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Me, Fluffy & My sister

Martin Moreno & I; Friends of Fluffy Show - Houston, TX 3/3/2013

Me @ the 70 pound weight loss mark (2 pant sizes)

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learning and miscommunications...

Status: Single, not Desperate.
Activity: Walking daily, and doing HIIT or cardio
Least favorite thing: Sally Up, Sally Down push-up or squat challenge...

About me:

Hi. I'm Cyndy M. I am 35 years old and a widow. I am the momma of 2 doxies and autie to a sheppard mix, a lab, 2 cats and 3 nephews (22, 19 & 5... All are brothers, with the same parents.) I have several tattoos and enjoy my body art. I plan on getting more tattoos later on, when I ...
Status: Single, not Desperate.
Activity: Walking daily, and doing HIIT or cardio
Least favorite thing: Sally Up, Sally Down push-up or squat challenge...

About me:

Hi. I'm Cyndy M. I am 35 years old and a widow. I am the momma of 2 doxies and autie to a sheppard mix, a lab, 2 cats and 3 nephews (22, 19 & 5... All are brothers, with the same parents.) I have several tattoos and enjoy my body art. I plan on getting more tattoos later on, when I finish losing the 200 lbs.

I really do want to lose weight and restart my life after losing my husband. My Hubby was 33 y/o when he passed unexpectedly from a heart attack in 2010. He had a lot of medical issues too.

I am busy constantly... I work 2 jobs; a member of the Deaf Community; an event planner for: work, school and Deaf/ASL Socials in my area; a friend; a sister; an auntie to my nephews and their friends; and a p.i.t.a. to my friend Miguel.

I have been busy trying to finish my degree in Deaf Education. I work for the same college where I attend. I love my job and my boss. My boss allows for her employees to get out and walk the track, behind our campus. The conditions are: We can't have students waiting on us and we can only be gone for 20 to 30 minutes max. I have no excuse now, not to walk either inside the building or outside on the track.

My Goals:

1. I want to lose 200 pounds. I started SparkPeople after being weighed in at 375 pounds. My heaviest weight ever! You can find me on there as, MCyndyM.

2. I want to fit in one airplane seat, without using an extender. I flew April 2012 and was embarrassed by some rude comments made. I blew them off by acting deaf and making the rude people feel like crap. ((I take full responsibility for my actions and some of my Deaf friends have jumped my bum for this.))

3. I am saving up money to move to San Antonio or El Paso to complete my bachelors/masters. Sorry, my profession is not offered at the local colleges or Universities.

4. My dream is to attend 'Deaf Mecca' also known as Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. It's the equivalent of attending Harvard, Yale or Princeton Universities.

5. I really want to teach in Deaf Education or to work for a High School, College, or University setting. Yet, my passion is to work with Deaf children and their Hearing parents.

6. I would like to start dating again, once I lose some major weight. I'm tired of being treated as the stepping stone/door mat for guys. I wanna be the woman who can ensnare a guy with a flick of my lashes.

7. Maybe once I reach my goal weight, I can..................

Currently working on:
* Setting up a blog site for my random ranting on dating, life, and art.
* Some new art work for friends... Also, I am finishing some detailed pieces for my own collection.
* Finding a place where I belong in this world
* Making my mark or leaving a legacy (even if it's local)
* Starting a business for both my artwork and for my profession
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My Goals:
1. Lose weight, safely and as healthy as possible, without going to extremes

2. Fit in an airplane seat without buying a 2nd seat or using a seatbelt extender

3. Complete my degree in Deaf Education

4. Go to Gallaudet University or Rochester Inst. of Tech.

5. Work in my field of training as an Interpreter or as a Deaf Education Teacher/Instructor

My Program:
I walk with a few friends from work.

Since we have a track to walk in the back of our building.

Personal Information:
I'm Cyndy M-.

I live in Texas, not by choice. Believe me, If I had a choice in where I live, it would be some place that actually had all 4 seasons and did not require an ac unit, ceiling fans in every room, air purifier fans in every room and rotating fans for when the temp gets over 115 degrees!

I love to travel, read, knit, make cards and working on my web pages.

I hate scammers, lazy people, beggars, and creeps/pervs.

Other Information:
I admit it, I'm a fluffy girl.

I enjoy signing with Deaf people.

I live for adventures.

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9/9/2014 10:35:24 AM

Hi, I am very inspired by your photos! Phylis.


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6/24/2014 10:16:44 AM

emoticon Cyndy to the Keep Walking In Jesus team! It is a wonderful and uplifting group. Embracing you in friendship, support and hugs from one sister in Christ to another. Have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday.

~ Monika ~ emoticon

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6/8/2014 3:53:48 PM

Happy Belated Birthday Done Girl! emoticon

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6/6/2014 6:04:01 PM

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I was watching Fluffy last night

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6/6/2014 12:53:12 AM

emoticon Happy Birthday, DONE GIRL emoticon

By nature, Gemini isn't a "fat" sign, since she is to active and really doesn't want to be slowed down. Exercise for Gemini needs to have something mental involved as she gets bored very quickly. She should be part of a class as she loves to have friends around her. Gemini is most often the "baby' in the family and born to a father who is well respected in the community. She grows up fast as she needs to keep up with the older kids. She learns to talk early to express her ideas. Her health issues are her nerves, injury to her shoulders, collar bone, hands and lungs. She should never smoke. She gets along with Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. She should avoid controlling Scorpio as she doesn't want to be tied down. She does well working at a job where she can talk, such as a 911 Operator or teacher. She will be young when she is old.

In Gemini the Sun is active, restless and changeable. You like plenty of variety in your everyday activities, in your friends, and even in your diet. Your interests are many and diverse--almost anything will attract your attention if only for a brief time. Truly, this is the sign of the jack-of-all-trades. As the story goes, you may find that unless you can develop your powers of perseverance, you may be the master of none. Your varied interests can result in a tendency for you to spread yourself too thin, sometimes failing to follow through on projects you've begun.
Being very curious, you want to know and experience as much as you can. Gemini is the sign of duality. You find it difficult to limit yourself to one job, to one relationship, or one hobby, as you constantly seek variety and mental adventure. You scatter your energies because you don't want to miss anything. You are a lifelong student, never tiring of learning new subjects. You collect facts and tidbits of data, but you may not always have the big picture.
To the Gemini person, communication is of utmost importance. You flourish on ideas, with a mind that is ever so quick and curious. You are a person who enjoys talking and writing. All sorts of communication ideas appeal to nature. You are aware of all that is going on around you, and you want to understand and participate in it all. You are hard to pin down, and even harder to beat in a debate. Your abilities of combining quick comprehension , and the communication of this comprehension to others, are the hallmarks of your sign. You can talk yourself into and out of situations with ease. Often Mercury people (Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury) take mischievous delight in disconcerting slower minds with their fast paced mental antics. You like to be around people, and you never do well working alone or on any routine type job.
Extremely friendly, you enjoy companionship, and really thrive on it. Just as you don't like to be without activity, you don't like to be alone. You are likely to have a very wide circle of friends with whom you enjoy many activities--movies, games, conversation, and such. You are naturally outgoing and possess a sparkling wit. You are apt to become quickly bored with conservative types that can't make a decision or agree with your need to impose change. Not being very introspective or reflective, often you don't understand your motivations or the motivations of others. So in many ways, relationships can be shallow and superficial. Your restless mercurial nature requires constant excitement and change, or you'll becomes very dispirited and morose.

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