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WEEK 4 I did turn in my exer/LTGL time/points. I DID Advance in the PAWSOME Pilot program! YEAH! Pawsome Piolot Level 4 (week 4) have not missed turning in ANY time on the weekends for exercise (1 comments) A TOP Dawggie is one who reported all 7 days of exercise with at least 30 mins of exercise 5 days. Just a "little " windy. Did a 70 min walk with the wind chill 28. . 5 WEEKS in a ROW I have turned in ALL my time (exer/LTGL) ON TIME! CLIMBIN THE DAWGGIE FENCE LEVEL! Yesterday walked 70 minutes with the wind blowing hard. Wind chill (what the temp feels on our skin) was 18F. This was my REWARD. Yesterday walked 70 minutes with the wind blowing hard. Wind chill (what the temp feels on our skin) was 18F. This was my REWARD. This IS the question of the day! YEAH!! I MET my 4 weeks GOALS on the Spirited under Dogs team!! SO PROUD!! Oh yeah, i COOKED! I lost 8ozs this week, down 5 lbs of the below in 6 weeks! NOT BAD!! So should OZs get us upset? NO WAY!! (1 comments) I TURNED in ALL my time for week 6 on the SPIRITED UNDER DAWG Team!! Ahhhh this is how I enjoyed my day yesterday. Some SERIOUS ME TIME. Earning my team,The Spirited Under Dogs a part of the 5% Challenge 15 points!!! Ahhhh this is how I enjoyed my day yesterday. Some SERIOUS ME TIME. Earning my team,The Spirited Under Dogs a part of the 5% Challenge 15 points!!! WOOHOO My Lowest on many, many years!! From 288 to 173.6 is 114.4 GONE sp far! TY Sparks and All of u!! Not sure of how much more I'll lose, it's about health, not an actual number. Oh, yeah, the toe, sorry thought I had socks on! GOOO INVINCIBLE INDIGOs!! Izzy a SUPPORTER of the 5% (Dawggie) and BL Challenge Invincible Indigo Teams YEAH Level 21!! (Am I the only one who thinks the level 21 emoticon looks enough like the POOP emoticon?) Got a Dog? Oh YES!! I have a cat, am missing my right hand. Hard to type. IZZY!!?? WANNA GO (cat hides for a WEEK!) Oh yeah! (1 comments) Woohoo FINALLY Snow!! Normally you can see the city across the harbor. Snicker even the geese and ducks are enjoying it Taken on first snow 12/8/17 out my backdoor Yeah hit my 5% goal of 9.6 lb weight loss. Well exceeded it, lol only a few ounces. Still YEAH!! At (1 comments) Ohhhh now I understand! Ohhhh now I understand! YEAH! A SUPER DAWGGIE is one who has exercise 120 mins for at least 5 days that week! In 8 MONTHS DOWN 8 and 1/4 inches overall!! WOOHOOO!!! Also a question for you all. I did this by eating healthy instead of chips, cookies, ice cream etc. Here's one of them. Do you like your eggs with or without Ketchup? (sorry it's a little blurry. LOL they were HOT and ick on cold eggs!) FINALLY compression socks are NOT BORING!! I DO NOT like wearing these, but when my weight QUICKLY in a few hrs goes UP 5 lbs, I know they're needed. Lately all the time. I HATE the "Granny" ones. (1 comments) If you want it do NOT let age stop you. I am in my very late 50 s weight is at 178. Never SAY NEVER. LOL my GD said I'd never able to do this again. Can't wait to show her! First day of SWIMMING today after not doing so since the Spring. The local pool has been doing reservations. YO IN THE SUMMER! Yes, for most of us head to the local beaches, lakes our own pools. I had to buy a new suit since I've gone DOWN!! WOOHOO!! (1 comments) First day of SWIMMING today after not doing so since the Spring. The local pool has been doing reservations. YO IN THE SUMMER! Yes, for most of us head to the local beaches, lakes our own pools. I had to buy a new suit since I've gone DOWN!! WOOHOO!! (1 comments) Say it's NOT TRUE! So sorry it's sideways??? Or AM I? Time for us to get up ,,do some side twists!!! Your back will thank me later. The trees are turning color. As I'm eating breakfast. Ahh purdy! Izzy needs to the Vets (I'll tell her we are going MOUSE HUNTING! She's an indoor cat). Her normal breathing stuff (allergies and asthma plus hepatitis C meds aren't helping. She's 6 and hopefully will make to an old age. SO SWEET and awww TO CUTE!! ARRGGHHH I wish I knew to NOT put these in sideways. So if you know, plz in simple terms let me