Don't like to share photos of myself, so here's a snail! That's the pace I'm going for: slow, but steady.

Just a sunset at one of my favourite places, a place I'm happy outdoors being active.

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I'll put something here eventually.
I'll put something here eventually.



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Um, lose weight so I can get the stress off my hips, which should then help the problems in my upper back and neck.

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Be consistent. Eat less, exercise more, rehabilitate my sprained ankle and injured knee.

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3/23/2009 9:28:14 PM

Leek and asparagus!!! Sheesh, sounds amazing. I have actually never cooked with leeks yet... but my husband works with a guy from Greece who swears by them. So I have to try them out one of these days! Your year does sound crazy... a lot of things that were out of your control! That's hard on the stress levels. Josh has to pick a grad school to go to... within the next few days. It's interesting... so much is at stake. It's hard to make the right decision. We're praying about it a lot,and weighing all the pros and cons, but so far, things aren't clear. It is exciting though, I have to admit!

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3/21/2009 10:36:21 PM

I will most certainly sign up for it!! And you may not believe this, but I made a Quiche this past week too!! It was SO good! It's one of the few things my husband will actually eat for breakfast. I have the hardest time trying to get him to eat! What was crazy about 2008?? Don't worry ! I'm not trying to be nosy, I won't mind if you don't want to mention it!! Have a good Sunday tomorrow. :) emoticon

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3/17/2009 9:28:57 AM

Haha! This is so fun!! Yes, I have been to Weston A Price website, and I printed off their diet guidelines for pregnant and nursing mothers! I try to follow it as closely as I can. Wonderful of you to mention it. I'm even trying to eat the 2 eggs a day - it's actually harder than it sounds. Your breakfast sounds delish! Especially with the butter :) I really need to subscribe to the Wise Traditions Newsletter... I should just go ahead and bite the bullet. Thank you for commenting! I think you're wonderful! So glad I found you!!

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3/17/2009 8:22:55 AM

Hello Wapfrocks!! I was reading the 10 Healthiest Foods You've Never Tried article, and saw your comment about the fermented soy... and thought, wow, this person is in the "know." So I clicked to see your page and saw that you are a member of the Nurishing Traditions Team!!! Wow, I love that book, and Jordan Rubin's Maker's Diet too! Didn't know NT had a group on here! Whopee!! Thanks for posting your comment, I may never have found it otherwise!
P.S. I just had soaked oatmeal for breakfast :)

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2/2/2009 12:10:13 AM

Welcome BACK to Spark! You're here for a reason, so don't let anything stand in your way!

It's wonderful to have you as part of our Nourishing Traditions team. We're dedicated to healthy living. I'm looking forward to seeing you on our boards!

Please visit anytime and always feel free to ask question, ask for support, or just gossip.

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