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(1 comments) day 37 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/6/2015 (1 comments) Oh my I had some spinach with tomatoes and it was healthy and yummy! (2 comments) It's another beautiful day, can you see the beautiful bird in the top of this tree..God's Glory! Happy Wednesday Sparkfriends! (4 comments) Church was wonderful had an Awesome time...thought I would drop this selfie of me before I went to church... not to bad! (15 comments) Thankful Monday...Thank You Jesus! Here is how I start my day everyday...Green Smoothies...Happy Monday Sparkfriends! (3 comments) My day has been was sunny and beautiful, spent all day with hubby cleaning the deck and backyard since it was the end he cooked me a romantic Valentine's Dinner! (2 comments) My supper was yummy...Romaine lettuce,delicious sweet red apples, strawberries, crunchy carrots, sizzle with Balsamic & Basil Vinaigrette! My salad was healthy and YUMMY! (2 comments) I forgot that I am on vacation this week...I plan to make the best of it...I really need some rest but you know me I got to keep doing something...Happy Tuesday! (2 comments) Feeling better today but had to take it easy with my workouts...Hope you all enjoyed your day! (2 comments) There has been no school for my kids because of the weather...boy can my kids eat and my little great niece... but I have been enjoying them and my Hubby while we are stuck at home! Hello Sparkfriends (3 comments) I was outside building a snowman, while my family was inside eating those nasty crab legs...check out my snowman Sparkfriends! (2 comments) Woke up to another winter mix of ice and snow....the weather man her say this should be the last one for our region...As we know only God knows but Spring would be nice! Enjoy your day all! (2 comments) I slept in on this rainy Saturday....My morning smoothie is yummy, Pineapple-Banana Smoothie! Happy Saturday Sparkfriends... Enjoy! (1 comments) Happy Easter... He Is Alive! Lord I Thank You for Blessing my family and I to be here on this beautiful day! Dyed some eggs for my little niece...enjoy your day all! (2 comments) My lunch for today...I am trying to maintain! (1 comments) This week hasn't been good for me, so much going on...but my Aunt and Uncle did lift my spirit by bringing me a beautiful necklaces just because I am so sweet and caring they say! All God! (5 comments) Here is that PRICELESS moment when my hubby got his new Bible! All smiles! (6 comments) Vacation (1 comments) Vacation (2 comments) Vacation Vacation (2 comments) I ate watermelon cubes, carrots, turkey meat with Vinaigrette!It was yummy! Have a healthy and fun weekend all! (2 comments) Woke up feeling great, I needed that shot! I am making this week count! Move It Monday, Let's Go Sparkfriends! I had a wonderful time today with my Hubby, we saw a beautiful Rainbow! My Hubby also cooked dinner, Thanking God for my Hubby! I love my Boo! (4 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) Today is my sweet Granny 86th Birthday, she has been a smiles with all the gifts and phone calls! Thank You Lord! (5 comments) Happy Friday, it's the weekend aleady! Stay Strong Sparkfriends! (1 comments) My Granny asked me to bake her some cookies on my lunch break, she was so happy and enjoyed her cookies! God Is Good! (1 comments) Today my Granny is up out that bed, she is eating by herself, she couldn't use her hands...Ain't God alright! (11 comments) I love that my 13 years old baby girl loves watching Disney Channel! She keeps the TV on this channel all day everyday, most kids her age will be watching stuff they shouldn't be! Lord l Thank You! (3 comments) Ok last picture for tonight but I love watching them cook my food. Hubby & I out for dinner! God Is Good!! (2 comments) Ok Holly, I decided to take your lead, took this picture while on my deck eating my baked Apple! I am surrounded by nature and I love it! (1 comments) Visit my Granny again today, 4 more days and she will be back at home, we are all so excited! She is doing good, God really has His hands on her! Lord I Thank You! (5 comments) Oh what a great night it was to rejoice, the Lord called my beautiful Granny home, she is resting in Heaven now! Forgive me Sparkfriends if I don't be on here for a while! (12 comments) I cooked homemade soup & cornbread tonight for my family, I have no idea what it taste like but family say it's Yummy. I had a bowl of Special K... lol....didn't feel like eating anything really! (4 comments) I have to show you all, my very first Christmas for this year from my charity St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, we have been donating every since my son suggested it at the age of 5 now he is 16. (3 comments) The sun is shining brightly today, it's 66 degrees right now but can you all see where something is been digging in my backyard. Now we really have to get rid of it and get my yard back right. Happy F (1 comments) Our Christmas tree so far, got to add some bows and the tree topper once I figure out where I put idea! (6 comments) Be Bless Sparkfriends! (4 comments) We Can Do It Sparkfriends! Blessings! (2 comments) This cold just don't want to let go, my Hubby has me resting 2nd day without my workout. I don't like this, cold be Gone, In Jesus Name..Amen! Happy Friday All! (7 comments) Push my self and got an Awesome workout in, today we start a team challenge, so I had to get