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January 24, 2015

Seems like this month just got her, and it's almost over with a blink of an eye.
Still, working on my programs to get fit, and healthier. Of course, this is a lifetime goal. I'm not giving up. I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm doing much better on my menu choices, and I'm proud of myself for that. Next, I still need much motivation, and determination to succeed at my fitness goals.
I'm still working on ...
January 24, 2015

Seems like this month just got her, and it's almost over with a blink of an eye.
Still, working on my programs to get fit, and healthier. Of course, this is a lifetime goal. I'm not giving up. I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm doing much better on my menu choices, and I'm proud of myself for that. Next, I still need much motivation, and determination to succeed at my fitness goals.
I'm still working on what to add to my fitness tracker for each day, except I might take one day off each week, not sure. I could use one day, to just do the ten minutes fitness goal of any kind of exercise. Main thing is, I'm wanting to stay on course this time, and reach a goal, or many goals, whichever comes first.

January 7, 2015

Today, I started the small changes challenge, and I think this is a good place to get back on track.
Looking forward to start a new beginning, after not keeping up with my goals.
Going to make new goals, including writing in my journal. I need to make a new fresh start for myself, and stick with it. I will have to be stronger in making it all happen, and with the help of teams, and friends on Spark People I can do it this time.
Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy. Have a great day!

January 1, 2015


May this be the best New Year ,yet, and let's make it a healthy one, too.

I didn't make my goals for last year, so throwing those out with the old year. Time to start with a fresh new beginning, and start this year off on the right foot. Number one thing for is going to be to stay focused, in order to stay on track.

Will be posting my new set of goals, for this year another day.

November 26,2014

It's the night before the big day tomorrow, so I wanted to wish everyone, a very Happy Thanksgiving Day! May we all find something to be thankful for, and count our blessings. With all the bad things in the news, we have been seeing and hearing about, I wish for peace.
The holidays are a little rough to get through, but I'm still thankful for all that I have. Just can't help remembering loved ones that have gone on, I think about them, but not dwell on it. I have some very good memories ,something else to be thankful for.
I will be very busy, tomorrow as well, I will be doing all the cooking. It might be just the three of us, but I still like for everything to turn out nice. Blessings to all

November 1, 2014

Today is the first day of November, means another year about gone. Gave out candy last night to neighbor kids for Halloween. It was cold, but I enjoyed it.
New day, and new month, I feel better about myself, and want to quit dragging my feet with my programs, and goals. This is easy to say, but the real proof will be in doing, and succeed in making it. I have been eating healthier for quite some time , now, and I'm proud of myself for doing that. Nothing like good home cooked food.
Here's to starting fresh with a new month, and week. Let's do it, with the help of Spark People.
Have a great day!

October 1, 2014

First day of October, and fall is here, seems so soon. I think as we get older, it just seems time moves so much quicker, lol!
I do love seeing the changing of the seasons though, all the pretty fall colors on the leaves. I like nature, for sure.
Now, it's time for me to refocus on my plans and what I want to accomplish for myself, and future. One of my main goals is always going to be do the best to live a healthier life style. With that , everything else will fall into place.
Hope everyone has a great week! Hang in there with your goals, and plans, life in general.

September 16, 2014

It seems like fall out today,and the official day is almost here. Will have to make a section in my basement to start doing my fitness program, which I plan to design for myself.
Put this off way too long, but better late than never. Went for my annual check up with my doctor earlier this month. Found out that I needed to take more Vitamin D, so she gave me a prescription for it. Didn't know my level was so low. Explains why I was so tired, when I shouldn't have been. My cholesterol levels wasn't bad, she said, I was doing good, and my whole total is 164 , I'm so pleased too, because first time I remember it being below 200. I owe it to more good home cooked meals, and not fast food. This is proof of that. If I still do good, she might take me off of the cholesterol medication, when I go back in six months. Got something to work towards, and this is motivation ,too.
I did put some weight back on, and she told me to tell it to stay off, Lol! Another thing to work towards, and being more realistic about my goals, and programs this time around. I'm still learning new things, and that feels great.
Happy Fall, Everybody! Let's make it a better and healthier one.

AUGUST 4, 2014

Oh my, I just got on today ,and noticed how long I've been away ,again. I didn't realize it had been this long, just shows you how time can get away from you. More so, when you don't pay enough attention to what you should be doing, I have really fallen by the wayside. Time to put the brakes on, and stay more focused.

I will be going this week to get by fasting,blood work drawn, hope it's all okay. She checks my cholesterol levels, plus all the other important stuff. She's off next week, so I don't think I will hear anything until the following week, when I go for my doctor visit with her. I'm always a little anxious to get my annual visit over with, to see if everything is okay. If it is, I can sign a big relief. I know it's up to me to do the best I can in taking better care of myself. The doctor can tell me if things seem okay, and give me advice, etc, but it's still up to me.

