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Good Lord, how did I let myself (far right) get like that? At my heaviest ever (about 260).

Woo hoo! I look normal next to my thin friend!

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Finally starting to feel like I'm at home in my own life!

I don't run marathons and I don't follow an unusual or super-restrictive diet. I'm just a regular girl who's spent the vast majority of her life obese or overweight and has found success at long last. I'm living proof that it is possible to develop moderate habits that will help you to lose a lot of weight and keep it off--even if you've had a long history of ups and downs.

I reached my goal of losing more than 90 pounds in March 2012 and have been successfully maintaining since ...
I don't run marathons and I don't follow an unusual or super-restrictive diet. I'm just a regular girl who's spent the vast majority of her life obese or overweight and has found success at long last. I'm living proof that it is possible to develop moderate habits that will help you to lose a lot of weight and keep it off--even if you've had a long history of ups and downs.

I reached my goal of losing more than 90 pounds in March 2012 and have been successfully maintaining since then--a feat I had never accomplished before. I think that staying very active and engaged here on SparkPeople has helped me to finally keep the weight off and really internalize all of the lifestyle changes I've made. To anyone who has been caught in the frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting, please know that there is hope. I had nearly resigned myself to a lifetime of obesity, health problems and getting old before my time. When I started my journey in February 2010, I was 240 pounds and 33 going on 80. I had lost and regained hundreds of pounds over the course of my life and had nearly undone all of a 115-pound weight loss from my late 20s when I finally tapped the brakes and decided enough was enough. Over the past four+ years, I've reclaimed my health, my life and my youthful energy. At 38, I feel better than ever and am looking forward to many more happy and healthy years.

My journey has involved lots of ups and downs, but I remained committed to losing the weight slowly and sensibly and am always striving for greater balance in all things. Since I began maintenance, I've worked hard to find what's most sustainable for me, both in terms of my diet and in my fitness routine. I've sometimes gone overboard in pursuit of my goals, but I know that my obsession has often led to burnout and that's something I really want to avoid. Even after passing the two-year mark on maintenance, I'm still finding that there's always room for improvement and that life's challenges sometimes make staying on track very, very hard. I've learned that the most important way to stay on track in tough times is remaining connected to my support systems and not giving up myself and on all of the healthy habits I've developed even when every ounce of me just wants to tear into bags of chips and candy bars to soothe myself. It really is all about being as consistent as possible and not letting little slips totally derail you.

As I was losing weight, I enjoyed participating in the Seasonal 5% Challenges because they gave me an extra push and kept me more accountable. I'm currently one of the leaders on the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance team and am working with the other leaders and members of the team to provide more support to my fellow Sparkers as they begin to plan for and continue on in maintenance. The statistics for maintenance are daunting--studies say that as many as 98% of people who lose weight will regain it--and we want to help turn those statistics around by providing more tools, resources and support for people who want to keep the weight off for good.

I also love the consistent support I've received from my SparkFriends. I hope that, with this support system and my continued consistency, I'll be able to continue to maintain my losses in the long-term, something I've never been able to do for more than a few months' time until now. I absolutely do not want to have to restart this process again, EVER!
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First and foremost, I'd like to maintain my weight loss for the rest of my life. Once as high as 260, I now try to maintain in a range of +/-3% of 150 and I'm 5'7". Reaching goal has liberated me from feeling constantly self-conscious about my size and appearance, worrying about whether I'll be able to fit in chairs, or worse, break them, and much of the weight-related stress I was placing on my body. I've found that I CAN maintain my weight without total deprivation and feel a deep sense of peace at the balance I've achieved in my life. I finally feel like the image I present externally matches who I am on the inside--young, joyful and full of energy. Now that I've gotten over my initial sea legs of being on maintenance, my goal is to find the spot where good health, aesthetics, and lifestyle intersect. This journey is no longer about losing weight for me, but about trying to live as happily and healthily as I can for as long as I can.

My Program:
I follow a balanced plan that doesn't completely exclude any type of food. Now that I'm on maintenance, I've worked hard to find the right balance between continuing my healthy lifestyle and figuring out where I can loosen up a bit without gaining weight, which I've found to be much harder than it seems. Once a religious tracker, I am trying to move more towards an intuitive eating approach, but I know that I can always fall back on tracking if I find I need to. I am not a fitness queen and haven't developed a great love for any particular type of sport or activity apart from dancing. I do what I do because it works and because I know my health will thank me for it. I generally aim for three to four days of cardio and strength training each week in addition to all of the walking I do living in a city without cars. I have a somewhat short attention span and need to change my workouts regularly to ward off boredom and to keep challenging myself. I also dabble in yoga and Pilates.

Personal Information:
I'm 38 years old and originally from New York but have been living in Venice, Italy since 2007.

Other Information:
Obviously, I love food. I'm trying to balance that love with being healthy. I'm fortunate that, living in Italy, I have access to wonderful fresh produce year-round. I also love traveling, wine and fresh German lagers, Czech pilsners and English ale, film (especially Pre-Code movies, screwball comedies, pretty much anything French and gritty 70s crime dramas), reading (I'm really into Zola at the moment), music, dancing, camping, the Yankees and spending time with the people I love. I want to be a positive force on SparkPeople and think that everyone here deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion. As the saying goes, "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

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1/30/2015 5:05:46 PM

thanks for stopping by...maybe next time emoticon

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1/30/2015 11:18:50 AM

Id like to invite you to join in my challenge to lose 10 pound in Feb The goal is 10 pounds but really u do what u can. The decision to how much is ultimately up to you. i know some of us might be saying 10 pounds? WOW, that is too much! cant do it! But i am here to tell u i did it for 7 months straight, (lost 75 pounds) b4 i got sick with cancer and had dropped out for a yr and a half. unfortunately due to lack of activity it took me 3 yrs to gain it back but im back to tell you that with your help I can do it again. if u stay within ur calories that are alotted and if u track everything that passes ur lips u can do it too. I was never one that stayed on a diet before, for more than 3 weeks at a time, and then I'd get discouraged and dropped off. i lost 75 pounds just doing calorie counting and tracking to make sure i never went over. i barely exercised ...i am handicapped and i cant do exercises in the conventional way but i flapped my arms while showering, and sitting did leg raises, went up and down my stairs whenever it struck me to do so. i did very minimal stuff. the idea was to keep moving and i did that. so i know with disipline, encouragement and motivation u can too.. so i invite u to come and join me on my 10 pound challenge! emoticon emoticon
click on link below! or if that doesnt work cut and paste it! please join me on my new journey to begin again!!


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1/24/2015 12:53:28 PM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Woo hoo! Let's do the happy dance! Congratulations on receiving a Popular Blog Post Award! You totally deserve it! Your blogs are awesome! I hope you have a fabulous day full lots lots of love and happiness!
Hugs and love,

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1/24/2015 6:47:48 AM

♥´¯) ¸.☆´¯) “Our greatest limitations are those we place on ourselves.” Gail Lynne Goodwin
(¸☆´ (¸.♥´¯`•.¸¸.☆¯`•.¸¸.☆ ´¯`•.¸¸.♥ ¯`•.¸¸.☆ ´¯`•.¸¸.♥

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1/23/2015 11:33:17 AM

Happy Newday, Gorgeous!!! I joined the team :-). Thanks for the invite, Tina! Looking forward to walking with all of you!
Have a beautiful day!


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