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Trim Healthy Mama is my new way of eating!

Following a new program called Trim Healthy Mama! My friends are dropping 50 lbs and they are all over what program wouldn't be wonderful for us post menopausal women..we need the help with our slower metabolisms and other health issues. THM is for women of all ages!

Update 2/8/15: Weight this morning 173, been going up and down. My THM plan is not to blame for the slow progress but eating for no reason when I have nothing going on..but I still feel so satisfied with my ...
Following a new program called Trim Healthy Mama! My friends are dropping 50 lbs and they are all over what program wouldn't be wonderful for us post menopausal women..we need the help with our slower metabolisms and other health issues. THM is for women of all ages!

Update 2/8/15: Weight this morning 173, been going up and down. My THM plan is not to blame for the slow progress but eating for no reason when I have nothing going on..but I still feel so satisfied with my food and my body is still loving me for it. Down 33 pounds so far since starting and that isn't anything to take lightly. Started THM on 5/1, so I hope by 5/1 this year I'll be in the 160's, yup not rushing it, just a small goal...

Update 1/13/15: Weight this morning 175, haven't lost any over the holidays. Still have my eye on the prize of being in the 160's by Spring....since May I have been enjoying my food and the decreased times of binging. I do need to find some things to do in the evening so I don't eat out of boredom..Winter is here and easy to do..

Update 11/24/15: Weight this morning 173 down 4-lbs in two weeks, can't believe before I know it I'll be in the 160's. This THM is such an effortless way of eating and never feeling deprived and not counting calories, weighing or measuring..such freedom. I hope other women consider THM, those that apply the concept lose weight.

Update 11/9/15: This morning 177, two lbs since October but I'm okay with that because I don't feel like I'm on any plan now and THM has become second nature to me...enjoying new and easy recipes as well as desserts. I did get into some things during the past month that mostly likely resulted in only two pounds, like Halloween candy, potato chips..but following THM surely is easy to just move on, no thinking about....last kids Halloween got all the leftover candy and no more chips as my Hubby stopped by and I asked for them....the only reason I'm sharing this is so everyone realizes not the plan but what I do off plan. :)

Update 10/6/15: Wow, this morning I'm 179, I've lost 4 lbs in two weeks...mmm wonder if it is because I stopped the Dairy Queen more hot fudge sundaes. I guess it is time for a new down 27.4, of which 23.6 is from following THM.

Update 9/25/15: My weight is now 183, so not much progress this month, not because of following THM but because I had binge a few times on things like dairy queen hot fudge sundaes.....soooo...Anyway, I have been doing THM since May 1, and I surely, truly do not feel like it has been that long..time really flies which tells me I'm not on a diet at all. THM's new cookbook came out and I can't wait to try some of the recipes....they create recipes that are not hard to do and are they say who is dieting?

Update 9/4/15: My weight is now 183.6 since 8/15, so about 4 pounds loss since....this is really a slow process, but I'm so happy with my food. Just ordered by breast cancer charm in memory of my gram, mom, and sisters Donna and Patty all lost to breast cancer. Hoping by next summer I'll be where I'll feel comfortable with my weight. I'm waiting on a $300 gift card from my cable company..I will be saving it to buy myself all new clothes!

Update 8/15/15: My weight is down to 187, slowly it is coming off. I have been faltering a little on my plan, too many dairy queens and fast food. Just need to plan some really great tasting meals and desserts. And make up my mind to replace dairy queen with perhaps the Fat Stripping Frappa - haven't make that one yet. So since May 1 lost 15.6 pounds (average 3 lbs a month). My cholesterol blood results came back with lower total cholesterol which is great news.

Update 7/19/15: Was totally off plan when I was on vacation and gained 3 lbs, but got right back on plan when I got home after a few struggles (hot fudge sundaes called my name), but THM is so easy and satisfying it really isn't that hard to get back on plan. I hate to be in the kitchen so at times hard, but anytime you eat healthy it requires one to be in the kitchen, the food has to get prepared by someone. I lost the 3 lbs in about a week, so I'm sure part of the gain was water weight. Whoaaa love THM! My insides feel great, no heartburn, no bloat....

Update 6/26/15: So finally reach 189, and feeling great...I have been hungry the last couple of days, but then so have my cats, maybe a full moon of something..made the shrinker today and sipped on it all afternoon..yummy....having pizza, my crust is all cheese!

