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Gitten'er dun! Dragonfly etching on Copper (7 comments) Copper Leaves (6 comments) Wild Hearts - emerald (3 comments) Freeform Copper Dangle Earrings with Lampwork Glass (4 comments) Copper wire bracelet - Winner of the Wubbers Dog Days of Summer contest (2 comments) Happy Birthday #10 Bad Leroy Brown! (9 comments) is happy with today. I did good! (1 comments) Keel Calm & Get er Done! (1 comments) I can do it! (1 comments) is enjoying a rainy day at home. Hope you have a great one! (3 comments) Fabulous February! Goal #1 achieved.... on my way to Goal #2 . . . Woohoo! Met all my goals today, and stayed under my calorie limit! (8 comments) Busy day today but gonna do it right!! Let's do it right again today! Heading to the city today for Bad Leroy Brown's dental appointment . . . Hope you have a great one! (8 comments) Makin' it happen! One day at a time. (2 comments) On the road to success . . . one step at a time! (1 comments) Doing it right again today . . . I want it real bad! (2 comments) Another fun day at home while Spring showers water the crocus, daffodils and hyacinths. (2 comments) is feelin' frisky! (3 comments) Found my MOJO! Off to a great start . . . hear me roar! (4 comments) feeling Sparky! On the road to success . . . 1.5 pounds away from my April goal!!! Class today then lunch with DD is glad to be here! definitely prefer laptop access rather than the SparkPeople app. . . . can't find my teams, friends . . . miss y'all!!! (3 comments) Shoulda had a cup of coffee before I made coffee this morning. . . this cup of hot water isn't doing much for me . . . apparently I forgot something . . . (5 comments) Happy Weekend! Let's make today count (2 comments) Happy Sunday . . . checking in early . . . lots to do today! and for the mothers out there, some comic relief... (1 comments) have a terrific Tuesday! (3 comments) Let's do this! (1 comments) Its a great day for a great day. Saw this brand new fawn outside our back fence. So tiny (5 comments) rarely happens, but i'm feeling grumpy.... (10 comments) Hubby's new ride. 1995 Harley Road King. She's been lonely for the past couple of years and DH will have a lot of fun getting her ready to get back in the wind (3 comments) Gonna have some fun today . . . feeling sorta beat up after appts with Dr and acupuncturist . . time to play, followed by a nap. Hope you have a great one! (4 comments) (5 comments) One day at a time . . . live it to the fullest! Time for a ride (2 comments) Taking this beautiful day to go for a ride to the coast (4 comments) is working with photographing jewelry for Etsy site . . . lots of constructive criticism from friends (which I appreciate) (9 comments) Have a grrrrrrreat day (1 comments) Just got back from a ride to the coast. Walked around the art festivals. Had a great day. Going to sleep good tonight Good morning! Slept late, and slept well. Having a cuppa coffee before deciding what I want to do today. Mean while bad Leroy Brown is enjoying some quality nap time On our way to the city. taking little buddy Bad Leroy Brown with us .... Then home again to play. (5 comments) Busy day ahead. Hope you have a great one Having some fun creating today . . . (5 comments) Woo hoo are you ready for the weekend (1 comments) Happy Tuesday. Back to class today, hard to imagine summer break is over already (5 comments) Off to a tuff start this morning. Gotta go back to the city again (7 comments) Happy saturday (1 comments) Feels like Fall!!! Feelin groovy (3 comments) Saw Bigfoot on our ride yesterday. (4 comments) wiped out after acupuncture appointment. taking the rest of the day off. zzzzzzzzzzzz (1 comments) Woke up to rain on the roof this morning. The perfect day to stay home and do a bit of self-care.... and play. Have a great one yourself (2 comments) is having a relaxing day . . . moving furniture so we can have a fire in the wood stove. gonna need it soon enough! (1 comments) is not sure where the weekend went... (3 comments) (8 comments) Last of the season Huckleberry pie (1 comments) Halloween Monday. Have a great one (1 comments) Happy Sunday! Have a great one! (2 comments) Happy Monday! (2 comments) Having a Whacky Wednesday . . . about about you? (5 comments) Happy Friday everyone! (1 comments) Happy Weekend!!!! (2 comments) Had a grrrrrreat day! (1 comments) Turkey day countdown. (2 comments) Wishing you a chillin' Turkey Day! (1 comments) Making a list, checking it twice. . . . no more being naughty! (2 comments) Coffee. Need coffee (4 comments) Brrrrrrisk morning starts off a great day Dentist Appt and Flu Shot today . . . got that done! Finished up with the trips to the big city (hopefully) . . . now time for some fun! Time for some fun . . . hope you have an awesome Saturday! (5 comments) Step off the treadmill, take a look around . . . . take time to breathe . . . (3 comments) National Chocolate Day (?) . . . I have included chocolate in my daily meal/snack plan.... otherwise, well, you know the rest of that story. oink, oink... (2 comments) Facing a difficult decision. Three little Yorkies to chose between. Decisions decisions decisions (13 comments) Holding my own (4 comments) May your Christmas be filled with peace, joy and love. Can you relate?? (4 comments) Busy day at home today . . . will make time for a walk, or if it's warm enough . . a RIDE! (1 comments) Final Friday of 2016 . . .let's rock it! (2 comments) Streaking on towards victory!! (4 comments) Starting the new year out with a fun play day in my shop watching the snowfall outside. Hope you can do something fun too! (4 comments) Got snow?? Yes we do!! So glad we are safe and warm at home (5 comments) Still no electricity. And the snow continues. Probably 24 inches by now. Thankful for warmth of our Woodstove (10 comments) 18 degrees this morning. Our palm tree is cold! (6 comments) And it's still snowing. Our palm tree has a 3 foot long Icicle (6 comments) What a great day! (7 comments) Having some fun dressed up in the new apron DD made for me. Fun stuff (4 comments) yeah its Friday Living, loving today Starting the day with a chuckle (2 comments) Just do it. Today. (2 comments) woohoo for the weekend (1 comments) is making progress Happy Valentine's Day!! day 602 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/16/2017 (2 comments) Bad Leroy Brown and Buster Brown having some fun playing tug-of-war. Lucky to get a picture that isn't a blur because they are sure getting their work out (4 comments) Have a wonderful Sunday (4 comments) Buster Brown and bad Leroy Brown in the snow yesterday. Stressful day ahead. (4 comments) busy day catching up with laundry & . . . well, life. (2 comments) Snow. Again (4 comments) And more snow. Getting back on track today. Have a great Monday!!!! (4 comments) Now what has SparkPeople done? here we go again . . . old dogs don't like changes (2 comments) Spring is springing!!! Two walks yesterday!! Lovin the sunshine and warmer temps. Have a great Saturday (1 comments) Sunshine we had yesterday was a real teaser. Glad I was able to get in 2 walks.... trying to sneak in one today . . . . (1 comments) It's Sunday evening, and I needed a laugh. How about you? Day 627 Log in Streak! Woohoo!!! (1 comments) Let's make today count! Happy hump day!! Here's the. bracelet I'm working on for my cousin. Hope to finish it today. (5 comments) That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. (2 comments) Hope you had a great Saint Patty's day Hey, it's the weekend!!! Let's Make it count!!! (3 comments) It's going to be a great Tuesday (1 comments) Had a great day with mom yesterday on her 87th birthday (4 comments) Happy Monday !!!! What are you going for you today? What??? This is my Monday face. (1 comments) Good morning from the doghouse. Bad Leroy Brown and Buster Brown sending Wednesday wags to make you smile (1 comments) Day 645 Log in streak! Woohoo!!! Today I will do better. Happy April Fools' Day Happy April Fools' Day Let's make today count!!! (7 comments) Love the greens of Spring.... (1 comments) Get up and move it! is taking Buster Brown to the vet today for his rabies shot. Then to the big city for shopping. Have a great Monday! Hope you had a great Tuesday (4 comments) Had a pretty good day. (3 comments) How ya doing??? Let's do this!!! (3 comments) is feeling better than I have in a long time! is looking forward to some sunshine . . . and the weekend! woohoo! Are you awake yet? Taking Buster Brown into the vet for his big boy surgery today. (3 comments) Buster Brown's surgery went well yesterday, but he's not too thrilled about having to wear his new bloomers. hopefully they will keep him from licking his owie. (2 comments) Feeling so much better, and getting my creative mojo going again! Woohoo Feeling so much better, and getting my creative mojo going again! Woo hoo! (1 comments) Back to the city today for another acupuncture appointment. Making progress!! (1 comments) Have a super Tuesday is ready for another day on the road to success! (4 comments) is awake. yawn Good morning. Buster's new " do" (5 comments) Time to call it a day. Hope you had a great one (1 comments) have a great weekend! Remember if it's too hot for your tootsies, it's too hot for theirs too!! Time for focus!! is taking the rest of the day off! Happy 4th of July America !!!!!!! (2 comments) It's a great day to have a great day Taking Leroy to the dentist today (7 comments) is thankful yesterday is over . . . (Bad Leroy Brown's dental visit was good) Appointments in the big city today. Taking little Buster with us for socializing. (1 comments) has upgraded our security. (3 comments) Make it a great day!!! Today! (2 comments) Today is supposed to be another scorcher – 108°. Nothing like a nice tall glass of ice water with frozen blueberries. Bring it on -- I am