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July 2009 New addition to my family Jagermeister and Kahlu

We got a new baby July 2014

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01-01-15 214.6
01-03-15 211.8
01-10-15 210.8
01-17-15 212.8
01-24-15 211.6
01-31-15 312.6
02-07-14 213.6

Goal 129.9


01-01-14 184.9 Starting Weight
01-04-14 181.8
01-11-14 180.0
01-18-14 179.0
01-25-14 179.4
02-01-14 177.4
02-08-14 179.4
02-15-14 179.0
02-22-14 178.6
03-01-14 180.2
03-08-14 180.2
03-15-14 181.0 ...

01-01-15 214.6
01-03-15 211.8
01-10-15 210.8
01-17-15 212.8
01-24-15 211.6
01-31-15 312.6
02-07-14 213.6

Goal 129.9


01-01-14 184.9 Starting Weight
01-04-14 181.8
01-11-14 180.0
01-18-14 179.0
01-25-14 179.4
02-01-14 177.4
02-08-14 179.4
02-15-14 179.0
02-22-14 178.6
03-01-14 180.2
03-08-14 180.2
03-15-14 181.0 Vacation
03-22-14 183.0
03-29-14 182.2 5K
04-05-14 181.6
04-12-14 182.6
04-19-14 183.2
04-26-14 182.6
05-03-14 181.8
05-10-14 184.8
05-17-14 183.8
05-24-14 183.0
05-31-14 186.4
06-07-14 184.2
06-14-14 186.6 Vacation
06-21-14 188.6
06-28-14 188.6
07-05-14 188.2
07-12-14 188.6
07-19-14 189.2
07-26-14 191.2
08-02-14 191.8
08-09-14 193.0
08-16-14 196.4 Vacation
08-23-14 194.2
08-30-14 197.0
09-06-14 196.6
09-13-14 197.8 4 Wheeling 2 days =)
09-20-14 199.9
09-27-14 199.4
10-04-14 199.9
10-11-14 200.2
10-18-14 203.8
10-25-14 201.4
11-01-14 202.8
11-08-14 202.8
11-15-14 202.4
11-22-14 203.0
11-29-14 205.4
12-06-14 207.4
12-13-14 206.2
12-20-14 206.4
12-27-14 208.4

01-02-13 210.0
01-05-13 208.8
01-12-13 207.0
01-19-13 205.8
01-26-13 204.2
02-02-13 201.6
02-09-13 200.6
02-16-13 197.6
02-23-13 197.2
03-02-13 195.2
03-09-13 194.2
03-16-13 193.6
03-23-13 192.0 5K
03-30-13 189.2
04-06-13 189.2
04-13-13 188.2
04-20-13 187.8
04-27-13 186.2
05-04-13 185.0
05-11-13 184.8
05-18-13 184.8
05-25-13 181.8
06-01-13 181.2 Vacation
06-08-13 182.6
06-15-13 182.6
06-22-13 182.4
06-29-13 181.6
07-06-13 182.2
07-13-13 184.6
07-20-13 183.4
07-27-13 185.6
08-03-13 183.0
08-10-13 182.0
08-17-13 183.8
08-24-13 182.4
08-31-13 181.0
09-07-13 181.2
09-14-13 184.0
09-21-13 180.2
09-28-13 177.2
10-05-13 176.8
10-12-13 178.6 Vacation
10-19-13 178.6
10-26-13 176.2
11-02-13 175.0
11-09-13 174.6
11-16-13 176.4 Vacation
11-23-13 175.2
11-30-13 173.8
12-07-13 175.2
12-14-13 Vacation
12-21-13 179.4
12-28-13 181.8


