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Driver's License Photo (8 comments) Samurai, Sahara, Shasta, Starkist & Shadowspawn in cat cage (2 comments) (3 comments) My inner skinny kitty (16 comments) Samurai, Spartacus, & Shalako - My little warriors! (2 comments) witchy woman kitty (3 comments) Samurai, Spartacus & Shalako - challenging a big dog across the street! (7 comments) (7 comments) Sahara Snowball (AKA Harry Butt) (7 comments) Shasta on laptop (3 comments) Scorpio the Cocoa Bean (1 comments) I get to attend 2 classes - 4 hours each on managing disruptive behavior. Sigh had to call in for the first 4 hours of my night shift - nausea, cramping, no sleep - still feel like I'm half a step behind everyone else tonight. (1 comments) Yea! UPS dude came, package is off to Amazon for refund. (2 comments) Grumpy dog, Earl, is a 5 month old puggle from Iowa. His owners say it's just his face - he's really a happy normal puppy! (2 comments) We have scheduled computer server maintenance today - 12 hours! It's gonna be rough (1 comments) NM State Fair parade was this morning. Had to go the long way around to get home in the morning, since I live on the route. is going to the State Fair today (1 comments) Shopped at Sprouts, a new grocery store today. Stocked up on veggies an d fruits - now I have to to fix them! (1 comments) The full moon on Sunday (27th) is the Harvest Moon, a super moon, and a lunar eclipse! (3 comments) Can't prove it's fall by the weather here - we've hit 90F for the last 3 days, tying previous high records! (1 comments) The hot air balloon fiesta starts this weekend. Hope the weather holds. It's a beautiful sight to see them flying (1 comments) Saw "The Martian" today. Great movie! (2 comments) Spartacus thinks he's hiding (3 comments) is hot sick for the second day. Yuck Sick for the second day in a row. Bleh (2 comments) Oops! I put off walking the pups today until it cooled off - but now the skies are dark, thunder is rumbling, and I hear rain pattering (1 comments) I took the pups to the Walmart/Petsmart strip mall in between rain storms - only, by the time I drove them over, it was pouring again. Getting them from the car to the overhang got me pretty wet. (3 comments) I took the pups to the Walmart/Petsmart strip mall in between rain storms - only, by the time I drove them over, it was pouring again. Getting them from the car to the overhang got me pretty wet. i'm bummed - broke a Kindle (out of warrenty), left the backup @ stor, iPad froze. Big electronics jinx this week! (4 comments) Welcome to my world - my schedule was changed a couple of weeks ago so that I had to work Halloween. Now, it's almost time to reset the lock from 0200 to 0100, & work computers are down. Sigh (2 comments) Happy, happy - took my black screen iPad to Apple Genius Bar - in the check in line, the tech fixed it! (2 comments) Took the pups on a 2.5 hour/5.2 mile walk - slower than usual as my hip is giving me problems. The weather was possibly one of the last good days. (3 comments) Walking pups - snow starting to stick - the little weasel is NOT happy. Carried him the first mile Walking pups - snow starting to stick - the little weasel is NOT happy. Carried him the first mile (1 comments) is feeling blah today. (1 comments) is happy! It's my birthday, we're out of creamer for the coffee, so I went to the machines. Put in $2 and it kicked $1 back and a coin dollar - then gave me the coffee (6 comments) Bad Mommy - I walked the pups after dark last night. Let them loose in the front yard, then let them in the house. Half hour later, I didn't see Spartacus. he was outside in the cold, just shivering! (2 comments) Bad Mommy - I walked the pups after dark last night. Let them loose in the front yard, then let them in the house. Half hour later, I didn't see Spartacus. he was outside in the cold, just shivering! (4 comments) made cheeseballs for work - my first attempt! Eaten in 30 minutes - guess they liked it. (1 comments) is having worsening belly pains - looked up appendicitis. - symptoms not right. Called off work today again. (8 comments) is feeling better, fingers crossed for sleep today & work tonight (3 comments) Finally feeling better. Walked pups 2 hour, about 4.5 miles. Going to see The Producers tonight (1 comments) Snowed this morning - had to take the trash & recyc out & got icy hands. Note to self: gloves! (1 comments) Spartacus, the little weasel, decided he'll ride inside my jacket instead of walking. He predicts 7 more weeks of cold! (2 comments) Having myself a Fat-free (OK, low-fat) Tuesday (1 comments) Beautiful walk with the pups on a clear, warm afternoon. Birds singing - spring is coming (2 comments) Today is National Grammar Day (2 comments) Today is National Cheese Doodle Day! (2 comments) Sunday, 6 Mar was National Dentist Day. 8 March 2016 is International Women's Day (3 comments) 9 March 2016 is National Get OverbIt Day 10 March is National Pack Your Lunch Day (2 comments) Did you change your clocks forward? (5 comments) 15 March: National Everything. You Think is Wrong Day. (1 comments) 16 March: National Everything You Do Is Right Day. 16 March: National Everything You Do Is Right Day. (1 comments) Happy St. Patrick's Day! (2 comments) National Awkward Moments Day, 18 March (2 comments) It's National Let's Laugh Day! (1 comments) First day of spring (3 comments) is goofing off 23 March is National Puppy Day (1 comments) 24 March is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day