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My weight loss transformation

After thirty plus years of failed weight loss attempts while eating healthy I have have unlocked the keys that is allowing me to loose the 200 plus pounds I have been trying to loose all my life. Please join me on this magical journey through my blogs as I hope this information I share is helpful with your own weight loss transformation.

Being a strong guy 6'4" & 49 years old hovering around 500-550 pounds the past 10 years I have carried my weight well all ...

After thirty plus years of failed weight loss attempts while eating healthy I have have unlocked the keys that is allowing me to loose the 200 plus pounds I have been trying to loose all my life. Please join me on this magical journey through my blogs as I hope this information I share is helpful with your own weight loss transformation.

Being a strong guy 6'4" & 49 years old hovering around 500-550 pounds the past 10 years I have carried my weight well all things considered. I have been lucky enough to avoid major health problems all these years, still be able to walk and stay very active in farming. However due to my age and, current health aliments potentially turning into major ones, I recognized its now or never. Being happy, successful in life, with a wonderful family I always felt I have too much too loose if I die young because of my weight condition.

While I have been motivated my entire life to loose weight I ultimately failed due to hunger issues. Being a artificial sweetener (AS) addict through diet soda and sugar free foods my entire life, I never understood how much they effected me. A little over 12 months ago I stopped eating foods and drinks that contained AS. After stopping AS, I felt considerably better lost unknown about of weight. Month later I became motivated enough to finally do what it takes to loose all the weight this time and keep it off. From end of January 2013 I went on my typical healthy cutting out most of sugar, low fat without the AS in my diet . Officially dropping my weight from 515 to 470 I was surprised how easy it was, in regards to it was the first time in my life I could eat just a little bit of food, no cravings for sugar and not be hungry afterwards. I was so excited as I knew this time was different. End of hungry all the time syndrome as I so thought. Slowly but surly I noticed my cravings for sugar come back while I tracked 2500 calories per day. What I did not know at that time is it was the sugar from ice cream, fruit juice, and many foods considered healthy. At low levels would eventually bring back all the cravings for sugar. Quit tracking food in April and ate as much as I wanted. By august, I was up to 25 pounds more than I officially started, but still less than when I quit AS. My sugar addiction was noticeable but not out of control. Between August and my official start my weight dropped 25 lbs. My body weight was 50 pounds less eating the same way without AS than it was a year ago with AS in diet. I do not remember a time where 500 pounds felt so good heart health wise. No waking up in the middle of night gasping for air, ended after no AS.

December 20th 2013 is the official start turning point in my life. The two weeks leading up I decided to do extensive research regarding sugars and AS's in diet in there relationship to hunger. Based on my own success earlier in the year and information out on the web I decided to eliminate sugar from all foods except from fruits and vegetables and all junk food in general.

Instantly I noticed all my cravings for sugar and hungry all the time syndrome was gone. I was expecting that. What I did not see coming was my cravings for sugar and overall levels of getting hungry became far less than I imagined. I recognized the gigantic difference of having no sugar compared to a little sugar. How easy and naturally I was to choose the right food.
Over the next 12 days.

By the end of week two, day number 12 I was disappointed with the one pound weight gain from day 6 to day 12. I had just gone the best 6 days of counting calories ever, around 500 less than my allowed 2500 each day. While I was feeling great, I became concerned about information I had previously come across about how wheat and starches in diet along with low fat can cause your metabolism to shut down your body and conserve energy. How good fats, butter, olive oil, eggs,saturated fats combined with no what or starch would benefit in weight loss Seeing how well I had adjusted with no sugar and how well things were going I was a little hesitant to change just 12 days into this.

Day 13 is where it all changed again. I decided to increase the amount of good fat substantially where I get 30-50% of my calories from fat. Also cut out MOST all the wheat, starch, processed foods. Most all the food I eat has to provide 100% nutrition. As it turns out it's one of my best choices I have ever made. These past 6 weeks find myself eating, enjoying food on a level I could not have imagine being possible. Once switching to foods that provide 100% nutrition, sometimes tracking as low as 2200 calories is completely satisfying and effortless . Essentially I have changed my eating habits to one where I crave and enjoy the foods I eat now in no comparison more than my old eating habits.