know. TY! LOL hey, he's CUTE! (3 comments) She LOVES to watch EVERY MOVE hoping I'll be doing yoga. She FLIPS and turns as I DO! AND plays! (3 comments) I live in such a BEAUTIFUL area (This is my backyard area) so now is the time to STOP and ENJOY this (1 comments) Here I AM!! WORKING on these FLABBY ARMS!! ALSO OFF with the stomach/hips! (1 comments) Today I am not well so I am cuddled down with a box of tissues. It's FINE to not exercise when sick. (1 comments) (1 comments) SO SORRY I can't seem to turn this around. This is IZZY who was PURRING the entire time she was "out on her walk." I live in the city and we also have a family of foxes in the block so I DO NOT allow her outside. Plus I live in a high rise, still she's a HAPPY kitty camper, and in turn I got in an EXTRA WALK!! Fall Challenge opening welcoming imagine for the team??? Agree? (1 comments) It's so HARD tonight to have puter time!! IZZY!! Your a CAT!! She wants to watch the Fish on youtube!! But ITS HARD tonight to have puter time! (1 comments) A group of us went on a cruise around the local islands. It POURED OUT HARD, but we didn't care. We TOTALLY ENJOYED it. A group of 20. It feels so GREAT to not to have help because of being near 300. Even with using my knee scooter I was gett (1 comments) I belong to a team called "The Spirited Under Dogs" a part of the 5% team (we do what we can to lose 5% of our weight in 8 weeks). This week we are working on getting the fiber we need. I am the ML ,, Motivational Leader on our team. I LOVE changing our team pic,,,I do it often. Here's for today: (1 comments) #deliciousdailymoment Sorry for the double post. Did the first one wrong. So here I am at 288 and now at 181 !! GONE 106 lbs !! So sorry I can't figure out how to put in a now, but its on my page under pics. WOOHOOO GO EVERYONE !! Every moment is a time to be positive and it changes anything we may be up against. At my largest,,, can't do another one in here. Sigh I am not good at this stuff. I was 288 and am now 181 ! WOOHOOOO !! TY SPARKS !! (2 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) Our is filling up FAST! ! It's open for now so if u want to have support from a very active team we are SUCH!! Thanks to the 5% Challenge I've been able to be focused while learning how to be a success! ! I've gone from 288 down to 181 and I'll hit 165 by December! ! Here's the link please copy and paste. sparkpeople.com/myspark/team_messageboard_
(2 comments) Awww Izzy kit kat you are TO PRECIOUS !! (3 comments) Oh Wincey !! I heard you kitty cat ! (1 comments) TRUE ! (1 comments) Awww Izzy you are TOO CUTE !!! She's my 6 yr old tiger kitty. (5 comments) If you have any doubt REREAD *** Say it, BELIEVE IT *** Picture ourselves fit, not perfect. Let's show our body beautiful as our insides (2 comments) Many of us remember Princey , b4 Iz. She was such a SWEETIE ! LOOK at the Paws ! 9/03 to 11/12 (2 comments) How far we go is LIMITLESS, UNLESS we do not try. (1 comments) Going STRONG with exercise/LTGL and reporting this every weekend ! Wintah Chal on the Dawggie team GOOO Pats on Feb 5th !!! (2 comments) "I'll be happy when __" it doesn't work this way. Happiness comes being at peace with ourselves. YEAH Lost over 10.4 lbs in 8 weeks MET my 5% GOAL !! Hit 77% towards my 5% goal of weight loss in week 7, Fall Challenge, Dawggie (1 comments) Week 5 out of 8, I am at 69% of the way to goal ! Hit ONEDERLAND Oct 25, 2016 (4 comments) Left foot a week after my big toe left foot was amputated. It was down on the 12th of October 2016. (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) My personal favorite for the badges day 604 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/26/2016 (2 comments) says this is IZZY my cat as my picture. She's such a GOOD GAL ! (1 comments) smiles because now just LESS than 4 days and CAST IS OFF !! THan we'll see ! (1 comments) Drinking with friends (1 comments) (2 comments) is happy hyperbaric chamber treatment is going well. one week down, 11left.5 days a week. (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (5 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) This