. Specifically, more cardio-type exercise, things that are strenuous enough to get my heart-rate up and get me panting.

The diabetes checks continue to go well. The retinopathy annual revealed no problems, which is great. And the latest HbA1c, as of two weeks ago, was 5.1 - my best ever.

Still have twenty pounds or perhaps a little more to reach my 'first' goal. The least I've ever weighed as an adult is 134, so that's the next target. I'm not as rushed to get there, which is reflected perhaps in my less-than-total commitment. It'll happen when it happens, but my body seems to be happy with the current diet, the fitness is coming along (slowly), and the nutrients - vitamins and minerals - all seem to be about right, so...

I'm getting there, but I've come far enough that I feel more relaxed. Not letting my guard down ('Be Ever Vigilant!') but I don't feel I have to maintain such a narrow rigidity. This means my progress will truly slow to a crawl but - I'm okay with it. If I get 'not okay' with it, I'll go back to more commitment and tighter control, but... is it worth it? Perhaps my theme for October thoughts.

This month starts my Jubilee Year countdown: I'm turning 59. I'm hoping for a very exciting year!

1 July 2011

What the last few weeks brought is being back on Lisinopril. I don't want to talk about it. *sigh*

On the good-news side: I am way into the final section of losing weight. I originally had divided my overall goal into small increments of 26 pounds. This week, I am under 160, and well into that last unit.

Had an HbA1c las week too - 5.2, and that's after being off Metforming for some weeks. Diet and exercise - lifestyle - control seems to be working. Now if I can just get the BP straightened out...

1 June 2011

The medication-less diabetes control seems to be working well; self-checks have been within the normal range and the weight-loss continues, slow but steady. So far, so good.

The big news is that as of today I have also been taken off BP medication. The check was 120 / 70. Using that one 'normal' reading as justification for eliminating (rather than decreasing) the prescription makes me nervous, but if - IF - my recent feeling ill is down to taking a now-unneeded daily medicine, then being off it is so much the better.

At any rate, that's the biggest news in this month's update. Long haul till 1 July - we'll just have to see what the next few weeks brings!

1 May 2011

Missed updating the last couple of months, but there must've been few, if any, changes. The big change heading into May is being officially a diet-controlled diabetic. I would say 'lifestyle controlled,' but the medical profession apparently has it otherwise, so... fair enough. The point is, '--controlled without medication.' I've found that while stringent monitoring of what I eat / when I eat is crucial, unless I also exercise the blood glucose is not entirely stable. I don't do any sustained cardio, such as jogging or swimming, but I do several 10-to-20 minute 'patches' of fairly vigorous exercise throughout the day, in addition to the regular household chores, a little (very little, lol) yardwork, walking around getting groceries, etc., and that seems to be sufficient, at least so far. I'm aware I may need to up the game at some point, especially as I get used to a daily routine, so that improvement continues, but I think I'll make progress as long as I keep alert and aware.

Hypertension continues to be a bugaboo, but at this time, I'm still of the opinion that working toward a normal BMI, waist / hip ratio, and other such measures of health will improve that as well, so I'm hopeful that maintaining it in a normal range is doable. No harm in trying to reach that goal!

And that's it. So far, so good. There was a month-long plateau in terms of weightloss, but during that time the meds were dropped and that may jumpstart the motor again - I hope so, as I still - STILL! - show up in the BMI 'obese' category. Next goal: overweight. Seems quite funny in some ways ('Yes, that's right, my goal is to be overweight') but it's definitely the next step.

1 February 2011

I'm going to try to do a bit of an assessment on the first of each month. (Wish I'd started doing this at the outset, lol!) During the first month of this year, I've achieved the following:
--lost 4.4 pounds
--maintained a 'fasting blood glucose' of 6.0 / 108.0 or less
--increased exercise to 30 minutes daily minimum, with more at least four days each week
--posted a blog (no matter how short!) every day

What I have yet to do that is bugging me:
--lower the blood pressure

The hypertension continues to be a major problem. It has come down 'slightly' (that is, from something like 138/92 to 138/90) but still definitely not good. I want to get off all medication, so I'm hoping this isn't now a permanent condition or something.

Other than that, tho, I think January's gone pretty well, don't you? :-)
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Other Information:
I have set 'mini-goals' of 26-pound weight losses, which is roughly 10% of my starting body weight. (10/23/2012: I am - STILL - on the last leg of that part of the journey.) (1/4/2014: still not got there.) My goal is 1 pound per week. My ultimate goal weight will give me a good BMI for my height.
* * *
Mini-update: I'm still hovering at just about 149. BG is good, BP is much improved (tho still med controlled), clothing is S / M or 10/12. Is it time to accept this as a stopping point?
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