01-07-12 209.6
01-14-12 206.0
01-21-12 202.8
01-28-12 202.0
02-04-12 200.6
02-11-12 197.4
02-18-12 197.2
02-25-12 192.6
03-03-12 192.0
03-10-12 190.8
03-17-12 189.8
03-24-12 Maintained
03-31-12 188.8 starting practice maintenance
04-07-12 190.8
04-14-12 192.0
04-21-12 191.6
04-28-12 192.2
05-05-12 196.0
05-12-12 195.2
05-19-12 195.8
05-26-12 198.6
06-02-12 197.0
06-09-12 197.2
06-16-12 196.0
06-23-12 199.4
06-30-12 199.8
07-07-12 200.6 Vacation
07-14-12 204.0 Vacation
07-21-12 199.4
07-28-12 203.0
08-04-12 202.0
08-11-12 204.2
08-18-12 207.4 Vacation
08-25-12 206.6
09-22-12 208.0
09-29-12 211.0
10-06-12 211.4
10-13-12 214.2
10-20-12 209.4
10-27-12 212.8
11-03-12 212.4
11-10-12 209.2
11-17-12 208.2
11-24-12 206.8
12-01-12 208.2
12-08-12 208.2
12-15-12 209.6
12-22-12 209.6
12-29-12 215.4


01-01-11 240.0
01-22-11 238.2
01-29-11 237.4
02-05-11 234.4
02-12-11 233.0
02-19-11 230.0
02-26-11 226.8
03-05-11 Maintained
03-12-11 224.8
03-19-11 Maintained
03-26-11 221.4
04-02-11 219.6
04-09-11 219.4
04-16-11 219.0
04-23-11 215.8
04-30-11 Maintained
05-07-11 Maintained
05-14-11 215.2
07-16-11 220.0
07-30-11 225.0
08-06-11 224.4
08-13-11 226.2
08-20-11 223.6 Before Hysterectomy
08-27-11 219.8
09-03-11 222.4 After Hysterectomy
09-10-11 221.4
09-17-11 222.0
09-24-11 Maintained
10-01-11 Maintained
10-08-11 Maintained
10-15-11 Maintained
10-22-11 Maintained
10-29-11 225.0 Joined a new TEAM
November 2011 Shrinking Sparks!
11-05-11 222.8
11-12-11 220.4
11-19-11 215.2
11-26-11 218.0
12-03-11 214.6
12-10-11 212.0
12-17-11 210.6
12-24-11 211.6
12-31-11 210.8 Smith fit Round #3 01-03-11 215.0

Old Spark Journey

11-19-06 260lbs
11-26-06 255lbs
12-04-06 252lbs
12-11-06 249lbs
12-17-06 Maintained
12-24-06 243lbs
12-31-06 238lbs
01-04-07 235lbs
01-08-07 234lbs
01-14-07 230lbs
01-22-07 228lbs
01-28-07 224lbs
02-04-07 222lbs
02-10-07 Maintained
02-17-07 217lbs
02-25-07 214lbs
03-04-07 212lbs
03-10-07 Maintained
03-18-07 208lbs
03-25-07 204lbs
04-01-07 203lbs
04-06-07 Maintained
04-09-07 200lbs
04-17-07 Maintained
04-23-07 196lbs
04-29-07 193lbs
05-07-07 191lbs
05-16-07 189lbs
05-20-07 187lbs
05-27-07 185lbs
06-03-07 184lbs
06-17-07 181lbs
07-01-07 179lbs
07-08-07 177lbs
07-15-07 Maintained
07-22-07 176lbs
07-29-07 174lbs
08-06-07 171lbs
08-13-07 Maintained
Photo Shoot in NYC "People"
08-26-07 168lbs
09-10-07 167lbs
09-16-07 165lbs
09-24-07 Maintained
10-08-07 164lbs
10-14-07 162lbs
10-21-07 160lbs
11-07-07 Gained 5lbs
12-19-07 160lbs
01-08-08 Gained 7lbs
01-20-08 159lbs
"ellen" show L.A.
01-30-08 Maintained
02-13-08 Maintained
02-27-08 Maintained