it in. Happy Monday Sparkfriends! Get Moving! (1 comments) Bless Friday! Pineapple Banana Green Smoothie! (4 comments) (3 comments) (4 comments) Today is my beautiful Mom Birthday, God I Thank You for Blessing my Mom to see another Birthday! Isn't she beautiful(66 today) (7 comments) It's a cold morning, getting ready for class. It's going to be a great day so enjoy it because Monday will be here before we know it! HUGS! (1 comments) Lunch time! My wonderful Hubby made this salad for me, it's yummy! (4 comments) It's about to go down, afternoon snack, my Skinny girl popcorn! Have some! (4 comments) My Hubby loves me, he got me my favorite snack, I think I will keep (3 comments) Thank God for this feet massage, I am detoxing my feet and it feels great! (2 comments) God Is Good! (7 comments) We Never Quit! (4 comments) A BIG HUG! (7 comments) Morning breakfast Mixed Berries Smoothie, yummy, yummy, so good for my tummy! Let's Move It Sparkfriends! (4 comments) Another Day To Be Thankful For....Thank You Jesus! (4 comments) Lunch today- Tuna with apples & onions on whole wheat crackers. Also a bottle of water, trying to get my water intake in! It's another day's Journey and I am glad about it! My oldest daughter got employee of the month at her job, they gave her a gift card. She is a good employee, she loves her job! (6 comments) This is a great quote! Happy Thursday Sparkfriends! (2 comments) Don't Expect To See A Change, If You Don't Make One! You Can Do It! Fit Friday...Let's Get It! (3 comments) So this is so yummy! Egg inside Avocado, you all must try it!!! Had it for breakfast. (5 comments) Morning! Stay Awesome! God You Are So Good! (2 comments) Even through all this rain, my Hubby still knows how to bring a little sunshine to me! Just because flowers! (5 comments) The Sun is out today, God's Grace! Looking forward to a great week Sparkfriends! (3 comments) Happy Friday Blessings! (4 comments) Happy Sunday....Let's Make It A Great Week! (1 comments) Look Lisa, I did it! I passed my final exam with an 99 A, got the call today to come get my license! God Is Good! (9 comments) Get Moving! Lord Is Good! I am late but Happy Easter everyone, had a good time Praising the Lord, I hope you all got your Praise on today as well! I hope you all are enjoying your love ones as well! God Bless! Stop Making Excuses Tuesday! We Can Do It! (1 comments) Morning, I overslept so I am a little late getting my breakfast in( Pineapple & Banana Green Smoothie with flax seed and vanilla protein) with my yogi tea & hard boiled egg! Have a great day all! (1 comments) Look what I got in the mail today for doing a team Challenge with Dancing To The Beat Of God. I love my T-shirt! (3 comments) Don't Let Today Go By Without Doing Something Good For Your BODY! Happy Tuesday Sparkfriends! Thank You Jesus! (3 comments) Up thanking the good Lord for Blessing my beautiful daughter to see her 24th Birthday! She is my Princess and still my baby! Happy Wednesday Make It Happen! (9 comments) Lord I Need Thee! (2 comments) I love my smoothies...lunch time! (3 comments) My day has been filled with hugs and kisses from my beautiful great niece. She is sick but you can't even tell, she is just so full of energy. Family night today! Have a great weekend Sparkfriends! (5 comments) Good morning, don't be rude say it back! My Mom is resting good this morning, she hasn't woke up to eat her breakfast yet, she sleeping so good. God Is Good! Have a Marvelous Monday! (4 comments) Another beautiful rainy day, I am getting ready to take care of my Mom, I will be back at lunch time! BLessings & Hugs! (2 comments) Thank God for this beautiful day! Never Give Up On Yourself! My Sparkfriends ROCK! Happy Thursday! (2 comments) Hope everyone is having a Bless Monday! My weekend was wonderful, it was all about God and my family. Took a weekend away from my computer! God Is So Good! (1 comments) Happy Tuesday! Some how I have lost my energy, I was up and moving this morning, now I feel all drained! (2 comments) Today I was out about in the rain, doing paperwork for my new job! Oh yes, the Lord keeps Blessing me and I can't Thank Him Enough! Thank You Jesus! Want He Do It! (2 comments) Had a great first day at work! I hope you all enjoyed today! Blessings! (3 comments) week 25 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 4/30/2016 (2 comments) Rainy day...I have just one more day of training at my new job, so far it's be good! God Be The Glory! Happy Saturday Sparkfriends! (3 comments) I was tagged by my Aunt to do this challenge, who wants to give this a try. I am starting tomorrow! I Can Do This! (3 comments) Hav A Great Monday Sparkfriends! Glory To God! (2 comments) Keep Pushing Sparkfriends! Happy Tuesday! (2 comments) Happy Wednesday! Make It Happen! (2 comments) Roasted Asparagus and Avocado for dinner today. I love eating this! Hope you all had a wonderful day! Blessings!!!! (5 comments) (2 comments) Lord I Thank You For This Beautiful Day! Have a great weekend Sparkfriends....Blessings! My family and I did good when we went to visit my Granny at her resting place, nothing but happiness being shared. We also had a barbeque afterward, such a fun and Bless day! Glory To God! (3 comments) Have A Bless Mother's Day! I will be back later! (2 comments) I am loving this Chair Gym Twister, that my Mother In Law got me. I worked every part of my body this morning on this! Happy Monday Sparkfriends! (2 