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*Update June 14, 2015
So my weight has been inching up...162lbs. Right now I'm trying not to freak out about that and focus on the things that I know are good & will "calm" me down both weight wise & emotionally bring me to an even keel. The key: taking honest to goodness lovable care of myself! I've had a flare up in my knee which left me a work off week and 2 weeks out of the gym...and ate more than I usually do! Not a good choice! I felt myself slipping into the "not caring mode" until ...
*Update June 14, 2015
So my weight has been inching up...162lbs. Right now I'm trying not to freak out about that and focus on the things that I know are good & will "calm" me down both weight wise & emotionally bring me to an even keel. The key: taking honest to goodness lovable care of myself! I've had a flare up in my knee which left me a work off week and 2 weeks out of the gym...and ate more than I usually do! Not a good choice! I felt myself slipping into the "not caring mode" until I realized one day I felt and looked bloated & fat & unhealthy....and that made me slump and heart break. That is not living life. in the past couple weeks I gained 5 lbs! It made me think about the natural healing powers in good eats and postive verbal message to stay well emotionally. Ive looked at my healthy living reminder board often these past weeks, and know this is a journey of learning, relearning, discovering, uncovering and its meant to be enjoyed. Life isn't always pretty. We all know that. But the right perspective, attitude, and healthy outlets go a LONG ways. That said, I'm simply redirecting my focus to align with my long term goal: to live a healthy life, loving me, loving life, loving others, loving God and in that realm of love, I know that there's no way I can't possibly do anything but sparkle...shine...glow. Love does that. It nurtures, cares, protects, wills whats wilted to live. I still travel a journey that takes courage. Fear has been my enemy from ever since I can remember...but it will not define me! AND the other thing is complacency. That is a subtle but slow death. And I will not choose to life that life, of settling for less. Shining the sparkle of who I am & who I desire/press on to be EVEN...and ESPECIALLY... in the times life gets dark and throw hard knocks is choosing the to live LIFE alive. So...the sparkle in me is still aglow...and WILL shine brighter because that is the only way to live life. I choose to live life, over and over in this way: shining the fullness of each moment of who I am made to me as fully wonderfully me. #dontbeafraditosparklealittlebrighter, #morethanpeptalks, #zeroinginonwhatmatters, #shine, #alive, #lovefully

*Update February 9th, 2015

SO...August 2014 I hit 156 lbs where I decided to settle as maintenance weight!! woot woot! This is WAY beyond what I had aimed for. (175) I'd say a miracle. :) Since then I've yo-yo up and down but within 4 pounds. I've had a lot of life changes the past 6 months & have started to let the priceless value of myself slide. That is a warning sign to me. Never let that happen! But honestly speaking, it does, or it has to me. So now I'm going back to the things that helped me start in the first place. Courage & simplicity. I'm renewing my thinking with truths. I AM worth something priceless. I AM precious and deserve to treat myself with true respect. Always. I will not forget or mistreat who I really am. I will be true to me & honor the beautiful person God made me as.
So right now, as I started back in 2013, I'm working on simple, small & achievable goals that will continue to help me improve in a healthy ways holistically. (Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.) I'm so thankful each day & each moment is another chance presented with a gift to enjoy, embrace & make wonderfully beautiful.

Refusing to give up on the truth of who I really am & my purpose here on earth!


*Update March 17th, 2014

I have reached the original GOAL weight I set for myself last April 28th!!! (Starting weight: 248lbs & Goal weight: 175lbs) I'm am so thankful---beyond words-for all the SP family here--your support & love is incredible! & I thank God for this achievement & for giving me that verse about courage--to get up and going & keep pushing on through--through sooo much! So here I am 74lbs down now!!! WOO HOO!!! That said, I'm gonna revamp my goals to get the final touches before I hit maintenace--more to come on that soon (look for it in an upcoming blog!) I *love* Spark People--you guys are one heck of a great bunch of cheerleaders!!!
*Update February 3, 2014*

I am now 15 lbs from my goal weight! Even though I'm dealing with an injury right now that leaves me unable to do cardio, I'm sticking to my motto....I'm sticking to this journey of choosing a healthier life. Giving up is not a choice.