What Came After My Success in 2007-2008

04-09-08 Gained 4lbs
05-17-08 Gained 9 More
06-29-08 Gained 4 More
08-23-08 Gained 10 More
09-16-08 Gained 6 More
10-30-08 Gained 8 More
12-08-08 Gained 4 More
01-05-09 Gained 6 More
01-09-09 Gained 3 More
01-25-09 Maintained Currently at 213 lbs
Gained 54 lbs over the last year =(
02-02-09 207.6
02-09-09 207.4
02-16-09 211.0
02-23-09 209.2
03-01-09 209.0
03-09-09 210.4
03-16-09 214.0
03-23-09 211.6
03-31-09 217.0
04-06-09 215.0
04-14-09 213.0 Marathon Training Begin's
04-21-09 217.6
04-28-09 216.8
05-06-09 214.6
05-09-09 212.8
05-18-09 214.0
05-25-09 218.6
05-31-09 215.4
06-08-09 215.6
06-15-09 220.0
06-22-09 221.6
06-29-09 220.6
07-06-09 221.0
07-13-09 221.6
07-20-09 225.0
07-27-09 226.0
08-04-09 226.0
08-11-09 227.0
08-19-09 224.8
08-24-09 227.4
09-02-09 226.6
09-08-09 225.6
09-14-09 228.0
09-21-09 226.0
09-28-09 227.0
10-05-09 226.0
10-26-09 228.0
11-09-09 235.0
12-08-09 230.8
12-21-09 230.0
12-28-09 240.0
Gained 27lbs over the last year a total of 81 lbs over the last two years =(
01-01-10 240.0
01-03-10 238.0
01-14-10 233.2
01-17-10 234.0
01-24-10 240.0
03-23-10 237.8
08-07-10 237.0
09-24-10 239.0
11-08-10 232.2

Mommy Olympics update on blog
*UPDATED 4-25-2008*

Woo Hoo everybody thank you so much for all your votes. My daughter could not have done it with out all of you!

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to vote!



WOW........What and honor being on Ellen was! Thank you everyone for your support, I wish I could have said so much more on the show but, I just want to say Thank you to everyone for all your comments and encouragement.
Thanks again

I'VE LOST 100 POUNDS ON "SP" as of


Thank you to everyone that voted for me!

And this is my story:

