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My pets are most importantalmoat not totally as only God holds highest spoti n my life and sonYashua , also redoing an old long trailer to li
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My pets are most importantalmoat not totally as only God holds highest spoti n my life and sonYashua , also redoing an old long trailer to li
ve in fromsmalltraveltrailers adn losing a smallamt of eight ineedtolose andto et snce impost marriage raisingafanmily anworkinout part itmes asneeded admostlyastyahoe til lateryrs ormiddle yrs.

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Enter a summary of your goals, or just a few you would like to share.To eat more healteh thanihad been doig. before morefruiots adnveggies summertimeidontdookduetoveryhotsumerhere unlesseatout which israre. soo doig whatican to keepatit.

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Give an overview of what you are doing to meet your goals.oh walking more duetoheatth adnsonparks truckatendsof parkinglot anotherreasonofis under shade tree in1plcacvadnshadetreesat parklot atend as hastrlerpulled socantparksin smllerspavebutit hsmetowalk toadnfro dngetmoretimein ani tke morestipsinthstores dnlookarondadnpush sthcart. adnwlkmydog unlesnykneesarekillingme whnhe triestopull me heisahound .oneopf osther dogs adn3kittiesihve. mainly diet improvized adn walkingmore.

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i will say only that i live in New Mexico

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5/25/2014 9:22:56 PM

You are a woman after me own heart!
Happy Gardening for both of us!
Pat emoticon

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5/17/2014 8:48:35 PM

I made a mistake. Was going to send you a smiley then decided on a team hug. I guess the note wasn't appropriate but "Team hug" anyway.

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4/25/2014 5:13:46 PM

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4/6/2014 11:44:56 AM

Just checking in to see how you are doing.
We are getting much needed rain here in TEXAS.the water table is down so I am sure our corn farmers are happy! We gardener's sure are:)
Hugs, Pat

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1/22/2014 2:59:24 PM

Anything you want others to see post on their page not your own. I have mistakenly done this a couple of times.

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