This has been such an odd summer season, this year,now it's almost gone. Fall is right around the corner, and kids have already started back to school. I'm not ready for the real cold weather, but it comes anyway, ready or not, lol!

Time to take action, and quit talking about getting back on track. I've got to be firmer with myself, and stay focused. The rewards will be great. Would love to reward myself with a new outfit, that's my reward, I will promise myself, for reaching my goal.

Have a great week, everybody! Stay healthy! God Bless!

June 19, 2014

Today, would have been my Dad's birthday, so I wish him one in heaven, instead, R.I.P. John R.T. For safety I will just use middle and last name abbreviations. It has been a long time, though it doesn't always seem that long you have been gone, I think the same way about Mom, too. I like to think you and mom are together again in heaven.

May everybody have a great day, and the rest of the week!
Time for me to get back on track and succeed with all my goals this time around.
God Bless!

June 8,2014

Happy June to everybody! It's nice to see the flowers in bloom, and the grass is green. I love seeing all of the pretty flowers, this time of year.
I feel like I'm doing much better, and I'm thinking about my fitness program. I'm almost at the time, that I can go back to doing all of my fitness, and other routines, as well. I've been doing just small stuff, until I can set and work on new goals for myself. I can see where I've made a few wrong turns in the past, so that helps with knowing what I need to work on the most. Looking forward to making new plans, and goals for myself.
Hope everybody has a great week! Stay happy and healthy.

May 25, 2014

I hope everybody has a safe, and Happy Memorial Day! May we remember the true meaning of this day, and honor all loved ones, who have gone on to their final resting place.

Have a great Week! God Bless!

May 17, 2014

I had my surgery in April, and I'm doing fine. However, the surgeon told me to take it easy for a couple months, and not to lift anything heavier than what a gallon of milk weighs. I couldn't believe how much strength I lost, after I had my surgery, especially my arms. I've had lots of time to think about everything. Even though, I can't do that much yet, I've decided on some things I need and want to do with my goals.

One of my main fitness goals is going to be do more strength training. As for my other fitness goal, I'm going to start on walking. Not going to do the fast pace, until I get in better shape , starting off slowly, working my way up. I was breathing all wrong, as well. They brought the breathing exercise in my hospital room to work on it, and at first, I couldn't even raise the little balls up. I'm now up to 1500. I plan to keep using it every day ,too.

I've also been eating breakfast, every day, after I was able to eat. I'm up for living a healthier lifestyle , and that is one of my most important goals.

I won't be able to work on some things, until late June, than I should be able to go back doing all the things I did before. I'm so looking forward to that.

Happy Spring, to all! God Bless

February 13, 2014

I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday, for my annual check-up. I had blood work done the week before, so my doctor went over that with me, and I asked for a print out, when I checked out. To my surprise , I had lost 4 lbs. , and this made me feel good. My blood work was good, my doctor told me, and don't have to go back for six months. However, it's time for my colon cancer check. Heard from that office today, and go for it to be done on Feb., 25th, just in two weeks. I always tread having it done, but I know it's for the best. Doing the best I can on living healthier , get all of these appointments out of the way, the weather should be getting better, hoping to get outside more, this year. My fitness plan is still in the works, but doing what I can until I write my actual plan down, and putting it in full force. I can do it, and so can others. Here's to having a better year. God bless, everybody!

I also want to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's Day!

February 1, 2014

Today, is the first day of February, and the day I've made a commitment to myself, to get back on track.
I'm going to check out to see if there is a new team challenge that I would be interested in, and also with sticking with the program.
I want to do strength training at least 3 times a week, possibly 4 times a week. I think I could benefit from this training the most, although I will work some other fitness exercises into my program as well. Going to give myself one free day a week to use however I see fit, and if somethings I do is exercise too, than so much the better.

January 10, 2014

Thought I'd stop by and do a little updating my Spark Page. I also checked on my mail and some recipes. Not much, but it's a start in the right direction, again. I'm going to start reading my last spark book, and figure out my new plans. I didn't think I had a problem with portion control, but have found out that I did. I've been working on that problem ,since I now realize just how bad I was off track on portion sizes.
Have a great and healthy week-end.

January 1, 2014


Now, I will have to remember to write 2014 on everything, Lol! Have a great week!

December 31, 2013

Today, is my birthday. It's a nice day out, and tonight I will enjoy a small piece of cake, with ice cream to celebrate my day with my family.
Another year older, and I hope a little wiser. One thing about it is, I'm still learning new things, and hope to continue to do so. Looking forward to another New Year, and hope to make it the best, that I can.
Blessings to all, and hope the New Year is good to everybody.

