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Sara's Ready for Permanent Change!

Update: I have gone from 215 lbs to 133. I am no longer focusing on scale goals, but on body fat percentage and muscle development. I have changed my ticker to reflect this change.

June 24, 2012- Baltimore Women's Classic 5k (40:06)

July 22, 2012- Harford County Farm Fair 5k (38:18)

Sept 29, 2012- Fort4Fitness 10k- Fort Wayne, IN with RUNFOR3POINT1 (MOM2IAN) and LDRICHEL! (1:17:13)

Oct 13, 2012- Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon ...
Update: I have gone from 215 lbs to 133. I am no longer focusing on scale goals, but on body fat percentage and muscle development. I have changed my ticker to reflect this change.

June 24, 2012- Baltimore Women's Classic 5k (40:06)

July 22, 2012- Harford County Farm Fair 5k (38:18)

Sept 29, 2012- Fort4Fitness 10k- Fort Wayne, IN with RUNFOR3POINT1 (MOM2IAN) and LDRICHEL! (1:17:13)

Oct 13, 2012- Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon (3:11:27)

Oct 21, 2012- Race for the Cure 5k (35:01)

Nov 18, 2012- Towson University Turkey Trot 5k- Did not participate in this race. We received an email on Friday saying that we would get an email late Saturday with the race packet and all of that information, but I never received anything. Just decided to suck up the $15 and skip this one.

Dec 1, 2012- Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 5k- bad weather. I don't drive on ice, so I skipped this one. Seems like winter races aren't for me.

May 5, 2013- Frederick Half Marathon

May 26, 2013- MD Center for Veterans Education and Training 10K

June 23, 2013- Baltimore Women's Classic 5k

October 12, 2013- Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon




~~Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere. ~~

Hey. So there have been significant changes since I started SP in July 2008. I lost a great deal of weight and then around July 2009 started having difficulties going to the gym regularly since I started my first year of teaching. I tried checking in again in 2010, but started graduate school. Around Feb 2012 I reinvested myself and got back on track.

A little about me-- My name is Sara. I am 24 years old and teach special education math in a wonderful high school in Maryland.

When I first created my page in 2008 I put that I wanted to lose weight because I was tired of buying new clothes and not looking like I used to. I would've done Atkins again, but my boyfriend is allergic to seafood and nuts making that program difficult. I joined SP and decided to lose weight the right way and keep it off. Atkins was good for the short term, but I wasn't sure if that was the best for a life adjustment. When I joined I really didn't know how true this was! My life had completely changed with SP so I want to get back to that place again.

*******Below is the information from my old page... I wanted to keep it on here as motivation of where I was mentally during that place in my life when I was losing weight and pushing through the difficulties involved. I considered myself a "runner" and was really accomplishing great things. I will be there again- slow and steady wins the race........

When I started SP I just focus on food at first. I started by trading in soda for water. Simple change, but it really makes a lot of difference. Then I began measuring everything and really became aware of how much I was putting into my body. I used the SP tracker religiously and was able to break old habits and take control of that area of my life. Now I do not track everything, but I know what I am eating and my snacks have become habitual. Food does not control me anymore, but I am in charge.

Once I felt that I had developed good habits in terms of food I started the dreaded exercising. Now I used to HATE exercising with a burning passion, but SP showed me how much fun it can be! Finally, I started doing my exercise bike and eventually running. When I started running I couldn't go 2 minutes straight. It KILLED me. But then I heard about the Couch to 5k program. It is AMAZING! It takes you on a 9 week program that gradually gets you to the point that you can do a 5k.

After my car accident in Jan 2009, I stopped exercising as much and major life changes put a dent in my old workout routine. I have been helping to care for my bf's almost 95 year old grandfather, so I'm not at my apartment to workout. However, i've absolutely loved becoming a part of his life and seeing how excited he gets when I get home from teaching. I am enjoying this time I have to spend with him and am just taking life one day at a time.

I cannot believe that I have actually start to become a "runner" based on where I started. I just thought that some people were just meant to be overweight and inactive. SO WRONG! I have goals and ambitions that before I would have never dreamed of. I look and feel so much better and can wear clothes I haven't touched in years. I am less stressed and have a much more positive attitude in whatever I do.

SP really makes all of that possible. The recipes are incredible and so are the people you will meet. Everyone is supportive and full of excellent information. There is something for everyone here and someone who is going through exactly what you are. If you need some motivation just reach out to a team and you will find what you need.

I plan on being a member for life and using this valuable resource to help maintain my healthy lifestyle. You can absolutely do it! Just remember that it is a long journey and it won't happen over night. It is hard work, but don't kill yourself. Take baby steps and set realistic goals. (Have you ever seen the movie, "What About Bob?"... Baby step to the door.... baby step away from the fridge. HAHA!) Also, don't take the scale too seriously and realize that our bodies are complex thing so you will fluctuate during your journey.

Months............ Pounds Lost
7/30-8/30.........13.2 lbs
8/30-9/29..........5.4 lbs
9/29-10/30........3.4 lbs
10/30-11/27.......5.2 lbs
11/27-12/31........5.8 lbs
12/31-2/3...........6.2 lbs
2/2-3/3...............1.2 lbs (rocky month. weight went up and down and I was only able to exercise once, but I still feel happy and healthy. I'll get to that magic number eventually, but for now I'm enjoying all of the incredible changes that are happening in my life)
3/3-4/6.............. 1.6 lbs (things are getting better and settling out. Once September hits and I have a real, adult like I will be 100% back to how things used to be.)
4/6-5/3...............0.2 lbs (I fluctuated between 154-157, but by the end of the month I was back to 154. Again, right now I am trying to maintain everything despite the lack of exercise. I graduate and move this month, so my goal for next month is to not gain. I start my new gym at the end of May, so hopefully June will be better).