Looking back on my childhood all my friends were skinner then me but, I don't remember feeling "Fat" until I was 12 years old. I have a memory of standing on a scale and it saying 120 lbs from that moment until I was already graduated from High School I continued to gain until I reached a weight of 244 lbs. It wasn't until I had already been out of high school for almost a year and a half that I was working with some friends at a local bakery. They had one of those vending machine scales that you put a quarter in and it tells you your weight. I had seen myself in the mirror and in photo graphs and I new I was over weight but, I would compare myself too my friends that were also over weight and think oh I'm not that fat! We all stepped on the scale one at a time and when it was all over I then realized I weighed more then any of them and it wasn't just by a few pounds I was a good 20 lbs more then them. That was all it took for me, I went to the store and bought myself a 300.00 treadmill and set it up in my moms basement. I bought a Television , Vhs player and some Richard Simmons tapes so that I could do aerobics in my bedroom ( I was embarrassed to jump around in front of anyone) I was the oldest of six children and I shared a bedroom with my sister that was 8 years younger then me but, my mom went out of her way to make sure that I was able to do my workouts around my work schedule even if that meant running my noisy treadmill in the morning while everyone was sleeping. We only had one bathroom so she also had to make sure the shower would be available to me when I needed it. And she did just that. I am a very routine person so I would get up in the morning workout go to work eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday at the exact same time come home workout and go straight to bed so that I would not feel hungry and eat something. I did this for 3 straight months and lost a total of 62 lbs WOW you say well at that point I went into a deep depression because I had isolated myself from the rest of the world. You would think that losing all that weight I would go buy new clothes or something and feel happy but, instead I was upset about the loose skin and still being over weight and never doing anything with any of my friends. I remember a time when a friend called me and asked if I could go out to dinner with her and I freaked out because how was I supposed to do that I needed notice so that I could adjust my calories acordingly. She very nicely said ok well why don't we plan on going out for some frozen yogurt next "Wednesday" I said ok and for the next week I prepared myself for that frozen yogurt. I soon lost my momentum and decide that I couldn't keep exercising twice a day for the rest of my life and eating the same food and instead of changing what I was doing I just stopped, cold turkey! I then gained back about 25 pounds before meeting who would be my live in boyfriend for the next five years. My boyfriend was not comfortable with my weight and would harass me about it all the time. I finally got a gym membership and started going there on a regular, basis ok it wasn't regular it was anywhere from 1 -3 time's per day. I would go before work and after work and then sometimes before bed. I wasn't eating the same thing everyday this time but, I wasn't letting myself have anything that I really wanted like Pizza, chips, ect.............At one point I even joined Jenny Craig but, the expense of the program just caused me stress and I so I wasn't losing weight anyways. Over the next two to three years I did eventually lose all of the weight that I wanted too and got down to 129 lbs but, I was only able to maintain that weight for a short time before I was back up to
140 lbs were I did maintain for about a year. My boyfriend and I moved to California away from my family and then soon after split up. Our entire relationship was about my weight and what I ate so when we split up the first thing I did was start eating everything that I was not able to eat before and I quit going to the gym. I moved back to where my parents lived and for about 6 months I continued to eat and not exercise and after a few months the weight started coming back. My husband and I met 7 months after I had moved back from California and has been the best thing that could have ever happend. However you would not have thought so from a distance. My husband is thin and has no problem keeping weight off when we met he was a fried food eater. I remember telling him early on in our relationship that I could not eat fried foods or my butt would get very large. I don't think he believed me. He did however encourage me to purchase a $1500.00 treadmill that I wanted. We were engaged 6 months after we met and married exactly one year after we met. I did not use the treadmill until I joined SP 5 years later. I think in that one year I must have gained 40-60 pounds. My husband is the opposite as my ex-boyfriend was because he never mentioned by weigh gain or made me feel like it was bothering him which was nice in one sense but, in another it did not give me the push that I needed to stop putting the weight on. I think he just new that it was eating me up inside on a daily basis and if he said something it would just make me feel insecure. We have been together now for five years and for the first four years of our marriage I gained weight every year bringing me up too an all time high of 260 lbs. I would get motivated start a diet he would support me and it would last anywhere from a day to three weeks or so. Sometimes I would even loose 15 pounds but, then loose my momentum and gain it all back. But in November of last year (2006) it was different, the Sunday before Thanksgiving I was online "googling" trying to find a program or a contest or something that would keep my interest for longer then three weeks. I was checking out all of the big names "Biggest loser", "Oprah", "Weight Watchers" but, I had done Jenny Craig in the past and didn't want to go that route again, I was in the Dr. Phil website reading someone's blog and they mentioned SP? SP I didn't know what that was but, they were talking about a weight loss program so I decided to check it out. Somehow I was able to find it probably through "Google". I was so excited I called my husband over and was telling him about it. It was like all of these programs in one and it said it was FREE I was a little skeptical at first and I am not one to pay for online weight loss so I sat at my computer for the entire day reading about the website when I came across a short News clip about it. It was then that I signed up and began my journey. (I would defiantly pay for Spark now that I know all there is too offer). In the beginning of the "Spark" program I told my husband not to get excited for at least three weeks and at least 30 pounds were gone because I was afraid it was going to be just like all the other times. My first 28 days on Spark I lost 15 lbs which kept me motivated but, I still was not sure I was going to do it. The next month I lost another 15 pounds the following month I dropped down to a 10 pound loss but, at that point realized that this was the program that I had been waiting for and needed so badly. My husband had been so supportive with the fact that I was now on the computer quite a bit since I was now logging food, exercise, water and talking with people on the TEAM I had joined. I used the articles in the beginning to keep my mind off of food any time that I would feel hungry I would get on SP and read articles until I was no longer hungry or I no longer had time too eat. The thing I love the most is that I have changed my diet but, at the same time I am able to eat meals with my family and I have not taken out all the foods I love I just plan and I eat smaller portions of the items I love, I have switched to Baked Lays and I no longer eat "Stuffed Crust Pizza with Sausage instead I order "Thin crust Chicken supreme" and I have two pieces instead of four and I enjoy food so much more now then I ever did before.
When I started SP I joined a team in the beginning based off of my age and weight I wanted to lose but, the people in the team were not very active and the team leader was going through some personal problems and was not offering any support. Luckly Kristin aka Fruityful was also on that TEAM and suggested that I join her on a TEAM called "October 2006 shrinking sparks" so I did and WOW that's all I can say about these group of women they have been so great we have Team challenges every week that help keep me on track I don't know what it is about competing for point less points in a group but, some how it is. Fruity has been the person on SP that I have gotten to know the best. Any time I find something that helps me I share and same goes for her. She started on SP 10 lbs lighter then my starting weight and one month ahead of me so every month I try to make sure that I'm about 16 lbs behind her and that how I know if I am doing good or not.
She has been an amazing supportive friend I look forward to checking my E-mail every morning, afternoon, and evening to hear how her and her family are doing and I share all of the things we talk about with my husband. I don't know if he really enjoys hearing about people he does not know but, he listens and makes me feel that if they are important to me they are important to him. I have currently lost 83 lbs as of July 8th but, my next weigh in is Sunday so I know it will keep changing. I have set my goal at 130 lbs which is exactly half of my top weight of 260 and I know I will get there it is just a matter of time. I am currently a Camp counselor for a TEAM called "Camp GonnaBfit" a virtual camp on Spark, it is amazing how motivated I feel knowing that I have 23 other ladies looking up too me each and every morning watching every move I make and waiting for me to provide them with the motivation they are needing that morning too keep going.
I will use "Spark People" for the rest of my life even when I reach my goal weight because I LOVE IT and I have proven to myself in the past that I need all these people and more importantly I think they need me!
2008 started out to be what I thought was going to best the year ever but, by March I was having trouble maintaining my new lifestyle. It was a combination of things. My older daughter wont stay out of troublem my little sister had a baby and I am helping a few hours a day with her. We refinanced our house which turned out ok but, at the time it caused me a lot of Anxiety. In July my husband and I invested a lot of money into our business and I still havent recovered from that. I didnt handle the stresses of 2009 or 2010 in a positive way either .. It is now 2011 and I'm ready for a new success story....

