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Original restart at 200 plus pounds in November 2006. Amazing how a swimsuit can open one's eyes !!! Ooooieee!!

Me -- minus 25 pounds .. just before breaking my 1 1/2 year stall

The Royal Princess has spoken !!!! :D

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A Journal of a Princess

July 6, 2014 ... The last 12 months have been loaded with many changes .. some good ... some bad ... but we must move on. Stress seems to be on the forefront, but working on making the changes to rectify that .. these have and will be major changes in my life, and I think in the long run they will make a difference ... None have been easy -- and some out of my control .. but what it is it is ... and my new favorite saying is "God doesn't put any more on your shoulders than you can carry .. boy ...
July 6, 2014 ... The last 12 months have been loaded with many changes .. some good ... some bad ... but we must move on. Stress seems to be on the forefront, but working on making the changes to rectify that .. these have and will be major changes in my life, and I think in the long run they will make a difference ... None have been easy -- and some out of my control .. but what it is it is ... and my new favorite saying is "God doesn't put any more on your shoulders than you can carry .. boy .. He must think I'm pretty darn strong .. " :) ...

March 1, 2013 .... Time to step back .. Things I've discovered over the last 28 days is ... I can't do everything .. I can't do it all .. time to start deligating .. Stress may be the result of my weight gain (see my blog of today 3/1). Menapause may have started it, but the sequence of that and life becoming overwhelming with obligations may have made it continue ... (again .. see my blog of 3/1 where I let it loose .. :) )

February 1, 2013 ... Life begins to become overwhelming. Between work, social engagements, commitments; my ME time seems to be pushing farther and farther into the background again. Where are all of the other commitments going to be if my health suffers. I needed to step up and take a deep, long look at where I am going .. I stopped doing a few things that I felt were "beating me down", and started looking yet once again, at what is best for Sally. Slowly I'm crawling out of that hole again, and it's only a bit longer, before Wisconsin STOPS being an ice block, and turns back into springtime, and fresh air time !!!!

January 1, 2013 ... My NEW 3 month Tracker is out of it's bag, and my NEW daily journal is ready for the first entry .. Going to keep my stickers handy for putzy journaling .. :) Practice session is done .. this is the REAL THING !!!!!

January 2013 ...

And yet I begin again .. 2012 is a year I'd rather forget. I am back hovering around 200 .. and not a happy camper. Not only did I get hit with excess stress of 2012 .. but menopause has hit as well. I don't have any extreme reasons in which to be on hormones, with the exception of I regained all my weight yet again.

I have read articles in weightgain and menopause .. and have read that there are connections, and the solution is to eat more and excercise less .. Whoops .. I mean eat less and exercise more.

Now this is one of the challenges that 2012 has thrown at me .. My favorite exercise, walking .. I now have to do with a cane .. I got slapped with a horrible case of psyatica and since then I have been able to only walk a half mile without the use of a cane. It got very depressing, and I stopped.

2013 will be different. I don't care that I have to use a cane .. I will start up my walks come the warm weather .. that is my goals .. cane or not !!!!!

January is always a clean fresh feeling .. Always a chance to make changes .. a chance to leave the slush of the old year behind .. I am going to succeed again in the year of 2013 !!!!!!

My weight has increased, partly because of life, partly because of me ....but am staying determined, still religiously going to my WW meetings, and still haven't had to buy higher that size 14 pants .. so I'm hanging in there .. but I think it's time to start blogging more again ..

12/25/09 --- As 2009 comes to a close, I can honestly say (after re-reading my previous book ;-) ) that I have accomplished my goals of the year ... My only goals for the upcoming year, is to take time for me. Enjoy each day to the fullest, try tolearn something new each day, and never regret when the day is over ... because a new day and new adventures will begin again when my head lifts from the pillow.

I'm close to goal now, and I plan on learning to maintain. There have been some changes in my life, but nothing that can't be adapted to, and as far as I'm concerned, nothing in comparison to what others may have to go through.

I'm thankful that I still have a job, I'm thankful that I still have a husband that loves me with all my quirks, and I'm thankful that I have a life that is enjoyable, and friends (real and cyber) that "have my back" no matter what the situation.

With that being said .. On to an even more prosperous 2010 !!!!!

Reached WW goal!
After celebrated 3 years of WW (as of 2/27) I have become a LIFETIME member !!!! Now the trick will include maintaining this status !!!!! I WILL DO IT !!!
January 2008 ....

Here I am again. Since joining WW; I have currently lost approximately 25 - 30 pounds. Currently I am at a stall; so it fluctuates, but I'm proud to say my frustration hasn't let me go any lower than 25 pounds. This is where I had stalled before on my way down, so it was expected. It will get tired, and give in, as long as I am stronger than it is .. ;) So since the beginning of the year (2008) I have been at least re-losing those couple of pounds put on during the holidays.

