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1st running event for 2016. Pensacola Beach Run 10K. #workoutbuddies (3 comments) 15k PR today! (4 comments) Did this yesterday...I'm now a big fan of virtual races. (3 comments) Suck it 58th bday! (11 comments) Avocado deviled eggs. Tasty, healthy fats and fun to make! (2 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) 6 mile run, food prep for the week done, then beach time! (1 comments) My 7th half marathon. I never thought I would do even one! (1 comments) Fiesta Five Flags 10K and 5K finishers 10/13/10: Wearing PSEUDOBRITCHICK's size 2 Banana Republic Skirt! Happy B'day El! (9 comments) November 3, 2010...Date night in Vegas (5 comments) October 2010 - 60 pounds lost for 2 years! (5 comments) Halloween 2010! Sexy pic! (4 comments) Progress! (9 comments) My 2011 progress pic and motivation to keep going! (1 comments) 3/31/2012...been working a LONG time to be able to fit into these pants! (3 comments) 3/31/2012 - Kay Unger dress from THECITYMOUSE - LOVE! (5 comments) May 27, 2012...Happy Birthday to me! Kiss my butt 54! (4 comments) May 27, 2012...take THAT 54th birthday! (10 comments) Before pics from 2005 and 2007. Thought I looked so hot back then. Can you say "delusional?" (2 comments) May 2005 (Before) - May 2012 (After) (5 comments) May 2005 (Before) - May 2012 (After) (5 comments) Vegas 2012 (4 comments) November 2, 2012 (2 comments) Beach Week May 2013 - My Happy Place (1 comments) Keeping it real...maintenance is hard work (3 comments) Vegas Halloween - 2013! (4 comments) January 2014 ~ March 2014 - Super POWER Gurl Challenge (3 comments) Lost over 60 pounds and still maintaining! (2 comments) My reminder of how it was...never again! (6 comments) Double bridge 15K day! (1 comments) 15K Finishers! (2 comments) Having fun wIth the grands in DC! 10K done this morning! I have a new grandson! (1 comments) For this just doesn't get any better than this... Saw Billy Idol last night. Great fun! (2 comments) Grandbabies! (1 comments) Enrich your life! (1 comments) My view for the afternoon. Ahhhhh... (7 comments) Jake the pirate (1 comments) My new friends are skinnier than me! 3 miles on the LVNV strop this morning. Nothing like an Eifel Tower on top of your head! (1 comments) Vegas vacation! Morning workout on the Las Vegas strip done. Now it's hot tub time! We decided to walk to New York today...4.5 miles and 28 floors. (2 comments) 2015 Halloween in Vegas Today's walk to Italy (2 comments) Home from vacation. A mountain of laundry to do...and grocery shopping. It was great fun, but glad to be home! (2 comments) Sometimes the hardest part of working out is putting on your workout clothes! (5 comments) Walking buddy Back to my pre-vacation weight! New skirt! (3 comments) (2 comments) Halloween in Vegas 2015 I love this beach! GO AWAY OIL!!! June 7, 2010...NOTE: 5/12/12...this is where I will be this week! (1 comments) May 24, 2010...last day of the cruise and still feeling HOT!! (8 comments) I started lifting weights faithfully in 2010...results are coming, but it is a slow process! (7 comments) May 8, 2010...wearing red makes me feel just a little bit naughty! (1 comments) 12/6/09 - Looking Hawt in a Skirt From PSEUDOBRITCHICK! (5 comments) Halloween 2009...About to go on a date with my man! (6 comments) 3/7/09 Maintaining 55 pounds lost, but oh so much work to do! (1 comments) Sep '09...does this rocker chick look like she is about to be a grandmother? Joes Jeans from PBC! (5 comments) Is that my waist? May 2009 (3 comments) Spark Day! Size 6 feels SO good! (10/30/08) (3 comments) Our favorite bar...Margaritaville! Rocking the RED DRESS in VEGAS! October 2008 (4 comments) WooHoo! Me and my hunny in Vegas! (3 comments) Vegas in 2008 and this month...Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Cayman...come on Donnaliscious...I'm ready! Death Valley (1 comments) ACACIA21 and ~CAROL~...Friends for life! (10/08)...Come see me, Shell! PSEUDOBRITCHICK 7 For All Mankind Jeans....8/22/08 PSEUDOBRITCHICK jeans...7 for All Mankind...nice a$$! (2 comments) Lookin' sexy in my new size 8 dark denim skirt, 8/10/08, 50 Pounds lost! August 10, 2008, Lost 50 pounds! (2 comments) May 27th, 2008 - My 50th BD - Lost 40 pounds May 3, 2008, 35 pounds lost March 21, 2008 - 25 pounds lost March 08, Lost 22 pounds but still a long way to go! "Before" Pic when I started over, Christmas 2007, 194 pounds (1 comments)

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