December 25, 2013

Stopping by my page today to wish Everybody a very Merry Christmas! May you have a wonderful and safe day.

Have a great week!

December 9, 2013

Here it is, December, and seems like it has no more got here, than it's going soon going to be gone. I remember hearing at a young age, that time waits for no one, I use to wonder about that, but not anymore. I know exactly how that feels, now.

I haven't been able to keep up with all the things, that I thought I was going to do, once again. I know that I am going to have to be more in control of my actions, and not get lazy about it. I have so much going on right now, that I'm going to do the best I can, than start fresh with the New Year for new, healthier life style goals for myself. I know right now isn't the time to make goals and stick with them. I will work on writing down new goals, this month, so I will be ready to start with the New Year. It takes time, and thinking things through do make and set the best routine, that will work for me, because we are all different, at different levels, as well as different ages.
Best wishes to all and for everybody's goals, and plans to work out today and in the future.
Right now, I'm working on finding health insurance before the end of the year, and my present one runs out. Times seem to be rough for so many right now, with the economy ,job loss, and cut backs, and all the rest.
God Bless Us, all

November 26, 2013

I want to wish everybody a very Happy Thanksgiving! May Everybody stay safe, and healthy. God Bless us all.

I will be fixing turkey dinner for the 3 of us, that is what my family consists of , now.

November 11, 2013

Wishing everybody a very Happy, and Safe Veteran's Day! God Bless all the Veteran's now serving or who have served, including the ones who have gone on.
I'm very thankful for all veteran's ,they are the reason we have the freedom we do, as we know it. May we never lose our freedom.

October 28, 2013

Feeling better, after being sick for over a week. Got a flu shot ,a week ago , on Friday, ever since, I felt like I couldn't breathe, weak and tired, chilled, just felt miserable. I either had a reaction to the shot or a touch of the flu, so glad to feel better, today.
I had my eye exam, last Thursday, and my new glasses came in today. I got lighter frames this time, and they feel better, so glad to have that taken care of ,too.
Now, I need to start working on other things again, with my goals for Spark and myself.
I love the new Spark People page, I think it's much easier to use. Looking forward to do more on it later this week, did enough for today.
This month is about gone ,too.
I will be giving out treats on Halloween to any that comes to my home. I enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes.

Have a Happy Halloween! May everybody stay safe, and healthy. God Bless, us all!

October 5, 2013

Thought it was time to visit my Spark page for an update. It's hard to believe that summer has went by so quickly. I had a few personal issues going on back in the summer, so I think this is why I feel like I missed out on it. Only way of looking at it, is to figure there's always next year.
Fall is here, and moving right along, it's like the old saying goes, " Time waits for no one". I've got to get my plans in order and make them start taking effect if I want to be a Healthier me, now, and in the future.
One of my short goals needs to be, spending more time on Spark People site, like I use to do, when I first joined.
It's all about making one's mind up of what you really want and go with it.
I read on one insurance web site, that you might get a discount on your medical insurance depending on your weight, and health. This tells what is coming for all of us, if not now, in the very near future.

Hope Everybody has a great and healthy week!

September 2, 2013

Stopped by to change my page for the fall season. I also would like to wish everybody a very Happy and Safe Labor Day!

Hope everybody was able to enjoy the summer, and now it has went by so quickly.
My summer was made up of lots of mixed feelings, and emotion. Still dealing with certain parts of it, but at the same time, I'm feeling better about myself. In the meantime, I'm working on some of my goals, and getting some exercise in, no matter how small it might seem , right now. I know any exercise is better than not doing anything.

I know now is the time to move on, even if it starts out as a slow journey to reach my healthier living goals.

Here's to starting fresh with new goals, and looking forward to what's to come in the future.

Have a great week! Keep on Sparking, everybody! Together, we all can do this.

August 19, 2013

I just recently went for my annual six month check up, and found out my blood test readings. Happy to say, all is good, and I don't have to go back for my annual physical in six months. I feel good that I only need to see my doctor every six months. I also don't have to take much medicine. I take one medication for high cholesterol. However, my reading is under 200.
I just added a new friend to my spark , and she looks like a good motivator, considering how much weight she has lost, along with her husband.
I need to check out my present spark teams, and see which ones still fits my needs, and goals. It might be time to do a change on some of this as well.
Things have been rough for me this year, so I need to get with a new program, sooner instead of later. Got to take time to sit and think, than write down some new goals for myself. Time to get with it, only do it better this time around. I can use all the motivation and support that I can get.
Have a great week, Everybody! We can do this , whatever, are individual goals might be. Bless you , all

August 5, 2013

This is a new month , and a new beginning for me. Looking forward to becoming a healthier me. I go for blood fasting at my doctor's office in the morning. I will get the results for it, the following week, when I see the doctor, herself. I'm hoping all will be well.
I will be working on things, until than, but will put down on paper what all my new goals ,and programs will be for myself, after I get my test results back. I will know exactly which direction to go in.
I've been off track for way too long, it will be good to get a better start with everything ,this time around.
Have a great week, Everybody!

