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Back in the good ol'days (almost)... (4 comments) (3 comments) First time Riley saw snow (at the time he was almost six months.) (8 comments) (6 comments) Mesa Verde NP (3 comments) Hotel on Colordo River - just outside of Moab, UT (3 comments) Red rocks of Arches NP early a.m. before the temperatures got too hot! (1 comments) Saquaro NP: we couldn't decide whether they looked more like people or aliens. (1 comments) Visited this spot with a friend about 25 years ago. Crossing the Continental Divide, Rocky Mtn NP. (1 comments) One of the most beautiful places on earth - Grand Canyon NP. (1 comments) Craters of the Moon NP (1 comments) Yellowstone NP such a fascinating place and so thankful it was preserved as a NP. (2 comments) A grizzly chased this young black bear our way at Yellowstone NP. (3 comments) Hot, dry, difficult but grand. Earned it's name: The Badlands. (1 comments) They're back...! (2 comments) One yr old (in his summer haircut!) (4 comments) My little therapy dog. He brings lots of smiles to lots of people - including me! (8 comments) What a life...!! (8 comments) Added this sweet little guy to our family in October, 2016 at 4mo from a rescue shelter. (6 comments) Baths and haircuts = two handsome dudes (9 comments) and the boys wish everyone merry and happy holidays! (8 comments) at least someone got some exercise this morning... (4 comments) is so proud of Brody for how well he did at his first school visit - my heart is bursting! (The goof is shown here lovin' up with my great-niece - she helped get him ready for whatever comes his way! (2 comments) (2 comments) has once again learned the joy of simple things. (1 comments) burned "extra" calories walking into the wind today is savoring the "last" sunny, warm-ish day before winter weather arrives... tomorrow. Mow lawn one more time. (5 comments) November 2017 (2 comments) for all who are, or have been, in service to our country as well as their families... (1 comments) is decluttering... including intangibles. (1 comments) is decluttering by saying no. is walking in sunshine... TGIF! (2 comments) heard this for the first time this morning. So simple. wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving. This one is for you... (2 comments) ... balloons don't help. (4 comments) Half the lights on my Christmas tree aren't working. Think the boys and I will just take a nap. (3 comments) still hasn't dealt with half dark tree... wah! (3 comments) is wondering how it got to be December already... (2 comments) after trying several things and two trips to the store... solved everything by just adding more lights! Now I will enjoy. (2 comments) was drinking my coffee when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement... it's snowing! (2 comments) is knitting. Gotta get my Christmas scarf done - my niece and sister are already wearing the ones I finished for them! (2 comments) is reposting this from a SP friend... especially for SKYDRAKE... (3 comments) is watching the snow pile up... from inside. All my activities today are cancelled. (4 comments)

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