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"I can move to my own drum beat each and everyday so I can strive to be the most successful person I know how to be"
Dear Ladybug

You are so beautiful with those shimmering hazel eyes. Your eyes express so much passion to succeed at this weight loss journey. You work so compassionately on that treadmill even ...
"I can move to my own drum beat each and everyday so I can strive to be the most successful person I know how to be"
Dear Ladybug

You are so beautiful with those shimmering hazel eyes. Your eyes express so much passion to succeed at this weight loss journey. You work so compassionately on that treadmill even though your knees tell you to stop because they are in so much pain. You speak so positively knowing that if you go that extra few minutes through that pain your butt will be even finer than it is, you love handles will disappear and your thighs will be leaner. You know the blisters are on temporary for you to get healthy again.

Oh how you feel satisfied after being at the gym, you feel inspired to grow. You are strong compassionate and brave. You realize that your love for yourself to be healthy again and meet that goal of running a 5K race will make me love you more than I already do. I love you now but your dream to succeed will happen.

With Love,
Your inner Lady Bug

P.S. You truly are succeeding
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Some sort of activity each day. Drink my water and track my food.

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I am a determined person. I strive for what I want and go for it.

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"I am doing the best I can given what I have today."
— Jillian Michaels

“Is it easy? No! ... It has to be a conscious decision.”
-Bob Harper

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1/25/2015 6:48:16 PM

thanks for the spark goodie and your good wishes

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1/23/2015 9:03:40 PM

HI Maria !!! When I worked full time,, yrs ago,,,, and also did volunteer work for 90 hrs a month,,, lived with a room mate,,, and when we had the time,,, we did theme gatherings as often as we could. LOL I have NO CLUE where I found the energy or time !!

Than we were hit by a truck (room mate was driving,, was NOT her fault,,, the 18 wheeler driver,,, Mr Smith, was talking on his CB (before cells) almost 20 yrs ago. It hurt us both,,, she is slowly over the years dying. Her brain was damaged,,its dying from the outside in. I HATE watching this. I have muscular and nerve damage (they had separated by being hit 4 times by his truck, 2 times hitting the guard rail,,, we THOUGHT we were sooo fortunate to not of broken bones,, now we wish we had,,, we would of recovered from that !),,,, I tried to work after 3 months, needed to cut down hrs,,, than more hrs,, I was a manager in a groc store,,,, eventually they had me leave,,, and on disablity, which they helped me to get. I still shop there,, I am graeful for this now,, I was NOT at first.

I got a puter,,, saw I could still do something worth while on the puter as a volunteer. At first did so on AOL,,, but, lost a person, who commited suicide,,, I had been with him on a one to one for HRs,, as I tried to get the police to his house,, by the time we figured out his addy,, the # for his local police dept,,, they got there,, it was to late. I was of course broken hearted. I know it was NOT my fault, but still it hurt badly. He came on wanting to do this,, but also wanting to be heard as to why. It was found on his puter (we had IMed for over an hr). Thankfully his family was able to find out "WHY"?????? For that I am tahnkful,, so they did NOT need to blame themselves either. He had been depressed severely for yrs.

I didn't do much after that for a few yrs,, as I recovered,, found SPARKS,,, and here I am now. I have A LOT of time. I am soo thankful to SPARKS for allowing me to do this hon.

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1/23/2015 1:23:39 AM

Awww and such CUTE puppy ears for a Dawggie 11

SUre I do not mind.

U will need to figure out what ur differential #'s for your intake,, #'s ,,, for me if I have700 to 1,000 left at the end of the day,,,, (again from the report,, which I'll help you with),,, you WILL lose weekly.

I think Lynn has put out that if we have 3,500 for the week,,,, in totals added together we WILL Lose.

So after you track ur nutrition,, and also exercise,,,,,, go up to the MY TRACKER at the top.

than scroll down to Report

Click on the daily calorie diff. See what it has,, for the bottom #. That is what you have left over for ur total of the day,, , of cals taken in,, burned.

I hope this helps,, if not,, Maryann is better at explaing things than I am. :) Awww thats ONE of the MANY reasons we keep her around 1

LOL tonight,,,, we were on the phone,, got to thinking "its time to SCARE Ceri 1'

So I wrote her an email,,, explaing that I NEED a VACATION and DSERVE IT 11 SInce I am not mrried,,, and most of my friends are ill,,,,, that Maryann was going to come with me.

We are to go,, so I told her, to Arizona,,,, stay in a hotel,,,, with NO WIFI and NO Hot spots near by. So Maryann, myself and also MaryannS , the CL of the Champion in the Kitchen team,, the 3 of us were to TAKE OFF !!

Of course that'd at ONCE do as we HOPED it'd do,,,,, I do the daily totals of exer/LTGLs,, and so does Maryann CL of the Ktichen,,, and Maryann on our team is My back up 1 So with us all gone,,, LOL nothing would get done from the 2 teams 1

At the very end I put "PSS: this IS April 1st ,, right"?

I got an email from Ceri "DO NOT EVER DO thAT tO ME AGAIN !! U scaredme to PIECES LOL"

of course I simply DIED of laguhter 1

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1/22/2015 11:16:42 AM

Thanks for the blog support! I LOVE that there are little TV's on the cardio equipment at the gym. I watch cop/detective dramas and that keeps my mind occupied and I'm finished before I know it. Going in at the new time, I now miss the ending of the shows emoticon But being on a time crunch, I don't have time to stick around and see how it ends. emoticon

Have a great day!! emoticon

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1/21/2015 11:17:54 PM

I had a very awesome day. I lost 1.4 today. Then I found out the my blood test that I had yesterday for my diabetes it turned out great. Last week my dr. said that I might can get off insulin if my bloodwork comes back good. Well it came back emoticon . I am so excited when I see my dr. on Friday.

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