August 1,2013

Tomorrow morning will be my brother, Jerry's funeral. It's sad ,but at the same time, he won't be suffering anymore. It will also mean the starting of closure, and moving on ahead.
I will always think of him and miss him, but with time, I also know that everything will be alright. May he rest in peace.

After, I get through this part, I'm going to work harder toward setting my new goals for myself. Get back to reading my New Spark Book, and following through with the plans in this book, to help me set my new goals. It's been a long time coming, but I know it will be worth it. Being healthy is always worth the effort.
Another new month, and time to start a new journey for myself. Looking forward to moving on.
Have a great week-end everybody! God Bless!

July 28, 2013

July has been a real hard month for me, after my brother was taken to the hospital on July 7,2013. He had been fighting lung cancer, which was in stage 4, and fast acting kind. Everything possible was done for him, and his only son was with him, as his wife, myself, my son, and his girl friend, until the very end. We would go and be with him every day for as long as possible, his one grandson was there too for most of the time.
He died , last night, and just couldn't fight off the lung cancer any longer. The one big relief is that he can finally rest in peace, and not suffer anymore. God Bless him.
Not sure of arrangements at this time, I will take a few days off, than hoping I can get on with my Spark Journey.

Have a great week, Everybody, and Bless you all!

July 11, 2013

Hoping to hear better news, today, about my brother. However, it's not good. He now has been told that he has lung cancer and it is in stage 4, which is the final stage. We are looking at taking things one day at a time. They started giving him chemo, today, and he will take it for three days straight, than he will take it three times a week. He has trouble breathing, and they have him on oxygen. This type of cancer is caused from being a heavy smoker. He smoked a least a pack and a half, a day. He's not able to eat much, either, and I already know how all of that is, due to cancer. Enough about all of this right now. I'm still reading my new Spark Book, just having a hard time concentrating right now on some things.
Have a good day!

July 7, 2013

I will be putting my work out, on hold for time being. The reason being is my brother went to the ER at our local hospital on Sunday afternoon. They in turned sent him to University of Cincinnati, in Ohio. He had x-ray, and he has also had some surgery to find out what's going on ,they did a biopsy of his lungs. The results are not good. He had more tests today, and suppose to have another one done tonight. I won't know the results of these tests until sometime, tomorrow. However, the one Doctor already has said, he has cancer, and it's a fast acting kind. They are going to start chemo, and hopefully it will go into remission. I'm taking things one day at a time, and deal with it as it happens. If anyone would like to keep him in their prayers, that would be great. All prayers are welcome. Thanks in advance for anybody who prays for him.
I will try to update things as I learn about what is going on, with any changes.
By the way, this type of cancer is caused by heavy smoking. Thankfully, I don't smoke ,and never have. People if you smoke , please do yourself the healthiest thing of all for your health, and quit smoking. This is one thing that can be changed for the better in your own life.
Hope everybody has a great healthy week!

July 4, 2013

I want to wish everybody a safe, healthy, and Happy 4th of July!
Blessings to all! Have a great week-end!

June 8, 2013

I want to wish all the Father's a very Happy Father's Day!

Hope everybody is doing well on their Spark People journey, and wish everybody a great week-end.

May 19, 2013

It's a wonderful ,sunny day out today. This always gives my spirit a boost.
Read some more of my new book The Spark Solution, and almost to the part of getting started on the first two weeks. This will be a new journey that I look forward to starting on, this time. I keep learning new things, which is always a good thing. Never too old to learn new things, it help keep a person young, and in the right frame of mind.

This month we will be celebrating Memorial Day. It's sad , but It's also a good time to think of all the good memories we had with our loved ones, while they were still with us.

Like to wish everybody, a Happy ,and Safe Memorial Day! Bless you all!

May 13, 2013

I want to wish everybody a very Happy Mother's Day!

I have started reading my book, The Spark Solution, the introduction was a great article, and very motivating. I'm now on page 23, The Eight Habits of Super Successful Dieters. Going to keep reading, and than begin the program, as I come to that part in the book. Doing it one day at a time, which I think will be a better way for me to say focused, and keep motivated. Doing it for me, first, and my family will benefit from my results, as well. I would like to fit into at least one size smaller, this will be one of my short term goals, than upward and onward.
Have a great week , everybody!