comments) This is funny to me! Motivation at it's best! Happy Wednesday All! (2 comments) Thank you all for the get well wishes, today I am feeling better, the cough is not as bad as lastnight, the medicine is finally working! Have a Bless Saturday Sparkfriends! (1 comments) My Hubby cooked a yummy breakfast casserole this morning, all healthy goodness! Have a wonderful Sunday Sparkfriends! I Love Jesus! (5 comments) I can't thank The Lord enough for Blessing Me to see another Birthday. Thank You Lord! 46 and loving it! (8 comments) Today has been the perfect day, my Hubby took me out to lunch, I ate healthy but had a fudge ice cream bar. Lots of phone calls from family & friends. I must show you these to great gifts! Glory To Go (2 comments) Here she is, it was an exciting night for her. I am so grateful for my children. It's a beautiful day, no sun but still beautiful! Happy Wednesday! (7 comments) Today we got some good news but kind of bad news at the same time, please keep my oldest daughter in your Prayers! Lord I Thank You! Looks like rain is coming! (4 comments) My family and I enjoyed this beautiful day at the movies and then out to eat. I had salmon and black beans(yummy). I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day! Thank You God! (1 comments) Happy Sunday Sparkfriends! It's The Weekend! Enjoy and have some fun! Blessings! (1 comments) Blessings for a great day! Thank You Jesus! (2 comments) Happy Wednesday! Keep Sparking for a healthy YOU! Blessings! (3 comments) week 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 6/11/2016 (2 comments) Thanks ladies, I can put my heel on the floor and walk on it today, I did have my Tetanus shot and I am update on it. You ladies are so supportive and caring. HUGS and have a Bless Day! (7 comments) Wow, didn't expect this, Sparkpeople Motivator, thanks so much, thank you Monika because I would have not seen this. This is wonderful but you know that you all are my inspiration on this journey. Wow (4 comments) Have a Bless weekend Sparkfriends! Try to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, if it's not to Hot! Glory To God! (2 comments) Happy Thursday Sparkfriends! Blessings for a wonderful day! (1 comments) Have a Bless weekend all, get out there and enjoy! Thank You Jesus! (4 comments) week 5 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 6/25/2016 (1 comments) I had such a great time yesterday with my family and friends, I didn't get home until midnight. Oh what fun we had laughing. Happy Sunday Sparkfriends! Glory To God! (6 comments) Have A Great Week Sparkfriends, This Month Is Almost Over! We can Do It! Thank You Jesus! (2 comments) Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, I am having a busy one but still a wonderful one! To God Be The Glory! (3 comments) God Bless! (1 comments) I Thank You Jesus! Wishing my beautiful baby girl a Happy 14th Birthday! She is growing up so fast, slow down some. help me wish my baby a Happy Birthday Sparkfriends! Have a Bless day also! (7 comments) Open up your mouth and say Thank You Lord! (3 comments) The people of this world, Lord help us all! It is so sad the way people are acting, if we would all just humble ourselves! Happy Friday and know that I am Praying for everyone...Thank You Jesus! (3 comments) week 7 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 7/9/2016 (4 comments) Happy Sunday! (3 comments) Hey Sparkfriends, hope you all are havinga great week, the weekend is almost here! God Is Good! (2 comments) Hi everyone meet Amias Kyrie, my grandson. He almost two months now. Such a Blessing to our family. Look Lisa he is getting so big! (11 comments) Still on my healthy journey! (6 comments) Happy Wednesday! Thank you all for the Prayers during the loss of my brother in law. It's so good to know the Lord, my sweet sister is so strong in the Lord. I'm enjoying my day off! (2 comments) It's actually cold here in May but yet it was still a beautiful day....Thank You Jesus! I tried my best to get my water in today, I got six glasses in at work! (1 comments) (4 comments) What an amazing snow day we got. I had so much fun with my kids in the snow, couldn't have given us a better day Lord. I Thank You Jesus! Happy Tuesday Sparkfriends!! (2 comments) It's a Blessing to have a great family and friends that cares for you. Alot of love indeed! My little niece made me a get well card, I hope you all can see the teddy bear! God Is Good! (2 comments) Busy day but I love being a nurse, just hope it doesn't rain before I get my patient back! Happy Wednesday All! (1 comments) Grown and Sexy! I was out with the girls last night at a Blues Concert! (6 comments) My favorite snack, rice cake with jif natural peanut butter. Happy Thursday! (2 comments) I couldn't wait my breakfast spinach wrap was yummy! Happy Sunday and Be Bless!! (1 comments) My Mother's Day gift from my baby girl..I love it(PRICELESS)!..Doesn't gets any better then this! (4 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) My Mother's Day Gifts From Hubby And Kids! (1 comments) So here I am on my Anniversary with my Hubby....Finally uploaded a recent picture! (7 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) New Family Car (2 comments) My Babies... (7 comments) My Hubby and I.... (8 comments) (2 comments) Daddy coloring with his babies on this rainy day! (8 comments) (6 comments)

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