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Hi, I am a 55 year old that is learning to cope with empty nest syndrome. I have several health issues that I have been dealing with. My doctor's keep telling me that if I loose weight that I will feel better. I know that is true. My biggest problem is that I have an addictive personality and when I get a taste of my favorite foods, I don't seem to know when to quit.
Hi, I am a 55 year old that is learning to cope with empty nest syndrome. I have several health issues that I have been dealing with. My doctor's keep telling me that if I loose weight that I will feel better. I know that is true. My biggest problem is that I have an addictive personality and when I get a taste of my favorite foods, I don't seem to know when to quit.



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My Goals:
1. To find peace within myself.
2. To practice self control.
3. To loose at least 1-2 lbs per week.
4. To regulate my sleep schedule.
5. To do at least 10 minutes worth of exercise each day.

My Program:
My program starts with giving all glory to God! In order for me to live a Godly life I must abandon all gluttony and work on self control. I need to realize that I am powerless but God can work through me. I am basically just watching my caloric intake, watching my portions, drinking my water, and trying to exercise every day.

Personal Information:
I was raised an Army brat and moved so many times when I was growing up that I don't know where to call home. Currently I am in Michigan and don't plan on going anywhere soon.

I have a 18 year old daughter and a 20 year old son that is currently living with his girlfriend and expecting my 2nd grandchild in July. I also have a 32 year old son in ND along with my beautiful granddaughters. Then last but not least is my oldest son at 34 years old who lives in Fairbanks, AK and is going to college.

My mom lives close to me and she is my best friend. Unfortunately she is in Florida during the winter months. I can't wait until April for her to get home.

My dad lives in Georgia so I don't get to see him very often. (Update: my dad passed away on December 5, 2015.) He will be missed terribly. He was my hero.

Other Information:
I am 55 and before I leave this world I want to be able to look in a mirror and see someone who is beautiful and someone with whom I am totally happy with.

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1/12/2016 12:04:21 PM

Hi Debbie,,,, I've read through ur page. Growing up as an army brat must of been hard. During my elementary years I moved some with Mom ending up with 3 different ones. That was hard,,,, my Jr and Sr years were with all the kids I knew. We lived in the same house from age 11,,, 12??? I kn in Jr and Sr high,,, it's usually clicky. I know for those of us who had been friends for many years had it easy. I though remember when I moved part way through grade 1,,,,, the STUPID teacher had me stand in front of the class,,, I was very, very thin,,,,my Mom never wanted me to grow up,,,so she picked out the babyish clothes she could find,,,, the teacher asked the class who wanted to be my friend. NO ONE raised their hand!!, On her asking the 3rd a girl finally did. No one liked her,,,, we became best friends. I never forgot how that felt. In Jr, Sr high I was popular enough. So when I saw someone new at school,, I always said hi,,, if they were in my class I made SURE they weren't made fun of,, helped them to fit in...make friends. I can't imagine what it must of been like for you!! Kids can be SO CRUEL!!!

I'm also disabled. Was in a car accident that we somehow walked away alive. It still amazes me we did. I did return to work after some time, but I kept getting worse and worse,, I was in management,,,, they really liked me, so they agreed I could cut back my hrs. Eventually they told me they could see how much I loved it there, but it was easy to see it was to much. I went onto disability. The pain,,as I'm sure you know ever so well kept me from being as active as I had always been. The weight went from 120 up to my all time high of 288!!! The back pain was severe. I lost my ability to walk. Not sure about you?