May 9, 2013

Hurray! I just received my new Spark Solution Book in the mail, today. I can't wait to start reading it, and than get started on my new plans. I think it will be the tool I needed to back on track.

I also want to wish all the Mothers out there, a very Happy Mother's Day, this Sunday! Bless all of you!

Today, is beautiful outside, and makes me feel much better. Happy Sparking to everybody!

May 2,2013

It's a wonderful day out ,today, where I live. Did some yard work in my flower beds ,yesterday.
I've been keeping busy for awhile, but not the typical exercise routine.
I completed the Spark survey to help them to know my needs better. Waiting to get the new Spark Book from Barnes & Noble, as soon as it comes out. I have it pre-ordered. Time for me to take better care of myself, and stay with it this time around. When I get the book, I'm going to read and set up my new program for a healthier me.
I would like to wear at least one size smaller, that would be a great small goal for me to start with.
Hope everybody has a great week. Spread the Spark, and remember to Smile!

April 15, 2013

Spring is finally here, and I'm ready for it. Took a walk, for the first time, this year, a couple days ago. It made me feel good about myself, and realize I need to get back taking a walk, again on regular basis.

I know that I'm still off to a very slow start, but I'm not giving up. I also have the newest Spark book on pre-order with Barnes and Noble bookstore. Can't wait to get it.

Have a great week everybody!

March 26,2013

Today, is Palm Sunday, and we have a little snow on the ground with a winter advisory for more snow. We shall see, it's getting a little late in the season for having much snow here, now.
I'm ready for spring, and seeing all the flowers in bloom.

It's hard to believe next Sunday is Easter. It's coming much sooner than it usually does.

Like to wish everybody a very Happy Easter! Bless you all.

MARCH 10, 2013

Here it is March already, with Spring right around the corner. I'm looking forward to the Spring season, and getting some sunshine, and fresh air. Love all the beautiful flowers in bloom ,too.

I, also, want to wish everybody a very Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hope everybody has a great week, Bless you all!

January 1, 2013

Wishing everybody a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Like the saying goes, time for out with the old, and in with the new. Let's make this year , our best one, yet. Blessnings to all.

DECEMBER 6, 2012

It's that time of year again, to wish everybody a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hope everybody can enjoy this wonderful season. Actually, this is my favorite holiday. Love looking at all the lights, and different decorations. I enjoy this part most of all, it's not about all the gifts someone can get, or give. The most important gift, someone can give is just being there for their loved ones, and it's nice to think of others too.
We should be more like this all through the year, and not just at Christmas.
Wishing everybody a safe, healthy, and wonderful Christmas, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Blessings to all!

November 22,2012

Just want to wish everybody, a very Happy Thanksgiving! May you all enjoy your day. Blessings to all.


Here it is November,and Tuesday will be the day, a new President of the United States will be chosen. I think that the race is going to be close,and not sure which candidate will be the winner. I'm not sure what all the new policies, will mean for all of us. I'm hoping that the best person for the job will be the one chosen. Lots of main issues to solve, economy, health care, medicare, just to name a few of some of the main issues, people are concerned about. May God be with us all.
On a brighter side, later this month, will be Thanksgiving. With all the tradegy in New York, may people be more thankful for all the things that they do have, and not what they don't, or wish they had. Most important, be thankful for all of our loved ones. You can replace material things, but you can never replace a life.
May everyone stay safe, and healthy,also may everybody have a great week. Blessings to all!

September 5, 2012

I can't believe it's September, already, and fall is right around the corner. School started much sooner , in my area, for all the kids, back in middle of August. They are also going to try going all year, and have different breaks throughout the year for the kids, plus the usual holidays. This should be interesting to see how it works out for everybody. Glad it doesn't effect me personally, because I don't have any young kids attending school. My son is grown, and working.

I'm still fighting with myself about getting started back, and coming up with better programs that I can do ,and stick with. I know that I would feel much better, if I could get my motivation up and running. Lol! I don't mean that's it funny, this is just an expression to help me deal with everything. I'm hoping the cooler weather helps, because, I don't do too good, when it's extremly hot, the way this summer has been.

I was having trouble with getting my Spark page up, but I think I've finaly got that problem solved. One down, and whole lot of others to go.

Hope everybody has been well, and doing their best.

July 26, 2012

I just finished updating my Spark Page, a bit, with changing to a more recent profile picture.
I haven't been logging in ,lately, like I need to do. I hope to change that soon, and start logging in every day. Spark People has helped me greatly, and that's why I need to get myself back on track. I also know from personal experience, that I'm not going to do well, without using Spark People on a regular basis. This team is great ,and I'm so thankful that I found this web site. Try to stay cool in this heat wave, and stay motivated. Have a great day, everybody!

