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Goal met - September 2010 - one of the first times in my life I set a goal and acheived it!

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Updated April 2014

My Spark History:

Back in June 2010, I realised something "I have been this way for too long, I am SICK AND TIRED of being ashamed." Enough of "on again off again" dieting, I needed some help and some inspiration to achieve my goal of being 10 stone and healthy and having a body to be proud of, so I joined Spark People - again. But this time did it properly.

This was my third go at the Spark way, third time lucky. I tried twice ...
Updated April 2014

My Spark History:

Back in June 2010, I realised something "I have been this way for too long, I am SICK AND TIRED of being ashamed." Enough of "on again off again" dieting, I needed some help and some inspiration to achieve my goal of being 10 stone and healthy and having a body to be proud of, so I joined Spark People - again. But this time did it properly.

This was my third go at the Spark way, third time lucky. I tried twice before: I would start strong, be enthusiastic and ready for the battle, I would start moving towards my goals, but on both occasions something came along, got in the way and disrupt my patterns, I gave up and went back into the spiral of unhealthy eating and little to no exercise.

The first time I started this was in 2006: I lost weight, felt great, then fell into a depression following an accident and lost all the momentum and undid all the hard work. Then over the next few years came some yo-yo dieting and the instability that comes with that. August 2009 came around, and I tried Spark again; I was eating well, using the trackers everyday and losing weight then I fell into another depressive episode and a no exercise\bad food cycle following another traumatic event and all my hard work was ruined.

This had STOP. No more excuses, no more falling off the wagon.

It took me until June 2010 to pick myself up and try again. I took long hard look at myself in the mirror and decided I needed a lifestyle change, both phyically and mentally. I felt it was time to GRAB this lifestyle change by the horns and really GO for it. This time around I used everything Spark had to offer: I started reading the message boards and using them to respond to people and to ask questions, trying recipes, incorporating strength exercises recommended by the site, I built a Spark page and got talking to some wonderful people. I built a Spark network around me to keep me focused. I also got help for my depression and worrying and now I have been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and I got professional help for it, I learnt new techniques and developed tools to help when\if an attack comes along.

I lost 35lbs over all, finally reaching my goal weight of 138lbs in February 2011, although it wasnít just about the loss: Because of Spark I ran my first 10km race, and then a half marathon. I felt healthier and more alive than ever, 5 inches went from my waist and hips, I got some little "guns" and actual visible muscles in my legs, and you could just about see some abs! Most importantly I developed an accountability I never had before. I learnt about the power of positive self talk, what to do when if I fell down or slipped up and most importantly I met some wonderful people!

Unfortunately, over the last two years I have suffered some setbacks. Firstly I got a serious knee injury which prevented and continues to prevent me from running as much as I used to. I spent 2012 battling with weight fluctuations because of a complete ban on cardio for a good few months whilst trying to heal but still having a long distance runners appetite. I combatted this, or so I thought, over the subsequent months and got back to my ideal weight in February 2013 but in a rather unhealthy way (binge\starve cycle, obsessive exercising etc). I was then hit by a huge bout of depression and anxiety triggered by work stress and a bereavement which lasted for many months. Then my marriage broke down and I have been on my own since October 2013. My routine flew right out of the window during this time and I developed many unhealthy habits. My weight stayed low through the depression again due to the fact that I still had the unhealthy relationship with exercise and food and I was living on my nerves. it remained ok through the initial split with my ex-husband and when I moved into my new flat on my own, but over the last 6 months the number on the scales has crept up and up. I was shocked when I stepped up in March 2014 to see I had nearly added 12 pounds, despite regular exercise. I guess the stress of the split kept the weight from the binge eating at bay and as I relaxed a bit more, so did my body...

So here I am, back tracking my food, as well as continuing to track my exercise. I have started going to a weight-watchers style workshop every week at my gym and am attempting to re-learn lessons from the past 4 years. I am continually striving to educating myself that although problems come along, and life throws curve balls at you, unhealthy food and lots of it, whether you work out or not isn't the answer. Just because something bad happens it doesn't mean you should take out your upset on your body. I am trying to heal myself once again through healthy, vitamin-rich foods along with fun filled exercise, setting goals and achieving dreams. It's a battle to stay on the wagon, each day, but over time it gets easier. I did it before and I can do it again.

Feel free to contact me, itís always good to connect with fellow Sparkers and hopefully we can help each other along.
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My Goals:
Original Goals (2010):

To loose 35 pounds - DONE as of 9th February 2011

To eat better and be more conscious of every forkful that goes in my mouth

To tone up and to live a healthier more active life.

To complete a 10k for Cancer Research UK 26th Sept 2010 - DONE! 57.00

To learn valuable lessons on healthy, active living and maintain this so I never slip back into old, bad habits. From now on it's a healthy, happy me.

My new goals, as of October 2013, are to:

Get to 135lb and stay there. most of the time give or take a few fluctuations.

Stay active, stay positive, keep moving, keep progressing.

My Program:
I am trying to keep my calorie under control and monitor what I consume. At the moment I am aiming for lots of lean protein, healthy fats and low carb.

I aim for complex rather than simple carbs (big struggle for me!), plenty of omega 3 and vitamin b12 to keep my anxiety levels to a manageable level

I am exercising as much as I can: For cardio I cycle, take circuit training classes, swim and walk. For strength I aim for two sessions a week of Body Pump or CX Worx.

Trying to use the car as little as possible and use these legs of mine to get around!

Personal Information:
I am a 31 year old, single girl from the UK.

The picture in the background of my Sparkpage is Newborough Beach on Anglesey,a very special place to me. I love Wales; Cymru Am Byth.

I love to travel, especially around Europe and I really love Canada. I also love to cook, read and go to the theatre.

Other Information:
Running, skipping, singing, jumping, cooking, cleaning, dancing, dreaming, acting, walking, driving, crying, laughing, listening, talking, eating, drinking, reading, sleeping.....Thats me!

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6/18/2012 9:10:31 AM

Congrats on your weight loss! I hope you don't mind, but I added you as a friend.

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5/13/2012 1:09:55 PM

I vowed I would not do another Half Marathon until Stratford next year but I've looked at the Oxford one and I'm definately tempted!
Have you signed up yet?

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3/4/2012 1:25:43 PM

clearly I missing things. Injured? I saw on twitter you are NY bound (when?) Write me a message when you have the time, lets catch up!)

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1/30/2012 6:23:13 PM

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great week.

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11/16/2011 10:35:04 AM

Congrats on your recent loss! You go, girl! :)

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