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Tried on a tank top that I bought when it was too small (only size left) for an event we went to.

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Warmin up for Summer!

Loving my BLC team but ready to mix it up a bit so I'm getting back into the 5% challenge! Refreshing my objectives and goals for one can only help the other!

My fitness goals for the Summer 5% challenge are to keep it up!
*I'm doing great with tennis twice a week.
*I will keep doing distance hikes/walks/runs once a week on the weekend or an evening after work to keep warmed up for the distance races I'm going to do this fall.
*I will do some form of strength ...
Loving my BLC team but ready to mix it up a bit so I'm getting back into the 5% challenge! Refreshing my objectives and goals for one can only help the other!

My fitness goals for the Summer 5% challenge are to keep it up!
*I'm doing great with tennis twice a week.
*I will keep doing distance hikes/walks/runs once a week on the weekend or an evening after work to keep warmed up for the distance races I'm going to do this fall.
*I will do some form of strength training for at least 5 minutes every morning (m-f) when I'm getting ready for work. I'll post ideas (exercises) on my mirror for inspiration of what I can do. This is my biggest "weakness".

My Nutrition Commitment will focus on food choices.
*Increase protein on a daily basis. Goal to hit 100g more days than not each week.
*Cut one day a week that I eat out. We usually eat out after tennis. I will eat out only once a week after tennis.
*I will plan meals ahead of the day in question instead of deciding what to eat at meal time and enter in my tracker by lunch of the day in question so I know my target numbers ahead of time.
*I will increase my veggies and reduce my fruits. I will add another veggie (carrots) to my weekday breakfast smoothie and take out bananas. I will look for other ways to have more veggies than fruit. Usually with a salad at lunch and or dinner.

Previous Intro:
Looking forward to continued progress towards a healthier weight & healthier ME in 2014!

I've decided it's the year of the half marathon!
I trained the fall of 2013 for one in December. My goal was to finish in the time allowed of three hours thirty minutes. My finishing time was 3:22:58. At the end of the race there was a booth for the Biggest Loser RunWalk Half/10K/5K. I signed up for it and decided to check the calendar for more races near by. The smaller local charity types are more reasonably priced!
I signed up for one the end of January (completed in 3 hours 13 minutes) and the BL one the end of March (completed 2 hours 51 minutes). My goal was to better my time with each race (I DID IT!). I was going to use the Arc Trainer machine at my local Planet Fitness to help my training but instead....My training turned out to be power walks at lunch time most days of the work week and it seems to have helped! Although, I don't think of myself as a "runner", I enjoy jog/walking the races and use it as a motivator to workout harder and eat better. most of the time! lol

I've picked out a few more races for the fall with a "big one" in February in Florida - The Disney Princess Half with another spark friend.

I've started BLC#25 and will find it another successful round! BLC #24 I had lost 5.7 lbs and my goal was 6. That's the closed I've come to my goal in either BLC's or 5% challenges! I think I've got it figured out for now. If I maintain my pace I should be in goal territory by Christmas! Woo Hoo!

Here's to a great 2014 for everyone!
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NINETOZE is sick now. Maybe a cold?! Sore throat and ache all over. Runny nose and sneezing now means I'm getting better tho.
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My Goals:
Better quality "intentional fitness".
Better food choices.
Trade fat for muscle.
Stay healthy so my age doesn't define what I can and can't do.
Keep up with my teammates and have fun.
Oh, lose weight, too.

My Program:
Stay physically active playing tennis a couple times a week and hiking on the weekends and once during the week.

I WILL make healthy choices in my food & I WILL log my food! I have set a goal of 1750 negative calories each week based on a BMR of 1500. I want to work on making better food choices keeping in mind the things tracked in the nutrition tracker.

Personal Information:
I live with my fiancé who is in this with me. He's been losing weight, too. He plays with me (tennis, wii, hikes, swimming, etc) and is more than happy to eat healthy with me.

I'm the mom to two sweet dogs and 9 chickens I call my Spice Girls. (I've named them after spices.)

We live in the country on an acre of land very close to Austin.

I am an accountant and work near downtown Austin for a home builder.

I am an outdoors type and would rather be outside than inside.

I've signed up for lots of races to give me motivation to keep getting better.

Other Information:
1st Marathon: February 19th, 2012 Livestrong in Austin, TX.