I am currently what I call a "Core Plan Trainee" .. It scared me, but then entire month of December I worked on my eating habits to bring my mind and belly together .. I now have the knack of eating slow enough to get my belly to catch up with my brain .. and being the President of the Clean your plate club -- leaving food on the plate because you are comfortably full, is VERY VERY difficult .. but I'm working on it .. :)

The holidays of 2007 were actually quite easy for me; as I had NO absolutely NONE, commitments. Considering my normal lifestyle, this was a wonderful break. My normal lifestyle consists of running constantly; and for the most part enjoying it .. but it also makes the eating habits suffer as well. So the solution for that is to make sure I have plenty of grab and run food available.

My goals for 2008 are as follows, besides the obvious of the want to lose weight and exercise more....

-Spend more outside time exploring parks with my little maltese -- this in turn will give me fresh air; and exercise as well as her.

-Take my weight loss in very small increments ... after 5 pounds (as alittle inspiration because I AM at a stall) treat myself to a day of shopping, a day at the spa, buy myself a new outfit, something other than the clearance rack of Walmart .. :) After the next 10 pounds .. (because after the loss of 5 pounds - that will mean THIS stall is over) give myself something special .. I want to make my rewards something NOT food related .. This has been a problem all my life; something bad happens, turn to food, something good happens, turn to food; something stressful happens, turn to food ... well -- I'm learning there are other things out there that are just as nice as food .. and just as rewarding .. especially if one has to work to get there .. At this point I should be getting close or at lifetime at WW .. so I don't know what it is that I want for reward, but trust me -- it will be something WONDERFULLY special .. and something I truly WANT!!!

-Take at LEAST one day a month for ME ME ME ME !!! This was a problem in 2007 -- between work; home; social; puppy club .. I was not taking time for ME !!! Me -- the want to play in the yard with gardening; and get into mud up to my elbows, and get all sweaty that only a good long shower would solve, Take a day with puppy --- and explore outside towns -- This will help with getting her re-familiar with walking in strange areas again .. (because the vet wants her to lose alittle weight too .. but when you are overweight at 7 pounds .. Hmmmm ??? I think she only needs about 1 pound to bring her back to where the vet wants her -- even though she IS within AKC guides still) but that would give both her and I exercise and fun, to spend the day together !!! window shopping ... :) But take 1 day a month for ME --- do something that "I" want to do .. :)

---I want to sign up for more classes with my girl .. We had to miss our January show (which I just worked at instead of participated in) because I didn't have the time in 2007 to work with her (even though I do believe she would have done better than some of the people that did sign up .. but you have to understand that's just a proud mom talking here .. :D) but I want her to be more active WITH me .. I missed that last year because alot of the time, I just wanted whatever was going on in my life to just be OVER .. I looked forward to the next day that I had nothing planned, which unfortunately sometimes was 2 weeks away .. *sigh*

So I've learned from my errors of 2007, but my focus is on the future of 2008 ... and my ability to control what is going on in my life !!!!!!!!! (see the determination here :) )

These are my thoughts to start 2008 .. I have decided to reactivate my account at Spark -- because for some reason the WW site doesn't like to play with me .. so since I want to maintain a regular journal .. I thought that I would reinstitute and update my Spark page ..

Welcome to anyone that wants to take the time to read my babbling .. :)

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My Goals:
-wake up each morning to plan my meals; and feel proud of myself at night for sticking with that plan.

-be able to button shirts that I haven't been able to wear for "awhile"; and be able to dry my jeans in the dryer, without hesitation of being able to breathe when putting them on the first time after.

-new goal for 2013 ...
Learn how to delegate .. I'm getting to point in my life that I should be able to have time to think of ME more ... and do the things that I enjoy .. this is my goal for 2013... (already begun :) )

My Program:
As of 2.27.2013.. I have cancelled my membership with WW. I have complete respect for them, but I need to stop and take some time for Sally.

As of 2.27.2007 I have joined Weight Watchers, and having wonderful success with it .. averaging about 2-2.5 pounds per week ... Currently as of 4.2.2007 I have so far lost 11.8 pounds .. This is a safe reduction, and my clothes-o-meter is WONDERFUL!!!!

As of 12.25.09 -- I am currently less than 1 pound away from goal !!! What a happy new year it will be if I hit my goal by my next weigh in of 12.29.09 !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME !!!! :D

Lookout world .. I've come back !!!!!

2013 -- back up 40 pounds .. back to square one, but still continuing in WW. It worked before, it will work again, I got lazy as well as outside forces messing with me .. :) Back to 5 pound incriments.

Personal Information:
My real name is Sally, and I live in Wisconsin ... I have a little Maltese and have been enjoying "obedience showing" with her. I have been married since 1978 very happily .. I'm stuck with a lucky one .. he gives me ANYTHING within his power .... I have no wants !!!

I have worked as a corporate controller / systems adminstrator in a small family business since 1976 ... In fact I've been here so long, I've been "adopted" into the family .. :)

2013 -- due to recent changes made in 2012, I am currently up to 6 what could be considered full time positions .. and doing them to the best of my ability .. Is it time for retirement yet ??? :)

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Handle every stressful situation like a dog.
If you can't eat it or play with it,
pee on it and walk away.

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