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Gitten'er dun! (2 comments) Dragonfly etching on Copper (6 comments) Copper Leaves (5 comments) Wild Hearts - emerald (2 comments) Freeform Copper Dangle Earrings with Lampwork Glass (2 comments) Copper wire bracelet - Winner of the Wubbers Dog Days of Summer contest (1 comments) Happy Birthday #10 Bad Leroy Brown! (7 comments) is happy with today. I did good! (1 comments) Keel Calm & Get er Done! I can do it! (1 comments) is enjoying a rainy day at home. Hope you have a great one! (2 comments) Fabulous February! Goal #1 achieved.... on my way to Goal #2 . . . Woohoo! Met all my goals today, and stayed under my calorie limit! (7 comments) Busy day today but gonna do it right!! Let's do it right again today! Heading to the city today for Bad Leroy Brown's dental appointment . . . Hope you have a great one! (8 comments) Makin' it happen! One day at a time. (2 comments) On the road to success . . . one step at a time! (1 comments) Doing it right again today . . . I want it real bad! (2 comments) Another fun day at home while Spring showers water the crocus, daffodils and hyacinths. (2 comments) is feelin' frisky! (3 comments) Found my MOJO! Off to a great start . . . hear me roar! (4 comments) feeling Sparky! On the road to success . . . 1.5 pounds away from my April goal!!! Class today then lunch with DD is glad to be here! definitely prefer laptop access rather than the SparkPeople app. . . . can't find my teams, friends . . . miss y'all!!! (3 comments) Shoulda had a cup of coffee before I made coffee this morning. . . this cup of hot water isn't doing much for me . . . apparently I forgot something . . . (5 comments) Happy Weekend! Let's make today count (2 comments) Happy Sunday . . . checking in early . . . lots to do today! and for the mothers out there, some comic relief... (1 comments) have a terrific Tuesday! (3 comments) Let's do this! (1 comments) Its a great day for a great day. Saw this brand new fawn outside our back fence. So tiny (5 comments) rarely happens, but i'm feeling grumpy.... (10 comments) Me & my riding buddy, Bad Leroy Brown (23 comments) Me with Lil Red Nov 2012 (20 comments) Me and Suzi - 2008 (Unknown Legend) (6 comments) Me and my second favorite plaything. (5 comments) My best bud and riding partner, Bad Leroy Brown. (5 comments) Bad Leroy Brown, my bestest Buddy (8 comments) (5 comments) Bad Leroy Brown, my riding Buddy (9 comments) My best bud & riding partner, Bad Leroy Brown. (3 comments) Me with Bad Leroy Brown (11 comments) Self image. (4 comments) Bat Cat (3 comments) 1 (2 comments) Do it now! (1 comments) One step at a time (4 comments) Life - don't miss it! Joy (1 comments) Now Motivation: Me & Tommy Emmanuel 2004 (7 comments) Me and Lil Red July 2012 (7 comments) Out my front door (9 comments) Looking out my front door (9 comments)

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