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One Body ! One Life ! One Me !

This is my now ! This is my time ! From this day forward I am making ME my number one priority in taking care of my health .... if I don't take care of me ... WHO WILL ?

January 1st. 2014

I Niki hereby commit to going to Sparks for whatever length of time it takes to become the healthy person I am so meant to be.
I will do whatever it takes and strive to do my best to make healthy food choices, drink my water, get ...
This is my now ! This is my time ! From this day forward I am making ME my number one priority in taking care of my health .... if I don't take care of me ... WHO WILL ?

January 1st. 2014

I Niki hereby commit to going to Sparks for whatever length of time it takes to become the healthy person I am so meant to be.
I will do whatever it takes and strive to do my best to make healthy food choices, drink my water, get plenty of sleep, reduce my stress, terminate my consumption of all food three hours prior to my bedtime, and treat others the way I like to be treated.
I will endeavor to be conscious of when, where, why, and how I eat to the best of my ability and eat simply to satisfy my nutritional needs as opposed to my emotional needs.
I realize that this contract is solely with myself and it carries no other rewards, penalties, or punishments other than those associated with the reflection of the strength of my character.


To live in memory, however tempting, is not to live at all. To live in the future, thinking it will be better, is also not to live. Today is the only day I have ... Today I choose to begin the next chapter in my life .. I am and always will be a survivor in life ... There's nothing I can't do and accomplish !


I may stop and rest for awhile to catch my breath, but I won't give up, so please don't give up on me.
My name is PERSEVERANCE and I won't stop until I succeed !


We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.


My Goals For 2014

1. Lose 20 Pounds

2. Exercise

3. Volunteer

4. Get My Yearly Physical

5. Knee Replacement Surgery

6. Time Management

7. Win The Lotto

8. Work On My " Quit List "

9. Drink More Water

10. Paperwork ( Fill Out Important Papers This Year )

11. Self-Love

12. Spiritual Journey

13. Continue On With " My Morning Cup Of Solitude "

14. Decrease My Bust ... I Must ! I Must ! I Must Decrease My Bust !


Jan. 12 2014 weight in 177.5




My quit list is long, but I will get through it one day, one step at a time.

What I am going to quit is ......

1.Quit dwelling on the past X

2. Quit biting my nails X

3. Quit eating all refined foods X

4. Quit iIsolating myself X

5. Quit putting my needs on the back burner X

6. Quit wasting time X

7. Quit making excuses X

8. Quit asking the " What If's " X

9. Quit doubting myself X

10. Quit telling myself I'm not beautiful.

11. Quit being a door mat. X

12. Quit comparing myself to others X

13. Quit trying to change anyone but myself. X

14. Quit buying and bringing junk food into my home. X

15. Quit being consumed with what others think about me X

16. Quit acting like everything is fine when it isn't.

17. Quit pretending to be someone I'm no X.

18. Quit sitting on the pitty pot. X

19. Quit stuffing my feelings X

20. Quit sleeping with my lights on at night. X

21. Quit buying things I don't need. X

22. Quit berating myself.

23. Quit trying to fix everyone and everything X

24. Quit eating meat.

25. Quit seeking approval from others X

26. Quit setting unrealistic goals. X

27. Quit saying I can't X

28. Quit doing things because I think I should X

29. Quit caffeine. X

30. Quit asking why me. X

31. Quit being a victim X

32. Quit taking my health for granted X

33. Quit running from my problems X

34.Quit wanting things to happpen RIGHT NOW !! X

35. Quit weighing myself everyday. X

36. Quit eating after 7p.m. X

37. Quit feeling I need to be perfect X

38. Quit needing to know all the answers to everything X

39. Quit holding grudges X

40. Quit telling myself I will never amount to anything X

41.Quit letting the past dictate my future. X

42. Quit whining X

43. Quit making the same mistakes over and over X

44. Quit stressing over things I have no control over X

45. Quit treating change as a BAD thing X

46. Quit living beyond my means. X

47. Quit feeling guilty when I say no. X

48. Quit running to the phone everytime it rings. X

49. Quit letting others tell me what I need or should do X

50. Quit getting my hopes up too high X

51. Quit thinking people are out to get me X

52. Quit telling myself things will never get better X

53. Quit thinking that the grass is greener on the other side X

54. Quit looking over my shoulder, around every corner, and under the bed X

55. Quit making a mountain out of a mole hill X

56. Quit feeling I need to prove anything to anyone X

57. Quit looking for a quick fix X

58. Quit making New Years resolutions. X

59. Quit reading all those diet, health care, and self help books. X

60. Quit dieting. X

61. Quit being indecisive about what I want in my life X

62. Quit focusing on the negative X

63. Quit needing to be right X

64. Quit playing the victim card X

65. Quit being angry with myself over mistakes I have made in the past X

66. Quit worrying whether the house work gets done. X

67. Quit being afraid X

68. Quit rejecting new relatationships just because old ones didn't work out X

69. Quit trying to compete against anyone else X

70. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones. X

71. Quit following the crowd. X

72. Quit being ungrateful X

73. Quit telling myself I'm too old X

74. Quit making promises X

75. Quit being around those who gossip. X

76. Quit wanting and waiting for others to make decisions for me X

77. Quit asuming just because someone else said so, that that's the way it is suppose to be X

78. Quit procrastinating X

79. Quit thinking people are going to judge me X

80. Quit being a drama queen X

81. Quit waiting for tomorrow to do the things I know I can do today X

82. Quit peeking through the peephole to see who is or who is NOT at the door. X

83. Quit saying yes when I really mean no.

84. Quit trying to buy happiness X

85. Quit being lazy X

86. Quit sabotaging myself X

87. Quit being a people pleaser X

88. Quit saying it's too late in life X

89. Quit trying to pretict the future X

90. Quit eating for emotional reasons X

91. Quit reacting before thinking things through X

92. Quit thinking I'm dumb X

93. Quit owning other's problems. X

94. Quit drinking Cappuccino. X

95. Quit obsessing about the number on the scale. X

96. Quit talking on my cell phone when driving. X

97. Quit pushing my family and friends away X

98. Quit lying to myself and others X

99. Quit keeping track and trying to get even X

100. Quit thinking I'm unlovable X

101. Quit holding onto the past X

102. Quit telling myself I don't need help X

103. Quit blaming others for what happened to me X

104. Quit refusing help X

105. Quit listening to the nay-sayers X

106. Quit giving advice or my opinion unless asked for it. X

107. Quit making the wrong choices X

108. Quit thinking that I'm a burden to others X

109. Quit sticking my nose into anyone elses business but my own X

110. Quit waitng for the right moment to begin X

111. Quit saying I QUIT X

I will continue working on my quit list for 2014 ... The ones marked with an X I have accomplished. From time to time I may need to go back and remove an X and work a little more on it.



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