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Becoming me

I've lost 61 pounds since 9/21/13. I'm still a never ending work in progress. :)

BRING ON 2015! I'm ready for you!
I will focus on reaching new fitness goals :)

"Tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it!"

Today starts day 1 of no weigh in. SW 169. (after my bd dinner woops) lol.
Keto diet starts today. I CAN DO THIS!
Goal to be in the 150s after my 4 weeks is over but it's ok if I'm not.

I've lost 61 pounds since 9/21/13. I'm still a never ending work in progress. :)

BRING ON 2015! I'm ready for you!
I will focus on reaching new fitness goals :)

"Tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it!"

Today starts day 1 of no weigh in. SW 169. (after my bd dinner woops) lol.
Keto diet starts today. I CAN DO THIS!
Goal to be in the 150s after my 4 weeks is over but it's ok if I'm not.

I did this challenge in 2014 and it was when I first started strength training.
Focus on inches.
Monday 10/20
Hips 39 - Waist 36 - Thighs 22 - Arms 13
Hips 36 - Waist 31 - Thighs 20 - Arms 11

~ I'm Dani, I'm 34 and I've been married for 13 years to my sweet-heart. Together we have 6 children.
My kiddos are girl (12), boy (10), boy (8), boy (6), girl (3) and boy (1)!! (they keep me busy but motivated!).

I'm a WAHM. (I am a photographer and run my own business).

I couldn't think of a better title then "becoming me." I have always felt like a thinner healthier person was beneath all these layers. Slowly I am piling away the layers to find the 'real me' beneath.

I've lost 57 pounds since I started my journey. I haven't always been perfect but I have always continued to take steps to improve my health. I've falling off the wagon a few times but have managed to climb back on.

~ What I've learned a long the way.

I've learned that staying active on SP is very important and to hold myself accountable.
I've learned that nobody can do this for me I have to do this for myself. I'm the reason I'm this way so it's up to me to fix it.
I've learned that weight loss is 80% how we handle what happens to us. And the choices we make when something unexpected happens.
I've learned that if you want to be successful you have to track EVERYTHING!
I've learned that having the right kind of positive attitude and perspective is extremely important.
I've learned that you have to want it more then anything else.
I've learned that you need to remember why you began your journey in the first place.

1787 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
20 g Net Carbs (4%, 80 kcal)
98 g Protein (22%, 392 kcal)
146 g Fat (74%, 1315 kcal)

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Member Since: 9/18/2013

SparkPoints: 20,853

Fitness Minutes: 10,633

My Goals:
Track my food
Eat Paleo
Drink at least 10 glasses of water
Work out 5-7 days a week.
Be at or below 200 pounds by thanksgiving 2013.
*reached goal*

2014 Goals
Weigh in the 180s by
May 20th GOAL MET!

Goal back to lowest weight by my BD. April 17th.
5 pounds each month after.
May 31st. GW 161
June 30th GW 156
July family is coming to FL! Rock a bikini!!! GW 140s.

My Program:
To get fit and healthy!!

-- Follow the Paleo Diet --

Week one 9/20-- SW 226
-- EW 215.8
Week Two 9/27 -- SW 215.8
-- EW 214.6
Week Three 10/5 -- SW 214.6
EW 212.6
Week Four 10/12 -- SW 212.6 Ew 210.2
Week Five 10/19 -- 210.2
Ew 207.6
Week Six 10/26 -- 207.6 EW 204.8
Week Seven 11/2 -- SW 204.8 EW 203.6

Start over on 1/12/14
First weigh in on 1/18/14

Refocus 5/8/14 `196
5/13/14 HELLO 180s.

Goodbye 220s
Goodbye 210s
Goodbye 200s
Goodbye 190s
Goodbye 180s
Goodbye 170s
Hello 160s
Flipping out over the 150s
CRAZY 140s!!!!
OMG 130s

Personal Information:
I'm from North Florida. I'm Mom to 6 beautiful children that I home-school.