Today (25 March) is National Medal of Honor Day 26 March is National Spinach Day Computers crashed at work last night. Yikes! (1 comments) Today is National Doctors Day (1 comments) National Tater Day, 31 March (1 comments) April Fools! (1 comments) National Love Our Children Day (2 comments) National Find a Rainbow Day (1 comments) National walk Around Things Day It's National Read a Road Map Day (1 comments) It's National Sorry Charlie Day - for everyone that ever had regrets (1 comments) It's National No Housework Day - definitely one Imcan get behind! It's National Zoo Lovers Day It's National Name Yourself Day - pick a new nickname or fake name for today! i10 April is National Siblings Day (1 comments) it's National Submarine Day - probably not this kind of sub (1 comments) It's National Big Wind Day! iIt's National Make Lunch Count Day It's National Ex Spouse Day - sent them an anti-love note! Among other things, this is NATIONAL TITANIC REMEMBRANCE DAY (3 comments) It's National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! It's National Bat Day (1 comments) It's National Lineman Appreciation Day It's National Hanging Out Day It's National Look Alike Day It's National Kindergarten Day - what did you learn as a kiddo? Sharing It's Earth Day! National Take a Chance Day! (1 comments) It's National Pet Parents Day It's National Telephone Day It's National Telephone Day Tuesday was National Kids and Pets Day Wednesday is National Babe Ruth Day Thursday is NATIONAL TAKE OUR DAUGHTERS AND SONS TO WORK DAY It's Arbor Day It's NATIONAL POOL OPENING DAY National Law Day (1 comments) National Life Insurance Day National Paranormal Day (3 comments) National Star Wars Day It's National Astronaut Day How I feel when I eat or drink anything. Yuck National Train Day Mother's Day it's Derby Day! National Muscoto Day (a type of wine grapes) It's Fred Astaire's birthday (1 comments) Third Shift Workers Day (1 comments) National Frog Jumping Day (2 comments) National Peace Officers Memorial Day National Love a Tree Day National Pack Rat Day National No Dirty Dishes Day National May Ray Day National Bike to Work Day (2 comments) is on vacation! (1 comments) National Buy a Musical Instrument Day National Buy a Muscial Instrument Day National Lucky Penny Day National Escargot Day (1 comments) National Tap Dance Day Red Nose Day National Heat Awareness Day (2 comments) National Hamburger Day National Hole in My Bucket Day Memorial Day (1 comments) National Speak in Compete Sentences Day (1 comments) National Go Barefoot Day National Bubba Day (1 comments) National Repeat Day (1 comments) National Hug Your Cat Day (1 comments) National Moonshine Day (1 comments) National Eyewear Day National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (1 comments) Best Friends Day National Earl Day (1 comments) National Iced Tea Day National Rose' Wine Day National Red Rose Day (1 comments) National Weed Your Garden Day National Pop Goes the Weasel Day NATIONAL SMILE POWER DAY National Fudge Day NATIONAL FLIP FLOP DAY iNational Go Fishing Day Happy Father's Day National American Eagle Day First day of summer! A full moon, too! NATIONAL DAYLIGHT APPRECIATION DAY National Hydration Day NATIONAL TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY (1 comments) National Beautician's Day (3 comments) National Sunglasses Day (2 comments) National Insurance Awareness Day National Insurance Awareness Day (Sadly, having TWO Death Stars blow up will guarantee your monthly premiums will go up" National Camera Day National Handshake Day (1 comments) National Postal Worker Day (1 comments) National Hop a Park Day National Eat Your Beans Day Happy 4th of July (2 comments) National Bikini Day National Fried Chicken Day (2 comments) National Strawberry Sundae Day (2 comments) 10 July - National Pina Colada Day 7/11 National 7-Eleven day and National Cheer Up the Lonely Day 12 July National Different Colored Eyes Day 13 July National French Fry Day (1 comments) 14 July National Nude Day 16 July. Oh. woe is me. I have to report for jury duty Monday morning. Good thing I'm off that day. (4 comments) Ready to report for jury duty Monday morning (3 comments) 20 July National Lollipop Day Remember Telly Savalas as Kokak with the lollipop? (4 comments) Republican National Convention - just saying (6 comments) 23 July, National Cowboy Day Samurai graduates from Intermediate Class 5/24/09 (2 comments) Shalako graduates from Intermediate Class 5/24/09 (4 comments) Shalako gets a lion cut 5/24/09 (2 comments) My name is Rocky Balboa (2 comments) Dr Kitteh Check my gunz (2 comments) Aqua Cat Tired pup (1 comments) Starkist & Sahara Snowball (4 comments) Shadowspawn (3 comments) (2 comments) This doesn't concern you (2 comments) Just a little nap after my workout (not my cat, just a cute picture) (17 comments) I got my cheese (2 comments) computer dog fan hound bad dog (2 comments) boxer or briefs? (4 comments) here kitty, kitty (1 comments) Lazy bones Pom-iac (4 comments) I need my coffee to wake up with! (Not my pup, just a cute pix) (4 comments) My new Pix 4/16/09 I look like a ghost! (1 comments) Me @ EPCOT 2005 (4 comments) Sir Marks & Scooby Boo (1 comments) Not my cat, but I had one like this (4 comments) Shalako & Samurai, my baby dogs (9 comments) Shasta says "Whatcha' lookin' at? (4 comments) Border Patrol (5 comments) Mexican Navy Seal (4 comments)

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