Armed and ready (3 comments) Shall we dance??? (4 comments) Remembering the Friday happy dance!!! Thankful to be retired!!!! (2 comments) Escape to the coast yesterday. Had a wonderful time (3 comments) It is a great day to have a great day. Let's do this Happy hump day Nummy Nummy. Huckleberry pie à la mode. (3 comments) Happy weekend!!!!! Neighborhood watch committee meeting at my house this morning. Then I'm taking the rest of the day off to have some fun. Have a great one yourself!!! Bad Leroy Brown (12 years) on my lap, with Buster Brown (10 months) in my arms. Happiness! (2 comments) is feeling beat up after Physical Therapy. (2 comments) Lazy Friday morning. Happy Birthday to my honey!!!! We're smack dab in the middle of a lot of fires right now. 17 miles away on two sides. (2 comments) is gonna have a great day. Happy Day Off Monday for all you laborers (5 comments) We need rain. (10 comments) Amidst the troubles and turmoil, this world is still a beautiful place. Go spread your sparkle (5 comments) Happy Thursday!! Don't get stuck in a rut. Never too late to try something new. Get another view or perspective. (2 comments) Let's make it a great day One down, one to go!!! (5 comments) Ready to take on this Tuesday? Let's do it! And let's do it right (1 comments) is glad to have an open schedule for a couple days! Ready for another great day!! (5 comments) A brisk wake up this morning, 44°. I love it! I am so ready for this. Maybe the upcoming three days of rain will put the fires out. Autumn crocus are blooming (3 comments) Ready for a fresh start 2 pounds gone this past week.... Day 815 log in streak! Let's make it a great Monday!!! (1 comments) Another busy day today. day 825 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/27/2017 (1 comments) Today I am on my way to my happy weight. Love SparkCoachs daily pep talks!! Taking it slow but steady. No need to go over a cliff Slept 10 hours last night. Feeling great today! (3 comments) 30° this morning!!! celebrating with our first fire of the season in the woodstove Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do!! Happy Friday 13th!! October is birthday month for Bad Leroy Brown (12) and Buster Brown (1). So thankful for my fur kids!!! (7 comments) Taking Buster Brown to the city to see the vet today for his one year check up. Hope we can get home before the rain starts (5 comments) HappyMonday!! Out the door and on my way for the last day of the holiday bazaar. Having some fun now! CatManDo! is ready for business day 875 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/16/2017 Well, geez. The scale says I lost 5 of the 6 pounds that mysteriously appeared yesterday. Anyway, off to the Dr I go!!! Have a great. Friday!!! (5 comments) Celebrating a good Dr's visit! And passing 200,000 points on log-in Spark Streak day 877 Time to sparkle !!!! (2 comments) Woohoo!!! Let’s make it rock!!! (1 comments) Let’s make today count Dreams do come true!!! (2 comments) Time to mix it up a bit. Have a great Sunday! (4 comments) The last beading class before the art show this weekend. (1 comments) Spread that Sparkle everywhere!!! is busy with last minute planning for the big holiday show this weekend. Crunch time. Spending the day finalizing and packing display. Then RELAXATION time. .... this will be FUN!!! (2 comments) Ready for another grrrreeeeaaatttt day!!! (2 comments) What a great weekend at the art councils event. Now time to unpack and catch up (2 comments) day 900 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/11/2017 day 900 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/11/2017 (2 comments) Freezing fog. Brrrrrrrrr. A good soak in my new tub is just what I need!! (3 comments) Gettin’ it done! Happy Saturday!!! One of those days. (2 comments) An early start today. Pretty sure I see a nap in my afternoon plans. (2 comments) Ho ho ho! And all that jazz ..... (2 comments) Happy Merry Christmas Eve morning!! (2 comments) Ho ho ho! (1 comments) Time for some housekeeping Lunch with the girls today Happy last Saturday of 2017!! Wishing you a safe and happy new year! (2 comments) Happy 2018!!!! (3 comments) Holidays are over. Time to get back to normal .... whatever that means!! (1 comments) Having some fun now.... (1 comments) I’m rich .... At Least in the things that matter (2 comments) Into the city today to see the ortho about my shoulder. Yawn (3 comments) Happy Sunday What’s up with you today??? (2 comments) Keep your eyes on the prize! I’m gonna try this!!! (6 comments) Thursday already!! Hope yours rocks It’s like that. (1 comments) Happy Saturday. Hard to believe that Buster Brown has been with us one year. And what a fun filled year it has been (3 comments) Some days are like that. I’m so happy today is not one of them. Hope your Monday rocks!!! (2 comments) Unlocking my creative block at class today! (2 comments) We are all creatures of habit and if you make