One of my biggest goals is to go to Europe. My husband and I plan to go for our 15 Wedding Anniversary. :)
My goal is to be very fit and healthy.

Other Information:
I love to write fiction but I rarely get time.
My favorite movies are period pieces like Pride and Prejudice and North and South.
I'm a Southern Gal and I enjoy my football team the Florida Gators. And I love Nascar :) (GO JEFF GORDON)

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8/8/2015 7:23:28 AM

Abraham Lincoln once said." We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. Do we see the glass half full or half empty.

There are ten benefits of positive thinking.

1. A positive mind attracts postive events ....imagine how many great things you will experience in your life.

2. Postiive thinking promotes great and harmonious relationships because you notice the positive qualities in a person instead of dwelling on their defaults.

3. You make a better first impression because people are attracted to
a kind and friendly person.

4. Postiive thinkers experience birant health and are less prone to
depression and are less prone to illness.

5. Positive thinking is the key to success because it allows success to
become doable and easier.

6. Positive people overcome stress more easily.

7. Positive thinkers see problems as opportunities for growth.

8. Positive thinkers notice the abundance of good things in their lives because they develop an attitude of gratitude.

9. Positive thinking motivates us to achieve our goals.

10. Beauty shines from within a positive thinker because friendly and
happy people are extremely attractive and the inner beauty is able to be seen by others.

Make positive thinking you daily habit!

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7/30/2015 8:38:12 AM

This day belongs to me. I can do wonderful things with it, creative things, including the creation of order in my surroundings and in my mind. Nobody else owns my particular segment of tim, so it really depends only on me how I will fill every moment to my satisfaction.

Enjoy your day dear emoticon .

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7/12/2015 11:37:23 AM

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Take time to celebrate. Celebrate your successes, your growth, your accomplishments. Celebrate YOU and who you are. Your beauty is in you, just as you are each moment. Celebrate that.

When you have a success, when you accomplish something, enjoy it. Pause, reflect, rejoice.
Celebration is a high form of praise. All along you have been a gift to yourself and to the Universe.

Celebrate your relationships! Celebrate the lessons from the past and the love and warmth that is there today. Enjoy the beauty of others and their connection to you.

Celebrate all that is in your life including personal struggles because through these you experience growth. Celebrate all that is good. CELEBRATE YOU

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7/3/2015 10:14:20 PM

emoticon Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

H appiness if found within not in people and things.

A cceptance of the present regardless of what fears/inner demons you may
be facing

P ersistence in seeking love and happiness inside ourselves so we may
experience the abundance of love and beauty that encompasses us

P atience with ourselves as we learn and grow through our personal trials
and tribulations life often presents to us unexpectedly.

I nside ourselves are all the answers we seek, believe in yourself with a s
smile on your face

N ever give up yourself! Challenge your belief systems with an open heart
and a positive mind set

E ndless love and happiness awaits you, seek it consciously without delay

S pirit of love is the essence of our original form; happiness is our natural
state of being

S trive in the face of adversity and feel your spirit soar to new heights
experiencing love, peace and happiness from this moment forward. Live
as if there is no tomorrow, for you reap what you sow.

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6/17/2015 12:46:23 PM

“Courage is not the absence of despair; it is, rather the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair.”
—Rollo May

Some days we wake up to overwhelming feelings that things look bleak. We see loss and danger around us, and we fear for the future. That is when our character is most tested. That is when we are called to continue to just put one foot in front of the other. There is no need to solve all our problems right away or to change the world immediately. Courage isn’t necessarily a feeling of confidence that we can triumph over all odds. It’s knowing that we can move ahead one step at a time, and it’s taking positive action in the face of our fears.
Each day we can do small things that are constructive. By these small things, we can place ourselves on the positive side of life’s equation. We can put our weight where we want to go. That is courage.
Today, in the face of my despair, I will focus my efforts on the side of my hopes and values

I just wanted to share my morning devotions with you today

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