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I've got my spreadsheet all shiny and ready for some weight loss data! Mini goal to lose 20lbs by August 8th! I'm 30 now! (1 comments) (1 comments) Not my puppy, but he's fun to play with! (2 comments) my favorite wine Happy St. Patties Day 2015! still running! Engagement photo- love this! (2 comments) Day 1 again. Im gonna be really happy when the wedding is over! Our excitement after getting engaged! 6.3.14 (3 comments) Fiance and me up in Door County on a cold October 4th (3 year anniversary!) (2 comments) my two best friends who shaped who I am today- we grew up together. Now we're all getting married! Maid of Honor for my highschool best friend's wedding! (2 comments) Josh and me before the wedding on a river dinner cruise Most recent picture 1/26/14- IN THE GYM! Yeahhh (2 comments) Another new years picture with Flounder! New Years 2014..2013? idk (1 comments) Josh and I at the Linie's Cabin in October 300+ lb, 225lb, 201 lb. Same shirt- different pants (size 14 stretchy pants) (2 comments) My Mom, little sister and me in an Irish Pub in NYC! Josh and I dressed up before a swanky wedding! (2 comments) Super excited before my first Half Marathon! May 13' at like 6 a.m. Found my Flounder Hat for the night, oh and my boyfriend- NYE 2013. (1 comments) I love this picture! Not the best weather, but umbrellas are awesome! Snowshoeing in 11 degrees! With my girls on top of PURE nightclub at Caesar's Palace! 12/4/12 my new Dress, ready to go party!! (1 comments) OBAMA rally in Milwaukee, I was 30ft away from him! (1 comments) Me and Josh in Door County for our 1 year anniversary. LOVE! 10/18/12 (1 comments) Getting Zombified before a commercial shoot! Before the Packer 5k- year 2! Time: 35:07 (my gps says the route was 3.5mi though****) (2 comments) Me and Josh :) (1 comments) (1 comments) Katie and I on St. Pattie's Day (with my crazy sister photobombing!) Me and the Bestie before the Shuffle! Before the Shamrock Shuffle! (2 comments) (3 comments) Healthy living! (2 comments) Almost 95lbs down (206lbs) (5 comments) Almost 95lbs down (206lbs) (7 comments) Super pumped to be at a Packer Game!! (1 comments) 91lbs lost- 10/7/11 (24 comments) Made this for myself- Saw it on an UA shirt. Love! (1 comments) Me and the Bestie- Me down 80 lbs and She down 93lbs! (5 comments) Before my first 5K! (2 comments) Just at the Finish line!! (1 comments) (7 comments) At the Hard Rock in Chicago. We went to see Les Miserables- AND fit into the seats! 2.25.11 (3 comments) The Bestie and me on our annual "Non-Ski Trip"- Feb 12,2011 (1 comments) My baby Chloe. She'll be 2 on St. Patricks Day 2011 Also in Las Vegas- not as much fun when you're 300+lbs... too much walking for my cankles. (1 comments) Chicago! 3/10 (1 comments) Showgirl in Vegas! She was like an amazon I swear! But this is me @ my heaviest- 300lbs 8/10 (6 comments) One of the few body shots I have! Chicago March also

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