Sometime during weeks 3 & 4 I realized this weight loss attempt is in no comparison to any other in my lifetime. I can't explain it very well, but I have this inner calling, just knowing that I will loose all the weight and more importantly keep it off. It's the greatest feeling in the world knowing this far in advance it's going to happen this time.


Several changes since this posting. 1st of all I ended up loosing the first 100 pounds while averaging about 3000 calories per day, a little over 3 pounds per week. 2nd change is I have adjusted my calorie intake back to 2300 per day as of August 4th and have noticed little change regarding my ability to feel totally satisfied with the food I eat and not being hungry.

I have made the choice to avoid artificial sweeteners and most all added sugar for life. Maximum amount of added sugar I can handle is 25 grams, no more. This is from salad dressing, bbq sauce or 86% Intense dark chocolate which has 1 gram of sugar per serving. Most days I have 10 or less grams of added sugar. It would be far more difficult to go back to consuming sugar as in my old eating habits than the difficult decision to give up sugar in the first place. I have a smile on my face every time I think about food and having freed myself from being addicted to sugar. The greatest feeling in the world and freedom from no longer being controlled by cravings for sugar, constant hunger issues, food eating binges and emotional eating.

I have avoided wheat for some time now and do not miss it. I do very good on starchy vegetables. Oranges become too sweet to eat and grapefruit is eating like a orange, skin and all. I have not given my new eating habits enough credit as I look far healthier than I can remember. As I loose these next 100 pounds in the 300's I now understand I will feel and look more healthy compared to the years I sustained this weight back in my late teens and all twenty's.
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My Goals:
Short term goals:
continue loosing the 2cnd hundred pounds by last half of 2015 or sometime in 20016. Make the easy daily choice to avoid all artificial sweeteners and most all added sugar.

Intermediate goals: Loose all the extra weight and have a fitness level that will rival my healthy eating habits.

Long term goals:
Maintenance for life.
Continue the same natural eating habits I have in place now. Continue to make the easy choice to avoid all artificial sweeteners and most added sugar for life.

My Program:
Changed eating habits as described in introduction text. Tacked ave 3000 calories per day first 10 months. Adjust calorie intake lower if needed to maintain 2 pounds per week loss through end of 2014.

Personal Information:
My name is Jon, I am a 49 years old, married with three wonderful daughters. I crop farm selling hay & do online sales.

July 2012-550 highest recorded weight

January 2013- quit all artificial Sweeteners, at unknown weight.

7/10/13- 525 pounds

12/20/13 - Having lost 25 pounds since July, I decided to Eliminated all sugar except from fruit. Official start to changed eating habits. No sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Other Information:
12/20/13 -500
12/26/13- 486
01/02/14- 487
Increased more good
fat and eliminated most wheat and starch.
01/13/14- 480
01/19/14- 471
01/25/14- 467
01/31/14- 463
02/12/14- 458
02/18/14- 453
02/24/14- 444
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4/12/14- 434
4/24/14- 431
5/04/14- 429
5/12/14- 425
5/25/14- 421
6/11/14- 412
7/02/14 - 406
7/23/14 - 401
8/13/14 - 394
9/03/14 - 387
9/24/14 - 380
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3/12/2015 8:41:05 AM

You could probably do the enchiladas with grilled zucchini instead of the tortillas, and then add a higher fat cottage cheese for it to be more satisfying. Corn can be pretty sweet and carb-y. The trick with the zucchini is to make sure it's pretty well drained first so it doesn't water down a dish.

Keep on keeping on!

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2/27/2015 1:20:35 PM

Thanks for your comment on my HM!

I know theme parking became much easier when I lost the weight. If you decide to come to Orlando once you get closer to your goal, I'd be happy to help point you in the right direction! I've been to most of the local theme parks many, many times.

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2/19/2015 8:55:02 AM

You're welcome - chicken will probably be very tasty in it as well. Hope you're having fun on your trip!

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