MAY 2, 2012

I had problems with being able to log in ,today, sent an e-mail to Spark People for help. Now, it's all taken care of, again. What a relief, that was, because I thought I had lost all of my stuff, since I started with Spark.
This week is going to be about starting over a bit, by making, and planning new goals. First ,big goal is to do better in keeping up with my new goals. Going to use fitness tracker to log in my fitness minutes, and exercises.
Hope everyone is doing great, this week.

February 2012

This Wednesday, Feb. 22nd will be ash wed., and the first day of Lent.
To me, it will also be a time to reflect on what's most important in my life for me, and my family.
Time to clear the cobwebs out, and start fresh again. LOL!

January 7, 2012

Happy New Year, Everybody!

Another year has gone,and another one has begun. It's out with the old,and in with the new.
It's at least time for me to make a fresh start with the New year beginning.
I'm back to change my program around a bit, but also, changing my work out days, back to the original, those days work out the best after all.
Three days of cardio, on Monday's, Wednesday's ,and Friday's. Strength training back to Tuesday's ,and Thursday's for now. Might be adding Sat. to the strength training days, later. Been off of Spark,and my exercise programs for awhile, so starting back a bit slower.
Not sure, if I want to track my food on here, after hearing about how insurance programs can read your information. Figure they might want to use it against someone. Hear the same about employers checking pages ,such as facebook, about some of their employees, too. What a shame this is, and we are suppose to have a privacy act, this doesn't seem like it amounts to anything, if they can do this.
Well, that's enough for now, and off on starting my next new journey.

OCTOBER 7, 2011

It's hard to believe it's fall, already, and time for Halloween. My how time seems to fly by, the older you get. LOL !

Hoping everyone is doing well, and enjoying this beautiful weather we are having right now.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween, Everybody.

I have changed my work out days around, and seems to be going better for me. Doing cardio on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Will do other days, later, as I get back on track more.

Strength training days are going to be on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. I think I need to do more in the strength training areas for awhile. Even though, these are my work out days, I can always work more in on either work out, at any time. Going to be flexible about my programs, and think that will work out the best for me.

Haven't logged my fitness on Spark People for awhile, but I have been doing my cardio. Need to work back into the strength training more, though. Figure on taking it one day at a time.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2011

Changing my fitness plans, thought it would be good to switch things up a bit.

Use to always do cardio on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, ever since I joined Spark People. Decided to do cardio on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, starting out, than add another day to my plan, and goals.

I think this will work out better for me, and my goals. It already seemed better doing cardio on Tues. at the community center, especially since it wasn't over crowded. Now, I wish I would have changed my work out days, much sooner. They always say better late than never , though. lol

Still adjusting , and working on my plans ,and long term goals.

AUGUST 11, 2011

I see that school is ready to start again for the new year. The kids in my area will be heading back to school, this Monday. Hard to believe that it's this time again ,so soon. With back to school, it means that fall is right around the corner.

It's been a very hot , humid summer here, this time. Looking forward to the cooler weather. I also need to start a better goal plan for myself to be healthier. Went last week, and had my regular blood work done, will know the results next Monday, when I have to go for my regular check up, with my doctor. Little anxious to find out how my blood work turned out this time. Last time, she told me ,that my sugar level was a little on the high side, and to watch out for sweets. Don't think my problem is the sweets as much as it's too many carbs from other favorite foods.

Enough about all of this , until I find out more what my doctor has to say.


MARCH 4, 2011

Didn't realize it had been so long, since I've updated my Spark Page. I need to do much better than this in the future. Last year, things was a bit difficult, and I got way off track. This is something I need to work on, and keep myself focused on my goals.
Working this month on setting up my fitness program, and I also need to work on my nutrition goals, as well.
Hope to set my new programs up, soon.


I want to wish everyone, and very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

FALL 2010


Today is the first day of school for kids in my area. They seem to start the school year earlier, each time. I always think of school starting as being about the end of our summer season,too.

Time to get back to a better fitness and lifesyle program, or I should say a healtier way of living. It takes a lot of motivation ,and focus to stay on track. I know because I have really let things slide this summer. The summer has been so terribly hot, I have let it effect me in what I do and don't do.

Just joined another new Spark Team, that I had an invite too, looking forward to see if that can't help me aim in the right directions now. I know that it is all up to me, and my attitude. I read about having the right attitude, from another team that I'm a member of, and it made a lot of good sense to me.

JUNE 2010

This is another new month, and another new start.
Just joined a new Spark Team, that I thought would be a good way to start off this month, and get into a habit of doing at least 10 minutes of exercise , at least five times a week. Ten minutes goes by rather quickly ,so I shall see what happens.