Update 6/21/15: My current weight is 190, so looking forward to being in the 180's, it has been awhile. The stress over the past year caused me to eat a lot, and I went from 170 to 206, which is quit shocking. I also attributed my eating to stress which in part it was, but I also believe because I was eating the wrong things like chips, candy bars, pizza, subs, all the things that have a lot of carbs only added to my cravings for more junk food. On THM I can have such great desserts and I never ever feel deprived! Who wouldn't want cheese cake or chocolate peanut butter cake? I make skinny peanut butter cups, etc. and the meals are out of this satisfying. Feeling great!

Update 6/11/15: My current weight is 192, albeit slow going I'm feeling great! One of my biggest health improvements is no more acid reflux during the night and I can feel the bloat leave my body. I do have to step up the water, seems I slack in that area, I can imagine how things will be if I could just get the water going. Water bottle here I come!

Update 5/22/15: Today my weigh in was 195, so not too shabby of a week..Food wise I have been having fun with experimenting, have not had any white stuff at all nor any wheat stuff since 5/1..well besides lavish bread. I have been making bread in a mug that doesn't have any wheat flour. But most important I have not binged at all since 5/1....that is a biggie for me...

Update 5/10/15: Wow I can't believe how emotionally and physically satisfied I have been since starting on 5/1. And not only that I have not binged! And I'm down to 198, 4 lbs might not seem like a lot but it takes me forever to lose weight when counting calories and watching fat, etc. Mostly because I end up binging because my body is just not nourished correctly. Overall things are progressing nicely.

Update 5/7/15: I'm on to a new adventure following "Trim Healthy Mama" concept of eating. Started 5/1 (weight 202.6). A few friends of mine over 60 have started this plan and have lost over 50 -lbs each, one lost 30 since Feb. With them giving me inspiration I'm giving it a try. The key for me is not to become obsessed with it as I think I might be a bit OCD.

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Started THM on 5/1/15 which is a whole new way of eating, lots of healthy fats make for one satisfied person. HGLC

One pound at a time leads to 52 lbs in a year!

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Exercise 5 days a week
Drink my water
Eat the Trim Healthy Mama way

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From Buffalo, New York. Love to fish and have 5 cats (Matty, Mitty, Molly, Mulley and Tony)

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Plan as a treat to myself buying a pandora bracelet and perhaps knock off charms for each 5lbs lost, the bracelet will resemble my first 10lbs, the charms at 5lb losses.

206.6 - starting weight

195 - Whoaaa bracelet

190 - cat sleeping on chair charm "so cute"

185 - breast cancer symbol charm (in honor of my 4 family members that passed away from breast cancer)

180 - crystal flower butterfly

175 - glass bead the color of the sea

170 - add charm
165 - add charm
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155 - add charm
150 - add goal weight charm

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1/6/2016 12:14:03 PM

Hi Deb! My username on Youfood is THMOma4. I will have to start using it more. I always forget to take a picture of my food before diving in! LOL! What is your name?

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1/2/2016 8:17:43 PM

Stopping by with a little New Years inspiration . emoticon emoticon "The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals."
Melody Beattie

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1/1/2016 6:19:06 PM

Sorry you won't be on this round of 100 Days; there will be other opportunities though. Happy New Year! emoticon

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12/31/2015 12:50:57 PM

Deb, I guess I'll be seeing you on 100 Days of Weight Loss, which I wish were called 100 Days of Sane Eating. I've been wobbling with my habits and could use some oomph, but I give myself permission to drop out if the focus doesn't end up helping. I get antsy when there is too much emphasis on calories or restrictions. I'm a big baby!

Have you managed to maintain through the holidays? I doubt many people haven't eaten at least a bit more than they intended. I'm up a couple of pounds, which is basically worth it to me, at least for now. I'm more interested in getting back on an even keel with my eating. I have a suspicion that I will lose if I do, but it's not going to be the deciding factor in eating moderately.

I wonder if this will be the year I make regular exercise a habit?

Happy New Year! emoticon

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12/23/2015 3:00:42 PM

Merry Christmas Deb! Yes, been MIA from being in over-overdrive....tis the season.... Catch up with you after the holidays! emoticon

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