Total Lost: 42.2 lbs

No longer "obese" according to BMI- Aug 7, 2008 (191.2lbs)
Halfway to weight loss- Dec 12, 2008 (168lbs)
No longer "over weight" according to BMI- Jan 16, 2008 (159.8lbs)

GOAL: 196.2- 140lbs (56.2 lbs) but maybe I'll get down to 135lbs. Haven't decided yet. We'll see how I look and feel when I get there.

Months........Inches Lost
7/31-8/26...Hips- 1.75, Waist- 4, Neck- .75, Stomach- 3.5
8/26-9/28...Hips- .75, Waist- .75, Neck- .25, Stomach- .5
9/28-10/25... Hips-1.5, Waist-1.75, Neck- 0, Stomach-2.5
10/25-11/29.. Hips-.25, Waist-.25, Neck-0, Stomach-1
11/29-12/28.. Hips-.75, Waist-.75, Neck-.5, Stomach-.5
12/28-2/2.. Hips-.5, Waist-.5, Neck-.25, Stomach-1.5
2/2-3/7.......Hips-.5, Waist-1, Neck-0, Stomach-.5
3/7-5/3...... Hips- 0, Waist- 0, Neck- 0, Stomach- 1

Total Lost... Hips- 6, Waist- 9, Neck- 1.75, Stomach- 11

July 2010- Weight: 205 (and the second round of the journey begins)

7/17/2010... Hips- 45, Waist- 38, Neck- 15, Stomach- 44.5, Chest- 46.5, and Ribs- 36 (everything is the same as when I started in July 2008, except my waist is 2" smaller, stomach is 1" smaller, and ribs are 4" smaller).

Weekly Weight Loss:
7/15/10-7/24/10... -3.6 lbs
7/24-7/31... -1.8 lbs
7/31-8/7... 0 lbs
8/7-8/14... -1.4 lbs
8/14-8/21... -3.4 lbs

Total Loss of 10.2 lbs (as of 7/15/2010)
2012 Restart
Started at 215 (all time high!)

As of 10/7/12 I have lost 64.6 lbs.

Hips: -8 inches
Waist: -8.5 inches
Neck: -2 inch
Stomach: -11 inches
Chest: -7.5 inches
Ribs: -7 inches

I am determined to become a "runner" again and to do longer races! I also want to be toned and muscular for the first time in my life. For me it is less about the scale this time around and more about changing my life. This past year I have done things I would've never tried, made new friends with people I work with and SP, and am truly enjoying become a more active, happier person.
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Member Since: 7/31/2008

SparkPoints: 27,172

Fitness Minutes: 31,064

My Goals:
My goals were to graduate with my BS in Special Education. I graduated in May 09 and am receiving a Master's in Secondary Mathematics in 2013 so I can continue teaching high school math. Again, I would like to lose some weight and get back into my wonderful old clothes.

I accomplished a goal of running a 5k in June 2012, a 10k in Sept, and a half marathon in Oct. I have signed up for more events and am looking forward to improving my times.

My Program:
I have finally gotten around to updating this. In 2008 I tried training for a tri and didn't even follow through with a 5k. I tried doing too much at once and it wasn't realistic for me. Now I am enjoying the journey and making realistic-life long changes. I eat well and track all of my food. I also am much more active.

Mon- pole class
Tues- zumba
Wed- pole class
Thurs- yoga
Fri- either strength training or running at the gym
Sat- either gym or activity with a friend (i.e. tennis, hike, walk, etc.)
Sun- pole class

I also make attempts to find reasons to be more active throughout the day... I enjoy parking far away from stores and taking walks. I have also tried horseback riding and kayaking this summer. Again, I am working on doing more races, so I would like to add in more days of actual running into my program, but for now this is what I have been doing.

Personal Information:
NAME: Sara

AGE: 25

Birthday: October 12th

LOCATION: Baltimore County, MD

FAMILY: Myself, my wonderful siamese kitty named Tyson, and my bf of over 8 years. We also live with/care for his 94 year old grandfather.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: I used to really hate exercising, but since I've joined SP I've grown to love it. I have done the Couch to 5k program and enjoy walking/running, riding my exercise bike, the elliptical, etc. I also used to really enjoy the strength training SP Videos (stability ball and resistance band videos were my favorite). I don't do the videos as much anymore since there are more distractions and less space in the house. I have been pushing myself to go to the gym and do strength training since that's one of my least fav things to do.

EXERCISE WEAKNESS: I really have limited time, but have adopted a positive attitude about exercising. The SP Videos are great and easy to fit into a busy schedule (who doesn't have 6 mi

Other Information:
I love watching movies and my favorite book is The Color Purple or anything by Jodi Picoult. I also love spoiling my cat.

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Way to go on your fitness minutes this month!congrats also on your weight loss! emoticon emoticon

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A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.
Steve Martin

Have a good, you!

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" If you really believe in what you're doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up."
Laurie Notaro

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You have come so far, great job!

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I have rebooted my Spark persona. I used to be TimothyNohe. I just sent you a friend request as Timothy53. If it pleases you, would you confirm my request?

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