Although it is *VERY* testing on my patience to keep on pushing SO slowly, when knowing how much faster I could be going when is strengthening my roots of endurance and determination. I once heard this:
"Be strong. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be you."

*September 15, 2013

I started this journey late April 2013 here on SP, since then I've lost almost 25 lbs! Sometimes its felt like slow going, but persistence is paying off! :) I'm still pushing forward, with courage--refusing to let fear hold me back from achieving my goals or changing into the better me I know God wants me to be...and that I want to be!

Psalm 27:14
"...Be strong & let your heart take courage..."
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....this is now an "almost done" checklist :) I've yet to do an official 5K, but I know I can! :) new goal so I can complete this goal list which is almost complete from when I started in 2013 which all seemed so daunting and rather impossible then...But, NOPE, it IS possible! :D

1. Be able to do (jog) a 5k
2. Be able to shop in non-plus size clothing stores. (CHECK!)
3.Be able to do walk and talk w/out breathing heavily. (CHECK!)
4.Be able to achieve a healthier diet and fitness level. (CHECK!!!)
5.Lower (one or all!) of: tension headaches, anxiety, depression, and (chronic) fatigue symptoms. (2016: Depression is DEF lower! :) as is anxiety... the fatigue & headaches fluctuate)
6. Be able to accept who I am. (2016: I no longer *hate* me, and I have learned to love & value myself... & continue to develop this skill of loving, valuing I say CHECK, CHECK!!!! :)
7. Be comfortable in my own skin. (2016:....I'd say pretty MUCH there! :))

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To be updated..

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Relaxation hobbies: card making & scrapbooking, baking, strumming guitar or fiddling on the keyboard. I enjoy composing my own songs...I simply love music--and am always buying more! (lol) Music is like the air my heart needs to breath!
I'm an RECE...
Children are a huge passion in my life & I'm so blessed with the opportunity to work with them & see them grow!
Having a network of great friends & family mean SO much to me! Finally, I'm thankful for my faith in God & for giving me the courage to get my butt in gear, step up to the plate & take ownership for my health!

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4/29/2016 8:39:56 PM

It's not my house lol...I clean houses as a side job...wish mine were clean

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3/22/2016 2:32:26 AM

Thanx 😊 for your love and support!🌼

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3/20/2016 11:33:30 PM

Hey, Thanks for commenting on my profile. It means a lot to me. You couldn't have said it any better. :-) I am refusing to give up on myself and on others, while having strong courage in the midst of hard times. 🌺 God bless you and your family!

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3/7/2016 10:26:17 AM

I'm pretty sure I told you in a previous email, that I can help you with those head aches. They may be from allergy, or food intolerances, processed, fast, or non-nutrient food, too much sugary foods, salty, or caffeine. It's any easy fix if you are interested. hugs, eva

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2/22/2016 5:15:10 AM

"Applesauce"! Ha! emoticon

I gathered from a few others' posts that you're facing off against some health issues. On the upside, I'm happy to hear you're learning to adapt as best you can. As you seem to be learning, that doesn't mean perfection 24/7, but then nothing ever does. We just strive to do our best and if we falter, it can act as a barometer to how well we do when we're doing well and teach us what's good and what's important! My daughter is also dealing with some head pain issues that have her on an up and down rollercoaster and several ongoing appointments and sessions with neurologist teams. She's missed a great deal of school because of it. Part of managing is how you said -- learning to readjust priorities and how to live differently. For me, it's much like how I had to learn and continue to teach myself all of the lifestyle changes that come with healthier living when I starting focusing on weight loss. While it's a different kind of battle, the principles are still the same. It's how I try to put myself in her situation to hopefully understand her challenges a little bit better.

I so dig that specifically brought up "Every Giant Will Fall"! We played that song about a month ago on my worship team! It was instant awesomesauce for me! ;) It really does give strength to show us that the enormities in our lives can be managed, if not conquered.

BTW, I just learned this week that Hillsong United is playing a show near us in May! I'm hoping to get tickets when they go on sale this Friday. You should come! emoticon

~ Troy

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