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The goal is to be able to fit in the clothes I wore in this photo I'm the one on the right (taken 12-30-12 (2 comments) (1 comments) View of the river in the backyard last winter (2 comments) (2 comments) The "before" picture that I waited 3+ weeks to take (1/30/13) (1 comments) The other "before" picture, also on 1/30/13)/ (1 comments) Blizzard of 2013 - my house and the youngest traversing the snow in the front yard. (3 comments) The annual Snowflake Social with my youngest. (1 comments) This is my Snow Queen dress. I am the Region 1 Snow Queen. (2 comments) When I start putting myself down, I'm going to try to remember to look at this. (1 comments) My youngest (Aka - the kid) and The Scream. Resolution #7 - wear more sparkles. Chip time was 40:51 (1 comments) My "Celebration Day" gifts that my son made for me. (1 comments) I was Queen Maeve for the party. (1 comments) The tree across the river this morning. (1 comments) This was when I was in the hospital before the swelling got worse. (2 comments) The branches and limbs close to the river are all frozen this morning. (1 comments) This is how I'm attempting to make the day better than it started - a tiara and a pink unicorn bopper. (5 comments) The cat loves to climb on my shoulders and rest. Some days, the cat's need to be on me, outweighs the need for me to take my coat off. Trying to find a post-op photo I don't hate. This is it so far. (1 comments) It wasn't pretty. Or fast. But here we are. The kid is in orange. (1 comments) My oldest turns 27 today. (2 comments) The earrings the kid made for me for Mother's Day. (3 comments) The real reason I try to run 5k's. The flag that hung over the street in front of the funeral home yesterday. FUneral today. (4 comments) Last funeral related photo - T.J. heading to the church. (1 comments) The buffet. (2 comments) Did a virtual 5K today (actually 3.21 miles). My average pace was 11:50 (best ever for me), total time 38:04.0. :) (1 comments) Feeding a horse so the kid can feed goats - penned together and the horse was a bully. Picture from last week's 5K. It's not pretty. (3 comments) At a book signing last night. Guess what he's being for Halloween. (2 comments) The last 5K for 2015 - The STOP 22 virtual 5K - my best 5K time to date at 35:24 Because work has been so yucky, my husband sent me a snow picture to cheer me up. :) (2 comments) Got about 6". I'm happy! (2 comments) The first 5K planned has opened registration. Going to wait a bit to sign up because I won't get reimbursed until May. The river when the snow stopped. (2 comments) The boy turns 23 today. Happy birthday! (2 comments) Best 5K time at 35:21. It was cold. You might be able to see how blue my lips are. April snow. (2 comments) Apparently 6th grade is "do-able", which is good since he has 3 years of it. He wasn't thrilled to be ambushed at the door, but he won't pose for me. (1 comments) The kid and me 18 minutes before we "ran" a 5K. Broom surfing. It's much harder than you would think.

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