good habits, good habits will make you. This wisdom has been around since ancient times. Aristotle once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. ... Friday. Right?! (3 comments) Enjoy the ride!! (1 comments) is dancing in the sunshine! woohoo (1 comments) is ready for beading class today Lunch with the girls today Gonna make it a great day!!!! Groundhog Day—-minus one. (1 comments) Starting The day with a chuckle. Hope you have a rocking Tuesday Trying to out run these flu symptoms. (8 comments) Bad Leroy Brown helping me wake up by cleaning my glasses this morning.Feeling better today. (2 comments) Maintained my weight since November ... time to get it in gear for the next goal!! So Excited!!!!!! (2 comments) Are you ready for this??? (1 comments) Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! (2 comments) My girl, granddaughter, grandson & And His son. Oh didn’t I tell you I am a great grandma? Ha ha (7 comments) Bad Leroy Brown gave us a scare last night. I was up all night with him. Vet ran tests, poked and prodded; exrays and blood work up ... found the problem. ... got a clean bill of health!!! Nap time!! (8 comments) View from my shop. Jonquils are reaching for the sun! (2 comments) Seek serenity. Best place to be with all the snow outside! Throw another log on the fire And pass the hot chocolate! (4 comments) Especially on a cold, rainy winter day (2 comments) Hope you have a peaceful Sunday (3 comments) Strange things happen when computer software updates. Get a computer, it will be fun, they said. (1 comments) Whattaya gonna do... its 23 degrees out there! (3 comments) Lunch with the girls today. Taking my own flatware! (2 comments) The boys have Appointments with the veterinarian today. Really hope it does not snow (1 comments) Do something special today, let’s make today rock! (1 comments) Off to class with the Crafty ladies. Had my first sale on Etsy!!! These lapis lazuli earrings are going to their new home today!! (6 comments) I’ve put it off long enough. Got to go to Costco today. Hope you have a great one (1 comments) Yeah! A day at home!!! (3 comments) New addition to my “I Saw Bigfoot” jewelry line ....introducing “Little Foot”. (2 comments) Having a wonderful Saturday!!! Remember when it was easy (1 comments) Yawn.... (1 comments) Well so much for having a day to myself. Happened that I had to go into the big city. And they just opened anIn-n-out burger. Oh my! (2 comments) If you’re looking for me, I will be here, making Bigfoot earrings today. Well, after we go shopping for a new computer. (1 comments) Mornin! Time to rise and shine. Come on sun! Spent yesterday with my mother celebrating her 88th birthday a couple days early due to the weather (3 comments) Happy birthday #88 to my mother!!! (5 comments) Slept til 7:20!!! A new record for me. Busy day ahead but will be fun working/playing in the shop. Hope your day rocks!! (2 comments) Rain, sunshine, hail and snow .... all in 4 hours. Gotta love it (1 comments) Crafty ladies class today. Maybe some sunshine. (1 comments) The boys are going to the groomer this morning. Somebody’s not so happy (2 comments) Buster Brown is Feeling chilly after his new Country boy haircut (2 comments) Happy Easter Sometimes ya just gotta buff it up and SHINE! (1 comments) Better today. (1 comments) Happy Sunday!!! (1 comments) It’s Monday. Time to face the real world (1 comments) Woo hoo!!! just made the first sale of “Little Foot” Ear rings on my new Etsy shop: TheISawBigfootShop. Have a wonderful Tuesday! (1 comments) Off to see the dentist Today. Hope you have a great day (2 comments) Rain and snow mix outside. A Good day to stay home (4 comments) Big Daddy Bigfoot Has been snooping around my shop looking for flowers for a bouquet for Mother’s Day (1 comments) Sunday blessings!! Big Daddy Bigfoot gathering bouquets for Mothers Day (1 comments) Came across this picture from 1973 Of me and my first dog (as an adult), a Siberian husky named Klickitat. (2 comments) Some fun pics DH came across while Transferring info from old computer to the New one. (1 comments) Me & my riding buddy, Bad Leroy Brown (23 comments) Me with Lil Red Nov 2012 (20 comments) Me and Suzi - 2008 (Unknown Legend) (6 comments) Me and my second favorite plaything. (5 comments) My best bud and riding partner, Bad Leroy Brown. (5 comments) Bad Leroy Brown, my bestest Buddy (8 comments) (7 comments) Bad Leroy Brown, my riding Buddy (10 comments) My best bud & riding partner, Bad Leroy Brown. (3 comments) Me with Bad Leroy Brown (11 comments) Self image. (4 comments) Bat Cat (3 comments) 1 (2 comments) Do it now! (1 comments) One step at a time (4 comments) Life - don't miss it! Joy (1 comments) Now Motivation: Me & Tommy Emmanuel 2004 (7 comments) Me and Lil Red July 2012 (7 comments) Out my front door (9 comments) Looking out my front door (9 comments)

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