Finally I had a very nice, but strict, tell it as it is back Dr. He took put a skeleton,,, showed me how my weight was bending my spine around,,, I was born with scoliosis,,, they knew the moment I was born,,, so he explained these were the reasons I was so badly off. Told me right out,,, I COULD EASILY make myself better,,, dieting. I had of course known I was very heavy. The weekend before that I saw someone who knew a friend and I. She called me Karen, I said No I'm Diane. She replied "Oh u both look exactly alike." I was so ANGRY!!! I've known Karen since I was 13,,, she was always much heavier than the rest of us. At this time she was very heavy,,, I knew what that friend meant,,, I was as heavy as Karen,,,, it upset me to no end. So hearing from the Dr and her,,, I at ONCE went on a diet. Encouraged Karen to join me,,,she refused. Within 6 months I had lost 30 lbs. I DID feel better,,,what you are hearing is TRUE. As I lost more,,, I regained thankfully my ability to walk!!! Wasn't before long I was walking a mile!! Than 2!!! I started to have many problems with my feet,,, to date I've have had 20 surgeries,,, for the past yr and a half it's been a nightmare,,,,haven't been able to walk other than my apartment,, hopefully we are near the end of this. R u able to walk at all? If so why not join me by starting at a walk of 3 minutes,,for those of us who aren't used to walking for exercise, this is AWESOME!! From there I'll add in 2-3 more minutes every 3 days. When this becomes impossible,,, I'll stay at that amount of time until I can walk breathing easier. Than I'll start to slowly increAse again. By the end of the month I hope I'll be at 20 minutes. I'll do it daily. Hopefully the end of 2 months I'll be 30 or more minutes. I'll keep going. With my feet being so bad,, the Dr probably will limit me as in the past,, to 15 minutes at a time,,,,I will keep pressing him as long as I'm not breaking more bones,,, developing ulcers,,, which happens easily. I want to get back up to an hrs a day. Even if it's four times a day at 15 minutes. Hey if we try,,,and do even a little more at a time,, it's PROGRESS!!! Please don't allow anyone especially urself to discourage you, laugh at you etc,,,, hold dearly in ur heart,,, mind,,, as in. yesterday I didn't walk at all,, the 3 minutes I did today is WONDERFUL and I'm WORTH IT!! I will keep improving,,, long term I WILL feel much better,,, short term,,, I'm SO PROUD of myself!! I'm doing MUCH better than I did 6 (or where you started)months ago!! U need to be ur biggest cheer leader. Once you start to see progress or right off,,, have those around you who are SUPPORTIVE , NOT anyone who's at ALL negative,,, help you along. Many on Sparks don't have anyone in their life who is,,, we DO understand,,, blog,,, blog,, blog,,, read other blogs,,,pages as u r,,CONGRATS on this!! U will have or already do,, A LOT of friends, those years of moving,, not having it easy as some with long term friends,,,is in the past!!! I've met many n here,,, some from when I was new 4 years ago,,,, they are true friends. Some I've met in person. I'm fortunate to be a leader on a very active team,,, there are 6 leaders,,, 3 of us have formed a very tight bond. We keep in touch also by phone. One, MaryAnn,,, Maryanngi,,, and I talk daily,,, she lives in New Hampshire, I'm in Maine. She and her H love coming down,,, it's wicked FUN!!

Let me know where ur at on this journey. It's a long, but THRILLING journey,,, some bumps along the way,, it's through these bumps that we learn.

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10/4/2015 4:15:06 PM

Hi Debbie, haven't seen you on the message boards in a while. Thought I stop by and see how you are doing. Say your comment on eating and then feeling bad because you know better. That could have come out of my mouth. I do that so often it should be my motto. Not a good motto tho. We can do this. May have to work harder. I need to think about consequences before I put the food in my mouth not after. Hugs , hang tough we can do this. emoticon emoticon

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6/29/2015 9:34:20 AM

Glad to see you back again. I worried about you for a long time and then decided you had taken a break from Spark People. Hope things are going well for you. You were missed. Pat

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1/27/2015 4:59:06 PM

HI hon !!

TY so MUCH for reading my blog about losing the 80 lbs. When I was new to SPARKS back in Dec 10, I read someones and it excited me,, she also had many health problems,, as do I,, as do you !! She said "take it one day at a time, go slowly with building up the exercise, but it won't work unless you do what you can." At that time,, I mostly used my power chair,,,, I started to walk 3 steps,,,, it was all I could do. slowly over the next week,,, and AGAINST Dr orders,,,, I would go downstairs (Lived in a high rise) I grabbed the bar that ran down the sidewalk,,, and held on for DEAR LIFE and moved my feet,, as I also had my power chair right besides me. It took me a few weeks, before I could do it, but I DID WALK the length of that ! Which was maybe 7 feet. That got me ALL EXCITED to thinking "I CAN DO THIS" !! I talked to my Dr who said "Diane, you are trying TO HARD, I've seen your Xrays, you will NOT walk again, STOP TRYING ur only frustrating ourself". Well hey that TICKED ME OFF !!! That day I went home,, went down that rail,, and back up again !!! THe next day further, and further,,, over I think a month,, I was finally able to walk a MILE !!

I went BACK to my Dr's office WITHOUT the power chair ! Her mouth about HIT the FLOOR ! We had a talk,, at the end of it she said "I will never again tell a patient they cant do something they want. You have shown me that's not always true". She was soo kind,, nice,, impressed,, as was I !!

I do go back and forth,, sometimes I can walk without much difficulty other times,, its very hard. I've now been on a streak of 2 yrs of being able too ! UNLESS I've had surgery on feet,, 3 of them in the past yr and half,,,, each time I FINALLY recover ,,I am TAKING it on WITH GUSTO !! Never quit trying hon !!

Right now I am walking on a broken foot,, with permission of course. I have a special plate in my shoe,, so it doesn't bend, and hurt it more. I also use a bone grower now,,,, and in a yr I go back to the Drs,,, he figures it'll take that long for the bone to grow back. I am PLEASED as PUNCH I GET TO WALK NOW !! Something that most take for granted,,,, I consider to be extremely precious.

Plz do not let ur physical condition keep you from fighting for this !!! Often when I can't walk,, hardly move,,, I cut back on my calorie intake. its NOT been easy,, to lose those 80 lbs,,,, its taken me 6 yrs !! SLOW And STEADY as TURTLE !

Keep UP the GOOD WORK HON !! STAY ON SPARKS,,, Track ur food,,, drink water,,, a lot of it,,, and also exercise as much as you can. It WORKS if you WORK IT 1

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5/19/2014 7:12:03 PM

Just read that your leg was giving you a lot of pain. I hope it isn't anything serious and you will be up and around before you know it.

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