1st Half Marathon January 20, 2013 (Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland! with members for the Forest Green Pixies from BLC).
2nd -COTA half 3:22
3rd - SARR club half 3:13
4th Biggest Loser March 30th 2:51

Upcoming Races I plan on registering for...
Sept 20 - 10mile trail run on a hilly private ranch
October 11th 15K rough single track trail run
October 19th Half Marathon road course
December 6th half marathon road course in a rural Texas Hill Country
Then, I'll start out 2015 at Disney running the Princess Half with a fellow Sparker!

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7/30/2014 11:10:51 PM

HI Erin !! SO VERY sorry your sick hon !! PLz TAKE CARE !!!! I do NOT like being sick in the summah !! Was it from visiting up herah (And did ya learn to say "Herah? Therah? Bah ha ba?) if you did LEARN how to speak PROPER English,, than HOPEFULLY that col.d will QUICKLY BE GONE !

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7/30/2014 10:11:18 PM

I'm so sorry you feel sick! I hope you feel better soon! A summer cold is the pits!

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7/26/2014 1:13:03 AM

I am SO SORRY you were sick from the WHALE WATCHING !! Did you get to see any? or was ur head down, inbetween ur legs? I LOVE going out,,, there are little bracklets one can wear,,, or a patch behind ur ear,, which works GREATLY !! WOOHOOO !!!

SO GLAD you were quickly able to get back to hiking ! GROEOUS to say the LEAST !

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7/21/2014 11:49:01 PM

WOW !! ur UP MY WAY !!!! I LOVE going to Bar Harbor !!! There's a carriage house, we usually stay at,, the lady knows us quite well,, so she invites us to her PERSONAL Breakfast !!! it's sooo cool !! I LOVE thunder hole,, and could stay there ALL DAY LONG !!! It's sooo purdy !!!

Have you of course had many lobsters? WITHOUT the butter of course ! And skip the rolls ! but, ORDER AN EXTRA Lobstah as we say,,, and ENJOY IT !! by itself,, NOt in a sandwich which are often FILLED with mayo,,,, MOST LOVE !!

Now I can buy them off the wharf for only from 3.99 to 4.99 in the summer,, for that's when they are usually in their growing season,, and shedding their shells,, so they are called " Soft shelled" which are cheaper.

Have you gone into the ocean? Was it COLD enough for ya? LOL I have lived here all my life,, and I am right on the harbor,, and the water,, I've never gotten used to right off,,, so I go in up to my ankles,, out,, up to knees,, out,, up to my waist,,, out,,, than up to my woobies as the grands call them,, and I AM IN !! Esp if its a wavy beach,, than often when ur up to ur hips,,, ur IN ! the waves can easily crash ovah ya ! I LOVE taking out a boogie board,, and floating on the waves. that's just pure fun !!

Did you fly into Bangor (Pronoucned as Bang ORE) or Portland? If your into Portland,, wave on the way back out,, the 2 large highrises,, side by side, on the water,, across from Portland,, I live in the highest one !

ENJOY KIDDO !! ENJOY !! HIKE ur TAIL off in Arcadia National Park,,, perchance if you happen to be camping there, watch OUT for the storms ! We are expecting some strong ones on Weds,,,, most likely ur not, but if you happen to be "hang into ur hat " !!! Last week,, we had tornado's near Anton. In York,,, closer to me,,, they had the straight winds,, did a lot of damage,, we got that same storm, but thankfully it had calmed way down. I have NO CLUE what we'd do if we got hit by a storm,,, city is city.

Oh yeah,, have you watched the news? When I lived in Denver,,, it was changing constantly,,, here,, you hear the same thing,, for 3 days, with a slight change. ALso it is usually BORING here. ENJOY !

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7/19/2014 1:30:55 PM

TY SO MUCHERS for "posting as you go" on the trip,, remember ALL that airport walking DOES count. We had someone the other day,, who was also traveling (though by car) who did chair exercises in a small area. hint , hint :) I am FLAT on my back,,, and doing weights as my time.

ENJOY the trip !!! and TY SO MUCH for ALWAYS keeping up ur on ur time. I wish we could get EVERY DAWG to reporting the day they DO the exercising,,, than we COULD be in the top 3 ALL the time. WOOHOOOOO !!

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