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~Dreams so real they grow wild on the vine!~

Lost 100 pounds and more in my first 5 years on SparkPeople. I logged in nearly every day, grateful to meet amazing people while co-leading the Done Girl team.

Intro from my 1st 5 years here:

More than simply weight loss, I've learned that what is important is strength, endurance, and feeling well. Being consistent matters more than number-based scale goals. In the long-term, those ...
Lost 100 pounds and more in my first 5 years on SparkPeople. I logged in nearly every day, grateful to meet amazing people while co-leading the Done Girl team.

Intro from my 1st 5 years here:

More than simply weight loss, I've learned that what is important is strength, endurance, and feeling well. Being consistent matters more than number-based scale goals. In the long-term, those numbers do say something, (though each one is a tiny corner of a snapshot):

2008: More than 375 lbs
(My doctor's scale didn't go higher than that.)
2009: Jan - 274, lowest 238
2010: Jan - 244, lowest 241
2011: Jan - 275, lowest 243
2012: Jan - 250, lowest 245, highest 259
2013: Jan - 245, lowest ___, highest ___

JAN 2013- 245 LBS, 53.3%BF
FEB 2013- 250.8 LBS, 52.8%BF
MAR 2013- 252.6 LBS, 51.6%BF
APR 2013- 257 LBS, 51.7%BF
MAY 2013-263 LBS, 55%BF
JUN 2013-265 LBS, 53%BF
**I'm 35!!**
JUL 2013- 271 LBS, 53%BF...hmmmm
AUG 2013-275 LBS, 58%BF
SEP 2013-
OCT 2013-
NOV 2013-
DEC 2013-

2013 Registered & Planned Events:
1/6/13-Resolution Run 5K w/NEWSGIRL2177 (DONE)
1/13/13-CrossFit Studio Demo
1/26/13-San Diego SparkRally
2/2/13-Electric Run 5k Night (R)
5/27/13 Zumba 2 hr Master Class
5, 6 & 7-Summer 13- High hiking w/Heather! Torrey, Cowles, Daley, Double Peak,
7/4/13- Zumba 2 hr Master Class
7/14/13- Hula 5k (walk/jog)
8/11/13- After midnight Perseids!

I've fought depression since I was a child, and had many victories. I will re-read my previously written words (below) and find my way out of the darkness again.
The only way to do it is to confront it directly and STAND UP for yourself. Find what you like in yourself, in others, in the world around you. Find what you ENJOY in your journey instead of what you DON'T. The power of your own thoughts are more uplifting or destructive than ANY outside forces. Draw your strength from your spirit, from your God, or from your family. No matter where it originates, it will pulse through you and you will just beam! And you can use that beam to focus your purpose on your wishes and dreams. They CAN come true!


"A man is but the product of his thoughts.
What he thinks, he becomes."
Mahatma Gandhi.

YOU can/will do this, and *I* can/will do this!

It's the little things that make life so enjoyable, and I'm greedy and want them all! HEhehee...I made my initial plan HAPPEN: I CAN keep up with my nephews, AM able to tie my athletic shoes while sitting in a chair with arms, and DO have more energy, just to start.

What makes a breathtaking sunset more enjoyable? Having the strength and energy to stand and watch it. Or better yet, stroll along the beach while gazing out over the Pacific Ocean (without back and knee pain or getting winded)! That's also what makes SHOPPING, getting the mail, spending time with friends, heck, even DUSTING (daily living) more enjoyable.

I'm not just working to lose the pounds-I want a FIT lifestyle, a FIT body, and a FIT mind. And each day on Spark gets me closer to my healthy lifestyle ideal. This is permanent. With each new boost of energy, I'm closer to having enough to clean my house! ;)

My SparkPage title ("Dreams so real they grow wild on the vine...") is from a Fastball song, and I added it here because there were so many things that I had locked away as a child, and before SparkPeople. They were like seeds. Seeds of the person I longed to be, and the things I yearned to do. Being a DONE GIRL ~waters~ those seeds, ~thrusts~ them into the soil, ~feeds~ them nutrients to keep growing, and they DO. They grow and bloom and burst forth MORE seeds to again be nurtured and grown themselves. *I* am growing as a person too.

