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Me at my highest & lowest weights. Working hard to get back where I was! (2 comments) Most recent 7/26/14 (1 comments) The fat bridesmaid :( (1 comments) Taken 10/6/12 (5 comments) Me :) (2 comments) Progress pic. 7/28/12 Please ignore my messy room. haha (2 comments) (2 comments) Proof that I'm using my treadmill! haha (3 comments) ONEderland BABY! I'll be back soon! (1 comments) Trying to defend the 2 guys behind me who still had their flags. lol My favorite picture from RFYL! :) (7 comments) Smiling finishing my St. Patty's Day 5k (2 comments) Me finishing the St. Patty's Day 5k Race (3 comments) This is what I look like after I "Bring It" for Kenpo X in P90X! Check out that sweat! :) (3 comments) Full body shot. 1/14/11 Need better Spanx :/ or less tight clothes haha (12 comments) 300ish vs 235 vs 210 (8 comments) 313 vs 210 (18 comments) New pic! ~210 lbs here (I know it's blurry, sorry!) (4 comments) Christmas Day! Me in my new UA shirt. :) LOVE! (5 comments) 313 lbs vs 225 lbs (8 comments) Graduation! :) (2 comments) :) (3 comments) mmm sun :) (4 comments) April vs October (3 comments) 9/4/11 235ish lbs (5 comments) New picture! I know I look ridiculous but it makes me laugh when I see it so I like it. (3 comments) Same dress, after losing 50+ lbs. (13 comments) This is what I'm trying to change! Probably close to 280 here. Back to blonde again! lol (3 comments) At Rascal Flatts! (1 comments) I love being a redhead! (4 comments) Goooooo DAWGS!!! (2 comments) My brother and I at Krispy Kreme. This is probably the grossest picture of me that I have. (1 comments) My face near my highest weight (1 comments) Me at my highest weight (~315) (2 comments) Found this today. Another "before" picture. I'm not even at my highest weight here. *shudder* Before picture. I actually remember seeing this & thinking it was a good picture of my butt. GROSS! (1 comments) Love this! I have a t-shirt with this picture on it. haha (4 comments) <3 (5 comments) Well? (4 comments) Do want. haha (3 comments) Inspiration! My face on Britney Spears' body. Oh I wish! haha (3 comments) Inspiration! Hate her or love her you can't deny she's in good shape. (3 comments) More inspiriation! (1 comments) (3 comments)

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