"I love food. I always have. I love the smell, the taste and texture. Everything I do revolves around food. While eating dinner I think about what I'm going to have for breakfast the next day. I love food for all the wrong reasons. I love food for every emotion I have and every event that is taking place in my life."


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260 11-18-06
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210 01-06-13

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"Once film negatives are exposed to the light of day, they're ruined. In the same way, once you see your worries for what they are--self-inflicted doubts--their power disappears. If you give your doubts and fears too much development time, they'll take hold and start to color all of your thinking in a negative light. Pessimists have more health problems, are less productive, and are generally unhappier than optimists. People that don't worry as much spend more time coping with the realities of life and less time occupied with would-be problems. To get rid of worry, think more confidently. Know that you can handle anything that comes along. Know that with loss comes opportunity. Know that things generally have a way of working out. Stay out of that dark room and picture something better."

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emoticon Great to see your Spark Friend, JESSIHOVER2
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Hi, Happy new year! Lovely to hear from you!
The running is going well actually! I've got a partner that I run with once a week, but I think I'm ready to up that to twice a week, I just signed up for a 5k in April and I'm thinking I'll do a half marathon in Sept, a friend suggested I try a 10k between April and Sept, so I'm going to look for one.
How is 2015 treating you?

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Glad to see you are taking advantage of these few days of fall we're actually getting, it's actually been quite nice. Hope all is well with, I am so impressed with your sticktoitness. It would be way to just give up but you don't. Great job!!!

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What a gorgious male Eclectus Parrot! You are so lucky to have him in your family! I love birds! emoticon

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