BMI Review
As much as I disagree with the BMI numbers (especially between normal & overweight), it's still satisfying to slip down the categories. Here's the wild ride & a link to a great article:

-Start (375 lbs) BMI Super Super Morbidly Obese (64.4)!
-BMI Super Morbidly Obese (under 59)
-BMI Morbidly Obese (under 49)
******Current* - 245 lbs *****
-(next one is Severely Obese when I reach 232 lbs)

Photo used for my wallpaper is a creation of:
Me. Taken by me.
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Member Since: 1/15/2008

SparkPoints: 65,826

Fitness Minutes: 43,738

My Goals:
Can you feel the vibrancy of life? Drink in every exquisite moment? I couldn't. I'm working to change that.
Plan for Aug 2013:
-Track food,
-Track exercise
-Track money
-Get enough sleep
-Find the good (mindset training)

Other things to remember:
xDG BD night before!
xYou are beautiful, capable, smart and kind.

Weight Goals
Long Term: 175 (200+lb weight loss) Mid-term:
xLose 25-50 in '13
Short Term:
* 1st 10% (lose 37.5)-DONE!
* 2nd 10% (lose 34)-DONE!
* 3rd 10% (lose 30.5 be 273)-DONE!
xxx Reset xxx-275
* 1st 5% (lose 13.75- 261 lb)

My Program:
Exercise: VARIETY! Zumba, Jog, Walk, Gym...

I've learned better healthful eating by tracking via Spark, meeting ranges, (about 1,350 - 1,700), but making the food choices MYSELF.

Personal Information:
-I'm 5 foot 4.75 inches!
-I live near San Diego.
-I love chilly weather.
-I get migraines and have had headaches all my life. Stretching & weight loss makes them almost disappear!

One more song lyric quote: "It's not livin' that you're doin' if it feels like dyin'." - Ray LaMontagne

I'm done poisoning my body and starving it of movement.

Other Information:
Likes: Photography, good friends, art, MUSIC (like crazy).

My OLD (no longer applies) dislikes : Housework, People seeing my messy house, All my clutter, self doubt

My new dislikes:
Not giving myself enough time to do what I need to organize my room, or care for myself - so let's not do that, k?

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Member Comments:
8/2/2014 4:44:29 AM

Wolfkitty! It's so great to see that you are still here. I totally decided to create a completely new page because...well..frankly, I'm not longer the same girl I was 6 years ago. Yes! Can you believe it? It's been 6 years since I started on SP. I'm so ready to get back at it and I want to be where I once was.

Will you be my friend again? Lets do this thing together!!

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7/31/2014 4:19:42 AM

I left this on your blog, in case you missed it, I wanted you to read this message from me:

Ohhhhh Jocelyn, I feel you girl!!!

It's hard once we have climbed a challenging mountain, and then take a tumble, to take those first steps to climb it again, but we can do this... and maybe even go further this time!

I too lost quite a bit of weight in 2012-2013, and was feeling good. I got married, and then got pregnant (very happily of course) and although I didn't get to my heaviest, I gained quite a bit of weight and many inches back.
The weight just was not coming off after the pregnancy, and nothing fit, my pregnancy clothes were too big, my pre pregnancy clothes were too small. It was very disheartening.

I had to do a re-start on May 22nd, and I will tell you : the single biggest thing that has helped me lose pretty consistently week-week has been staying in my calorie range, and accurately and faithfully tracking and meauring my food and calories. I use a paper log and then transfer it to Spark people. I write evereything down, even 10 calories.

and to be honest, I haven't been as active as I'd like, but I am going to start making fitness another priority, but the good news is, that even without the extra fitness I have been losing weight, fat and inches. I know more results are coming. I have heard and read many times that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% activity. But of course activity is also good for many things, energy, stress relieve, heart health...

It sounds like you have reasoanble and sensible goals, and you may be surprised that you start to surpass them. The aerobic condiioning will come back as you keep up with some exercise, and it gets easier with each 5 lbs lost. I remember when I first started exercising at my heaviest, I found it difficult to motivate myself to workout, it was difficult...but as my conditionig improved and the extra weight came off, I started to enjoy it more and more, and I started to see and feel the results from my workouts.

I am so happy that you regained your motivation, and I am here to support you- along with the other Sparkers!

You are a beautiful person, and I know this is a difficult journey, but you have overcome alot, I know how difficult divorce can be- but it is so true it does get darkest before the sunrise... Your blessings are coming!
Contact me anytime you need some support, I am here if you need to vent, need to celebrate, or want to swap ideas that are working on our journey.
Keep in touch!
Lisa :)

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7/25/2014 1:57:55 PM

emoticon Dropped by to say hello and thank you for all you do for our Done girl team have a great weekend emoticon

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7/14/2014 12:12:05 AM

Thank you for the birthday wishes! emoticon emoticon

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7/13/2014 7:12:28 PM

Happy Belated Birthday Done Girl! emoticon

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