is new for me ! Thought I was going into my SNEAKERS,,OOSPIE !!! So this is now week 8 or 9. (2 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) myself on the left and MaryAnnGI on the right, another TRUE SPRAKLER ! (9 comments) Myself and my GD, Sarah who just got married. (3 comments) (1 comments) Izzy and I. NOTICE the PURPLE hair? It was soo much FUN !! (1 comments) GOOOO ORANGE !! AND JUMPING into the OCEAN at SUNRISE the BEGINNING of Life and the DAY ! (1 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) I painted this Pic to THANK Grammamary for the Quilt she made me !!!! The dalmation is done EXACTLY as the one in it. WOW the spots are ever just so ! ALL the colahs on everything match EVER JUST SO !! The "Spirited Under Dawgs" was done by my GD Sarah. Sunset , across the harbor at a park I live near. Its of standing near the docks, with a boat tired there (the black things, thats hard to see what it is ! LOL) With the city across the harbor. Is this a GREAT Place to LIVE OR WHAT? (1 comments) Here's a neat one, the "Orcid". HOPE you ENJOY IT !!!!!! I LOVE IT !! It may not show up that great on the page, I am not sure. We'll have to see, its quite delate in the painting. (4 comments) LOL EVERY Student HAS to do the "Fruit" drawing, and so this was MINE the first time. Of course now its better, but I wanted to show you, that if you have the DREAM of trying something,,,and DO NOT think you can,, I just felt I MIGHT be able to do this, though I could "only draw stick people, and they came out WRONG !" SO PLEASE take a class, often taught at the local community center, and ENJOY YOUR TALENT ! NEVER STOP LEARNING and EXPLORING your OWN talents ! Now I want college courses. (1 comments) This is a water color I did,,,its a fence,,,with an ivy growing on it. It was the first time I've worked with the tape criss crossing on the paper,,,as you paint upon it. Was very hard to do,,,,,,, had to be sooo careful and ever, ever sooo CAREFUL with the measurings of the EXACT lines. It was soo HARD yet it was REWARDING by the way it came out !!! I am QUITE pleased with it. (1 comments) A pastel I did of a thunder storm. HOPE you ENJOY IT !!! I had a BALL drawing this one out. :o) (7 comments) And this is the BACK of the quilt,,, and its JUST AS NICE !!! I saw this FIRST and got ALL EXCITED !!!! Its SOOOOO COOL !! I LOVE IT !!! Awww look at their faces !!!! (4 comments) From Grandma1951,,, Mary,, the quilt,,,, notice the DAWGGIES? WOOHOOO Mary,,, these go for OUR TEAM !!! Which DAWG are YOU? I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH ! (3 comments) Grandma1951,,, Mary made me this TERRIFIC "SPIRITED UNDER DAWG" QUILT !!! I wish you could all SEE IT UP CLOSE So I've ALSO included some pics so you CAN !! WOOHOOOOO !! This is ADORABLE and DELIGHTS ME TO EVERY END !! My heart is REJOICED to the END ,,,I CRIED and CRIED when I opened this !! Mary,, OH MAN GIRL !! U KNOCKED URSELF OUT hon !! THANKS SOOO MUCHERS !!! She wrote this is from the team. ( 5% challenge, team Spirited Under Spring challenge 2012) This is now WRAPPED AROUND ME and (9 comments) Daddy, LOL Goofing around,,notice he has "BOOBIES"? LOL he's soooo FUNNY !! HAHAHA Daddy !!! (2 comments) I can't be on putah without Izza climbing UP on me and being in dah way to INTERFER !! LOL isn't she CUTE??? Press CUTE if you agree !!! AWWWWW (12 comments) LOL really notice hair !!! it was FUN ! its supposed to as PURPLE from top to bottom but , hey this site doesn't pick it up all as mucjd. (5 comments) (8 comments) (6 comments) I am an Irish Setter for the Spirit Undah Dawgs doing the 5% Challenge for either the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer time. Just ask if you want to JOIN !! We can put you on the "master list !" WOOHOOOOO !!!! As an Irish Setter, I am indepent spirited so FREE in the dah wind ! , I LOVE to RUN so you have to train me to walk besides you or ELSE I'll be WILD !, I will catch ur frisbee's HAPPILY !, please DO brush me out all the time for I DO LOVE IT ! I also LOVE to play, sleeping at time (1 comments)

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