MAY 2010



Spring has arrived, and I'm glad to see it here. Love seeing the flowers start to come out to get ready to bloom, and the trees getting green again. Time to get rid of the winter time, blahs. lol

Working today on my new fitness plan, started putting it down on paper, before I add it to my Spark page.

MARCH 2010

I wanted to wish everyone ,a HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY! May it be a safe and healthy one, for all of us.

January thru February 2010

I didn't make my goals for these two months, but now it's time to leave that in the past where it belongs, and move forward.

It's the end of February, so that means Spring is just around the corner, and I'm ready.

I've got to get myself back on track, and set up new goals, and fitness program for myself. Not only set programs up, I need to take action, get myself motivated again.

With Spring , I'm hoping to come up with new plans, and take action. Doing this mostly for me, but also for my family. We all deserve it.

January 4,2010

The New Year is finally here, and the new challenges start all over again.

I bought the New Spark Book, and looking forward to reading it, than taking action on what I learn from it, and the site too.

December 31, 2009

Today, marks the end of the old year, and tomorrow will be the start of another New Year.
I'm trying to learn from things accomplished, and goals not met to learn from them. With the New Year starts another new beginning and hope for making it a better one ,than the last.
I've gotten a little lazy towards the end of this year, now I need to get back on track and off to a better start for this next year. I've got the New Spark Book ordered, and received word that it's on it's way to my home. I can't wait to get it,and start reading it, than working on new goals, programs from there.



I would like to wish everyone,who reads my Spark Page, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy one,this year.

Here it is the end of the year already, it seems it went by so quickly,now. Maybe, that's just me, because I'm getting a little older. lol

Anyway, I'm starting to think , I had better get myself back on track, and set up some reasonable goals for myself. Figure, I would make them now, and keep them through the first of the year as well. Not making New Year's Resolutions ,this time. Instead, start with this month, and follow through for a few weeks to see how my new way of thinking takes me.
If it doesn't work out, I will have to make some adjustments.


Wanted to wish everyone, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

This week, I finally was able to go back to my local community center and take exercise, again.
Sure could tell, that I had missed for several days. Therefore, I'm taking it slow, until I can increase my endurance ,again.

I'm thinking about settings some goals and logging them on my page. It's so late in the year, that my goals will be for the remainder of the year, starting with the rest of this month.

I will be cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner, as I usually do. It will be just for the three of us.

I won't be doing my usual workout for Thanksgiving day, but I will be busy, and not just sitting and doing nothing, anyway. lol

Wishing Everyone A Happy , Healthy Halloween!


It seems summer has went to fast, now. Here it is the end of September, and October is right upon us.
I've updated my pictures, accordingly, tonight.
Now, I need to update my goals.

Happy Labor Day, Everyone!

I will be updating my page, soon.

AUGUST 1, 2009

After taking time off for almost three weeks, I plan on getting back to my fitness plans, this month.

My fitness goals, are to do cardio at least , 3 times a week, on Mon, Wed, and Fridays. Will start off slowly this first week, but hoping to do 30 minutes, than start increasing it in the weeks to come.

Do strength training, 3 times ,a week, on Sun, Tues, and Thursdays. Aim for at least 30 minutes each time, planning on increasing it, later.

I've also joined another Spark Team, and looking forward to what challenges might come up to take part it, this month, also.

Need to figure out a better nutrition plan for myself, also. This is still in the works, although I do use the nutrition tracker. I need to work on eating healthier, than I have been doing. I don't like all kinds of food, so this will be a challenge in itself. This will be an ongoing challenge, and something that I will have to keep a watch out. Can't let my guard down on this one, it wouldn't be a healthy thing for me to do. I don't want to gain weight , I'm hoping to shed some unwanted pounds, instead. LoL!

Will blog about my goals, as I figure things out better for myself.

Until than, I will do my best to stay with these goals, and contiue Sparking.

July 10, 2009

I will be taking some time off for about two weeks, since I'm not feeling well. Nothing that bad, it's sinus infection, and I just need to take medication, and rest . My anti-biotic is suppose to be gone in two weeks, so after that, I should be back with my programs, again.
When I come back, I think I will update my programs.

July 1, 2009

It's hard to believe that today is the first day of July. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

I also want to wish everyone a Safe, and HAPPY 4th of JULY!

June 2009

Here it is June ,already, and it's moving right along. I haven't had time to update my page. I was thinking if I don't get it updated soon, this month will be gone.

