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Back in the good ol'days (almost)... (4 comments) (3 comments) First time Riley saw snow (at the time he was almost six months.) (6 comments) (4 comments) Mesa Verde NP (3 comments) Hotel on Colordo River - just outside of Moab, UT (3 comments) Red rocks of Arches NP early a.m. before the temperatures got too hot! (1 comments) Saquaro NP: we couldn't decide whether they looked more like people or aliens. (1 comments) Visited this spot with a friend about 25 years ago. Crossing the Continental Divide, Rocky Mtn NP. (1 comments) One of the most beautiful places on earth - Grand Canyon NP. (1 comments) Craters of the Moon NP (1 comments) Yellowstone NP such a fascinating place and so thankful it was preserved as a NP. (2 comments) A grizzly chased this young black bear our way at Yellowstone NP. (2 comments) Hot, dry, difficult but grand. Earned it's name: The Badlands. (1 comments) They're back...! (2 comments) One yr old (in his summer haircut!) (3 comments) (2 comments) My niece and new nephew... love the smiles. (1 comments) Wish I had gotten a better shot of her shoes... bright pink/purple "leopard" print. (1 comments) My little therapy dog. He brings lots of smiles to lots of people - including me! (6 comments) What a life...!! (7 comments) Added this sweet little guy to our family in October, 2016 at 4mo from a rescue shelter. (4 comments) Baths and haircuts = two handsome dudes (6 comments) and the boys wish everyone merry and happy holidays! (5 comments) is feeling the season...! is wishing you all the hope, peace, and joy of the season. (1 comments) is enjoying the day after... i (1 comments) is wishing you all a fresh start and a new year filled with happiness, good health, and kindess. (3 comments) says... (2 comments) is still tweaking my 2017 plan but this is for sure... (2 comments) bundled us all up in coats and took a walk. Next I'll tackle the dirty dishes... that ought to warm me up! SP recipe for dinner tonight! (1 comments) is moving forward so slowly I make the tortoise look fast. At least I'm not going backwards... ! (1 comments) is walking the boys separately no matter what is coming down from the sky. is thinking that this is a good time to remember some of the wisdom of MLK... (1 comments) can't think of a better time than now to share the following quote: (2 comments) has gotten a lot out of looking at all of the wise words from MLK on this date - his birthday. Words from perhaps his most famous speech: (1 comments) is sending this to all my friends getting buried by snow while we are looking at green grass... (2 comments) home from church, the boys are walked and now I will just... is sending good thoughts to everyone here at SP - a very special community of friends. (1 comments) is hoping to make someone's day today. fyi... says let's all channel Pharrell Williams this morning... it's a sing-a-long! is is heading out for a super walk on this super day (before the rain and snow return!) (1 comments) is dodging raindrops, doing paperwork, and taking Brody to a pet-friendly store for his walk today. (3 comments) is thinking about this today... (3 comments) ... another amazing, record=setting sunny, warm May day in March. Play time! (1 comments) is switching tracks. is thinking about this today: is also wondering how come so many of my holds for books and ebooks are all ready at the same time? I guess i will just have to take to my couch and READ!! (It's quite a stack...) (2 comments) is wondering about a lot of things... This one has been around for a while but always makes me smile... (3 comments) hopes you have a smile on your face...! (2 comments) woke up to a beautiful morning, sang for both Easter services, opened my windows, walked with the boys, closed the windows, listening to pouring rain. (2 comments) (1 comments) is thankful she has been entrusted with two. (1 comments) has learned this lesson... more than once. (1 comments) is planning how to celebrate Earth Day tomorrow (and every day.) (1 comments) is thankful for our amazing planet. (1 comments) has got a "to do" list. (1 comments) is working on it. is Sparking and the boys are napping. (1 comments) here's something to keep in mind today... hope you have a beauty of a day. Us? we're under a tornado watch... what??!! we're only used to winter storm watches/warnings!!?? (5 comments) is thinking about this today... is thinking about this today... has got to do something... (2 comments) is facing facts. (2 comments) in celebration of the day... is planning a long walk, gardening; and pondering elusive food management motivation. (1 comments) is thinking about this today... (1 comments) is listening to it rain and hoping the boys won't have to go out soon. (1 comments) is wishing I could share this rain with a place that needs it. (2 comments) is thankful to those that paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.. is enjoying the fruits of my (gardening) labors - I even blogged! (2 comments) is super happy to see this today! (4 comments) is gonna have a great day - hope you are too! is sending one to you. (4 comments) is hoping you find and share some happy "little things" today! (1 comments) is thinking there's something to these lyrics... (1 comments) is working on this positive attitude thing... ! is home for a day. The boys and I are doing a lot of "Mom Duty" for a few weeks. Her cat is not sure he cares for our company. (2 comments) is hurrying outside with the boys for a walk - before the next wave of thunderstorms. ... it is absolutely pouring outside. Playing inside today. (2 comments) is thinking about this today... is smiling. Hope you are too. is singing "Mow, mow, mow the lawn... before the rains return... (1 comments) is sharing this from an older SP blog... gives me strength and hope it will do the same for you too (1 comments) is having a quiet day and decided to "just be." (1 comments) is enjoying a lazy summer day. So good to be retired. is enjoying another lazy summer morning... at least someone got some exercise this morning... (3 comments) put together my daily checklist and, luckily, meditation is on the list! (1 comments) started with a daily checklist which became a personal challenge... then I blogged about it and challenged you!! (1 comments) inivtes you to enjoy a retro rendition with Gordon McRae here:
is amazed it's August already... (2 comments) walked anyway... (2 comments) is enjoyin' another Nat King Cole kinda day circa 1963... (2 comments) Here's to a whole day of smiles today... (1 comments)

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