I'm still going to the community center, three times ,a week. However, I recently increased my fitness minutes for my cardio work out. They have a new machine at the center, that I've switched to using a few weeks ,ago. It's called a NU STep cardio machine. I really like it. You can work your lower ,and upper half body ,at the same time. Of course, you don't have too, you can just work one or the other,too. I was doing 45 minutes, 3 times a week, but now I've increased my minutes to at least, 60 minutes, 3 times a week.
I've lost two (2) inches off of my waist, with my last measuring, and half inch off of my hips. I figure that this is progress being made without the scales.
I'm still working on my weight loss goals.
I'm going to aim for a short term weight loss goal of between 5 and 10 lbs. Whenever, I'm able to reach this goal, I will set another weight loss goal up for myself.
My long term weight loss goal will be between 40 and 50 lbs.
I didn't realize when I first started on Spark that I should have set my goals more like I just did. Aim for reaching one small goal at a time, than aim for the bigger prize. This is going to be my newest motivation that I've set for myself.
I also need to aim for the middle or lower range on my nutrition tracker ,that spark has set for me.
I'm going to aim for some results by the end of this year. Only time , will tell if I make it.
This will continue to be a work in progress, from now on, because it's all about living a healthier lifestyle. No diet allowed.

MAY 2009

I figured that I wouldn't weigh for awhile, but found out that I put that little task off far too long. Yea, I gained weight ,instead of taking it off. Now, it's back to starting fresh, and get back on track. I've joined a few new teams, lately.

1. QUICKFIRE , a team to help keep a person's metabolism up in order to burn more calories.

2. SWEATSUIT TO SWIMSUIT BOOTCAMP, a team dedicated to get us in shape for the summer season. To all who make their goal, the big prize will be losing weight. Be able to wear that new swimsuit of your choice, or just be more fit.

3. HEALTHY LUNCH CLUB, a team dedicated to eating healthier for lunch. Sharing healthy lunch ideas with others.

I'm excited about my new teams ,as well as the ones that I have already belonged too for quite a while.
I realize that I need to watch my calories more, and eat healthier, if I ever want to meet my weight loss goals.
This month, I plan on giving it my all to work on making my goals a reality. I know that it's not going to be easy, it's going to take a lot of hard work, plus my staying focused.
I'm doing this for me, because I am worth it, and I want to be able to shop for clothes in the regular section of the stores, and not in the plus size shops.
I'm now back up in weight ,so need to re do my tracker. I was 184 lbs, and now, I'm starting this month off at 189 lbs. Clothes fitting a bit tighter again, instead of looser.
Even with all of this , though, I'm still better than when I started with Spark People. I have more energy, and can breathe better, especially going up and down stairs.
I never want to go back to the old me, of being a couch potato. It's not only un-healthy ,but it doesn't feel good, either.
Here , I go into May with a better outlook , and focusing on my goals.


With April, came spring, and it's going quickly by. I thought I'd better post a new update to my page, and try to get on with things.

I've taken last week off, pretty much, and I hope by doing so I can refocus and get myself back on track ,this week.

I think it's time to change my fitness programe a bit, not sure what I wil be changing in that dept, just yet.

Recently, I did join a new team. My newest team, is called Quickstart. I think this is going to be a good team to help me with my fitness goals. The challenges are different ,and they are exercises to keep our matabolism up to burn more calories, every day. This seems to be just what I need to do.

Instead of updating a month at at time, I'm going to change that too. Most of my goals are going to be an on going process. I still have lots of the same goals to work on. One of those being , I don't drink enough water. I know this is probably one of my big downfalls. This will be an ongoing goal for the long term.

I do like the idea of not being on a diet, instead it's a lifestyle change. Sometimes, changes aren't too easy to make happen. It's going to take a lot of motivation on my part to make all of this happen.

I realize that I shouldn't worry too much about the scales. I have made progress in other ways that doesn't include those contrary scales. lol

I can go longer in doing my fitness minutes, and I have more self confidence in myself. First time in my life, that I have gained some much needed self confidence in myself. I consider that big progress.

I do better on my lifesyle changes, than the rest can follow. The main thing is for me to keep on trying, or I should say do my best. I remember reading Coach Dean's one blog about setting ourshelves up for failure, and realized I need to change some of my words, too. lol

Anyway, Monday starts a new week, and it's time to move forward again.


I'm going to take this month to refocus on my goals, and challenges.
I think that I need to figure out what new goals that I need to set for myself in achieving my main goal.
I'm going to be working on a new program for myself, to start April with.
Some of my goals that I had for February, I still need to work on, plus add to those.

My February Goals

1. Do challenges with my "Survivor's" Class of May 11-17,2008.

2. Drink more water.

3. Do better staying within my calorie range.

4. Increase my fitness minutes.

5. Be more organized.

6. Less eating out.

I've decided to keep my list smaller ,this month, in order to do better. I think these are the things that I need to be working on the most, right now.
I feel that I've made progress, since starting Spark. I feel better, and I'm no longer a couch potato.
Spark People is a wonderful site, that is helping me to start living a healthier life.
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